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Jun 162010

You may be wondering why this post is titled “Who Are You? Wednesday.” Well, since Alex is visiting family we don’t have much to talk about…so let’s get to know each other! In the comments section the task for today is to post some facts about yourself so we can get to know each other better. Feel free to say […]

Jun 152010

Here it is folks. Think you’ll all like this one It was GREAT. I think with all the success Alex is going to have just snowballing, we should see tons more showing him in a good light – the way it’s SUPPOSED to be. Also, how cute are Ben and Veronica? Precious! And judging from next week’s scenes – I […]

Jun 142010
Welcome Back Fans

So today’s a fresh start! Alex is still probably in Texas (I don’t know). So let’s continue trying to rebuild. If y’all want to compile his originals in the comments sections (from YouTube or Hulu), we’ll make a page for those again. FYI for those who don’t follow Dream Updates (and you should lol), Ben was missing the “little man” […]

Jun 142010

WOOHOO! We got a demo video for I Didn’t Know. Love it! Okay listen to the words. I can SO see a video with a storyline to this…some girl playing his love interest, leaving him, him then distraught…oh I want that type of video for this song.

Jun 142010

In an interview during fashion week, Adam Lambert was interviewed by the person running the Unofficial Danny Gokey Fansite and Alex Lambert’s name came up in the interview and he commented on Alex. This is the first reponse we’ve heard and I know hundreds of people have been Tweeting to Adam trying to find out what he thinks of Alex […]

Jun 142010

Livestream capture of the beginning of the interview (not included in official IICD release): Straight from the horse’s mouth, here are some answers to questions people have been asking, and highlights from the interview, transcribed: Regarding what actually happened during the Sony meeting (besides writing “Never Waking Up” with David Glass and Jordan Lawhead): The person that signs everyone for […]

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