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Jul 222010

Check back throughout the day for updates! :cool:

Also, for those who haven’t heard…word on the street is Alex’s music video premiers Monday 7/26. We’ll see if they keep their word this time. :getlost:

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  1. IDK video = :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
    But what does “mobile only” mean???? (referring to the fact that teh IDK video will be a “mobile-only premiere”) I’ve got a dinky old mobile – nothing that can play video. Does that mean I won’t be able to see it until such time as they see fit to post it on Hulu?? Bastards!!

  2. I’m a little confused/concerned about this, too. It’s not going to be available on Iheartradio??? They better put it up on HULU quickly or, ya know, they’ll get lots of nasty tweets.

  3. Kass and Cathy – Read the post at MJ’s. I only read it once, but I think she mentions it will also be on Hulu. I hope – cuz I’ll be in the same boat!

  4. That was good. Alex is more comfortable doing interviews now. He’s learning every aspect of showbiz. He should say he wrote and co-wrote the songs though. I enjoyed the quiz section too – Alex was having fun with it. It was funny when Ben said Alex’s go to song is “Lets get it on” — he kept singing it when Veronica was there, and it was obvious what was going through his head.

  5. Please please have it on HULU at the same time as well. Folks like us who live outside of USA will die of curiosity!! :(

  6. Hahaha Alex is so cute when he giggles. The quiz was funny and I think Alex’s handwriting reflects his personality. Round and clear, with no frills or pretension. Ben’s handwriting, on the other hand… aiyayaiiii… :dizzy: Lol.

  7. Thank you Libby. That was great. :biggrin:
    Reyne, where did you see Alex and Ben’s handwritings at?? (Just curious).

  8. Tracy – she means on the white boards in the second video when the interviewer played the game with them. I thought the same thing about Alex’s writing – actually surprised me how neat it is :)

    Also – for anyone interested – on DU they have posted the Diddy segement where he talks with the dreamers AND the FULL video of Alex watching the music video for the first time. His face is often really dark, but so fun to see his reaction and -bonus- you get to hear the song!! So happy they posted those!!

  9. Thanks Areyouin. I finally found the clip of the game they played. I agree, Alex has nice handwriting.

  10. Also, Alex is always so fun to watch.

  11. Rickey has tweeted the link to his site where he has posted the Us News preview clip! Yay – for Rickey!! Everybody should retweet!! Do it, please!!

  12. Aw Thanks for finding that Tracy…..cant wait to see the whole thing!!!

  13. I saw the preview! It looks so good, i can’t wait!

  14. Am I only one (though I think it’s been mentioned) that thinks Alex looks a little like a younger Rob Thomas? Cuter – of course!! :heart:

  15. Oh gee- Ben is listening to some rap – Beebee or whoever BETTER update saying that it’s “crude”, “vulgar” or whatever they say when Alex listens to it! :angry:

  16. So, so, SOOO proud of Alex! That little clip looked awesome! And whatever changes they made in the final production of the song is a big improvement.

    Alex must be pinching himself daily. He’s is a better position than almost all of the Top 10 right now. I’m sure Lee and Crystal will get big pushes from their labels (I think :wink: ) but Alex is beating them to the punch in getting material out. Not to mention he has the time and the luxury to work on his music at a less stressed out pace.

  17. haha did u guys watch the “guessing game” vid? When she asked what gig is afraid of…ALex wrote down “Life” hahaha i couldn’t stop laughing! He is a funny guy! :wub:

  18. Yes- genbug – cracked me right up!!

  19. This is one portion I actually watched on LiveStream. Usually when I tune in, nothing’s going on. Alex is smart AND funny. God, he must get sick of being asked the same questions all the time, though. But, I guess that’s just part of the deal, right? He better get used to it.

    I just read Alex’s latest tweet. Someone tell me that there’s another beautiful girl there and it’s not Skiglionney that he’s talking about. I know that I should act my age and just be glad if they’re friends, but I can’t. That beast has beaten down any good feelings or wishes I could ever have for her. But, to end on a positive note — way to go, Alex, baby! YAY!

  20. Unfortunately he and Gig spent the morning together. They had a meeting/interview at Clear Channel and they must have stopped for coffee.

    • Did anyone see the post-it note he wrote and held up to the camera? “I heart Giggy B :)” LOL damage control anybody? He was also telling her she was beautiful (jokingly) while she was recording her vlog.

  21. Here is the EP Michael’s Hollywire interview

    Maybe I’m reading into things but when he speaks of Alex’s future, it’s as if his record deal is a foregone conclusion and waiting to be “officially” announced. He also spoke of wanting to follow Alex in his album making process.

