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Jul 052010

Today Alex will be recording the demo for the track “Untouchable” co-written with David Kopatz – the same writer who’s worked with Veronica on a couple of songs.
(Thanks Lauren and Diane! What would we do without you?)

UPDATE: Veronica asked Alex what he had planned for today, and he just shook his head, then said he thinks they’re not booking much for him these days since Veronica is there. So maybe the recording session was cancelled?

Also planned for today, Alex and Veronica are being sent on a fake date by the producers, complete with cameras following them around. After several successful, real (and private) dates, it will be interesting to see how they handle this make-believe one – though I suppose we’ll have to wait a week and a day from now to find out. It sure will be an interesting episode… though I’m worried they’ll make it seem as though Ben’s the one who punched Alex in the face LOL!!

Here’s what really happened:

Also, a reminder (how could we forget, but anyway…) tomorrow’s Super Tuesday, and we at last get to see footage from Alex’s trip to New York!! Yay! Let’s see if they get it up roughly on time this week. And be sure to tune in to the stream tomorrow for Veronica’s last day in the Dream House…

Okay, lastly, here’s a challenge for you Angels… Alex has written SO MANY songs recently that (since we lost all the older posts) I’ve completely lost track!! So, how about in the comments here you leave a snippet of information – a song title, who it was written with, when roughly  it was written, whether a demo has been produced yet – and we’ll see if we can come up with the big picture by putting our heads together. Counting on you Angels!

Your reward for being such good angels… Megan has kindly made available all her Alex Lambert mp3s. Download them here!

Also here again is the link to the download folder for his older (pre-IICD) songs.

New vlog:

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  1. As I said in the other thread, I spent way too much time watching the lovebirds yesterday…but I think he said he has a demo session today. Is it for Imperfectly, Perfect? Or that other one–Never Waking Up. He’s still got that nasty cough, so I hope his voice holds up. He probably sang too much yesterday, he can’t help himself. :lol:

  2. 1. “Butterflies” with Kevin Griffin, demo completed but bad finished product..not Alex’s fault- April
    2. “I Been Workin'” not sure if demo was produced-April
    3. “Did it Hurt ( when you fell from the sky)” and another unknown song co-written with Carl Falk- April 22- Don’t know if they ever got back together to complete and record
    4. “Fix It til It’s Broken” co-written with Deekay ( I think) around May 10. Not sure about the demo
    5. He was going to work on a song with Harvey Mason, Jr. around May 10. Don’t know if anything was completed or demo done. He did mention something when he was on the way to the airport about recording something at BET, not sure what that is.
    6. “(Wish it could) Be that Easy” co-written with Tommy Lee James 5-17 .. demo produced??
    7. “I’m Never Waking Up” co-written with David Glass and Jordan Lawhead in late May.. demo recorded in the PBR. Don’t think it has been returned to Alex.
    8. “Imperfectly Perfect” co-written by Deekay in late May. Demo recorded, but not returned
    9. “On My Tongue” co-written by Jason Reeves in early June.. demo recorded??
    10. “One Kiss” co-written with Tommy Lee James in early June ..demo recorded??
    11. “Untouchable” co-written with David Kopatz in late June ..demo to be recorded today!!
    12. “New World” in mid June, first production completed by Alex on Garage Band

    I don’t know of any significant others besides the obvious “I Didn’t Know” and “Dream with My Eyes Open”. I do love the final version of “I Didn’t Know”. More of Alex’s vocals and accompanied by piano (duh) and strings. Lovely!
    That’s all I got!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode!!!!

  3. Alex is probably not going to go back and do anything with these, but:
    Tired of Waiting -Post AI.
    Outta my League (Too bad feelings don’t grow on trees.) Post AI, I think.
    I love both of these and I hope he finishes/sings them again soon!

  4. I heard Alex saying last night that he is recording a Demo with someone. I missed who he said but I know that he was searching up and down for lyrics and saying he needed to practice the song.

    Also, I’m glad Alex cleared up everything with the whole Veronica situation and told us about LGIO being a joke. Poor thing looks like he is going to be so upset when she leaves. He really has seemed so much happier with her there. Hopefully they bring her back soon.

    and way to go Lauren :) haha.

  5. No prob.. some areas are still sketchy. I noticed that the calendar has him down for a twitter session on Tuesday and a skype session on Wednesday or at least it did yesterday!

  6. Can someone please tell me what situation and what LGIO stands for.

    Also thanks Lauren for the list and Megan for the MediaFire link. I have bookmarked it.

  7. You’re welcome Joy. LGIO stands for Let’s get it on. and the situation I was talking about was the arguement and punch in the face he got the other night.

  8. Oh okay, thanks Megan.

  9. Lauren, you are the best!!! :smile:

  10. Oh Shelby, me too! I think those two are still my favorites – maybe because they’re the first Alex originals I ever heard, and they were written entirely by him, but also because I think they’re GREAT SONGS!

  11. Thanks Megan for all the Mp3 files. I am so glad that I’ll be able to add to my collection. I think that I heard Kristin call Alex and tell him that the recording session was cancelled. Looks like they want them together on camera all day. Oh the looks he is giving her. My heart is breaking already.

  12. @Kass – I know Cisco Adler and what is the jamming for? Is he writing a song with him or is he performing and want Alex to perform with him??? anyhow his dad is a huge music producer, great network for Alex

  13. Lauren you are very welcome.
    And I can definitely see the stare. He told her that she was singing sad songs today and needed to stop. She told him it’s because she is sad that she is leaving. It’s going to be interesting to see how different Alex acts without her there.

