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Aug 092010

Modest Monday = Modest post.

No clue what Alex is up to today. Maybe a writing session? Maybe a recording session? Band practice? Visit with Trevor? Who knows? If you guys find out feel free to post it in the comments!

If we work together we can catch that little :ninja:

Alex’s journey on “If I Can Dream.”

Have a good Monday! Check back later for any updates!!! :heart:

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  1. Spain seems like a really loooonnnngggg way to go for (hot) sun, fun and a beach. Most southern Cali residents opt for Cabo San Lucas down in Mexico–but I guess that’s not cool enough for Gig. I read somewhere that Jude Law was in Ibiza this weekend with his gal pal. Guess that’s where all the pretty people go. :silly:

    I’m wondering if Alex has been crashing at the Melon’s pad. Or does he already have a place, like Justin, and will just show up every so often for a shower, just to tease us. :wink:

  2. @Diane – my bet is still that he is crashing with an L.A. chick! Peep, peep!! :happy:

  3. There’s no chance they’ll deduct missing days from Alex’s pay, correct? When Kara goes to a wedding or Gig goes out of the country, are they are still “on the clock”?

    Also wondering if Alex ever got his jacket back that Gig lent out from his closet.

  4. I think they get paid at least SAG minimum per episode.

  5. Interesting snuffles. I never thought of that. Do you think it matters how much each is in the episode or flat rate?

  6. Probably a flat rate – similar to how they pay the Idol contestants. Of course Alex gets paid extra for having the theme song to the show.

  7. I bet they’re on weekly stipend of some kind.
    I doubt the producers would be petty enough to pro-rate
    their weekly salary for days out of the house,
    but ya never know! I do recall Ben complaining in the current
    episode that they stopped paying for his meals out of the house
    (at least that’s what I thought I heard him say!)

    Has it ever been confirmed that Alex & Veronica are officially splitsville? :heart:


  8. @Phillip- Here is the link for a folder with the mp4 files that you have requested. They are Itouch/Iphone compatable because I have an Itouch. I am not sure what type of Ipod you have, but I can make regular mp4 files if needed tomorrow. I have also put in a few extras. Just let me know, okay. The sound on the video when he watches the video is not the best (sorry not my fault), but the look on his face is priceless. I can make mp4 files from any youtube video, if you have other requests.

    I am sure that Alex will spend time with Trevor tonight. By all means, it is his birthday! I did want to mention that I am doubtful that Olympia will come for a lesson tomorrow. She isn’t on the schedule and his twitter session has been removed. I have noticed that there are no more guitar or vocal lessons either and haven’t been for a couple of weeks, right? Not part of the budget anymore…? On a positive note, let’s hope that Alex wrote another hit today and maybe he’ll be recording it tomorrow. Maybe we’ll see him tomorrow in the episode?

  9. @Lauren…thank you so much….i jus think it’d b a nice addition to my ipod…I check iTunes all the time to c if theres any thing available of his to buy…but only the free recording of his demo for “I Didn’t Know” i believe….anyways thanks…i’ll keep my eyes peeled for it

  10. I’m a little bummed that IICD didn’t bother to get the dreamers an appearance on tonight’s “Teen Choice Awards”. Seems like the cast of every third-rate WB show is there, so why not IICD?

  11. @Phillip that’s the spirit. Yes, I think it goes without saying that everyone at this website will buy anything Itunes has to offer of Alex’s, whether it be a video or song. Maybe the official “I Didn’t Know” music video will be available soon.

  12. Debbie – I know, right? I was wondering the same thing.

  13. So, I guess it was okay that I decided to blow out of here today and hit the beach (which, btw, was a 2 hour drive each way). I didn’t miss a thing.

    Just checked in and saw Kara sitting there all alone again. Seriously, end the show or do something producers! That girl is going to go stone cold crazy if she’s just left alone all the time. It goes without saying that I love Alex and miss seeing him. But, as Cathy said, his being out of the house so much is actually an indication that he’s moving onward and upward. So, I think we’ll just have to get used to that and not expect much anymore in the way of “seeing” him all the time.

    Debbie: good point re: The Teen Choice Awards. Why no IICD presence? It was a perfect opportunity! Something’s afoot.

    And, throwing stuff at Justin Bieber — that’s sad. It’s awful. I don’t condone and I would never do it (at any age). Having said that, though, it’s really not unusual. He has a very young fan base and young teenagers can be very cruel indeed. There are those who love him and those who hate him. I feel bad for him, but I’m really not surprised. Have you read some of the awful tweets about him? Really disgusting.

    Ugh! The Skiglioney is back tomorrow? Why? Ugh again!

    And note to Alex: phone home when you’re not coming home for awhile. It’s just common courtesy.

    Guess that’s enough out of me. I’ll check in with you all tomorrow.

