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Jul 232010

Check this out guys. :biggrin:

Behind the scenes photos!

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  1. Great find, there are a lot of great photos, but my favorite is the one where the city is lit up behind Alex.

  2. This video is gonna be beautiful! I live in NY and I can’t get enough of the view of the Manhattan skyline! Wow, I’ve never wanted Monday to come so fast!!! lol

  3. Its interesting to see behind the scene pics. I like the use of the artsy pianos in different locations. And I really like the bridge lights at night as backdrop. Must have been fun and exciting for Alex to do all that, and see New York for the first time. Micheal tend to be with him at important thing like this. I like Michael – he’s cool.

  4. He was just singing a song just now in the blue room few minutes ago. And I was enjoying it and wondering which song it is, then he got up and said “why am I even trying” and then he said something about his voice. The song really fits his voice. Then he left the room texting who ever keeps texting him. Probably those girls who are friends from Texas in LA who won’t stop disturbing him.

  5. shadow I know!!! Alex says he just wants to chill at home tonight and go to bed early to get back on schedule cause he has a busy week next week, but they keep bothering him to come hang out cause they don’t know anyone else and he feels bad and thinks he needs to entertain them. I wish they’d leave him alone already. Like yesterday it was so obvious that he just wanted to go to bed and they wouldn’t leave, lol. Sorry that’s my rant for the day.

  6. Love the pics with the skyline view and the bride at night and the one in Timesquare, sooo cool! Ik going to NYC in oct and I’m getting excited now! Lol

    can’t really watch the feed but I do wish those girls just let him be for now. He needs to rest and to focus… All he has to do is tell em NO, I guess easier said than done

  7. i know I keep complaining about those girls. Its starting to be annoying. Its like they dont understand he’s on a show that’s like a job and there to focus on music career too. There is a time to hang out, but not all the time and all night. Its getting too much.

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