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Sep 262010

In case you STILL didn’t get enough Alex Lambert… here he is jamming with his friend Sebastian (who’s trying out for this season’s “American Idol”) on guitar, brother Trenton on whatever he can lay his hands on, and “If I Can Dream” fellow cast member Kara Killmer providing beats on piano.

09-25-2010 Alex Trenton Sebastian
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Alex and the gang go through “Airplanes” (B.o.B.), “House of the Rising Sun” (The Animals), “Breakeven” (The Script), “I Feel Good” (James Brown), “Twist and Shout” (The Beatles), “Hound Dog” (Elvis Presley), “New World” (original), and “I Could Only Imagine” (Mercy Me).

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  1. lola no one is saying anything you just mentioned. This is Alex Lambert’s fan site. We will talk about him the most and the others are just players in HIS journey. DU is the place for equal representation if you so please. I’m pretty sure everyone who responded to you said you can talk about whomever you want and did not question your fandom so please do not assume anything different. Does me liking Ben AND Kara make me any less of a person to you? No it doesn’t. So please don’t assume other people’s opinions as anything but their own or being against other opinions. Thank you.

  2. Lola: I didnt really assume you aren’t Alex’s fan from idol, or that he isn’t your favorite. I was just saying in general that most of us here are too focused on Alex to care too much about the others. And that Gig made everyone dislike her, but its ok if you like her. I know 95% of the time I’m watching Alex, and I rarely watch the others unless they are interacting with Alex – I only get to catch up on them in the episodes and reading dreamupdates. I’m rooting for Alex – but I wish Ben luck too cause I appreciate how he makes efforts despite not much returns.

  3. Lauren said: “After producing such a phenomenal track as “I Didn’t Know”, I have wondered why they haven’t had another session together. Possibly busy schedules?”

    I’ve also been wondering why he hasn’t written with Nasri again. It is amazing when you realize how long ago they wrote and recorded “I Didn’t Know”. Was it April? May? I do remember that Alex was sick for like a month with bronchial issues/cold/allergies during that time. I also remember the V-log Alex shot after he came home from the grueling recording session. His voice was shot, and he was exhausted (but he looked, handsome, in his newsboy cap.)

    Maybe he and Nasri didn’t get along that well. Again, Alex was sick during that time of writing and recording, so maybe he wasn’t on his best behavior. Or their writing collaboration didn’t mesh well. Who knows? He obviously gets along with this Tommy Lee guy. He’s only in LA for a week (according to his twitter), and Alex is on his schedule. How cool is that?

    It looks like DeStefano co-wrote a song on David Archuleta’s new CD. Actually it was the lead single, Something ’bout Love–unfortunately, it tanked at radio. I don’t want Alex to suffer the same fate. His first single has to be STELLAR!!!

  4. Re: Nasri I’m sure he’s a pretty busy producer. Or he’s uber expensive. For all we know they could have written together again. I’m sure with the good response from “I Didn’t Know” they’re chomping at the bit to make another Alex Lambert track. :wink:

  5. DeStefano got unlucky with Archie’s single,but with Alex-the first colab was totally awesome.Sometimes its just hit and miss for new writers,like him.I have been looking at some Idol-alums lately,and its sad-Jordin Sparks is doing a stint on Broadway,here in a bit in the Heights;this makes me feel that Sony,and 19 are either putting her recording career on hold,or shuffling it out the back door altogether.Then I’ve heard rumors that David Cook’s upcoming album has real issues,so that could be bad news for Dave.And Archie’s new album coming out real quick is a disaster so far from 3 of the main tracks being heard so far.
    Really,only Kelly Clarkson-who’s recent album was NUMBER 1 on the Billboard Main 200 chart ,just last year,Carrie-who was People Mag covergirl this year,and Daughtry have had sustainable success in the recording industry,so far.So,that’s a pretty damn low percentage,and makes me less than thrilled with 19,and Sony’s efforts with the many Idol alums,to date.
    With Alex they are putting a lot of resources into him,and they are marketing him very differently from the usual Idol-alum approach,so that’s good news,for now.19,and Fuller have done similar alternative approaches before,and had Great success with the Spice Girls,but not so much success with Annie Lennox,so time will tell …

  6. So bored tonight,I did some research on Cher ,and David Cassidy.This is due to Alex likely starring in the IICD TV series.David was a sub-par singer,at best,but because they were able to market some of his tracks on The Partridge Family,he did extremely well on the Billboard Hot 100.Without that vehicle,he would NEVER have been able to compete like that against the Brilliant recording artists of the 70’S,even with his cute looks.
    Then Cher was able to market many,many tracks on the Sonny and Cher show,and nearly ALL of them went to Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100;I listened to all these singles,and some were average,at best.Without the show she would have flopped against the bajillion stellar artists of that era-I did like her single “Dark Lady”,though,I must admit.
    So i guess I’m trying to show the potential benefits of Alex starring in his own TV series,at least for a time… :smile:

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