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Jul 062010

Thanks Shelby for the tip! This is way early in the night so I wasn’t even checking yet. :shocked: Alex was so excited about New York. His smile is infectious! :biggrin: Alright, just finished the episode…I’m crying. Thanks a lot Alex! :blush: Big surprises too! OMG best episode ever!!! :w00t:

Also, check out this adorable picture of our two favorite people! Thanks for everything you’ve done Jess!

Check out Jessica’s website.

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  1. FINALLY got to see the episode… I really don’t have anything to add – you guys have said it all! So I will just express my feelings in emoticons!!

    :cheerful: :biggrin: :happy: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :happy: :happy: :happy: :sideways: :smile: :smile: :tongue: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :happy: :happy: :happy: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  2. Oh and also I heard that last night (well, early this morning, really) Alex was playing a bunch of songs for Veronica, and played “Tired of Waiting” and “Feelings Don’t Grow on Trees”, among others!!! Coincidence? If not, THANK YOU to whoever (Harold?) passed on my request to him!!! :cheerful:

    I missed it, but I’ve put in a media request at Dream Updates. Hopefully they’ll post a video soon, so check there in the next few days all you guys who love those songs!

    • OOOOH and, don’t forget, Skype sessions with Alex tomorrow at 11 am! Sign up now!

  3. Ok someone from this site better make it to the skype session. Anyone sign up????? If so maybe we can compile some burning questions and suggestions we relay to him?

  4. Ooooo!! I see MJ’s posted the link for the new episode and she was complimentary in her comment – but oh- those da*n commenters on her site! There’s only 3 right now but 2 of 3 are negative! Booo! :angry:

    Yay – Veronica just read and answered my tweet about Alex’s vs. Ben’s wrists. Ha-ha! I just wanted to see her reaction! :wink: She was smiling and playing with her hair – so cute!!

    • Here’s the link to MJ’s, in case you all want to go hit it up with good comments. Get ready to do some deep breathing over the first few comments though… grrrr.

      • Here is a particularly cool comment from Hulu:

        “I was an Alex hater, and I am now one over. I’ve always felt like he was talented, but the more I listen to him, the more I think his voice is great. The latest episode showed a lot of humility from him, and made him much more likable. The show is becoming more interesting, and he’s the most talented of the group.”

        Why is it that all Alex haters (or ex-haters, in this case) can’t spell? Whereas his fans are exceptionally good at expressing themselves? Hahaha!!

  5. @kass – went there, its annoying but they dont know any better. Some dude is still rehashing the pee prank… duh soooo over that. Just idiots, I dunno im still in an Alex high right now I cant even get upset. If you do have an acct pls pepper it with pro alex comments. i tweeted about it too

  6. I wanna reply to the former haters: WE TOLD YOU SO!!! but you know, dont wanna rub it in so I just smile when i read such confessions and leave it at that.

    Really kudos to IICD for making their episodes less reality trash and more substance. I seriously used to get stressed out every Tuesday since it’ll be another Alex battlefield but now I watch the episodes over and over which is great for their numbers!

  7. So glad you had a great time Jessica, what a great experience. Thanks for all you do…cant wait for the video :heart: !!!

  8. Jessica, you know you’re welcome here anytime. It was great seeing you in the episode and Alex really appreciates you. You’re awesome girl! :biggrin:

  9. Jessica, It’s great seeing you here and especially in the episode. One of my favorite parts was watching you sing along with him. I know you were watching his tweet session when he said meeting you was a dream come true. I don’t think any of us can thank you enough for what you have blessed us all with. <3 And btw, I loved your tweets to him a few minutes ago. :heart:

  10. Oh and also, During the tweet session Alex commented on my tweet. I sent him one that said this past episode was amazing and he made us all incredibly happy and so proud. and he said that he is glad that he makes us proud :)
    I’m hoping to find a video of that tweet session soon ?

  11. Hey everyone,

    I rarely come to this site, so as you can probably guess, I’ve never actually commented before. But between the tweets and emails, on top of the comments on here… I just wanted to thank you so much for the kind words and positivity. It was a pain in the ass having to keep it a secret from everyone, :ninja: lol… but I’m glad I did, because everyones reaction was amazing! Haha. I wish they would have showed some other parts, but I know its all squished into 30 minutes, if even that ;) Off the cameras tho, I had fun teasing him, LOL… its my sarcastic nature, cant help it… thankfully he knew my humor immediately and gave it right back. He was hilarious. Myself aside, you are all going to absolutely LOVE his upcoming video. So incredibly proud of him :wub:


  12. hey guys idk if anyone’s heard it but I got audio of the last half of Alex’s demo “imperfectly imperfect!” i’ll post it in a while! its gooood.

