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Aug 022010

On the schedule for today:

1pm – 2pm: visits the Dream House to interview the cast
3pm – 4pm: University Link Magazine visits the Dream House to interview the cast
4pm – 5pm: Twitter session [EDIT: canceled due to interviews running late]

Will Alex be present for these interviews? Well, we can only guess at this point, but he’s home and in bed so fingers crossed!

This may also be one of those open Twitter sessions with Michael in attendance, so perhaps some of our burning questions (what is happening with If I Can Dream? Is Alex signed yet?) will be answered – though knowing Michael he’ll find a way to deflect every serious question and spin every answer…

As always, check back here for updates during the day. Oh, and in case you somehow missed it, make sure you check out the previous post – yes, Alex’s “I Didn’t Know” is at #1 on the MySpace music video charts!!! Woot!!

UPDATE: Alex is baaaack!! And sounds like he’ll be sticking around for the Twitter session. Zap2it is over an hour late, so expect everything to be pushed back by an hour.

Also, Alex just found out he’ll be playing an acoustic set at the US Open at Huntington Beach on Friday.
Alex also has a video chat tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:30AM so go sign up!

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  1. If they show the interview on the live stream, I hope someone records and uploads it cause I won’t be home… Please someone record… Thanks! I really hope Alex will be there!

  2. I’m sure it’ll be on live stream and I’m 99% sure Alex will be there since he is the “STAR” :wink:

  3. I went to Myspace video charts and I can not see Alex listed.
    Can someone please post a link – thanks

  4. It looks like after I tweeted about his #1 position and posted the link about 5 hours ago, he has moved into the 5th spot. Just behind Beiber, darn it. It is a daily chart so I posted yesterday’s information. Sorry!

  5. All you gotta do is watch it and get those numbers up!! Let’s do it!! :biggrin:

    I corrected your link Lauren.

  6. Thank you. I tried but it couldn’t edit my comment twice. I better watch get watching.

  7. Hmmm Looks like Alex is leaving again :( but looks like hes leaving with Gig so he should be back for the interview (hopefully.) Lauren I have the video playing over and over lol, we will get him back up there in no time!!

  8. Me too, Linda!

  9. Me too, Linda!

  10. I think Alex is being a TEASE:

    TrueAlexLambert It’s official! My favorite food is Mexican! Haha
    28 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  11. Remember to also keep hitting up the youtubes of IDK,especially iheartradio,and ificandream postings,and all others,too of it-keep driving up all numbers-thats what makes Alex look good,in addition to myspace…

    • To Kristen: “this call is monitored so I can’t talk about that…hahaha”.

      Talk about WHAT?!? Argh.

      • “Alex says he’s playing an acoustic set at the US Open at Huntington Beach on Saturday… He said Michael told him to play like Beach Boys.”

        • Aww man it’s like a breath of fresh air just blew through the house and got rid of all the mustiness and cobwebs!!

          Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to stay awake for all of this – hope someone’s around taking notes for the next three hours at least!!

          Is it just me or has Alex’s piano playing gotten even better… again? Sounding REAL good on “Trouble”!

  12. Really? Alex had to remind Kristen that the call is monitored?? :ermm: Sounds like he’s playing at the Surf competition this weekend? Cool beans!

    Dang it! Have to head out for a dentist appointment, so it looks like I’ll miss the fashionably late Zap2it interviews. Grrrrrr…

    I feel bad for these transplanted Southerners/Easterners. I live on the California Coast (Central), and this is the coolest/cloudiest/dreariest July I can remember. You won’t believe when I say that earlier I had on a Wool sweater with a fleece vest over it and was tempted to turn on the heat (did that yesterday). But at least the sun came out a few hours ago. By September, though, they’ll be sweltering down there. That’s when we get our summer.

  13. What a difference to have Alex back. There is life in the house again!

  14. Yes! Jamming in the PBR – just like old times! And, of course, minus Gig, just like always! :wink:

  15. C’mon Kass, you can make it. It’s just a couple or three hours. Oh and yes, Trouble sounded great. I always loved that song.

