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Welcome to the first comprehensive collection of Alex Lambert MP3s available for download. Some of these have been circulating for a while, others are new, but all have been leveled and adjusted for the best aural experience possible (to the extent of our non-professional abilities), so you might want to re-download your favorites!

If you have an mp3 you’d like to contribute, or a video which you would like made into an mp3, please leave a comment below and we’ll add it as soon as possible. Complete songs are preferred.

Please note: Recordings of demos not officially released by “If I Can Dream”– obtained by any means – will not be uploaded, and links to them in the comments will be deleted. Please respect Alex’s wish to keep his favorite demos a surprise for the album!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to buy Alex’s album when it drops!!!

I Didn’t Know (Demo Version)
I Didn’t Know (Music Video Version)
Imperfectly Perfect
Dream With My Eyes Open

The final production of “Dream With My Eyes Open” and the clean (no background noises) music video version of “I Didn’t Know” can be heard at Alex’s MySpace music page. Sorry, we won’t be posting MP3s of these – you’ll have to visit MySpace to listen!

Let Me Love You (Mario cover, live on Ellen, March 17, 2010)
Butterflies (original, backstage at Ellen, March 17, 2010)
I Been Workin’ (original, live on Good Day Texas, March 25, 2010)
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis cover, live on Sirius XM Elvis Radio, August 16, 2010)

(From first show at small coffee shop and various performances for family)
Let It Be (Beatles cover)
Twist & Shout (Beatles cover)
Tired of Waiting (original)
Tired of Waiting Medley (includes Tired of Waiting, The Barney Song, The Beatles – Let It Be, Elvis – Heartbreak Hotel, Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride & Joy, John Mayer – Daughters, Kings of Leon – Use Somebody, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, and The Beatles – Twist & Shout)

TEXAS MEET ‘N’ GREET – March 25, 2010
(Immediately following American Idol elimination, with band)
Trouble (Ray LaMontagne cover, as performed on Idol)
Everybody Knows (John Legend cover, as performed on Idol)
Let It Be (Beatles cover)
The Barney Song (includes The Fray – You Found Me cover)
Feelings Don’t Grow on Trees (original)
I Been Workin’ (original)

(Shortly after moving into the Dream House)
Three Little Birds (Bob Marley cover)
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis cover)
Butterflies Medley (includes Chris Brown – Forever, Butterflies, and Mario – Let Me Love You)

(With older brother Spencer and friend Evan on guitar and drums)
Butterflies (original)
I Didn’t Know (original)
I Been Workin’ (original)
Wonderful World (James Morrison cover)
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)

(Live from Hollywood Boulevard)
Butterflies (original)

God Bless America
Star Spangled Banner

(Acoustic set)
Imperfectly Perfect (original)
Dream With My Eyes Open (original)
Butterflies Medley (includes Chris Brown – Forever, Butterflies, and Mario – Let Me Love You)
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)
What I Got (Sublime cover)
Wonderful World (James Morrison cover)

(Following launch of “I Didn’t Know’ music video)
Everybody Knows (John Legend cover)
On My Tongue (original)

(As part of the 2010 US Open of Surfing, with Alex Treharne and George and Freddy Hill on acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and cajon box drum)
Butterflies (original)
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5 cover)
Boss D.J. (Sublime cover)
Three Little Birds (Marley cover)

Hound Dog
Blue Suede Shoes
Heartbreak Hotel

SHOW AT THE ROXY – August 28, 2010
(As part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival with band ‘The Lights’: Samuel Larsen, Alex Treharne, George and Freddy Hill, Oliver Lee)
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5 cover)
On My Tongue (original)
Butterflies (original)
I Didn’t Know (original)

(As part of the Pepsi Refresh Project charity event with George and Freddy Hill and Oliver Lee)
Butterflies (original)
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5 cover)

