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Jun 282010

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
The lights will inspire you,
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York

Excuse the interlude, but Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” is so very apropos for Alex’s first trip to the Big Apple that I suggest you go listen to it (in between Alex Lambert tracks of course)!

For those of you landing here for the first time and reading this in bewilderment, Alex Lambert is leaving the Dream House today for a week-long trip to New York, accompanied by “If I Can Dream” producer Michael Herwick, to record a music video for his fantastic song “I Didn’t Know”. Everyone’s been very hush hush about this video, but we do know it will include shots of Alex playing the piano (for which he has been practicing like mad)!

Alex’s flight leaves at 11:30 am today, but (I believe) he said he’ll be leaving the house at 9:45.
He was up till almost 2 am last night, hanging with his friend Samuel Larsen and with Veronica, and has yet to pack, so it’ll probably be a sleepy morning, then off to New Yooooorrrk (all together now)!

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
The lights will inspire you,
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York

Have fun Alex!!

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  1. Love it! I was thinkig about this song the whole night and was gonna tweet him to listen to it to get him juiced!!! Haha I’m so excited and I’m not even going to NY! Hope he wakes up early since he hasn’t packed yet dnt wanna be late now do we

  2. @ our not-so-secret agents on NYC airport mission: FYI, Delta flight #2562 departs from LAX @11:30 am, and arrives @JFK @ 8:10 pm. R U still on??? :ninja:

  3. Haha! Great minds think alike! I tweeted this to Alex early this morning “New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing @truealexlambert can’t do!”

    Lol @ Cec, I’m still thinking about the airport arrival, not so sure if I’ll do that yet. I’m kinda far from JFK. But I’m definitely going to Manhattan tomorrow, on a mission to see Alex and get a picture! :ninja:

  4. Dont you just want to reach through the computer and get him up outta bed sometimes…I sit here and say to myself, “get up Alex,….Get up!!, OMG you are gonna be in so much trouble”….Its after 8am and if he hasn’t packed yet and has to be out of there by 9:45 he is gonna be cutting it close! :sleeping:

  5. This is so exciting. I hope we get some updates from NY, from Alex or our not-so-secret agents. @Janet and @ Katherine, do you have your watch synchronized, your secret decoder rings, hidden cameras, etc. Now if you should be captured do not give the secret password to the chat room. LOL Good luck on you mission.

  6. LOL good luck Janet and Katherine!! I’d say arrivals at the airport is your best bet, but piano hopping and pizza sounds fun too!

    This comment will self-destruct in 5…4….3…2…

    • While getting ready, Alex just explained to a camerawoman why he’s doing a video for “I Didn’t Know”. He said Iain (Pirie) went to New York to play “Dream With My Eyes Open” to Clear Channel (radio company behind many many radio stations), but he brought “I Didn’t Know” along too, as a kind of back up. Alex said the two songs are really different – you like one or the other, and he thought DMEO, which was SUPPOSED to be the first single, appeals to younger people more. But Clear Channel liked “I Didn’t Know” better (haha we coulda told 19 that). Alex says he likes “I Didn’t Know” better as well, but he finds Clear Channel’s choice surprising.
      This makes it sound like we’re gonna get our wish and get “I Didn’t Know” as the first single!
      He also talked a bit about the video. Said again he doesn’t want to give it away, but there’s this “thing” going on in NY in various locations, so they don’t have to pay for a set, and the song is piano-based. Oh Alex, your fans are 10 steps ahead of you :P
      Again mentioned working with a pretty famous producer, and said he wants to keep pretty busy.

      He also let us in on his styling secret – who was it who said he wouldn’t be wearing his Rangers cap to avoid hat head? Well, apparently that is exactly why he wears it – it’s his secret styling tool, cause otherwise his hair is real poofy.

      Alex then woke Sam up to say goodbye, they exchanged a big hug and an “I love you man”. Alex said it was going to be the best video ever (damn straight!), and, with a “don’t f— up” from a production guy, he’s off (with Ben driving)!!!

      Oh yay! Fiesta cam!

      Alex just confirmed: his flight arrives 8:10 pm, at JFK. Good sleuthing Cec!

