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Aug 132012

Yesss! Trouble’s official music video has finally arrived!! Set in New Orleans, the video includes Chris Rene, his gorgeous co-star Tyri Rudolph, their flirtatious exchanges, and a whole lot of fun along the way. It’s easy to see why “that girl is trouble” for Chris. We are very excited for Trouble at the fan site as this is Alex’s first professional songwriting credit, and we’re determined to do everything we can to take it to the top! We simply cannot wait until the album drops in October just so we can see “composed by Alex Lambert” in the credits. We’d also like to see “background vocals: Alex Lambert.” Although there has been no formal announcement about the background vocals, we know Alex and we know his voice. A completely unscientific poll of fanatical Alex fans has determined that the backing vocals on this song belong to the one and only Alex Lambert! So the next time you hear TROUBLE on the radio, crank it up and listen to Alex sing!!! Better yet listen to them now in the video. :biggrin:

In order to help the song march further up the pop chart, we would love to see this video go viral. If you don’t mind, we’re asking all Alex Lambert fans to pitch in and watch it at least a million times a day :silly: (You know we’re just kidding. You only need to watch it half a million times :blink: ) We’ve also developed a spreadsheet to help you request the song on your local radio station or not so local station. Many of these stations stream online and radio play is key to success, SOOOO request away.  Click Here for Easy Requesting 
In case you CAN’T wait until October to see Alex formally credited, his name is listed on iTunes!! :heart:  (Obviously, we couldn’t wait. lol…  Love seeing Composer, Alex Lambert… It never gets old. :whistle: )

In addition, kudos to Epic Records for crediting Alex on their official website right hereCheck it out!!  :wink:

“Co-written by American Idol’s Alex Lambert, this new single is set to be another hit.”

How EPIC is that!!  :w00t:

OK, so maybe you’re really into this video. That’s cool. You could check out the behind the scenes video, here: Behind the making of Trouble. You gotta admit, we’re thorough… #Justsayin :cool:

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  1. Awesome!!!!l. Love Alex, love Chris!!! However I still would have liked Alex to have recorded it!!!

  2. Great post as usual guys! Thanks for all the info. LOVE the video & so proud of Alex. So happy for both Alex and Chris!! :biggrin:

  3. :w00t: Very Happy for Alex, the recognition is long overdue. So happy that Chris did the song Justice and we got to hear Alexs beautiful voice in the background. This is just the start of big things to come for him :)) I just know it. Now…..let do something with “Tired of Waiting”…someone close I knew was having relationship problems and I sent him the lyrics to Tired of Waiting, he couldn’t believe how he could relate to every single word and how it made him realize that he WAS tired of waiting and that he needed to move on…..Now thats the sign of a true song writer. :heart:

  4. SO amazing that the video has 500k hits in a day. I know that was beyond most expectations. Great news for Alex and Chris!!!!!!!! :w00t:

  5. It definitely sounds like Alex singing background vocals at 2:12-2:20 of the song!!!

    • Matt isn’t that great!! I can’t wait to see Alex credited officially on the album cover for backing vocals on Trouble.

      I think the Trouble video views are around 719K on YouTube this morning. Keep watching over and over and over again. Be sure to watch Vevo’s Trouble link and check out the song’s info section ->> “Composer” :biggrin:

      • Thanks for the heads up, Lauren, regarding the “info” section on the Vevo version of Trouble. It provided me with the name of the Video Director, (someone named “Honey”), because I’ve been curious about that missing detail;-) So *of course* I had to find out what other videos this Honey person directed–and, lo and behold, he/she did Epic label-mate Cher Lloyd’s US version of Want U Back. Small world!

        Also, just want to throw out there that this week’s views are going gangbusters because Trouble is a featured video in a prominent location on other artist’s videos. You’ll see it in the upper right hand corner of YouTube, in a block of four videos. Here’s a link to a Boys Like Girls video where Trouble is featured in the block of 4 videos. At least, it’s like that on my YouTube!

        I believe this is a paid promotional spot, which helps jumpstart views, but videos usually rotate out of this block after a week or so. Just tempering expectations that this pace of views may not continue like this forever. I’d like to think so, but they probably will slow down next week.

    • Matt – this tweet is (typical) a little bit cryptic, but the closest Alex has come to saying he’s singing in the video (imo)! —-> “Alex Lambert ?@TrueAlexLambert
      #TroubleOfficialMusicVideo gots almost a milli in 4 days.. !! Lookn nice as two belt together”

  6. Yea I take it as two belt together is two guys singing together, belting out their incredible voices! I’ve been listening to Alex’s voice for three years now and its unmistakable, I just hope he’s making some money for it. Bring back Tired of Waiting!

  7. So Matt… you’ve been listening to Alex’s voice for THREE years …. and …. you know Tired of Waiting? Sounds like you’re a big fan. Crazy cuz I’ve only been listening to him since March of 2010… Lemme count… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… yea that’s only 2 years and 5 months. Hmmmm…. :ninja:

    Oh and here’s what I thought he was talking about… hehe :silly:

    Hope to see you around here more often. Anyone who knows Tired of Waiting is welcome here!! And… yes, I hope he’s making money too…

    • Pretty funny Cathy…lol, Now I havta say, I agree with Matt, Thats the first thing I thought when he said “two belt together”, that he was referring to the singing. LOL then again it could just be wishful thinking on my part. And…..I cant see Mr L. rocking the Emo look :wink:

  8. Also I noticed a tweet from a Renelian with preorder info for Chris’ CD “I’m Right Here”. I’ll definitely be purchasing it so that I can have Alex’s name on the CD jacket and to extend my support to him and Chris. :))

    We’ll see what follows. Epic sent out a tweet to all of Melanie Amaro’s followers with the Amazon preorder link for her album but not Chris’, so maybe they will do that tonight or tomorrow.

  9. What happened to Alex is he still playing music it has been a long time. Hope hes still hustling to make it.

    • Oh YES!! Alex is still hustling. He’s in LA working on a lot of stuff. Alex is getting it right, so get ready cause he’s coming. :smile:

  10. :heart: :wub: :kissing: :alien: -A.L.

  11. I thought this was a nice way to sum up Trouble’s credits in a collage. :smile:

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