  14. Char, Alex said that Jason Reeves invited him to just come jam with them sometime this week because he had seen where Alex put “On My Tongue” up last night. :cheerful:

  15. Hi guys. I’ve been gone a week,and it sounds like I missed all kinds of stuff. Wait, Alex and Veronica….dating??? WHAT did I miss?? If possible could someone fill me in? I had a good vacation, but I was bummed that I had no computer to keep up on IICD, and this site.
    SO…. Alex and Veronica???? I thought she was into Ben?? :blink: :dizzy:

  16. Awww Bens is sooo Pissed about them punching Alex, he wants to go find those guys. I love Ben…

  17. @Tracy, hm, Alex and Veronica aren’t officially “dating” but they spend most of their days together and they kissed at least a few times. But she’s leaving tomorrow so we just have to see how Alex deals with that. Veronica said Ben’s a great guy but they’re just friends, and the date(s) that they went on were fake. She likes Alex though, obviously! haha. They also are writing a song together, and it talks about how they shouldn’t listen to what everyone says about them being “together.”

  18. I was watching IICD today and one of the producers called alex. They told him that he and veronica and going to go bowling. Ben asked if he could come. Alex ask the producer if more people can come and she said she only wanted Alex and Veronica. The producers are trying to set something up. Besides the fake dates, alex and veronica are really getting along. Everytime i log onto IICD they are always together. In the blue room….by the pool… her room… his room.

  19. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet today, so thank you everyone for the updates and Megan, especially, for the downloads! So, the vlog answered two of my questions — what happened with Alex getting punched in the face and why in the world he was singing LGIO yesterday. I said I wasn’t going to discuss Alex’s personal life, but I have to comment. There is definitely a shared love going on between them. Who knows how long it last since they’re so young and busy, but God bless them. Ahhh….after 25 years, I still love Ed, but it’s not that crazy “you give me butterflies” kind of feeling, ya know? LOL! I’m kind of envious of them. I hope they continue to make beautiful music together. I hope Alex doesn’t get depressed when she leaves. Oh, well, even if he does, another great song will come out of it. :heart:

    And, yeah, I’d like to kick that punk’s ass who sucker punched Alex. Alex is such a stand-up dude. So, proud of him. :biggrin:

  20. So, I finally get to watch and Alex — well everyone actually — is out except Skigglioney. And, big news alert — Rocco and Appollonia visit the dream house tonight!!!! OMG! Who are they kidding? Does anybody really care?

  21. Lol Janet can I move in with you? I don’t eat much and I’m potty trained.

  22. Ha Ha Janet, your soo funny, skiggloney…..Isnt that Appollonia, the one who was all over poor Ben when she was there that last time?? Gig told Ben not to be afraid to come down when they are there, but I would if I was him….talk about a cougar he he…

  23. Hey duders and duderettes.. i know a lot of you are Ben fans.. so we have a mission on the site – by Sunday, July 11th.. we are taking submissions to a ‘no holds barred’ question and answer session for Ben Elliott. He has agreed to it. If anyone can pimp it out over here, I’m doing my part as well. I’d love for some people to visit over there to let him know he’s part of the IICD love!

    p.s. Big Al, you know you’ve got my musical heart!!!!

  24. Here’s a crazy story for you. I’m a stay home mom and I work part time in a Mall Jewelry store. I knew it would be very slow in the mall today and I thought the girl I was working with would like Alex. So, I took my laptop to work with me. We got permission from the cell phone store next door to jump on their WiFi. We ended up watching clips of Alex for most of our 8 hour shift. I finally have my first official convert (and someone to talk about Alex with face-to-face.) She asked me to burn her a CD of Alex’s songs and I want to thank Megan for all the great MP3’s. I had some, but now I have lots more to give to my friend. So, as long as we don’t get fired tomorrow (just kidding) I actually enjoyed working the holiday this time!

  25. Janet and Cathy you are both welcome :)
    and Cathy I am soo glad that you were able to convert a fan! Who wouldn’t love him? :)Hopefully those mp3’s will help you make that cd. I need to make one for my car! haha.
    Also, I am so glad that Ben is wanting to take up for our boy :wink: Alex has come a long way with the roommates from the beginning. I know there has been a time when Amanda and Kara didn’t care for his personality and of course we all know Gig and her issues but it seems like everyone really enjoys Alex now (with the exception of Gig) and I really enjoy watching them all get along :)

  26. :heart: Thanks Megan for the songs.

  27. Wow, Alex is positively beaming in his Vlog from Monday!! OMG, if this is what infatuation does to him, I don’t want it to end. His eyes were so intense and such a lovely shade of, blue, is it?

    Read on DU that Gig asked Ben what was up with V & A. She couldn’t believe V had fallen for him. Gig, if you’re reading here,(lol) just take a gander at this latest video…Alex is frikken adorable. She must not be into guys, because who could resist those dimples and his zest for life. :cool:

    And he’s starting to get a booboo for real on his chin from that assault. I’m so glad that he didn’t break his nose!!

    Gosh, what a horrible day to leave town. Tuesday is going to be full of goodies, and I won’t be able to check in until late evening. Boo!

  28. i’m not gonna spoil it, but I must say, Alex is so cute when he’s shooting his music video in NY! his hair is growing long and I like it!

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