  13. OMG Perfectly Perfect is awesome!!! What a beautiful song!! Just listened to Alex playing it on his computer. Wonder if that is the final cut…if so, its great!!!

  14. OMG!! Alex seems to be listening to a demo of Imperfectly Perfect! All I can say is – – WOW!! Might be my new favorite! I just. . .Wow! This kid has got “it”!!

  15. he’s so excited about it too! ahh love it:)

  16. heres a download link to imperfect! he said he just got it back!!

  17. i LOVE Imperfectly Perfect, its so beautiful;)

  18. Wow Shelby you are amazing, lightning fast with the download. I heard it on live stream and will listen again. I loved his vocals and the song is great. I don’t like the arrangement. It’s a little old school, with the whistling and all. Alex needs a hipper vibe. It’s just a problem with Deekay and it is a demo, but I bet Alex would tend to agree. Hey, at least I am honest. Am I crazy? Am I the only one who thinks this way. I wish Nasri could have produced it! Please don’t hate on me. :cwy:

  19. haha Lauren, it took forever for the recorder to open up, that’s why I missed the first part. I was so mad! lol

  20. Listened to it again. They just need to take out the whistling part (Instrument whatever that is). That’s all. I don’t even know how that enhances the song!

  21. What can I say about Alex in the latest episode of IICD that hasn’t already been said? He was amazing; the video shoot where he is playing at night with the water and the city lights behind him gave me chills. He finally got to meet Jessica and thank her in person.

  22. WOW!!! I was listening to Alex listening to I.P.,AND ITS GOING TO BE A SMASH SMASH HIT!I even downloaded that play it all toolbar,thanks Shelby so I can re-listen to part of it.PURE Awesomeness!!! Simon Fuller must be beaming with pride-the awesome new video,and now this. :biggrin:

  23. @Lauren – at least we know that Alex will voice his opinions and get his changes through! The song seems like it’s got a great “hook” – I think they say that in the music biz!

  24. @Lauren – I’m with u actually with imperfectly perfect. Thanks Shelby btw, ur super fast. I dunno if I got used to the accoustic version he did at the mint but I was kinda hoping it will have an uptempo John Mayerish vibe. DeeKay tends to overproduce and the whistling is distracting to me. It’s a wonderful song though I hope they redo it and Alex will definitely say something. I didn’t know hit it out the ballpark, I actually got confused when they played it The first time coz I actually thought it was James Morrison at first, it was sooo good already. imperfectly perfect was a bit disconcerting, kinda like dream when I heard it first. You know I’ll listen to death and will like it eventually. Anyhow this is still just a demo.

    So glad he’s writing writing with cisco Adler, and he got this gig on his own? Look at Alex and his cool friends, hehehe. Don’t know Ciscos talent but his dad is a music big shot so not bad at all.

  25. Did Alex whistle in Imperfectly Perfect?. Is good tune, but I still don’t get the part he acoustic guitar for some of this songs. Still feel the demos are over-doing his tracks. With Alex voice we do not need so much production and mixing of instruments. Get it?

  26. I already hate going to the site and not seeing Veronica’s icon :cwy: She was my favorite besides Alex.
    I keep going to see if Alex is back and i just realized that it is only 7:45 there. It is already 10:45 here on the west coast so it is messing me up. haha.

    Back on subject, I listened to part of the demo and enjoyed what I heard but I was also a little distracted by other things. I know right before he started playing that I heard him say, “Are you kidding me? This is going to be a huge hit!” Or something along those lines. I’m not sure if he had heard it before that then because he said that before he even started playing it.

  27. It was killing me all day not to be able to watch the episode. I can read comments on my mobile phone, but I can’t play the episode on my mobile. :sad:

    Then I had a class after work so I had to wait even longer. I had a computer and internet connection during class. I did wind up responding a couple of times on the Alex thread at MJ’s during downtime, but there was no way I could have sneaked the episode.

    I have been commenting on MJ’s for years, but the thread bashing on Alex today about had me nearly in tears. What made me want to cry even more was that this is at least the second time that they have brought up Josiah in order to trash both of them in a Alex thread. Trashing both Josiah and Alex at the same time is a double whammy to me. :sad: It is so obvious that the most of the bashers did not even bother to watch Alex in the episode, they are still grossly overeacting to the comments Alex made about the other finalists.