  14. @Janet the Teen Choice awards were voted on ,nominations-wise,in mid May through early June…,SO IICD,would not have enough media presence yet,at that point-had it been now,Alex,may have gotten a nod…

  15. Alleycat:

    I think we were wondering why they didn’t walk the red carpet. They even had web stars there. I mean, if Levi Johnston can get an invite for knocking up Bristol Palin, then the IICD cast should be able to go.

  16. They are testing the waters at J-14 MAGAZINE-JUST GO TO THEIR ONLINE FEATURE ON ALEX idk video behind scenes piece-one of the teen mags to see if Alex should be a regular in their teen magazine.They ask under the caption-Do you want to see more of Alex,and do you think he’s a good singer?I know its a teen mag.but it is very good exposure for Alex and would increase his fan base,and if he’s in that one all the other teen mags follow suit,within a couple months… If you type in J-14 on google it will immediately pull you to their website …Alex is the third feature on page one…

  17. Thanks snuffles I’m not a tech -savvy one.. :dizzy:

  18. I saw the article and wanted to comment that it would be nice if they could do a better job in their proofreading department. They referred to Alex as Adam in the article. Ticked me off! Of course I want to see him in the magazine because the more publicity he can get with teen girls, the better. They LOVE to buy music and attend concerts!

  19. @Snuffles: Yes, I was just wondering why they weren’t presenting an award at the very least. Everyone else is!

    @Janet: I haven’t seen the horrible tweets, but I can imagine how much hatred there must be out there for Bieber. I’ll admit, he does nothing for me, but I still feel bad that idiots are pelting him with stuff. What if it hit him in the eye and permanently damaged his sight? :sad:

  20. Yeah, it’ll be good if Alex can be on the j-14 magazines site sometimes, or on the cover one day like the other popular stars. The teen fans have a lot of pull with advertisers and they download music singles on itunes a lot too.

    Alleycatfan: You seem to find infos on websites about Alex a lot. Its easy to post a link and you dont need to be tech savvy. You just right click on the address bar and copy the url of the page, and then right click in your comment and paste it – and it will show up like the way snuffle’s did and we can click and see what you’re talking about. (the url is what starts with http)

  21. Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? I just got back from vacation. Have I missed a lot? So far, what I’ve been reading I haven’t missed much at the house, or have I? I see Alex hasn’t been around a lot. Oh, btw, I just watched the IDK video… loved it. Alex is so cute. :wub: It’s a great first video. Wow, his hair is getting long, according to some pictures I saw. Personally, I like long hair, but I think it needs a trim. :happy: :tongue:
    I also want to say Happy Birthday to Trevor and Trenton. I hope they had a great birthday today. :biggrin:

  22. Oh one more thing, I listened to Alex’s demo of Untouchable and I like it. When I heard it the first time, when he played it in the guest room, I didn’t really like it. I don’t know if they changed it or if it is I can hear it better, but I like it now.
    He is really making some great songs. I listened to the songs I had of his all during my vacation, so I wouldn’t miss him too much. lol

  23. I Know Janet, and they dont even have him on the schedule tomorrow for a tweet session like they do for everyone else, so they probably dont plan on having him home much tomorrow either. Then again that calendar is sooooooo accurate lol :happy:

  24. Hey everybody! Thanks for all the updates! Back from Cali and so bummed I missed Alex perform at Huntington Beach! Oh well, I’ll see him one day when he goes on tour and comes back to NY. Alex’s journey video is so adorable! He’s come a long way in a short amount of time, so proud to be a fan. I really haven’t been watching IICD that much at all especially since he hasn’t been there, but it’s ok I’m glad he’s out there working on his music. I’ve just been checking here to keep up with Alex. It’s great that he’s really starting to get his name out there in the press doing different events! Very cool, so excited for him. Hopefully it just keeps getting better and better… :biggrin:

    Oh and I’ll admit it, I do like a Justin Bieber song, or two, maybe, lol. Not a huge fan or anything, but he works hard and is doing what he loves to do, and he’s just a kid. So sad that people can be so mean for no good reason! And I also agree that I like Alex’s hair long but he really needs a trim!!

  25. I understand why he is out of the house so much. But I don’t get why they always just put “out of the house”. I know they know where he is. What is the big secret? We would be happy to know he is in a writing session or rehearsing with the band, or wherever. But to just say “out of the house” makes us wonder needlessly.
    They seem to have given up on the project. The avatars aren’t kept up, there’s nobody in the house to interact, the calendar is never accurate, no live streams at dream studio, etc. It’s like they are trying to run us off. I don’t watch when Alex isn’t there. I’d like to know if he is out getting coffee and will be home soon or rehearsing and won’t be home til tomorrow. Just tell us!

  26. I think with J-14,they would start to put in a regular half-page piece in their mag.,that can be refd. in their table of contents, but no cover shot,then,later,graduate to a small cover shot,with larger insert,and later hopefully,a large cover shot…Then,more and more mags,and LATER COVER OF PEOPLE…

  27. LindaW and Sharbear77: Maybe they didn’t put a tweet session for Alex or don’t bother to update his schedule, and just put “out of the house” cause they don’t know if he will show up at home or not, or where he’s at. I just hope things works out well that’s all. The IICD producers and 19E are trying for Alex and have given him a good opportunity and he must know that.

