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Dec 112010

Had one too many Lambertini’s* last night? Try our patented after party remedy**:

  • Combine a can of Pepsi Amp, 3 spoons of honey and a bottle of hot sauce (in memory of Ben Elliott). Mix well and drink.
  • Eat 2 bowls of Ramen.
  • Take a hot shower.
  • Listen to Alex Lambert’s cover of ‘Rudolph‘ 20 times in a row (one for each year).
  • Sleep at least 10 hours.

You should wake up feeling refreshed and cured!

(Don’t forget to do your vocal exercises upon waking.)


*The Lambertini Cocktail is a drink composed by Empress Janet with flavor research by Marianne, and is to be consumed only by Alex Lambert fans (with or without the addition of alcohol, dependent on your age and country of residence). The recipe according to Janet is as follows:

The Lambertini is a light, refreshing drink that can be made as boozy as you want, or sans booze.

Advance preparation: Brew some green tea with honey and fresh ginger (optional) to taste, and let cool. This can be kept in the fridge and drunk as is. For an easier version, buy bottled green tea.

To make the cocktail, turn on some Alex music, get out your cocktail shaker, add ice, pour a shot (or however much you want) of vodka in, add the green tea with honey mixture, and shake your money maker whilst singing along very loudly to the Alex song of your choice. Pour into a Martini glass and enjoy! You can garnish with lemon if desired, but I didn’t. It would taste good, but lemon is really harsh on the vocal chords and not a good thing for singers to drink. So, since this is the Lambertini, I’m going with no lemon.

It really is a tasty drink. Kind of like a Long Island Ice Tea, except not quite as intoxicating — depending on the amount you drink.

**DISCLAIMER: We will not be held responsible for the consequences should anyone actually try this remedy – we are a fansite, not doctors! The drink, however, is real :biggrin:

  22 Responses to “Post-Alex Lambert’s Birthday Party Cure”

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  1. OK so is this like the day after the party… where everyone is hungover, grumpy and antiosocial? LOL!

  2. Unbelievable! The first time in months that I’ve been in bed before 10pm (PST), Alex goes on a Birthday twitter jag. I missed the whole friggin’ thing! :angry: (I’m fighting a cold, so that’s why I’m grumpy, @Kass)

    I’ve never seen so many tweets in his twitter timeline–hope that made his day! Reading back through his own tweets, sounds like he was in a “session” until late. I thought he was in Texas, but that doesn’t make sense, if he had a writing/recording session. Maybe he was too busy to make it back to Texas. Anyone know for sure? My head is cloudy this morning, so maybe I’m missing something.

  3. Haha yea I guess so Kass, lol. I’m fighting a cold too and got lots to do this weekend :sad: . Oh well I hope he had a great b-day and I’m still hoping for some good Alex news soon :dizzy:

  4. OK…I woke up with a cold also, this is weird!!! We all went viral!! HeeHee. I too was wondering where everybody was today,
    its very anticlimatic!

    • Good parties always leave one feeling a bit under the weather and wanting more ;)

      Seriously, weird that you’re all getting sick at the same time! Hope you all feel better soon! And keep your germs away from me LOL!

      @Diane yeah he was still in Cali yesterday anyway – you’re not missing anything!

      @Molly feel free! :)

  5. You can add to the list, “Try to guess Alex’s favorite song and get a video dedicated to you.” That would make anyone feel better!! :wink:

  6. ladies, you are catching your colds from each other, sit back away from your computers so when one of you coughs, it wont be in the others faces. duhhh

  7. richiej: ladies, you are catching your colds from each other, sit back away from your computers so when one of you coughs, it wont be in the others faces. duhhh  (Reply)

    Richiej…. hahaha, very funny. :lol:

  8. @Diane-Alex is “the hardest working man in show business.” :cool: He most likely had a recording sess.,cuz the time the producer has to have in the studio is so precious-even 20th Bdays are cast aside. Also,Alex tweeted early in the week that a producer had to cancel,and reschedule,so it was either that one ,or another…
    Grammy always said to drink raw eggs,with tabasco,and that will take out a post -celebration hangover-lol…

  9. LOL @ Richiej! :lol: I’ll keep that in my mind, haha. But I’m pretty sure I got my cold from one of the 40 students I work with who constantly pick their noses then feel the need to hug me all day, lol. This is the third time I’ve had a cold in 2 months! :sick: I need some more Vitamin C! And Cecily said she had a cold too, it is weird, guess it’s just that time of year!

