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Feb 192012

Many of you true SNAF have probably already seen this, but for those missing out, here’s a peek of Alex singing the Frank Sinatra classic, “The Way You Look Tonight.”

P.S. Alex if you are reading this, POST MORE VIDEOS!!! :wink:

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  1. Only one line, but sounds stunning. One complaint – we want to see more of that gorgeous face – when he’s close up to the cam its rapturous, but too brief, so more closeups and LONGER lol… After, we can go back to looking at Alex’s new Twitter avi, and stare at his SUPER cute face :w00t:

  2. A couple peeps have asked me recently about Alex’s Twitter numbers, and here’s the real deal. IF Alex had put his Twitter tag on a poster the first night on IICD, and asked for their support to please follow, he would have grabbed at least 2OOk followers out of the 1.6 million viewers (acc to Ditial Spy) that tuned in One of us needed to have alerted him to this. Also, since Alex kind of vanished to the general public, after IICD ended, I’ve notated how many followers have left per month vs incoming traffic, and he’d have approximately 32,500 followers had he not had his public format pulled..Still, Twitter followers are weird – Archuleta has 800,000 plus followers yet only sold 25k records the first week and only 20-30k thereafter for his last album. Yet Christina Perri had only 13,000 followers at the time her records sold many many times that of Archie’s – one of Christina’s tracks even went DOUBLE PLATINUM, so over FORTY times the sales of Archie’s last record. So food for thought – as Alex was somewhat concerned last year over album sales based on Twitter numbers :biggrin:

  3. He sounds great! I miss him so much!!! :cwy:

    • Hey Shelby. Yes he does sound great! As you probably have already seen, last night he tweeted and facebooked the Hurricane video you made. He also added it to his Youtube favorites playlist. :smile:

      If there is another song leak in the future, will you PLEASE please create the video for it. You are so very talented. Glad you checked in. :biggrin:

      • Hey Lauren! I haven’t been on here in a long time!
        And yeah, I saw that! I don’t use that youtube account anymore, but I’ll be sure to do so. :)

  4. Hello ladies and gents,
    don’t know if you guys remember me or not, but i’m sure you all do!
    Hope everyone is well…
    I’ve always been here, I always read this site and I have remained to be a hardcore fan
    of Alex.
    I love that kid, and I think that everyone knows the way I feel about his talent.
    I don’t even remember where we all left off, i’m not trying to be a “SNAF” member or
    impress any of you. I’m an individual and hardcore fan.
    But hey, i’m really not for the drama… Just letting you all know.
    If you’d like, hit me up on twitter, @AKrands.
    Hope all is well with all of you, be swell.

    • Krandel… Bein a SNAF isn’t like joinin a club… you either is or you isn’t…According to the UD, you IS….like it or not :smile:

      As for Twitter… It’s not personal if I don’t follow you, I like to keep my Twitter feed….well… uncluttered. :blink: Its the new trend, ya know :silly:

    • What’s up Aaron? That all sounds good to me. Can I make just one observation? Any hardcore fan follows his/her favorite artist on twitter?? :dizzy: It’s @TrueAlexLambert. Do it today! :smile:

  5. Hmmmm…someone rolled back in. Isn’t that special?

  6. Hey guys!
    Of course i’m following Alex…
    Where did you guys get that from?

    • I don’t know about Lauren, but I looked at your following list. Dont worry Krandel, …Im just jerking your chain. Its all good. :biggrin: You ought to go double check though.

  7. Alex IS following me. I know…
    I msged him and was all like “WTF!”, but then he said “my mistake” or something and followed me back, so it’s all good.

    • Krandel, darling…. I know he’s following you :ermm: You, however, are NOT following him. :sad: Dats all…. just giving you a friendly SNAF reminder. No big deal either way…

  8. What a tease that video was! More! More! More! Sounded so smoooooooooth.

    • Janet… I hear ya. I was wondering why Alex was channelling a young Frank. Movie role perhaps. lol. Hey, he’d be gorgeous on the big screen.. Loved the jacket and hat. :wub:

    • I agree with you Janet, that was crazy good. Come on Alex its like giving a dehydrated person a teaspoon of water -__- …lol Just Kidding :wink: … Hes better and better every time! :heart: Still, after all this time, haven’t heard a voice quite like his!

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