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Feb 142011

For all you Alex Lambert lovers out there, here’s something to make your day a bit sweeter: Alex Lambert Valentine’s Day wallpaper! Right-click on the thumbnail with your screen resolution and choose “open in new window/tab”, then right-click on the image and choose save to download.

With love from!







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  1. Happy Valentines Day to all Alex snaf! Thanks for the valentine pic of Alex. Its the new background :) :wub:

  2. its been a short time since i’ve known alex lambert when the first time a watch him at the if i can dream and his a very smooth voice….

  3. Happy V-day everyone!! Hope all you lovers got some lovin’!! :wink:

  4. Call me crazy but listening to Bruno Mars singing “Just The Way You Are” sounds so much like a song that Alex would write. Great lyrics, catchy tune. Am I the only one that thinks the two are similar?

  5. Hey, Richiej, I agree Bruno Mars and Alex share a similar songwriting sensibililty. Did you watch Bruno at the Grammy’s Sunday night? He was doing sort of old-time Motown if I remember correctly and he was spectacular.

    Speaking of Valentines Day, I love the new wallpaper. I have a graphic artist working on a poster which I hope to one day have signed by Alex (a girl can wish, right). I don’t know why I bothered hiring the artist. The stuff you guys make is awesome! I’m just not talented that way.

    Also speaking of Valentine’s Day, I posted this on the snaf FB page, but don’t know if many of you read it. Ed (hubby) signed his card to me…”You’re un-American Idot.” I was puzzled. WTH? So, I guess I’m not that clever or he’s not (or maybe he is). Anyway, he explained that he meant “Not your American Idol Alex Lambert.” LOL! Too funny. At least he knows where he stands with me. J/K. Gotta love the guy for indulging my addiction.

    Gotta run again. So, damn busy lately. I’ll be back!

  6. richiej:
    Call me crazy but listening to Bruno Mars singing “Just The Way You Are” sounds so much like a song that Alex would write.Great lyrics, catchy tune.Am I the only one that thinks the two are similar?

    Richie – I’ve always thought that Imperfectly Perfect shares the same sentiments and if it were a little faster. . . I love the song but whenever I listen to it I feel like it’s too slow! Maybe just me. :cool:

  7. Janet and Areyouin, if it was someone other than a popular singer singing Just The Way You Are, I would have thought it was a cover of an Alex Lambert Song, if I was hearing it for the first time. That is, after knowing Alex as we do for the past almost a year now.

  8. richiej: Call me crazy but listening to Bruno Mars singing “Just The Way You Are” sounds so much like a song that Alex would write. Great lyrics, catchy tune. Am I the only one that thinks the two are similar?

    EXACTELY, everytime I hear that song I think it could be one of Alex’s, and definitley can picture him singing it!!

  9. All this talk is driving me crazy for Alex’s album release and some live performances! I just can’t wait!!!!

  10. Janet:
    February 16, 2011 at 3:12 PM
    All this talk is driving me crazy for Alex’s album release and some live performances! I just can’t wait!!!!

    Yeah, I totally can’t wait for the album release and the sweet song melodies and lyrics. And maybe perhaps some surprises that even Alex Lambert snaf can’t predict. :ninja:

  11. OMG Ohmira – You almost sound like you know something. Do ya? I’m up for BIG surprises. I just want some news…..please…. :angry:

  12. I’m pretty sure Alex’s album, whenever it is released, will be full of surprises to amaze and delight us. I gotta feeling it’s going to be a little different than what some might be expecting…and in a really good way.

  13. I’m feelin’ it too, Janet….in a really good way.

  14. It seems I logged off twitter too early again last night and missed the Alex tweets. Dammit Janet! Just happy that he seems so happy. I am about ready to burst with anticipation. haha — no pressure Alex! Anyway, any signs of that new video he promised?

    We are about to make plans for the fan-fest in LA. Linda will be in San Diego in May, so that would probably be a good timeframe for us to work with. How do you all feel about that? Linda, please give us your dates and I’ll start doing some research on fares, hotels, etc. OMG! This is really happening!