(In support of Breast Cancer Awareness, as part of the ‘Paint the Town Pink’ fundraiser)
Imperfectly Perfect (original)
On My Tongue (original)
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis cover)
Everybody Knows (John Legend cover)

Imperfectly Perfect
Give Me One Reason
Stand By Me
On My Tongue
DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love

New World (Jfly and Alex Lambert)
Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer
Price Tag (Jessie J cover, February 25, 2010)
[removed due to copyright infringement claim by Universal Music. Yep, acoustic covers are illegal.]
Changes (Tupac cover, March 9, 2011)

Did It Hurt When You Fell From the Sky? (original, late April, 2010)
Never Waking Up (original, May 28, 2010)
Lean On Me with Lee DeWyze and Andrew Garcia (Bill Withers cover, May 29, 2010)
Use Somebody with Lee DeWyze and Andrew Garcia (Kings of Leon cover, May 29, 2010)
Don’t Say with Veronica Ballestrini (by Veronica Ballestrini, early July, 2010)
On My Tongue with Veronica Ballestrini (original, July 5, 2010)
Landslide and Several Old Originals played to Veronica Ballestrini (various, July 6, 2010)
Mini Concert with Mic (various, September 22, 2010)
Jam Session with Sebastian, Kara and Trenton (various, September 25, 2010)

LIVE IN BOSTON (Middle East Upstairs)
Learning From You

Or, browse through an alphabetical listing of the tracks here.

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  1. omg i so needed this! thank you so much!

  2. This is fantastic!! Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sustaining me until Alex’s cd is released! You’re the best!

  4. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find his music for so long! :whistle:

  5. Does anyone have an mp3 of the acoustic version he did of DWMEO at the Dream Studio?

  6. When can we purchase something on Itunes for him? I want to “VOTE” with my dollars for the person whom I feel should have won American Idol because he has such a unique and soulful sound. Seriously. Ready and waiting to support Alex! AND… listen to the tunes again and again. Keep them coming!

  7. Celeste, thanks for your great comment! The mp3s here are live performances or demos, not finished, official releases. I think we are all anxiously awaiting the day when we can purchase Alex’s songs on itunes! He’s working really hard on his album, so hopefully it’ll be soon!

  8. I finally downloaded all the songs and synched it on my iphone… Im actually looking forward to my commute tomorrow when I can listen to all of it! :biggrin: thanks admins!
    i just realized that despite all the big name co-writers, i still love his original “I been working” which he worte all on his own before IICD :blush:

  9. i’ve been trying for some time now to download some of these songs and add them to my itunes, but i can’t figure out how to do it. can someone please help me out?

  10. @Aj After you download the files, they will be in the downloads folder on your computer. Open Itunes. Look in the upper left hand corner of the Itunes page, above your library listing. Click on “File”—then click on “add file to library”. It will be added to your music files on Itunes. Look for it. The song title may be listed as unknown (not sure), but the artist will be Alex Lambert. If this happens, you will want to rename. I’ll come back later if you need further assistance. Enjoy!

  11. thx soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! :angel:

  12. @Lauren- thanks so much!!

    I have a request. Is it possible to get the ‘Butterflies’ performance from the Car-e-oke contest? I thought that was a really good, full version on the song and i want to put it on my ipod. pleaseee :)

  13. Thank you so much! the link is

    I would also like this one to be made into an mp3 as well, if you have time :)

  14. Hi! Is there any way to make an mp3 of the recent singing in the PBR by Alex, Sebastian and Trenton?
    It came after the 1st mini concert with mic? I was mistakenly thinking I would be able to continue to hear Alex on a regular basis. Since IICD is off the air that impromptu concert is more precious than ever. Especially that bit where Alex does James Brown. If you can get it to mp3 thanks SO much in advance!

  15. New MP3s uploaded: “Butterflies” from the Ford Fiesta “Car-eoke” Event and “Jam Session” from around the Dream House with Sebastian, Trenton and Kara.
    Aj, the awesome snippet of John Mayer’s “Daughters” is included in the Pre-Idol “Tired of Waiting Medley”.

