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Jul 262010

Today’s events:

Merlin Castell is supposed to make over the dreamers, but I don’t see him on the calendar anymore so we’ll see.

Also, at 12PM (PST) Monique Coleman is visiting the Dream House.

Use this post to comment on non “I Didn’t Know” related topics. The Hulu version is said to be released Tuesday. Boo! :getlost:

Alex also has a writing session every day this week.

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  1. A thought just occurred to me. I think they might be bringing in Purple Melon and now Monique Coleman to be on the show kind of as “recurring characters” on the show.

    The Melon boys would be SO good for Alex and his musical and personal development. And Monique would be good for Kara and Ben (especially Kara who desperately needs a friend).

    I think Rocco was supposed to be that for Gig but Gig basically pissed away that opportunity.

  2. I agree, Char, that Jessica should send out an update. Nothing yet, though. Maybe she’s waiting until tomorrow when the video is available on HULU.

    snuffles, I would love it if the Melons turned up regularly. They were lots of fun. I didn’t see the Monique visit, but I agree that Kara could use a friend. Someone other than Brandt!

  3. I thought I heard Ben’s brother tell Gig that they called and told her not to come in, but then I thought he said it was a joke. Apparently, I heard it wrong. At least we know for sure that Ben got a call back. I don’t think we have to worry about Gig for very much longer. She’s doing quite a good job of wrecking her career all by herself.

    Nothing to watch right now — just Kara & Brandt.

    And, yes, I’m am now a Purple Melon fan. I :heart: them! On that topic, I’m glad they didn’t clean up. They did cook and clean for three days. And, when they finished dinner last night, everyone left the mess and took off on them. So, why should they do it? It’s unfortunate that Kara got stuck with the job, but she’s not assertive enough to tell Gig and Ben to get their asses in the kitchen and start cleaning. Alex wasn’t there, so we can’t really blame him, except for the fact that he also left last night without making any attempt to clean up the mess either. Oh, well, the place looks better now. Brandt did help, so I have to give him respect for that. He creeps me out, but he does love Kara.

  4. From DreamUpdates:

    Monday, 04:50 PM
    Alex E. and Gig are driving home. Ben is not in the car and is still marked as “auditioning.”


    Fingers crossed that this means Ben got the job and is signing contracts right now or something.

  5. i was watching the feed when Alex Elliott told Gig not to bother setting her alarm, because Ben already booked Rock & Republic. Gig fell for it then Alex said he was kidding, and Gig said he’s a good actor because he was so convincing.

    So I think Gig’s on her way there/back right now.

  6. So I did hear the conversation correctly between Ben and Monique. I thought for a minute I imagined it. :silly: Well it’s not a done deal yet for Ben, but I’m crossing my fingers it will be soon.

  7. I really hope Ben gets the campaign, he deserves it more than Gig.

  8. I’m also a Purple Melon fan now. I just wouldn’t be able to turn their music up to loud. LoL They are really unique, they are rockers, partiers and were crude at times, but they are domesticated. Also they were considerate of the other house mates and each other. If it wasn’t for them I don’t think Kara’s sheets would have gotten washed. When they were making tea for themselves they offered to make some for Kara also. They offered Monique ice water you would think they were the ones living at the IICD house. The Melons wrote thank you notes to each house mate, I think the house mates should have written thank you notes to the Melons for cooking, cleaning and being entertaining. :wink:

  9. Oh no someone on DU just said the Fiesta got rear ended. Ben, Alex E and Gig are in the car.

  10. No biggie, Gig didn’t even get off the phone and Ben and Alex E looked at the back of the car and said it’s fine. Then drove off. Hmmm, I wonder if Ford will ever re-sell those cars. :biggrin:

  11. Ben is driving his brother to the airport now, and camera is on in the fiesta. When they were leaving the house one of them, i think Ben said to the other “get in the bloody car” in a funny British accent. LOL. Mimicking the Purple Melon guys obviously — and the British tend to say ‘bloody’ a lot.

    And later on in the fiesta Ben said he hopes he gets the modeling campaign and start shooting Wednesday. I guess they didnt tell them yet, but hopefully he gets it and not Gig.

  12. From the DUs it seemed like they kept Ben there longer at the audition than Gig. At one point it was just Gig and Alex E. in the car. Then a few hours later they went back and got Ben. So I think it bodes well for him.

  13. So – how much you wanna bet Alex is gone all night?! I was thinking about this new girl – – I’m thinking they’re not necessarily running around town. I’ll bet Alex is enjoying (among other things :wink: ) maybe chilling, watching some real TV, eating junk food. . in other words, more normal stuff.

    I did see that Veronica tweeted about Alex’s video and gave links – so that was nice!

  14. That was sweet of Veronica.

    I agree, areyouin, he’s probably just enjoying some time away from the cameras. As he said in his taped conversation with Michael (right before he flew the coop to Texas), “do *you* act professional when you’re in your home??? I’m in my HOME!!”

    Part of me is thinking (hoping) that he knows he’s going to get lots of attention soon enough, so he wants to enjoy his private time while he can. Plus, it’s cool that he has old friends his age from Texas to hang out with. Wasn’t Kara bemoaning the fact that she doesn’t have any friends out here? That must be tough for these guys.

  15. That’s so nice of Veronica to help tweet Alex’s new video. She’s looking out for his interest. Such a responsible focused girl. That girl is gonna have a career in the long run.

    Diane: I don’t think its just his friends from Texas he’s hanging with. He did say he has some new girl too. You know now thinking about it, I remember the day after they came back from party at playboy mansion Ben asked Alex what happened with the girl he met at the party that he saw him talking to.(as if he knew something happened) And Alex said its just some girl he saw at the party and he can’t remember what happend, that may be her or someone put something in his drink or something – he was being all coy about it (that was right after he was lovey dovey with Veronica) That’s the day he came back with scratches too. Ever since then he’s been going out more and staying out. Maybe its the girl he met at the playboy thing he’s hanging with. He’s a wishy-washy horny hormonal teenage boy. Maybe she’s a tiger in bed that’s why he wont come home, and stays with her all night.

  16. ‘Maybe she’s a tiger in bed that’s why he wont come home, and stays with her all night.’

    Oh dear… LOL!!! I have to admit, I thought of this too. :ninja: Why else would he stay out so long?

  17. Reyne,Soap – It’s probably a bit of the tiger, but, as I said earlier, I have a very easy time picturing Alex chilling with someone, eating junk food and watching real TV – normal, NON-iicd stuff! :happy:

  18. Sorry – Shadow (not Soap)! Oops! :sideways:

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