    Katherine: Its ok to like a Justin Bieber song. I’m not a teen either and I like his hit song “baby” (its his only song I know though) if a song is melodic or pleasing to my ears I will like it whether its by a 16 or a 60 yr old. yeah, its just wrong how people go and throw things at performers at concert cause they don’t like them – it can injure them and not just their ego. I don’t think Justin Beiber’s ego will be bruised by that – the boy has like a million adoring fans world wide. He has some talent – he was discovered cause he’s good at writing his own songs and both Justin Timberlake and Usher fought over signing him and Usher won – and those are big time players. And his voice decent too. I think Milly Cyrus has a crappy voice but the girl sure has been successful and is a big star.

  28. Thanks for clarifying for me, snuffles. You’re right. I was only talking about having one or more, preferably Alex of course, walking the red carpet or even presenting. I didn’t expect that they would be nominated for anything. I think IICD missed a big opportunity for more exposure, which seems to be the way things are going. Kinda sad if the project gets dumped. But, we’ll see. And, all this “out of the house” nonsense is sort of annoying. It tell us absolutely nothing. I can only conclude that they really don’t care if we watch or not. Hmm. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I really hope it’s mostly about Alex auditioning his band.

    I’m well beyond the age of reading teen mags, but I’m going to check out the one you guys mentioned. Hey, he is a teen idol (whether he likes it or not :tongue: ) so, any publicity is good publicity.

  29. Clicked on the J-14 link and found this comment under Alex’s article:

    “I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALEX!!! I met him a few days ago at Huntington Beach where he was performing at the US Open and OMG he was soooooo sweet (and hot). He talked with me for like 20 minutes and he let me take pics and he signed my shirt and hugged me!!! It was the best day of my life!!”

    Awww, isn’t that sweet. Or was this one of you guys? :lol: :whistle:

  30. @Lauren……u r amazing!!! thank you so much for all of those links….i’m sure there will b plenty more in the future that i’ll want transferred!!! you’re awesome!!!! If there’s anyway you could put the “real” I Didn’t Know” video from iheartradio…i would b even more grateful…sorry for sounding so picky…i’m jus like everybody else on this site…obsessed with Alex and his music!!! haha Thanks

  31. I was just reading dreamupdates and Ben was saying to Kara he had a great day and the stylist took him shopping and bought him some nice expensive clothes. I know Ben had a meeting with Micheal today — he must have had the stylist get him clothes. The IICD site banner shows there is female stylist coming to help the cast on tuesday or thursday – maybe its same person? Alex sure needs some nice clothes badly. Maybe he will be around when the stylist come – and may be they will buy him new clothes too? We’ll see. Btw, Ben was saying a couple days ago he got an expensive shirt just to wear to a party, and planned to return it after he used it, and was hoping for cash refund, but was disappointed cause only got store credit when he got there. Serves him right. He shouldn’t buy clothes he cant afford, and then return after wearing it if there is nothing wrong with it. May be that’s partly why they got him new clothes. I hope Alex gets some too. And Kara.

  32. @Phillip Glad that the videos worked for you. I love them all. The only one that I will not copy right now is the official “I Didn’t Know” video. We need to keep hitting up the Iheartradio website and watch it there in order to increase the number of views. That is best for Alex right now. I truly think that it will be available on itunes soon, but if it isn’t keep my link and I’ll reconsider in time:) I hope that the episode is up soon, so that I can see some of Alex today. That will probably be it sadly because he won’t be around. I am sure that he will have some time with the stylist; although, he should consider washing a few of his clothes first. I know that it must be getting bad because he had to borrow some of Kara’s socks to wear for his writing session. :tongue:

  33. @Lauren….sounds good to me…i agree…the more exposure, the better….thanks for letting me know…and i really do appreciate all the other videos you uploaded for me! :)

  34. @Phillip I had to respond to you again because I sounded so stern in my response, lol. I’m really not and it’s only because I have jetlag and got up at 3:30 EST. I’m all for it if Itunes doesn’t come through, but again I think the video will be on there soon. I’m off to watch the episode. I just saw they finally put it up. Let me know if you have other requests, okay!

  35. @Lauren….haha Thanks…I didn’t take you as being rude at all…i completely understand what you mean….lol…no need to apologize….never experienced jetlag though…but it doesn’t sound too fun…lol….yea i’m gonna hafta watch the episode later…i hear there’s a lot of Alex in it…so therefore it should be entertaining…i surely will let you know if I have any other requests…I really just want him to start touring and come to the East coast…I literally have never liked a music artist as much as I do Alex…his music is unlike any other…thanks again!

  36. Man!! it looks like today is gonna be fun in the DH…and I am not gonna be around much :sad: Let me know if something really cool happens~~~

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