  16. Thanks to anyone who uploaded those Roxy clips. x

  17. Thank you for this.

  18. Alex was one of the best talents on AI and should have gone thru to finals.
    But…doesn’t really matter. When you have a gift and keep persuing your goals, anything is possible.
    Can’t wait for his first album.
    Congrats Alex for staying true to yourself and not giving up!

  19. thank you so much for this!! i just downloaded most of the page! haha

  20. Aj: i’ve been trying for some time now to download some of these songs and add them to my itunes, but i can’t figure out how to do it. can someone please help me out?  

    you have to download them, then burn it to a cd and import to your itunes.

  21. Hey! :) Discovered Alex some minutes ago, cause i’m from germany and i saw he wrote ‘On My Tongue’ with jason reeves, my favorite musician! :)
    So I tried to download ‘On My Tongue’ (Second Dream Studio Performance) on this page to hear the song, but the link is dead. :(
    Do anyone have the mp3 of the song? Want to hear it :)

  22. Thank you so much!

  23. About time!!

  24. Does anyone have Alex’s performance of “Let It Be” with Justin at the Dream Studio?

  25. Trey: Does anyone have Alex’s performance of “Let It Be” with Justin at the Dream Studio?  

    I would die for that one too Trey. I know the Youtube channel that had the video posted until it had to be removed for copy write reasons. I messaged the person to see if he/she would send me the file, but I got no response. Maybe an admin for the fan site would have more luck.

  26. Trey: Does anyone have Alex’s performance of “Let It Be” with Justin at the Dream Studio?  (Reply)

    Here you go: :smile:

  27. Matilda:
    Here you go:   

    Thank you Matilda. You must have had this tucked away for a long time. Now if we could just see them. :ermm:

  28. Matilda:
    Here you go:   

    Matilda ~ Thanks so much for this. I was looking for this but couldn’t find it.

  29. Matilda:
    Here you go:   

    Thank you! When Alex starts to sing….miracle voice!!

  30. Thank you Matilda.

    Been too long since I last listened to that. Not too many people alive who can sing anything like that…

  31. Yesssss! So happy to find these :biggrin:

  32. Thanks…I’m a fan of Alex since AI days..I’m glad I’ve got his songs now…I can listen to it over and over again..

  33. Mark:
    Thanks…I’m a fan of Alex since AI days..I’m glad I’ve got his songs now…I can listen to it over and over again..

    Glad we could help…. Make sure you buy that album when it comes out. :cool:

  34. I guess we’ve got to add Hurricane, Nothing, New World….what else?

  35. Oh, never mind…i see New World…

  36. Maybe Alex can sneek into the vault and send the admins a secret song like She’s Gone or You Are The Reason to post an MP3 :cool: Don’t worry A, we won’t tell :whistle:

  37. i was searching on itunes from like 1 year to find your songs BUT THEY ARE ALL HERE AND FREE :D ! i love you!

  38. Hey! I can download these for free! I would totally pay for his songs!


    22 years ago, the universe contrived to bestow upon us a gift, a gift that lives and breathes and will forever leave it’s mark upon the earth — that rare and unique musical talent that makes us glad to be alive when we hear it. Then, it was wrapped up in a package of charm, wit, humor, humility, a bit mischievous and a whole lot of good looks and Gwen decided to call him Alexander — a good and noble name.

    And, snaf…we f’d up. We didn’t do a video. I’ve got my head so wrapped up in this new venture that I barely have time for anything else. I even missed a couple of my own relative’s birthdays! But, Alex…I can never forget about Alex. Miss you our blue-eyed soul boy.

  40. Yes Happy Happy Birthday Alexander!! Hope you are off doing the things you WANT to do and that make you happy! 22 years old….and such a wonderful talent. Go get it and make this next year one of your best!!! I will always be here supporting your talent. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :heart: