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Oct 112010

Lots to get through today!

Alex Lambert tees
First, Jessica Bongiorno (otherwise known as the woman who saaaaaaved Alex Lambert), has tweeted that she will be designing a special Alex Lambert T-shirt! The shirt will no doubt be fabulous since Jessica has plenty of experience designing for her own T-shirt line, Britees. Now you know what to put on your Christmas wish list!

Cave session?
Second, Alex tweeted on Friday that he was writing with regular collaborators DEEKAY along with Raphael Saadiq (who has produced songs for artists including Joss Stone and Alex’s fave, John Legend). It will be interesting to see what old-school R&B man Saadiq brings to DEEKAY’s ultra-pop sound. Alex then tweeted on Saturday: “In the cave once again for probably the craziest session I’ve ever had…”. We’re guessing that would be a session at DEEKAY’s recording studio, laying down a demo track for the song they just wrote? Whatever the case, it’s good to hear that Alex is writing – more confirmation for the worriers among us that 19 Entertainment is still invested in him, regardless of the fate of ‘If I Can Dream’.

Victory is… not ours
On the heels of this good news, a bit of bad: the results of the reality TV star tournament conducted by D Magazine (a magazine for the Dallas, Texas, area) are in, with Alex receiving 49% of votes compared to Tim Urban’s 51%. Now sure, it would have been nice to see those numbers reversed, but we think 49% is pretty darn respectable considering that Tim has had way more exposure than Alex (6 more weeks than him on Idol in front of an audience of millions, plus the recent Idol tour), so congratulations Alex and good job voting guys! At the very least, we showed D Magazine that Alex Lambert is not someone to be written off as quickly as they did in their lame excuse of a bio on him (research, D Magazine, research!).

Libras and Lambert?
On to a fun factoid: it seems, from the spate of birthdays we’ve been having recently, that an unusually high proportion of Alex Lambert fans are Libras – including Ms. J. Bongiorno herself and our very own admin, GollyMolly! Could there be a cosmic connection between Libras and Alex Lambert, drawing people of that sign to him? Well, since Alex’s birthday is on December 10th (psst… that’s 2 months from now for those who want to send or organize something), he’s a Sagittarius… and a quick search reveals that indeed, Libra and Sagittarius are an excellent match! According to “Libra and Sagittarius, Air and Fire. An excellent combination… You both like parties and making new friends. You communicate very easily and you have much energy: this is a perfect match.”

Join us!
Last bit of business: we’d like to invite all Alex Addicts (and even those of you with a normal, healthy measure of love for him), to sign up and become official members of the site! Being a member means you will be able to upload a picture that will appear beside all your comments, have your profile included in our “Members” list, and private message other members. To join, click the register link (sidebar, top right) and enter your name, e-mail address and (new!) choose your own password, then confirm your e-mail address. You may then log in and access your profile page, from which you can upload an avatar and tell us a bit about yourself! Oh and also, don’t forget to go follow TheAlexFansite on Twitter (@thealexfansite) for the latest Alex news and updates!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Phillip: Yeah, when they showed Alex singing Jason Mraz “I’m yours” and playing Ukulele in Hollywood round – I thought wow such a good unique voice – it stood out to me and made me wanna see him in top 24. I thought he had the best voice too and Katie Stevens has a great strong voice too and that’s why she was my second favorite. (I think Andrew, Lee, and Micheal have good voices too)

    Ok favorites of the IICD episodes. I only liked and remember the Alex focused ones (I havent even seen a few of the early ones) my favorites are: The New york ones cause of the video shoot and it focused on the Alex and Veronica romance. The Elvis episode with Alex showing us around Memphis & Elvis connections – and he sang on radio show. I also liked episode when he auditioned band members – it was funny especially when that guy in fake dreadlocks and red sequins jacket came in acting drunk and calling Alex Adam. And I liked the episode that he and his band performed at Roxy — I liked when they went to that ‘spot’ with nice scenery as they tried to come up with the name of the band while sitting on rocks – and then they got up and left while filmed from the back. I really like that scene. And when they finished performing they went outside to see their name on the marquee — I liked seeing Alex and Sam together with the rest of the band as they walked side by side into the night.

  2. On-Trouble-clearly one of the best vocals that season. And for the gals-sorry guys-watch him,during the judges portion,when he reacts to Ellen,and Kara-his face is BEYOND CUTE!!! He gets an A+++++ for his LOOKS in the Ellen,and Kara reaction shots :w00t:

  3. Tracy: Oh the scene I was describing I liked in my previous post of Alex’s band walking into the night after the Roxy show is what’s in your avatar. I couldnt see what’s in your avatar until I finished posting and looked just now when you and AyeM mentioned it. Its a good scene and a memorable ending to the episode, and I really liked it. I can’t see a big pic of your avatar tough — we need screencaps like that when there is a gallery here.

  4. Thanks Shadow, I really liked that scene too. :biggrin:

  5. Any pisces in the house???? woot woot!!! no…? :sad:

    1. Dodgers episode: 1st truly POSITIVE episode about Alex and I was a bit hesitant abt him singing SSB and to finally hear him sing it and do soooo well was an incredible surprise! Right at the end they played DWMEWO and it’s perfect bcoz of the message and it has such an uplifting tune to it I got all choked up, haha. SO yeah, I felt so darn proud! Oh and for days I’d play the clip of him singing SSB as though it was the newest radio pop song! my neighbors mightve thought I was an uber patriot….

    2. NY episode:
    a. scene of him by the bridge at night, he’s so darn cute!
    b. TimeSQ with all the people surrounding him and the blinding lights! (it’s so NY)
    c. I had a hunch but I was still surprised when he met JB. That was a warm and fuzzy moment. I’d say he had the perfect hair at that period too.

    3. Memphis episode 1: I think he won a lot of fans when he sang Heartbreak hotel on the station. That was probably the first clip if him on the episodes singing a full song just raw and unplugged. Oh and he was so fcking good! He shut up a lot of detractors on Hulu and convinced a lot of people that yeah, he can SANG!

    4. 1st episode: Alex sang ‘I’ve been working’ to the roomies and I think they realized that damn this kid is good. It sounded so raw, its perfect. I still love that song, so sexy :biggrin:

    5. Final Recording of DWMEO: I love it when Deekay was totally praising Alex and how Alex was like: “I can better it” when talking about recording a certain part. Such a perfectionist!

    I miss Alex…

    Oh and admins, LOVE the updates on the site! Thanks for everything!

  6. OH and non-Alex but one of the funniest scene in IICD season 1 was Purple Melon (Owen&Jason) sitting brandt down for “the talk”. Soo mean and ssoooooo funny!

    Owen: “We just wanna take him aside and have a word is his WEIRD ear” :w00t: …. so subtle and so effing hilarious

    one more: look on ALex’ face when he broke Elvis’ mic… soooo CUTE (sorry dudes)

    sorry thats it, nyt all!

  7. My favorite IICD moment was definitely when Alex left his guitar pick at Elvis’s grave. That was just perfect. It almost made me shed a few tears!

  8. Hi all! I just thought of a general ‘favorite’ — whenever the episodes showed footage of Alex in meeting with [his homey] Iain Pirie! I love how much Iain likes Alex and how happy & excited Alex is in those scenes!! :biggrin:


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