    Areyouin – Yes, minus Gig, but that’s the way we like it.

    • Haha Cathy it’s quarter past midnight here, and I’m working on 4 hours sleep from last night… I’ll try though!

      @areyouin had the same thought exactly lol.

  16. Was that Mia Farrow? No it was the interviewer… :biggrin:

  17. Just saw the interview with Alex played a couple songs on the acoustic guitar, including Butterflies. One of his funniest comments was in response to how he handles the cameras everywhere. He says when he goes to the bathroom, he turns on the water so we don’t hear him. He says if you want to hear him in there, Tweet him to say so. :biggrin:

  18. Alex said he wrote three hits this week. One that is definitely going on his album. Ben says, “Can you play for me.” Alex says, “No man!!”

  19. Did anyone hear the Zap2It interview tell Alex she would phone him later for a follow up interview. It seems like maybe she was more interested in Alex than the others.

  20. Is is just me or this University Link woman kinda boring? Ben just complimented her – sweet boy! I liked the other woman a little better.

  21. lol I love it that the lady seemed so down and gloomy then when she got to Alex she perked up and start just chit chatting away about music and stuff. :biggrin: Alex has that effect on people, huh? Makin’ everyone happy.

  22. OHHHH ALEX!!!! I dont think orgasm is the best word to use to the churchy interviewer hahahahah

  23. Alex just said you have to find a balance and not be away too much! Too funny.

  24. Sure, it was boring until she got to chatting with Alex!!!

    His passion for music just bursts out of him, doesn’t it??? :wub:

    I missed the zap2it peeps, but if I recall, they are big fans of Alex.

  25. Gig just went to her room after the interview and I swear she’s got a good start on a smoker’s cough. :dizzy:

  26. Im not real fond of that producer, where is that other guy?? she was kinda dry/no personality, but I guess, she doesn’t need it to stand there and give everyone the stink eye. :getlost:

  27. Alex is so Real in interview,and yes passionate for sure,which is so rare in celebrity interviews,and I think it will inspire many,when he does bigger,and bigger interviews.But they will have to sit all over him-his handlers- to make sure he does not let loose with the curse words when he hits TV interviews.He’s not up to Ozzy level with the amount of 4 letter words yet,but gettin’ close.

  28. best if i can dream hour in a very long time

  29. Oh wow, so the woman (girl) in white is a *show* producer?? I thought she was with the University interviewer!! Stink eye–good one, Linda!

    Let’s see, today Alex got in: the word orgasm; wants to go crazy off camera and break the law; a few shits and a hell yeah sprinkled in there…anything else?? :biggrin:

    Oh yeah, and Alex reeeeaaaaalllly needs a haircut!!

  30. I know richiej, especially when they were (Kara, Ben and Alex)playing music in the blue room, i love those three they really act like family. first interview was better than the second, but Alex really livened up the second one, he so funny………. :lol:

  31. Some funny tidbits from the second interview:

    Alex: I love it in L.A. Where I’m from is not big enough for me.
    Ben: You mean Texas isn’t big enough for you?

    Alex:I want to be the greatest (musician). I suck at everything else.
    Alex: I live in the moment; I have a bad memory; I don’t like to look back.
    Alex: When I see negative comments, I know that they’re paying attention to me.

  32. Regarding the swearing, I’m not sure he’s going to be able to shake that. I think it’s more accepted among the younger generation.

  33. OHHHH Can that boy sing!!!! It just kills me. hes singing “Its been a long time coming” by Sam Cook…melty melty heart lol!!

  34. Hey Ray, I don’t know if you’re old enough to have ever heard of Yogi Bera (baseball). But, he had a way with words that was completely unique. Google him if you’re unfamiliar — I promise you’ll laugh. It seems our Alex has kinda the same knack. I love the quotes you posted! My favorite Alex quote today is:

    “I live in the moment; I have a bad memory; I don’t like to look back.” hehe

    That’s a classic line. I’ll have to remember it.

