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Oct 042010

What a weird way to end the season, huh? Here’s the IICD website:


  107 Responses to “If I Can Dream Over Until 2011?”

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  1. i cant freaking believe that i just got to cali to hang out with him on the show blah…..< sebastian trim

  2. Sebastian, I know! it sucks, what are you gonna do now??

  3. Okay sebastian you cant drop in and just leave us hangin, pls spill already. Is Alex gonna be signed or what? DOnt make us hold our breath! You should move to Cali to with Alex and good luck on idol!

  4. Ha ha Yves, I have already tried to see if Sebastian knew anything on facebook, he was VERY nice and messaged me back, but he aint sayin’ nuttin’. Are ya S?? I understand, hes probably been told as much as everyone else ~~ ziltch :blink:

  5. Didn’t the Hulu page first say too that there was going to be a season 2 in 2011? Now it just says that season 1 has ended. I feel bad for Alex and Kara. Ben and Gig didn’t really deserve to be there anyway, spoiled and lazy I think would be good qualities for not getting far in life.

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