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Sep 212012

We’d like to take a moment to remind everyone that Alex is on Instagram! His user name is truealexlambert, so follow him if you’re not already. His artistry is not only restricted to music, but carries into photography as well: he has an interesting perspective on his subject matter, so enjoy.

We also wanted to share a couple of video interviews in which Chris Rene gives credit to Alex for a job well done in writing Chris’s second single, “Trouble”. The video clip below contains our favorite part — the part about Alex :smile: — from an interview with Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo’s Reality Rocks.

Check out the complete interview, Chris Rene Brings “Trouble” to Yahoo, for an acoustic performance of “Trouble” by Chris.

You might also want to watch this second video, where Hollywire TV’s Chelsea Briggs sits down with Chris for a fun and relaxed interview.

You can preorder Chris Rene’s CD ‘I’m Right Here’ online from iTunes or Amazon, and if you haven’t already, make sure you purchase Trouble today  :wink: .

As for the other insanely exciting news that all dedicated Alex snaf already know about… you may be wondering why we haven’t posted it. Well, there have been some obstacles (read: unfortunate oversights) that we’re in the process of sorting out, but we promise to officially break the story soon!

In the meantime… feel free to rave in the comments :)


  7 Responses to “Instagram… and Chris Rene Credits Alex Lambert”

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  1. OMG… Alex Lambert writes some of the most #BEAUTIFUL lyrics out there…. hint, hint…

  2. I saw where Hollie Cavanaugh from AI 11 tweeted “You’re Perfectly Imperfect”. Does anyone know if that means anything? I’d love it if she was recording Alex’s song.

  3. It’s wonderful to see Alex growing into his own. He is a true musician; not only is his voice unique and raspy and beautiful, he is also a gifted song-writer. I like how alot of Alex’s lyrics capture a tenderness that is difficult to nail down in words…yet he does it. (Learning From You…anyone?)

    You go Alex! You keep gettin ‘em! We SNAF are here and rooting for you the whole way! We’re learning from you :smile:

  4. Just wanted to post this Chris Rene interview since Trouble, Alex, and potential future collaborations were mentioned.

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