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Dec 192010

We have an extra special important mission for all of Alex’s Angels: all signs indicate that the video for “I Didn’t Know” is on the verge of going viral in a big way, and with a bit of strategy we can help make it happen – it’s sooo close, just one little push and mission accomplished!

Here are some stats for views on the video from it’s release about 5 months ago (on July 26, 2010) to today:

If I Can Dream’s YouTube channel: Views 106,307 / Likes 1,195 / Comments 410

iheartradio’s YouTube channel: Views 13,366 / Likes 181 / Comments 82

MySpace: Views 23,544 / Likes 224 / Comments 23

Various unofficial YouTube uploads: Views 67,099 / Likes 345 / Comments 174

Not to mention all the views it has received on Hulu and on iheartradio, which we don’t have stats for… but even not counting those, the numbers are pretty impressive! For those whose math is a bit rusty, the totals are:

Views: 210,316

Likes: 1,945

Comments: 689

In short, it already qualifies as a viral success in many people’s books, and it’s certainly creating a buzz… but it’s kind of a slow, simmery buzz, whereas we can get it to boil!

You’ve already told all your friends and family about Alex, right? So the time has come to spread the net even wider… and here’s how (thanks to this article on Technobabble for the ideas):

Forums: Join a forum whose readers will find the video of interest (for example the myidol forum), add the link to an existing relevant thread or start a new thread and link to or embed the video. Then come back here and give us the link to the thread. We will direct people to go to the threads and comment like crazy to get a conversation going.

MySpace: Share the video on your MySpace page, or find other MySpace users you think might be interested in Alex’s music and (if enabled) embed the video in the comments section of their page, or post the link.

Facebook: Of course, post the video to your wall, but also join relevant groups on Facebook and share the video with the entire friends list, or post the video on Facebook Video with a link back to the original YouTube video.

Twitter: Tweet the link to the video at least once a day, including the phrases Alex Lambert and “I Didn’t Know”.

Email lists: Send the video to all your email contacts, and ask them to pass it along.

Social bookmarking sites: Join sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Delicious and add/share/like the video. Here are some popular ones:

  • Join Digg, then visit this link and Digg the video (or submit your own link).
  • Join StumbleUpon, Orkut and Google Buzz, then go to the video on YouTube, click share, and then click the Buzz, StumbleUpon and Orkut buttons. While you’re at it, leave a comment below the video and post to your Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already!
  • Join Delicious, then add the link to the video to your bookmarks (don’t make it private, and add appropriate tags!)

Joining all these sites may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty simple and doesn’t take as long as you may think! If you need help, ask in the comments below.

In all cases: don’t spam, be polite, explain who you are (a fan) and ask people to check out the video. Always provide the link to the official If I Can Dream upload of the video:

If we all work together to do these things, the video will go viral in no time! All it takes is a bit of time on your part… you don’t have to do everything listed above, but we should all do whatever we can!

PSSST: Are you one of the many people wondering what shoes Alex was wearing in the video for “I Didn’t Know”? They’re definitely Vans, and they’re definitely one of his favorite pairs – he was often seen wearing them around the Dream House, and tweeted that Vans are his favorite brand – and so we decided to finally get to the bottom of what make/model they are.

Well, unfortunately we don’t have good news… we contacted the folks at Vans, and this is what they told us:

“The shoes in the video are not available anymore, they were sold in spring 2009 as part of a Vault release.”

All together now… awwwww!!! However, there are lots of similar looking shoes at the Vans shop that you can check out.

  3 Responses to “Let’s Get Alex Lambert’s “I Didn’t Know” to Go Viral!”

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  1. This request is such a coincidence. Just in the last couple of days I found myself linking the “I Didn’t Know” video to anyone that followed me on twitter(the people that followed me who weren’t Alex related). I think your suggestions are brillant & will send the numbers through the roof! I’m on board, time to get busy!

  2. i posted the video on my facebook wall and told people to watch the coolest singer ever!!! ;)

  3. Also, I wish we could know what the numbers are on all the Clear Channel radio individual station websites- which total in the hundreds, where IDK vid is always available when you click exclusives -stripped. And, the premiere on the iheartradio mobile app….Don’t expect they’ll ever tell us though :ninja: …but I would LOVE to know…

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