      Alex (bad Fiesta cam feed) answering Ben’s question, said he doesn’t have a deal with Sony yet, he just writes with a lot of their writers; it’s hard to get a publishing deal… 19 owns… something unintelligible…

      Fiesta cam back. Alex chatting with Raylee on the phone, promises he’ll take lots of pictures. Then talks to Ben about their relationship, says they’re dating, then says no they’re just friends, that there’s no point to them dating cause he’s in LA and she’s going to college and he doesn’t want to hold her back, keep her from having fun. It’s just not convenient. Ben says she really is a sweet girl and maybe she’d move to LA. Alex says something negative sounding (bad feed).

      • Also completely off topic but I don’t know if anyone else posted this – it’s a pic from a while back, from when Alex and Justin (and Veronica it seems) went to the MTV movie award gifting suites:
        He was playing around with a spiffy white hat he got there last night – almost gave it to Sam cause he said he’d never wear it, but Sam couldn’t fit it over his dreads.

  7. Alex and Ben are yawning all the way to the airport, lol. I think Alex has teeth Whitening strips on his teeth, by what he said to Ben and he keeps touching his teeth. Now we know another one of Alex’s beauty secrets. The banter between Alex and Ben is great. Also when it was just Alex, Ben, Kara and Veronica in the house together last night, there was great harmony.

  8. That stinkin fiesta cam….up would think with all technology out there, they could get a better system going!! The cutest thing is happening Ben and Alex are blasting I didnt know and singing along (rather loudly, I might add) of course I get every other flippin word. I love them together, I would be so cool if Ben could have gone with him.

  9. ** you would think (correction)

  10. Ben and Alex were talking about Raylee in the car and Alex said they are just good friends, and are not dating right now, that it just isn’t convenient for them since she is there and he is doing his thing. Alex did tell her he loved her when they got off the phone, but he said that she deserves to have a good time right now. How very Mature of them. :smile:

  11. I was watching, Lindaw, and the look on Ben’s face when Alex said that about Raylee, I wish I could have added a comment bubble like in the cartoons, “Now don’t horn in on my girl, Veronica, you little ninja!!” Ben looked worried. LOL

    Going back to Kass’s comment at 10:52am, I missed this whole convo–I logged on when the production guy said “Don’t eff it up!!” Anyway, I continue to shake my head at this supposed A&R “genius”, Iain Pirie. I had speculated last week that DWMEO didn’t get the reception they expected at Z100 (Clear Channel’s biggest Pop station in the country), and IDK would have appealed more to their listeners.

    What is wrong with these guys at 19?? How come we knew that I Didn’t Know had a more current and Pop/R&B sound? Songs about love lost, pining for your girl, etc., play so well to the female demographic. Does anyone remember the Season 5 Idol, Elliott Yamin? He had a huge hit with Wait For You a few years back, that had a very similar theme to IDK. I think DWMEO is perfect for what it is, a theme song, and good track for the album, but not as the lead single.

    Labels are notoriously bad at picking the right singles. Just last year the RCA label dummies picked a song called For Your Entertainment, as Adam Lambert’s first single. They had high hopes for it, as it is the name of his CD, also. Filmed this super lavish video with Lady Gaga’s favorite music video director, and everything. Turned out though, that Z100 in NYC hated it and refused to play it. It flopped as a result. Z100 told them to try again and release Whatta Want From Me, which has become a huge radio hit, and really helped re-launch his career.

    Sorry for the long post. :blush:

    Gosh, I’m dying to know who is going to produce his record!! So excited for Alex!

  12. Diane, I have the same thoughts on DWMEO versus IDK. When I first heard the demo for DWMEO I thought it sounded like the theme song to a TV show so it was pretty funny that that’s what it ended up being. Perhaps it was demoed with that in mind. I like to think so because it never really sounded like a single to me. Of all of Alex’s songs that I’ve heard enough of to form an opinion on, DWMEO is my least favorite, at least the demoed version of it. I like it better done acoustically. I think IDK is a much better song and has a much better chance at being a hit.

