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Mar 202010

Well forget the debate people – Alex Lambert will be cast on the If I Can Dream series. He’s moving into the house this Thursday.
You can watch Alex on If I Can Dream’s live stream 24-7 along with five other up-and-comers as they tackle Hollywood. Alex will be rooming with Justin Gaston, who dated Miley Cyrus, aspiring model Giglianne Braga, and actors Kara Kilmer, Amanda Phillips, and Ben Elliott. Weekly episodes will air on midnight on Mondays – don’t lie, you know you’ll stay up!

In an interview with People, Alex said:

He’s getting past being shy. He loves the stage presence of Elvis but can’t dance himself. But here’s something shocking – he did swing dancing with Gwen (his mom) for 3 years – wow!

Alex says when he moves into the If I Can Dream house Thursday, he’s going to put some Bob Marley, Elvis and Beatles decor up in his room. Why? Because they’re inspiration for him.

And ladies, grab those Kleenex – for the first time, Alex admitted he has a girlfriend. We knew it was true, but you know you didn’t want to hear him admit it! Her name is Raylee and here’s something to “awwww” about – he says, “I’m kinds broke so we never go out anywhere fancy, but usually I just jam out and she tells me what she likes and I usually write her a song every week and play it for her.”

From all your fans here, Alex – CONGRATS on the If I Can Dream series – we’ll be tuning in and rooting for you and wish you LOADS of luck – even though you don’t need it, with your talent on your side.

We can’t wait to see your future unfold!

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  1. still no shout outs. they suck. lol i asked my mom to say hi to ashley and blake but she didnt. :sad:

  2. Do you think they all seemed a tiny bit nervous?? Hard, obviously, for me to say, since I don’t know them. . . :happy:

  3. She still has time Sherry. They’ll be going back to the house, right? Just tell Alex to go with her up to a camera and they can do it together. She has to take advantage of the shout outs in her 15 minutes of fame. :wink:

  4. Exactly! Alex should be able to charm his Nana into it :)

  5. I caught a bit today,and that girlfriend of Gig was HOT for Alex.As she was leaving with Gig,she asked Alex with his door open,and who was about to shower,that she wanted to KISS him,and for him to come here,so she could.Alex said no,he couldn’t right now,but he’d catch her and Gig later-YES,Alex,is attracting all types ,now :blush:

  6. allycatfan: Some girls saw Veronica kissing Alex and got jealous and wished its them. Gig’s friend wants her own kiss, but Alex is with Veronica now.

  7. Great to see that his father and father’s family came to visit him. There is nothing like spending good quality time with family.

  8. Sorry guys that I didn’t do a shout out to all of you…. :ermm:

    Just didn’t think that would be cool and was all caught up being in the house too. :silly:

    It was so fun being with Alex and I hated to leave him, but I know he is in good hands. I hope to return again one day……

    Keep watching, he loves you all!!


  9. Nana Becky!! Welcome to the best fan-site in the land!! Cuz it’s Alex’s. We love that boy!! He is soooo talented! :cheerful:

  10. Thanks so much areyouin, we love him too, and am so apprecitive for this website and all his fans. Keep up the good work!! :heart:

  11. I CAN WELL IMAGINE you are proud Alex’s Nana-my stepmother was in the recording industry for years,and I can assure you Alex is THE Hot new talent in the entire industry. :biggrin: :cool:

  12. @Alex’s Nana that grandson of yours is truly someone special, the real deal. We are all crazy about him and his music. I am so glad that you all had a nice trip and were able to spend some quality time together.
    Please pass along one request for me.. Yesterday I heard him say that he needed 10 great tracks to put on his first album. You tell him that 10 won’t do. We’ve got to have at least 13 or 14…just kidding…no seriously. Haha! Have a great day!

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