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Apr 052011

Fan video by Cecily Gonzalez.

  17 Responses to “More Magnificent Moments from Alex Lambert”

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  1. Wow! Cecily….amazing as always. You manage to capture the best screen shots. I can really feel the love in this video. It almost brings me to tears.

    Oh and shoutout to Casey Abrams…..great cover of Your Song…I think I’m going to go download that from itunes.

  2. Cecily, you make the most beautiful videos. I love them all. You do capture the best screen shots.
    I really like that song by Casey Abrams, he sounds really good when he sings like that. BUT….. Alex will always be my favorite Idol. No one comes close to his beautiful sound.

  3. Cecily….All I can say is Alex Lambert is sooo lucky to have you on his team. You have produced another unbelievable video that captures the essence of who he is. Thank you again. :wub:

  4. Cecily, I see a bright future for you producing musical videos and probably lots more. thank you for this new one, it is great.

  5. BELLISSIMO CECILY!!! You make THE BEST Alex vids ever! Ditto to what everyone else said, you really do pick the perfect pictures & screenshots of him. The video is perfect, great job as usual. Seriously, very talented chica! Hehe :heart:

  6. I loved it Cecily < :wub: , you manage to capture the perfect moments! And the song was so fitting!!! And yes, I didn't know Casey could sing that sweetly……….lol ….who knew???

  7. So who remembers Gig’s friend Angelo from IICD. It seems that he is now a fashion & photo writer for the Examiner LA. He’s gonna write a fashion article about Alex. Yay! Yesterday he tweeted…

    “Stoked to write my first fashion article for The Examiner on American Idol contestant (and buddy of mine!) @truealexlambert”

    How cool is that. We all know that Alex is a very attractive guy with a GREAT sense of style. I hope there’s lot of pictures. Thanks, Angelo!!!

  8. The only thing that could possibly make this video better is if Alex was singing Your Song! Cecily, you rock!

    Can’t get on twitter right now. Grrrr…Idol is just starting. I hate when that happens!

    I cannot wait to see this article on Alex’s fashion style. I’m telling ya, big things, big things…

    Alex is truly a shining star!

  9. ¸.•*””*•.¸?HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KASS?!!¸.•*””*•.¸

    :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  10. Yes, Kass, Hope you have a really GREAT Birthday! Hope ALL your wishes come true. Hey…it could happen. :cool:

    • Thank you snaf!! It’s been a pretty excellent day I must say… I made a few wishes – I hope the one we all care about comes true SOON! :)

  11. Kass – I’m sure all of us SNAF will join me in wishing you a

    Y P P A H Y A D H T R I B !! :silly:

    Edit: Why won’t this edit function allow me more spaces betweet yppah & yadhtrib ?? lol!

  12. Happy Birthday Kass! I hope it’s today and not yesterday. That time zone thing messes with my mind. Anyway…do whatever makes you happy today and do it BIG!


  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASS!!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day. :w00t:
    Did you make a wish?? I hope it comes true. :wink: :lol:

  14. Oops Kass my bad… I’m a little late posting Happy Birthday to you over here. You are such a special #snaf and we all appreciate everything that you do to promote our favorite future recording superstar. Yes I hope your wish (the one that we all care about) comes true very soon. :w00t:

  15. Happy Belated Bday to Kass!!!
    Was surprised about the elimination on Idol other night. Alex has been sooo busy lately, prolly hasn’t had time to chime in. But like Alex, I think Pia may be immensely successful, as voted off quite early…Those two are the JHuds of the last 2 years :cool:

  16. Great video, Cecily !! Great song choice, and some awesome photos of Alex’s journey. Great job …darren

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