  13. For our NY sleuth team — didn’t Lauren hint that you two should focus your piano search to the more or most scenic locations?? I would think you two might be able to predict which are more scenic from the map. I know I couldn’t, except I would expect there might be one in Central Park?? I sure hope that they send some tidbits of video or vlogs during the time they’re there! :heart:

  14. Janet and Katherine! Check out this link (if you haven’t already) as to all of the Piano locations in NYC. There are some in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island that afford amazing views of the NYC skyline and will be likely locations for Alex to be filmed in. He recently twittered he can’t wait to see the Statue of Liberty. Maybe that’s a hint about the location at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. And I also read somewhere (maybe on this site) that he is going to have to get up really early. They will probably film him at first light before many people are around. Just saying. Good luck. Hope you spot him! :ninja:

  15. And there are 4 locations in Central Park including at the Bandshell. There are 4 pianos at Lincoln Center – wouldn’t the maestro look great playing Lincoln Center – ha! And 2 pianos in Times Square.

  16. AmyZ – when Alex was saying goodbye to Olympia yesterday she mentioned Lincoln Center when he mentioned pianos – but Alex didn’t say Lincoln Center.

  17. Thanks for all the updates and info guys, and luck, we’re gonna need it! Just got home and I’m getting ready to hit up Janet on twitter to see if we can figure out a plan! :ninja: So excited! :silly:

  18. I’ve been listening to “Empire state of mind”, “Dream with my eyes..” and “I didn’t know” non stop the whole day!!!! So giddy for Alex and just the look on his face as he sees the NY lights, I wish they have a video of him. Yes kid, believe it!!! BIG THINGS are happening!

    Wow, I didnt know is really a great song, really sounds like a radio HIT. I didnt really listen to it as much as “dream” since I dont have the audio file for it. A huge DUH to 19 for insisting that “Dream” was the first single… really “I didn’t know” captures Alex’s voice perfectly and really show it off coz that song aint easy to sing. I hope that they dont half-ass on their support for Alex coz I really think he can be a huge recording artist because he has such a nice voice. BTW, does Justin have a single out already? or a music video? I’m just wondering if they’re sinking in more resources on Alex than anyone else. :biggrin:

  19. I just wanted to add again that this is really a GENIUS idea for the video from 19! Just brilliant! Given that it’s directed and edited well, it will be AMAZING! Being that it’s his first video, I hope Alex doesn’t get nervous, especially if a lot of people gather around to watch. Hope he knocks it out of the park, I’m sure he will! I also hope they put some footage of the trip to NY in the episodes, I would love to see Alex’s reaction when he sees the NYC skyline for the first time! It’s really somethin special, I live in NY and I never get tired of it… :biggrin:

  20. Hi everyone, I’m excited for Alex doing IDK too but wasn’t what we heard a demo? I don’t rem it being produced like DWMEO … or did I miss something?

  21. Yeah, “I didn’t know” is more catchy song that gets stuck in the head – its my favorite so far. (only heard snippets of his songs after that) Its good Iain 19 music executive took it along to show the radio people. I think maybe he wanted to release “dream with eyes open” open first, because it more Pop and that’s a genre that will capture his whole CD than Pop/R&B of “Didnt know.” Also, first single tend to be more uptempo songs like “dreams” and slower and mid-tempo ones like “didnt know” are second release. I think Iain was just trying to go by industry routine. If they have a song that’s uptempo and has hit potential, it’d be ok to release it before “didn’t know” – but they dont yet. Also, I’m surprised they’re making video for first single before having all songs for CD written or completed. I thought they’d wait a couple months or closer to when Idol buzz starts again and Lee and crystal are about to release too – you get more idol fans attention then. But I do think “Didnt know” is a song that will grab attention of mainstream public on its own and can do well. And he can always come on idol to perform it. I hope it all works out. Alex will enjoy being in New York and filming his video. Maybe we’ll get to see some pics of him out and about in NY, or on set without giving away too much of the video.

    Oh that Alex. He told Ben he was just being considerate and thoughtful about Raylee, and not him checking out girls too right? We’ll see if he likes it when she meets a cute guy in college. He is busy and does need to focus on career right now, but they can always get back together.