    I don’t mind the swearing. I do it all the time. :devil:

    I only got to see the end of the interviews and was having trouble hearing. Alex played Butterflies and it is absolutely amazing how much more control he has over his voice now. Remember, how he used to scream “You give me butterflies…” He’s really learned to use his upper register and sang it softly. Truly amazing what a quick study he is. I don’t care what anybody says, sure you can learn music, but some people (Alex) are just naturally gifted.

    I hope I can watch more later.

  35. Thanks for the link
    I posted If I Didn’t know on Billboard and sent one to administration
    I have tried Perez Hilton three times with the link but no luck
    hope everyone else is trying to find places to post it

  36. bahaha. He keeps watching “I Didn’t Know” and reading the comments, and he laughs at some of them. lawl he was like “I love this video it’s crunk” :wub:

  37. I’m going to California on Wednesday for vacation for 5 days!! I didn’t see Alex in NY, but I’m hoping to run into him in Cali, lol! Does anyone know if Huntington Beach is anywhere near Anaheim?? I have no idea!

  38. Rafter: I tried to have Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore retweet cuz they have so many followers but…..I knew that was a long shot. But I did have his video open on two windows playing most of the day I hope it helped.

  39. Katherine, HB is about 30-40 minutes from Anaheim. :biggrin:

  40. KATHERINE!!! You’re going to Disneyland??? You’ll be really close to Huntington Beach. OMG! You’ll have to travel 3,000 miles, but you will get to see him if you go to the US open, which btw, I think you better check out the ticket situation. It gets sold out pretty quickly I believe. Let me know. That’s so cool for you!

    You know what? We definitely need to plan a fan club convention. We’ll have to pick a date in the near future and all join up at an Alex performance somewhere. Wouldn’t that be great?

    Now, back to my private Alex concert…well, not really private ’cause I know you’re all there too. But, it’s just so great to have him back up in the house! Yeah!

  41. Janet, I would absolutely be up for a fan convention. The thought of a room full of people who share this obsession is overwhelming. What fun we would have.

    Isn’t it great having Alex back in the house again?? I was just telling my husband how over the weekend it was all gloom and doom. As soon as Alex comes home, life is good again. Everybody’s up-beat, music is filling the house, the housemates are smiling, laughing, and having fun with each other. I think we will have Alex again today (at least the early part of the day). He has piano lessons and a skype session. Also two more interviews.

    Boy they really are pushing the media thing hard this week. Makes me think that the show IS going to go on. Don’t know who is going on with it though. I am beginning to think that the Melons are going to be part of the revamped show. They keep turning up.

  42. Okay — how does Alex’s video completely drop off the myspace charts today??

  43. Thanks Linda and Janet! I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to Huntington Beach, but maybe I’ll run into Alex at an In-N-Out Burger, lol. I’ve never been to California before so we’ll see, should be fun! Oh and an Alex fan convention sounds like fun, that would be really cool! :cool:

  44. Katherine, you should try to make it to HB and see Alex while you’re in So. CA.
    During Alex’s interview with the University mag, he said something I thought was interesting. He said he is a songwriter that sings and not a singer that writes.

  45. Good Alex was home and did interviews too with zap2it and other one.

    Ray: No tweeting about that. Alex has lots of female fans and not into toilet humor. He can show us when he’s in the shower though. :wink: He did a vlog in there once.

    LindaW: That Sam Cooke song you said Alex sang is actually the lyrics from the song “a change is gonna come” I hope there is a youtube of it some where so I can hear Alex’s. That 60’s soul fits his voice. I posted about a few days ago Alex should check Terence Trent Darby’s cover of that song. Hope he gets to hear that too cause its great like the original.

  46. Congrat to Alex for the #1 video on MySpace. I am so happy that so many good things are happening to him. Even more great things are coming his way.

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