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Nov 192010

They announced some changes to the upcoming season of American Idol (season 10). I really wish Alex Lambert had been in on this season instead because it has a much higher slant on the development of the artist,which is what he needed at that point in time (not just someone assigning you or pressuring you to do a specific song).

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe let everyone know that not only will we be seeing singing on American Idol, but they’re going to have other competitions and assignments, such as:

  • Who creates the best music video (Can you imagine “I Didn’t Know” on American Idol?)
  • Create a performance worthy of an awards show – ripe with backup dancers and a band

And man if ONLY this had happened while Alex was still there – they’re doing AWAY with the cutting round from 24 to 12. Last year Alex just missed the last cutoff. I bet he would have made it.

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  1. I still think it was a blessing in disguise that he was on last season and got eliminated like he did because it got him into the dream house, which exposed him to so many opportunities. He has come so far in such a short time, and look at all the writers he has been working with. I really don’t think that would have happened on Idol.

  2. I wouldn’t wish he’d be on season 10. Bcoz you know, it could be worst.
    What if he wouldnt make into TOP 24?
    And if he made into TOP 24, and when he got cut off before TOP 12, would we ever see him again? I know he wont be on IICD bcoz the show is *pending* till god-knows-when. And then we gonna miss alot, like, ALOT of his actions in IICD. LOL
    everything happened for reasons. Hehe…

  3. What do you mean “we’ll be seeing singing on American Idol”? LOL
    I don’t understand how that’s a change??? :)

    Btw, hello everybody! Haven’t been around in a while.
    Lots of stuff going on in my personal life.

  4. I’m a believer of ‘things happen for a reason’ but it would be interesting to just think of the ‘what ifs’. :) Anyway, I’m apprehensive about the assignments/competition. Won’t that be too much on the plate? Most of the kids can hardly cope with one song per week! Unless these assignments/competition are for others?

  5. admin: Ah that’s not a change – what I meant is, not only will we CONTINUE to see singing LOL!  

    Oh, I get it :tongue:
    More bad singing!! LOL

  6. Band Practice with Sam and the Twins!!! That sounds great! The wheels are still turning.

    Really miss the live streaming.

    All my best wishes go out to Alex Lambert and the Lights for huge success, individually and as a group!

  7. Lee’s numbers are in as a best estimate,from HDD,and 39k is very unfortunate for the season’s winner,because most are pre-orders/advance sales;next week is prolly 7-9k or so,and after that far more bleak.I like Lee,cuz he’s Alex’s good bud.I think you will see 19 promote Alex in many varied ways before they will even announce a release of an album…another show either web-based,or basic cable,or a combo of both seems quite likely.They will have to get his name i.d. saturated a lot more,and I think they knew that even before,these recent numbers from AI9.

  8. The estimate was a bit high Lee only sold 38k,in the final tally…you mods are asleep at the wheel lol… :sleeping:

  9. Alex-news seem so slow without the crazy live stream… But I do know Alex is working really hard, even though we don’t get to see him practice etc. :wub:

    In any case, Gig just tweeted a pic of her with Alex, Ben and Kara. That ice queen misses her old roomies afterall. (Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bothered tweeting about it, don’t you think? It does take a bit of effort to tweet a pic!)

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