  22. There were 2 giggly girls visiting Alex in past hour and they just dragged him out. One of them called earlier while he was listening to music and practicing and said that she wanted to come visit or stay or something. And it seemed he didnt feel like being disturbed and said her father can pay for somewhere for her to stay. I guess we now know the friends who have been keeping him out past couple days late nights and till mornigs, that he said they keep asking him to hangout. They just kept him from practing important songs he probably want to use as his set list in August music fest. I don’t mind he has friends to hang out with sometimes but i think they need to understand he has a show to be on and a career to practice for – he’ll come off not serious if he’s out all night and them texting and disturbing him to go hang out or just to tour the house. They dont have much to contribute to him musically like Veronica would for example, and they are more of a distraction keeping him out – I don’t want Alex coming off like Gig who just wanna go hang out with friends all night — people have been asking where he goes. He can have fun but still be focused and proffesional and meet his curfew. Or I’m gonna spank his punk-ass butt.

    Kass: Yeah, Alex was practicing James Morrison, Sam cook and Otis Redding before those girls drag him away. And I was enjoying watching him sing. He’s cute to watch too. That “try a little tenderness” by Otis Redding was coming along fine before he left.

    Areyouin: Beebee was calling Ben’s rap music vulgar and crap? That Beebee woman can be so annoying and hypocritical – and she’s 70yrs old. I was arguing with her earlier on updates site. She was trying to twist things that Alex fans are most negative and bash the housemates when she’s the biggest basher who always find ways to criticize Alex, cause she resents the show promote him more than Justin.

  23. oh i wanna add that he did say he has friends who just came to LA from Texas and they’ve been asking him to hang out. And the girl I mentioned above that called him was talking about Texas i believe

  24. Shadow – No, that’s my argument exactly – she DIDN’t call Ben’s rap vulgar (or no one did). My point was that people seem to call the rap “vulgar” when ALEX listens to rap, but nobody makes a peep when Ben listens to explicit rap. Not that I have anything against Ben-I like him. It’s just so funny (not) that there seems to be a different attitude towards each of them. It’s funny you mentioned Beebee – because I didn’t use a name at all! We all know, though, don’t we :)

  25. Areyouin: Oh that’s what you meant. Its not surprising they have a different feeling when its Alex who plays rap – its so aggravating their bias and negative attitude towards him and his fans. But bottom line is they’re are jealous he has bigger fanbase and the show producers and 19E focus on him more.

  26. @ Marianne, I made a post about that the other day!!! Funny you mentioned the rap comments that people write in the updates. In the updates companion forum, I wrote a post on why do people always have to include in their update that’s supposed to be objective, words like “explicit”, “vulgar”, “sexual”? I was SOOO annoyed! And I wrote that it’s not just about Alex, but Ben listens to rap too. So what’s the big ‘effin deal? It’s rap, it is what it is, why do they constantly have to point out that it’s explicit or sexual or whatever? Who gives a crap? If you don’t like it, that’s fine but it’s really unnecessary in my opinion to add that to the comments. I wrote, why don’t they just say “listening to rap music” plain & simple! Ugh, hope they stop doing that, so irritating :angry:

    In other news, I’m so excited for Alex and proud! And I love “You Give Me Something”. I think that’s my fave song of James Morrison’s. And has anyone heard anything about how his meeting went yesterday???

  27. No, Katherine, about the Avila Brothers meeting – heard nothing. Of course, if he spoke of it last night no one would have heard it over Gig’s BLARING club “music”. She was pretty funny (at times) because she was feeling no pain. Her skinny as* – probably doesn’t take much to get her 3 sheets to the wind. LOL

  28. Funny – Beebee just showed her hand or showed she feels guilty. My post about the ‘vulgar’ rap double standard was just on the Daily updates thread. It mentioned no names, other than Everett, who was the one who posted the update today (I had no problem with it). I said something like “(they know who they are)”. Beebee posts some kind of reply but on a totally unrelated thread saying that she never made updates about anybody (Alex) listening to rap music. I just found it very funny/interesting. She may be getting a little rattled. :whistle:

  29. LOL! Oh Beebee! Oh well, hope the meeting went well. Also does anyone else find it odd that Michael didn’t mention Justin at all in his interview? I mean, he hasn’t been gone that long and Michael didn’t even talk about Justin’s journey or his going on “tour” or anything. I just thought it was weird.

  30. I hope Beebee gets stung by a bee. Can’t stand that old crank.

    I just got a chance to tune in, Alex in the blue room, get happy, but he’s gone before I could get there. As everyone’s saying, I’m glad he has some friends from TX, but if it’s these girls, and apparently it is, they’ve overstayed their welcome. Alex needs to be even more focused now than he’s ever been. It’s great he has friends, but his album is way more important at the moment.

    I guess I have to accept the fact that Gig & Alex are friends. Nothing I can do about it. Personally, I don’t know what he gets out of the relationship. It’s good for her image, but can’t do a damn thing for him. So, even if most of the fights, etc. are fabricated, I wish he wouldn’t even try to be nice to her. But, you can’t always get what you wa-ant….

