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I Didn’t Know


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I Didn’t Know

Alex Lambert | MySpace Video

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  1. I love this song!! You are superb. You should release it on iTunes!! Is it available for download anywhere? I can’t wait for your first album (it’s imminent, I can feel it!) I want your music on my ipod! Keep up the great work!


  2. Wow! Charlotte, coming from you that really means alot, you have quite a resume, girl!! Good for you! And, yes Alex is awesome! Cant wait to buy his music!!!!

  3. Please…let us know where we can get his music at..I didnt know is beautiful

  4. Hi Kathy, unfortunately there is nothing to buy yet. :sad:

    But, Alex is working hard to create an album and hopefully soon they’ll release something on iTunes!!! :sideways:

  5. I’ve been sad ever since he was voted off of American Idol. I still listen to his version of Trouble ALL the time. I can’t wait till I can buy these songs on itunes!!

  6. This video makes me very happy! I’m so proud of you, Alex! Can’t wait till his music is available to buy! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

  7. honestly, this is getting plain ridiculous. when is your album coming out?! I can’t await any longer :blink:

  8. Just like everyone else here, I can’t wait till he releases a cd. When he got booted off AI I thought that was the end of him. So glad he is still around. Talented. My fav’ on AI of everyone on the show.

  9. Alex you are awesome….waiting patiently for your new cd!

  10. I love Alex Lambert. He definitely was booted off too early. I am 43 years old but love everything about his music. I can’t wait until he puts out a CD. I think American Idol should let him perform on one of the result shows. Maybe we can get a campaign going to make that happen.

  11. Hi,
    I am very shocked not to see more comments on your site, although I never comment on anything, you deserve my post. I don’t watch American Idol and first saw you on If I Can Dream. I saw the video for I Didn’t Know being shot, I fell in love with your voice and that song.

    You’re such a talented individual with such a soulful sound, listeners can actually hear your passion for music and the emotion in your voice. The world is yours don’t ever stop, record labels were created because of talent like yours.


  12. What is invisible?
    Yet is the fire of our heart
    We carry an instrument
    So close to our heart
    Then melodies they fly
    To your heart
    Then empathy to others
    In the circle will start
    A song of Love a love of song
    Is the secret we have found?

    The strings they vibrate
    In our hands
    The chords are remembered
    And played by other hands
    And heard by many
    Who might be holding hands?
    Then love to others
    In the circle will start
    A song of love a love of song
    To circle all the world around