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Oct 072010

For those that missed yesterday’s post, D Magazine (a magazine all about Dallas) has set up a tournament/survey to determine the top reality TV stars of North Texas. The celebrities they’ve chosen are former contestants from shows like The Bachelor/ette, Top Chef, Project Runway, and of course American Idol, including Alex Lambert.

The first round ends tomorrow, October 8th, which means you have only one more day to vote for Alex in this round!!! If he doesn’t win this round, which is against Tim Urban, he is immediately eliminated. If he wins, there’ll be another three rounds before the champion is determined.

Judging by the bio the magazine has written up for Alex, they know nothing about him, don’t think much of what they do know, and don’t expect him to do well at all. So let’s surprise them, shall we? :devil:

To vote, click the “Vote” button beside Alex, then click the “Submit Your Votes” button at the bottom. One vote per hour allowed.

Vote here.

  10 Responses to “Last Day to Vote for Alex Lambert in the D Magazine Tournament!”

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  1. Just a thought: Are we allowed to post all of our video footage of Alex performing, whether in the house or elsewhere, that we have on youtube? I know there are copyright rules and stuff, but it seems people do it all the time. Alex won’t do it for himself. I think we might be able to help by getting everything we have out there. Am I totally off-base?

  2. There are some real pricks over on twitter-I guess some of us “trashy fans” NEED TO REDOUBLE OUR VOTING EFFORTS… :biggrin:

  3. :whistle: voting like crazy from my phone!

  4. heyyy vote for ALEX vote for ALex….<sebastian

  5. Wooty Woot…come on yal…vote vote vote…even Sebastian is gettin in on the voting…haha lets get it done!

  6. Yay, Sebastian – glad to see ya.

    Been voting for days from two computers.

  7. I see the site is showing the brackets but don’t see a winner (Alex/Tim) named as of yet.

  8. Guys – ya know, it says the first round is the 4th THROUGH the 8th. I think we can continue voting until the end of today. I just voted a few minutes ago and it took my votes.

  9. Yes, it ends today October 8th…I’m assuming midnight Texas time. KEEP VOTING!!! :biggrin:

  10. Also everyone may want to vote for Jason Castro. When Alex moves into the next round, he will be up against the winner of Jason and Casey James. Besides who doesn’t prefer Jason over Casey…oh yea, I forgot…the cougars!
    Kass’s suggestion was very helpful, ya know, clearing the browsing history, etc.
    GOOOOO ALEX!!!!!!

  11. Lauren: Hmm. I like Jason more than Casey (musically anyway), although I’m not exactly a fan. But, if Alex has to go against Jason, can he win? Oh, crap. I hate these popularity contests. Just let them all sing and Alex is the hands down winner.

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