    However I finally make it home and the episode made me want to cry with happiness. I read your comments all day about how awesome it was, but wow this episode was amazing (at least the Alex portion).

    I did choke up seeing Jessica meet up with Alex. I am so glad that Jessica was not too jaded to try and did not give up, I feel very thankful to Jessica too. Very inspiring.

    It looks like my fan gift did not arrive. :ninja: It was supposed to arrive at the office address today. Maybe tommorrow. I almost feel like our fan gifts are part of the plot line wondering when they will appear. :heart:

  28. Alex’s icon says he is at LAX and Veronica tweeted earlier that she is on her way to the airport :sad: I’m so sad tonight. I’m just really hoping that Alex is okay. Which I’m sure he will be. This will make for some great songs if he got that emotional singing “I didn’t know” just being away from her for a few days in New York. Can’t wait to see comes out of all of this. I wish there was a way we could make the producers bring V back later when she is able to :tongue:

  29. This is a good episode. I like that it focuses a lot on Alex, and positive things about him. He was happy and surprised when Iain 19 executive told him Clear music Channel loved “I didnt know” — its really good sign that they do too. They should give the final recording a good production befitting a song with hit potential. (his voice was a bit hoarse in the demo cause he was sick then. It should be clear like it was on “wonderful world” on idol) I liked seeing the NY footage of Alex at different locations with the pianos – that will make the video interesting and its fitting. My favorite of his songs is “I didn’t know” and that lovely melodic piano is partly why it grabs your attention, emotions and sticks in your head. When Nasri was playing that Piano the first time he and Alex were working on it I was wowed by the piano melody. You can hear this song many times and not get tired of it and its mainstream.

    I think the “imperfectly perfect” song he just got the demo sounds good. Its good enough to be on a CD or as third single. I don’t think it can be a first or second single. I think the whistling is interesting cause not many songs have it. The whistling in the middle seems to break up the song though cause it has no music behind it. But I like the whistling towards the end cause its over some beats. The whistling at ending of a song reminds me of South east Indian music in Bollywood movies. (I like Indian music) It gives Alex’s CD some variety – you never know something like that can grab people’s attention and make it do well.

    Veronica and Alex are cute together in their mutual attraction. He was calling her from NY and she couldn’t wait to see him. She’s smitten with Alex – and he was being all Romeo on monday night and serenading her. Awww. He even got into a fight defending her honor from some Mexican dudes. He’s a romantic punk-ass kid with adorable dimples. He said the ending made him seem like a player. Yeah, he’s got game, but its obvious he sincerely likes her. Having music in common helps too.

    The “wings” song Veronica and Alex was writing about their romance has some catchy melody in parts. I think it’d be easier if they just come up with some rough draft of the lyrics first, and then come up with the melody – but they were making up both from scratch as they go along. That’s the method Veronica was using when writing her song “look at us now” with David too. I really like the chorus of her song – its catchy and her voice is pretty when she sings that portion.

    Its good Alex got to meet Jessica. What she did with the petition helped showed our outrage and it worked out for Alex. I wonder if she and the teen girls who were taking pics are gonna be part of the video too. It should work.

    Lauren: If Alex is familiar with your postings and encouraging tweets to him he will probably consider you his second mom, and not just a super fan. You have have his back, and seem to be on top everything he’s doing too.

  30. Did Alex just kiss V at the end of the preview for next week? wow… How’s Ben feel ’bout that? Triangle love? :ninja:

  31. Yes Alex did, Ben thinks Alex and Veronica are great together and he knew they liked each other from the start, no “real” triangle. Ben and Veronica’s date was fake according to Veronica, but she really likes Alex and Alex really likes her. Nice to see a new face here btw, welcome to the site and feel free to comment more! :biggrin:

  32. Alex is so funny….he was talking to Gig, telling her he misses veronica and she tells him to wait a couple weeks and he will get over it, he says probably not, then says he wants to go on a date with Gig…Gigs says, well maybe to the beach or something, but not a date and Alex says, yeah that’s what I mean, as long as I get a kiss afterwards……Ha ha. Gigs actually acting like a regular human tonight, hopefully it lasts. :whistle:

  33. haha, I saw that too Linda. And as I was watching I thought to myself.. I’m glad I don’t have to go to her for relationship advice. lol. He seems so lost but I’m glad that he still has that amazing sense of humor that I love about him :silly:

  34. Oh, Ok. good then if Ben knew. I just dont want their Bromance ruin bcoz of a girl. LOL. Alex n Ben Bromance chemistry are great. LOL

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