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Jun 212010


Alright so now that Alex is back, here’s today’s schedule:
10:00 AM – Piano lesson with Olympia DeCarlo
2:20 PM – Alex individual Twitter session
8:00 PM – Fairfax Improv Group visits

Alex also has a meeting with CAA.

* All times are PST and could possibly change since he just got home.

Alex Vlog

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  1. So the new emoticons work…I hope. :blink:

    ALEX IS HOME!!!! HE DESERVES THIS EMOTICON!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :sideways:

  2. Not sure what time he got in, but he’s baaa-aaack! I’m a night owl anyway, so I thought I’d check in one more time. It’s 4:20 am here in NY. Alex is in his bed with his laptop and headphones. I, generally, make it a rule not to watch any of the dreamers in their bedrooms unless they’re playing music, but I peeked in on Alex when I saw that he was back. I’ll leave him alone and go to bed now. So, all is right with the world again. I wonder if he’s pounding through the 8,000 tweets his #1 fan sent him. I think you all know who I mean. I wonder if he’ll pick up some of his gifts tomorrow. That would be cool. What I’d really like is to hear a song or two. I’m turning in now. :sleeping:

  3. @janet He got back to the house at about 1AM LA time. I REALLY hope he gets all the gifts tomorrow err I guess today, they were piling up at the offices I bet. And guys, please be nice to all Alex fans. They mean well and they love Alex so that’s all that matters. We should focus on the haters not each other! Thanks and enjoy being glued to your computers today!! I know I will! :angel:

  4. So happy Alex is back, but bummed I will be gone again for 3 days, I really gotta get a lap top!!! Going to Nashville to pick up my son for a visit, not home until Wed , keep me updated everyone!!!

  5. YES…he’s BACK and he can get busy again making great music. I was dozing on and off throughout the night, checking in to see if he made it. I logged on just after he arrived and briefly saw him in his bed on his laptop. As far as I know, no one knows he is back yet. Ben and Kara were in their rooms and Gig and Justin were out. It should be a SURPRISE!!

    @ LindaW. Have a safe trip and when the day comes to buy a yourself a favor and get a Macbook Pro. Once you go Mac, you never go back. It may cost more than the rest, but it is worth it. My son just got one; the speed that it runs the IICD videos is lightning fast. Obviously there are many more reasons than just playing videos relating to Alex Lambert. HA HA!

    Everyone have a great day and enjoy watching the most talented aspiring artist again! I haven’t said it yet but I love the banner. Great job!

  6. I hate Mondays but the sight of alex sleeping in his bed made up for it! Oh Alex what have you done to me! Haha

  7. Are they kidding me!! Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the IICD website?? All I get is “unable to connect to the server at” Temporarily unavailable.

  8. Tracy, I can access the site. All the housemates, but Justin are snoozing. Alex is snuggled under his covers.

  9. Thanks Joy. I think I know what is wrong.

  10. I was so glad to see Alex’s icon lite up on my screen just now :wub: So glad he is back! When we went to eat for Father’s Day last night there were two songs that Alex sang on Idol playing on the radio so I felt like last night was the night for him to get back :happy: So happyyy!!

  11. hahah , alex is so creepy / funny in his V – LOGS . i looove you , aleex . ;)

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