  22. Hey everyone, I have loved all the updates, so informative and exciting. Was gone for most of the afternoon.
    @areyouin You know that I have no idea about where the filming will be taking place :silly: I am sure that Alex doesn’t know either. I was thinking that they would choose locations that are undeniably New York, that’s all. Definitely one with a great sunrise for the early morning. Is there one near the water or open space?
    I saw earlier this morning that Gaby Dunn of Aol Tv and co-host of the Something Pitchy episode that Alex skyped into tweeted him. I knew by the time he landed her tweet would be completely covered up by some of the tweets of the diehard Alex fans and he would never receive it. Her tweet said for him to stop by the @somethingpitchy studio in person this time. I tweeted her back and told her to contact 19 for his schedule and let her know the concept behind the video. Told her he was so excited. She tweeted back “thanks! I will”. The more exposure for him the better. Who knows maybe she will do a story on it.
    I love that we have always known IDK was the better fit for Alex, even though I would have bought DWMEO. It’s the song everyone sings in the house and can’t get out of their heads. Should we just go ahead and let 19 know that for next time just poll us here at this site. We obviously know best.
    @violet there has not been a full production track done on IDK. They had to shoot the video this week because I believe that the pianos will be removed and donated next week. When Alex returns he’ll probably start full production on the song. Surely Nasri will produce it.
    @Diane I had to laugh when I read your comment about Ben looking worried. Wouldn’t you be if Alex was singing songs to your gal? You know Alex sparkles. One more thing did y’all catch why Kara thinks that Alex has the perfect wrists. She said that a man’s wrists should be strong enough to be masculine, but soft enough to be tender. There you have it.

  23. Can everyone tweet @joshskinner and let him know that his interview with @TrueAlexLambert was your favorite. He’s taking a poll. Your vote counts, I guess. :biggrin:

  24. I like the “tougue’ song now more and more. Please make this demo with your guitar. Brilliant.

    But since you doing IDK video…i respect that since i heard that much earler to be my favourite to DWMEO. It got the commerical hit factor.

    Yeah, your new songs are getting better and better….now “Tougue” is my favorite…similar to the fun loving “I’m Yours” kind off feel to it. I like it.

  25. Well guys, not sure about Janet, but I’m definitely heading into the city tomorrow on a mission to find Alex! I tweeted Janet a couple of times, but it seems she wasn’t feeling well today, said she had a migraine :sad: . It was brutally hot out today in NYC. Janet, if you read this, I hope you are feeling better or feel better soon! Let me know if you’ll go to the city any other day this week, since it seems he’ll be there for a few days. I don’t really have much of a plan, but I’m sticking with the idea of going to the most scenic spots, maybe start in Times Square and work my way downtown, maybe even go into Brooklyn! Whether I get to see Alex or not, it should be fun, gonna do a little shopping, meet my friend for lunch, hopefully I will see him though and have a good story to tell tomorrow! I’m also gonna keep checking twitter, with a gazillion people in NYC, I’m sure someone will spot him and tweet it. We’ll see what happens, thanks again for the info and wishing me luck, I’m gonna need it! :ninja:

    Also, off topic, did anyone see the little PETA shoot story on Ben, Gig, and Justin on “The Insider”. It was really short, but basically just about who got naked for PETA now. And they said Ben was a hot actor, I think something like that and Justin, a songwriter and Miley Cyrus’ ex. Sorry Justin, Miley will always be brought up when they talk about him. Anyway, they also called If I Can Dream, an “internet sensation”, hmmm wonder who put this little internet show on the map?? Lol, just sayin’ :whistle:

  26. @Katherine enjoy your trip into the city. @Janet I hope you are feeling better soon. I know first hand how a migraine can knock you off your feet.

  27. Katherine, I so envy you, how fun would that be!!! Have a great day and report back to us tomorrow with some good news that you saw our little Alex! :tongue:

  28. Thank you so much guys! Cross your fingers, say a prayer for me, and wish me luck again, lol!! Hopefully that way I’ll have a better chance of bringing back a good story! :wink:

  29. Good luck searching Katherine!!!

    P.S. I think it’s so cute that everyone has adopted Alex’s mannerisms and sayings. Kara just told Sam the crackers he was eating were “legit.” hahaha :lol:

  30. Thank you Molly!!! :biggrin:

  31. Still down w/this damn migraine. Why did this have to happen now? Then, my ISP went down last night and I couldn’t even check in! How’s that for luck? Katherine, you’ve got my #. I DM’d you. I’m going to get a shot from my doc this morning asap. I’m supposed to take it easy after it, but if I feel better, I’ll cruise down and find you. I figure if we stick to Manhatten and just hit all the pianos, we might get a chance. He might not be filming there today of course…so who knows! But, I’d really love to meet up and try to find him.

    Where’s the new episode? It should be up already.

  32. Where is the new episode? Maybe they are doing last minute editing to include yesterday’s footage about Alex going to NY.

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