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Jun 212010
Mystery Monday

BIGGEST UPDATE OF THE WEEK: ALEX IS HOME!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! :wub: Alright so now that Alex is back, here’s today’s schedule: 10:00 AM – Piano lesson with Olympia DeCarlo 2:20 PM – Alex individual Twitter session 8:00 PM – Fairfax Improv Group visits Alex also has a meeting with CAA. * All times are PST and could possibly change since he […]

Jun 202010
Happy Father's Day Harold Lambert!

We all applaud you for raising such a fine young man like Alex Don Lambert. Of course all your kids are wonderful…Spencer, Alex, Trenton and Trevor and of course, baby Mason! Here’s how Alex spent his Father’s Day with his dad. From left to Right – Trevor, Trenton, Spencer, Harold, and Alex (MORE PICS after the jump): Click here to […]

Jun 202010

One person told me he was flying back yesterday morning. Another tells me he’s still in Texas. Both are close to Alex. Such mystery! Such a TV drama! What shall we do? Alex’s Tweet a sec ago: “Happy Fathers Day! TX was great but it’s time to get back to business! -HAHAHA;)”

Jun 192010

Have you guys ever noticed how great Saturdays are? It’s always TGIF this and TGIF that, but I think Saturday is my favorite day. 8) He sure is cute, huh? Update: So, now that the dreamers are talking about it, I can too. Apparently, Alex is on his way back to the Dream House. Yeah! Told you Saturday was a […]

Jun 182010
Fan Friday!!

Alright, so here’s the task for today and continuing throughout the weekend. Introduce your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and general passersby to Alex Lambert. Make them listen to his songs, make them stare at those cute dimples, and MAKE THEM LOVE ALEX!!! Don’t worry it won’t be that hard, just one note and they’ll be hooked! Also, we need […]

Jun 172010
Trivia Thursday!!

While Alex is visiting family, let’s play a game! Take out a piece of paper and number it 1-10. Below you will find some trivia questions to test your Alex Lambert knowledge. Click on the comment section to find out the answers and determine if you are an Alex Lambert addict! NO CHEATING!! 1. What is Alex Lambert’s favorite drink […]