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Sep 172010

This is old news to people who watch the live stream, but “If I Can Dream” has released a video of Jordyn Mallory’s arrival at the Dream House… featuring some very amusing clips of Alex Lambert at his entertaining best (and a glimpse of his room which, it can’t be denied, looks even more chaotic at ground level :whistle: ) Enjoy!

It should be pointed out that most of the scenes were in fact re-created for the cameras the day after Jordyn’s arrival.

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  1. @Cathy – Those are some of my favorite moments too when he “addresses” us (the camera)! Kara did it too with the face she made about Alex’s room mess. I made a point about it – so it’s okay for good-as-gold Kara, and no one scolds her about it (‘scolds’ is a really nice description for what Ashley did to Alex), but it’s apparently not okay for Alex? Double-standard much?

    @Linda – My son, Alex, and I heard the FU song last week on Detroit area radio! They substitute with “Forget you!”. I had to find the original on youtube for him. He thought it was pretty funny! AND – you’re an awesome aunt to go to your nephew’s games!! What’s the matter with that woman (mom)??! :wink: It is ultra rare I would ever miss any of my son’s games!!

  2. Marianne, I think you meant to direct your comment to Janet lol :wink: I’m like, what the heck is she talking about?? Now are you trying to confuse me on an early Saturday morning?? Ya know, it doesn’t take much AT ALL. :blink: Oh and I too love it when Alex looks at the camera, its so…um…the “a” word. (hee hee phil).

    :heart: Alex :heart:

  3. Sorry Linda – probably did! Lol! Have a great day! Fesitval?

  4. Marianne, some trail of tears thing in Alabama???

  5. Trail of tears?? Like a road-trip festival??

  6. Okay, guys, now you lost me. Trail of tears? I guess you guys know what you’re talking about. And, off topic again, but yeah, my sister-in-law never goes to any of my nephew’s games. I’m not bragging, but he’s the pitcher and he’s incredible. She doesn’t like baseball. I’m sure there are a lot of moms who don’t really like whatever sport their child is in but wouldn’t miss watching them. It’s been bugging me for years. But, it’s all good ’cause the kid loves me (the feeling is mutual) and always wants to ride home with Aunt Janet (since his tee-ball games). We talk. I get to be the cool aunt. Played him the FU song when we got home. My brother is so strict, so we didn’t let him hear it. Laughed our butts off. I’m sure my brother will be hearing it soon because Kevin is definitely going to be sharing it with his friends. LOL! Now, if I can just convince him to practice his guitar more, I’d be happy. He pretty much told me to stop nagging. He’s actually more into sports. What can I do? He’s out again golfing now.

    hehe — Alex looks more like he’s grimacing than smiling in that pic. I can’t wait to see the actual tattoo.

    I checked in here first. So, let me see if by some awesome stroke of luck Alex is home and I can see that tat.

  7. edited -wrong thread

  8. I havent even read much of this thread and previous thread and you guys already started another. I feel like I have to catch up now.

    Jordyn has a good voice for country. I think she belongs in Nashville though. She will get signed. For God sakes even those who aren’t real country are passing themselves off as country singers now. Country music gives every one a shot this days it seems. Mainstream country used to be like a Reba McEntire – but now it describes Taylor Swift and who doesnt even sound country. Jordyn actually sounds country. She looks old for her age too and that may help her.(maybe its all that make-up)

    New Alex pic in the header is bigger. I like it. I wouldnt have noticed if it wasnt pointed out though. Hmmm, Alex addict. What about those who dont post regularly like some of us, and some guys may feel tepid about posting if seen as Alex addict. Whatever you guys want is ok though.

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