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Jun 292010

It’s up at last (6 am LA time)!

OK, here’s a quickie recap of the episode:
Veronica moves in. Ben is at a loss for words. Alex worries about how her presence will affect Ben’s focus.
Justin is asked to go on tour with Kris Allen. He looks really happy about it.
Alex talks about reading comments and being hurt by them – especially the ones that are true or are about his music.
He meets with Michael and tells him about being bothered by the comments. He pauses and looks up with a pained expression, then says that though the music part is easy, he’s finding the promotional side of things difficult. Michael gives him some words of encouragement.
Ben, Alex and Kara go to Clear Channel to talk about the Pepsi Refresh project. The programming director offers to support the project, especially by helping with the concert. Alex says he’s eager to finally do it and help out the kids.
Giglianne and celebrity fashion photographer Rocco Leo Gaglioti meet, and Rocco invites Giglianne to be a co-host on his fashion website, Fashion News Live. However, he says she’ll need a lot of practice. They begin reading some sample scripts. Gig gets nervous, stumbles over the words, and eventually starts to cry.
Ben and Veronica hang out in the blue room. They discuss watching the date in the episode. Alex walks into the room and observes them. He later says it would be cool if they fell in love, because it would serve as inspiration for Veronica’s music.
Back to Gig and Rocco. Gig turns down Rocco’s offer. Rocco keeps pushing her, and eventually gets her to read the first paragraph all the way through. They celebrate.
Justin packs and sits down to his farewell dinner. Ben says Justin can’t leave him to hold down the fort alone. Justin points to Alex’s chair (Alex is at a writing session). Kara (humorously) says Alex can’t hold down the fort, he disrupts the fort. Alex gets home, apologizes for being late, and joins the dinner. Gig swears about Alex and rolls her eyes, saying the dinner was supposed to be about Justin (due to editing, this comment and her irritation seemingly comes out of nowhere). She then goes on to say in the interview that she’s not gonna miss Justin. Justin is “driven away” by Ben. Kara cries.

Next week… Kara and Ben get an audition through their agent. Gig poses entirely nude and looks happy about it. Alex flies to New York.

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  1. aww Shelby im SOO sorry about your loss ;( now you make my problem seem less painful. Alex helped me through a tough time too but my problem was because i felt like everyone was against me and i felt so alone like i had nobody, it was the worst feeling i had ever felt. but then i heard Alex sing Wonderful World and it matched my feelings so well and his voice was so unique and soooo special to me. i always listen to his cover whenever i feel down. now i couldnt be more obsessed with that kid! he’s so incredibly talented! i could write pagessss of how i feel about Alex and how amazing he is but i dont have the time;) i love Alex! he’s truely amazing.

  2. It’s so nice you’ll be able to spend some time with Alex, and I can understand you not wanting to spend too much time with the cameras following you, but it would be so cool if you could give all of us Alex fans a nice shout out when you’re there and we can “meet” you at the same time!! You won’t have to feel uncomfortable in front of us, right??! :biggrin:

  3. Oops – that last post is in response to our lovely guest, Harold!! :happy:

  4. Aw Shelby, I’m sorry… :hug:

  5. Harold, I know you are a great guy because you’ve given the world such awesome sons (Alex included of course.) Aren’t you glad that the IICD editors are focusing on the positive when it comes to Alex? I hope that will make a difference to him. I don’t know if I could have handled the pressure and constant criticism (even constructive criticism of a work in progress) at that age. I made so many missteps. Who am I kidding? Even now, I would have a problem with it. People can be so much more direct and insensitive on the Internet than in real life. Do you think the hater on Hulu would tell Alex he had Bipolar to his face? I think not! Anyway, Alex new song “On My Tongue” is his best yet. I love the melody and lyrics both! He just keeps getting better and better. As long as he keeps listening to his gut and his ear, he will do fine. More than fine. Dream with my Eyes Open was done like a jingle but it could have been changed up to be a hit instead of a theme song. I like “I Didn’t Know” so much better though. He has such phenomenal gifts and an openness and vulnerability to share it all with the world. I for one will try to stay as positive as I can. Selfishly, I would like Alex to stay in the Dream House so we can all continue to be part of his progress. If having a camera following his every move with people taking everything out of context turns out to be damaging to him in the end, he will have to do what is right for him and go on his own. His true fans will continue to love him no matter what and through his music, he will gain new fans.

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