    Boy, I’m cranky today. Sorry, angels. Bad couple of days.

  31. HAHAHA! I was laughing my ass off at everyone’s answers for Gig’s biggest fear, Alex writes life (hysterical) and Ben writes death, lol! Kara wrote looking unbeautiful. The interviewer lady was like “What are these answers??” LMAO! And he did great on his interview, getting better at those, thank goodness!

  32. Watch out – Beebee says she reads “other sites” too. So the gig (lol) is up! She knows we talk about her here! Drat!

  33. Eff beebee she’s a hypocrite and if she can dish it she better not complain when she gets it…resume the convo.

    @katherine he is so charming in all of them right?

  34. Absolutely charming!!

  35. areyouin: I guess you don’t remember the very beginning when Beebee was posting HERE. I had a few choice words with her, as did others, and suggested that this wasn’t the site for her. She’s so freakin’ stupid that she apparently didn’t notice that this was the ALEX LAMBERT FUCKIN fan club and we definitely were not having any of HER shit. She went away from here, but as you say, I’m sure she reads our posts. Good.

    Note to Beebee: I know you’re old, but get a life and stop creeping on young men. You’re just making yourself look like the rest of the basement dwellers who post on all those ridiculous sites.

  36. Hmm. That Beebee post actually made me feel better. Thanks all you angels. I love that we can come here and discuss whatever. Sometimes, just being able to vent here on matters that are out of our control is just what the doctor ordered! I love this site and all of our members! I think we are THE coolest fan site ever — not that I’ve ever joined one before…hahahahaha. What is it about Alex that just captured our hearts? Of course, it’s his incredible singing voice, but so much more too. He just reels you in and you’re hooked. Now, THAT’s star power!

  37. AMEN, JANET!!! My sentiments exactly! We are the most awesomest fan club ever, lol (I’ve never joined one either, ha)! And Alex Lambert said it himself in his interview, we are AMAZING fans! :heart:

  38. PS THANK YOU ALEX! :biggrin:

  39. wow Alex is getting better with interviews. He’s funny and charming and much more elaborate with his answers unlike before. I remember his interview with ellen and articles about it was that he’s a great singer but cant finish a sentence, lol. Remember ryan seacrest was like “Wake Up” the day he was moving in the house???

    Oh well, Alex is becoming a star!

  40. “Remember ryan seacrest was like “Wake Up” the day he was moving in the house???”

    I don’t remember that?!

  41. Areyouin – I think Char is talking about the interview that Alex had with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. It’s on itunes if you want to listen to it.

  42. Thanks Cathy!

    I love to watch Alex watching himself. He just watched his Hollywire interview on the computer in the guest room. It’s so cute to see what parts he laughs at! I was gonna read my book, but he’s got me hanging out watching him all night!

  43. I’m hanging with you Areyouin!

  44. Cool – I’m loving Ray LaMontagne!

  45. I’m with you Janet, once Alex reels you in you can’t get away. :biggrin: But who really wants too. :wub:

  46. OMG Areyouin – I just read the response you wrote to Beebee on DU. The one about liking short posts. You are soooo funny. That Beebee is full of herself. (Ooohhh, she posts on other boards. Everyone should follow the rules. blah, blah blah) Well, maybe she should take her own advice.

    I hesitate to post over there because people can be so brutal. You really hold your own over there. I’m impressed. I try to jump in every now and then to help you out, but I’m afraid I’m not much help. You seem to have it under control. GO, Marianne!!!!

  47. ARG! Missed Alex singing some Paolo Nutini last night, I have been messaging him and tweeting him forever ( I sure others have too) to sing a few covers, I even sent him a link to his website in case he wasn’t familiar with him, he has that same soulful sound (with a very heavy sottish accent thrown in)… sad, Oh well, I cant sit in front of tis computer 24/7 :(

    Yeah Cathy, I gave up on that Beebee, a long time ago, there is no reasoning with her and she seemes to think everyone is so stupid as to not catch her Bashing Alex all the while trying to disguise it with some somewhat “positive” post. She accused me of attacking her, so I have chose not to comment on any of her posts, thank goodness for Marianne, Carja1990 and Siaa!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:

  48. Thanks for the kind words Cathy & Linda! :heart: I definitely had fun with that last one. It held up (no replies) until I went to bed. I haven’t checked it today yet (got to sleep in!!) I kept rereading all 3 sentences to see what she felt I didn’t “get”. For the life of me . . .I dunno. Anyway – that’s all I could think of to come back with! I imagine she has come back with some high & mighty zinger (in her mind) by this time. I always TRY not to get into it with her. . . LOL Yes – thank goodness for Carja (Carney) and Siaa!! There are others too. Carney says she checks our wonderful, fabulous site, but doesn’t post. C’mon Carney – love your DU posts, bring some of that spunk over here!! :cheerful:

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