  10. Love the instructions that come with the Lambertini—you guys crack me up!! Just getting off work & I’m gonna go try one of those little concoctions.
    Sorry that so many of you are feeling under the weather.

  11. Diane: Unbelievable! The first time in months that I’ve been in bed before 10pm

    I went to bed early too for the same reason & I also thought he was going to be in TX for his birthday. One thing for sure; Alex keeps us guessing!

  12. Ugh!I think ALex unfriended me on Facebook. I knw its for his “personal” friends only but still it kinda sucks. :(

  13. Yves: Ugh!I think ALex unfriended me on Facebook. I knw its for his “personal” friends only but still it kinda sucks. :(  

    Yves, I don’t think that he unfriended you, but I think that he may be having some problems with his personal Facebook. I think…not sure about what’s going on.

  14. He unfriended me too. I can’t even find that Facebook page anymore. Do you think he deleted it? He said he was leaving his fans that have been with him since the beginning on that fb page. All I see now is the fan fb page. I don’t know.:ermm:

  15. he suspended his account yal…dont b sad! If he gets it back, it should show up that yal r still friends with him!

  16. Phillip: he suspended his account yal…dont b sad! If he gets it back, it should show up that yal r still friends with him!  

    Do you know why he did that Phil??

    Regarding Texas – I’m thinking he must still not be there or not going after all – cuz he recently tweeted “Cali girls”.

  17. Uh oh, Alex is tweeting again…lol

    Knowing Alex, the Cali girls was just a tweet about the Katy Perry song. I hope he didn’t get his account suspended. I know nothing about Facebook, but I think it has to do with the way you allow friends. @Sharbear, was his comment “leaving his fans…” from his personal facebook account before it vanished? Maybe he just “deactivated” it instead, Phil? (although unlikely)

    I peeked on here a couple of hours ago and there were 90+ members on line. No sure what that was all about, but happy to see it.

    ETA: I’m gonna stay up tonight in case he goes on a Twitter jag. Don’t want to miss all the fun.

  18. I’m guessing he “deactivated” it like Diane said, and he might have done it just because he didn’t want his facebook blown up with Happy Birthdays…it makes for a lot of notifications to deal with and he prolly woulda had a lot of randoms writing on his wall…so to keep from all that happening, just deactivate it for a few days…i might b wrong…i prolly am, just my assumption! and I do believe that alex is still in Cali…i saw his bro’s Facebook status that said he was goin to Cali, which wouldn’t make sense if Alex came home and his bro went out there..again just another assumption! ~mahalo~

  19. I was digging around various Clear Channel stations,and Alex’s IDK VIDEO is still available on every single Clear Channel Top 40 station from Kiss FM in L.A TO Z100 IN NYC,and every state in between(I can’t even count the number of stations-its staggering) ).When you click listen live,and then punch exclusives stripped,you can click on Alex.I wish we could one day know the numbers ,but literally millions have hit Clear Channel sites over the last four and a half months.Anyway,its been potentially far greater exposure than any other host for Alex’s vid…Many listen live,and then toy around with the exclusives,while listening… :cool:

  20. LOVE the hangover cure! I’ll have to try it sometime. I missed all of yesterday because I drank too many Lambertini’s, couldn’t sleep, and only got a short few hours. Then, I went on a marathon shopping session and did ALL of my Christmas shopping in one day. The tree and decorations are up and all of the gifts are wrapped. NOW, I can enjoy Christmas.

    I don’t know what the heck happened with Alex’s FB site. No matter, he tweets everything anyway…even when the punk is pranking us, as in, “Whoever tweets my favorite all time song, I’ll post a video about you.”

    Seems our twitter party spread the cold virus. Awww. Y’all feel better soon. For colds, I recommend hot tea with honey and a shot of whiskey.

    I’m really not an alcoholic, really. :sick:

    I don’t think Alex will leave for TX until right before Christmas. He’ll probably only be gone a few days. I don’t actually know any of this, just my assumption. The busiest man in show biz right now can’t afford to be away too long.

    Is everyone sending Christmas gifts?

  21. I’m not really concerned about the fb page. Alex is doing such a great job keeping in touch with his fans with Twitter and the video and the post on here. It’s great! I hope he does get to spend some time at home for Christmas. Family always seems to energize and inspire him.

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