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Jun 222010

Sooo, I’m watching the interview with Michael about IICD. The interviewer asked where Alex was and Michael said he was at the doctor. Poor Alex get well soon! :sad:

But that’s besides the point! Michael also said that Simon Fuller liked the mastered “Dreaming With My Eyes Open” and it’s going to be released as Alex’s first single!!! YAY!!!! CONGRATS!!! :w00t:

I don’t know when this is all going down…but just thought you’d all like to know!!! :whistle:

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  1. I am so so glad SImon Fuller did this and see that Alex is worth it. I would love it more if Butterflies and I didn’t Know make it as the first single (which is probably more of his own written songs).

    We would also like to listen to a strip-down of Dream With My Eyes Open instead of the full studio mix effect. ALEX has got to play with his guitar and the voice to go with; no frills – that’s what we want as the singer/songwriter package. NOT another overly-killed artist who has to struggle with a huge production team.

    Keep it simple :)


  2. @SKYW4ALKER- i couldn’t have said it better myself! i hope they don’t drown out his beautiful voice with too many instrumentals. I love hearing him sing acoustic because his voice really flourishes :)

  3. That is really fantastic!! I am so happy for Alex. :lol: I can’t wait to hear him on our local radio station. I love his voice. I, too, hope they don’t cover it up so much that you can’t hear that beautiful sound that is only his voice makes. (I hope I made sense.) :biggrin:

  4. We all love Alex’s natural tone,but its so important for a new artist to get established with that first hit.Assuming the final prod. will be similar to the demo’s arrangement,I have listened to the full demo many times and it is very succesful at repeat play-it reminds me alot of Madonna’s Into The Groove in the way that you can play it over and over ,and the catchiness of it is infectious.That is what Alex needs- a big radio hit that can establish him as a Big time artist.Then he can hopefully do any and all things he wants to accomplish.

  5. Also it has the potential to be a long term, fun pop standard a la Madonna’s Like A Virgin.

  6. It will not be at Lady Gaga level with all the remixes. But still can do with some unplugs and hip-hop versions

  7. Yay!!! I was wondering when we were going to find out if Simon Fuller liked the final version.This is such exciting news!!! Thank you guys, I totally fell asleep and missed the interview! And I agree with alleycatfan, we love his voice and natural tone, but he does a need a big hit that’s gonna be catchy for a lot of people to take notice. I’m so happy for Alex and so proud of him!!! Can’t wait to hear it on the radio, I’m gonna be requesting it like crazy!! :)

  8. This song is going to become a classic. Like Lars told Alex, he better enjoy singing it because he’s going to be singing it for the next 30 year!! Woo-hoo!

    The little bit I heard of his new one is really interesting too. Who’s doing the rap part? Is that his brother?

    BTW: Did anyone see Trevor Lambert’s Twitter post requesting a cell phone from Alex’s fans? That kid is really, really funny. I told him “not until he does another cover of one of Alex’s songs.” I hope he doesn’t hold me to it or, shit, looks like I’ll be buying the kid a phone. He’s either kidding or only partially kidding and jumping on the Alex swag wagon. Crazy kid.

  9. I don’t mean to be a downer here – so bear with me (I still think it’s gonna happen). I got the impression that Miriam really did her homework, has watched a lot, if not all, of the episodes. She said she has followed the show since the beginning. When she was interviewing Michael and they talked about Alex first because he wasn’t there, she was saying that something like “isn’t that right that Alex did the master for the vocals and Simon likes the master so it will be released as his first single?” I think Miriam may have been making assumptions that Michael just didn’t negate. I got the feeling (I’d have to see that part of interview again to be sure) that Michael wasn’t going to get into specifics at the time – like, for example: “Well Simon hasn’t made a decision, or we haven’t heard what Simon thinks about it yet”. I’m just saying that it might be possible that we’re jumping the gun?? Has the full recording even been completed yet? I would think Simon would base his decision on the full new recording (with the strings, base, etc. that Lars told Alex about), which may or may not be finished at this time. What we saw on the episode was just Alex’s vocals. Anyway – I don’t doubt Simon will like it – how could he not :) I just don’t want to be disappointed. I hope they post parts of the interview. Obviously we should be able to hear it on FB TV or whatever it’s called. I’d like to see that portion again. Maybe I’ll ask DU for it. :heart:

  10. areyouin, you’re right. If I remember correctly, Michael told Alex that the release of DWMEO will happen IF Simon Fuller likes the full production version. Of course, I think we can pretty safely bet that he’s going to like it — unless they totally screwed it up. I doubt that. So, you’re not being a downer. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Alex is still in bed. I hope he just stays there today and gets better. Where’s his vaporizer/nebulizer thingy? I hope he didn’t leave it in TX.

  11. Congrats to Alex soon to release his first single. I am so proud of him. Where can I hear the song? I have been so busy for the last couple weeks that I did not had a chance to get get caught up on any of Alex Lambert updates.

  12. T,F – You can find the free download of the demo on itunes – in itunes tv.

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