  15. Good positive tweets from Alex! Alas, the video is MIA LOL, Oh well :(. OK, I will be in SD the 11-17 of May….THANKS FOR THINKING OF ME :wub: Aw, but just know if these dates dont work for everyone, and its easier for some who have school, ect.. to go in the summer, I understand, and still may be able to make it then too. Wow, It would be a blast to meet everyone and possibly see Alex perform… :w00t:

  16. Those dates are as good as any for me, Linda…At this early date, we aren’t really sure yet if there will be a show that particular weekend. But we gotta start making some plans.

    @Janet, I love that you’re taking the lead on this….let me know if you need any help. I think we should try to all stay at the same hotel. Gawd, this is going to be amazing. I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone. I really hope we can work this out. Can you imagine if we go to see him at a small venue, we might even be able to hang out with him and his band a little. Sweet!

  17. Ya-hooooo….this is going to be a blast!

    I just hope we hear from a few more snaf soon. I want to make this as easy, affordable, and fun as possible for everyone. And, yes, Cathy, we should definitely all stay in the same hotel. It’s possible we can even get a group discount. So, c’mon snaf and sign up. If we have to move the date later into the summer so the fans who are in school can go, I hope that’s okay with you Linda. I’m so looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the gang who have been waiting so long for some live Alex music.

    Alex said he would be playing gigs soon, so we should be able to see him at a small venue. As soon as we get some more input, we’ll contact him as well and firm up the dates, etc. We sure as hell don’t want to show up while he’s made a quick trip back to Texas or something!

  18. Janet: “We sure as hell don’t want to show up while he’s made a quick trip back to Texas or something!”

    Thats what I am thinking, that would be no bueno..LOL :blink:

  19. Oh, and, I will totally understand :wub: ….I will be there in August too…so maybe……………I will get lucky :tongue:

  20. I really do want to go back to Cali this year, so I’m gonna really try to make it happen! Although, May is no good for me. I have to wait til school lets out, so end of June, beginning of July is better for me. But I think we will need to know when he’ll be playing shows to really make plans. I definitely want to go though, gonna start savin my monies! hehe
    ETA: Oh and I can also do the end of August too…

  21. Y’all know I’m in for whatever date works.

    @Katherine do you have a spring break that may be an option for a travel date?? The only reason I ask is that I have been thinking about a recent tweet from Alex—

    ” I don’t know about yall! But I cannot wait for summer;) ”

    What if he will not be in LA much this summer because he is on tour??? Wouldn’t that be the best scenario possible!!
    I said I wouldn’t speculate, but I just couldn’t help myself. :tongue:

  22. @Lauren I have Spring break in April for the Easter holiday, so I guess that could be an option, but I also have to see if I can save up enough money by then. Also it depends on when Alex’s shows will be, we don’t even know yet! lol :lol:

  23. I’m happy to see we’re all getting excited about the First Annual Alex Lambert Fan-Fest or Alex Lambert Fan-Fest 2011. We won’t make any firm dates until we’re sure about Alex’s schedule. His tweet about how he can’t wait for summer could mean absolutely anything as we’ve come to learn. No worries. We’ll get his input on the best timing before making any commitments. It is important that the date be convenient for all the snaf who want to go too. Where is everybody lately? Kass, Molly, Snuffles, Alleycatfan, Felicia…We’re spending too much time on Twitter I think! It’s too hard to make our plans on Twitter. I really think we need to check in here to get this moving. Maybe we can set up a chat session soon and see where we’re at…who’s going, best dates, etc.

    I’m here…making lists and checking pricing. Yikes! Airfares are surprisingly high. I don’t expect them to get any lower, so save your pennies!

    Katherine, you are absolutely going because I need a flight buddy!

    See you back here tomorrow when I hope some more of us have checked in.

  24. Waaaah, Janet. I want a flight buddy.

  25. @Felicia – Where are you? So you DID get to the Impakt show last night after all. Hope you got some pictures or video for us. And, wow, you got to talk to Alex. How was he? Any scoop for us? Spill girl, spill.

  26. I second Cathy’s comment. Felicia, where are you? Details, we need details. haha.

    Also, Cathy, after I find out where everyone’s coming from, we might be able to arrange to all fly to one destination hub (like Denver) and fly the last leg of the trip together which would be — whoooop whoooop party flight to LA! This way no one’s traveling too far alone. I just said Denver because it’s a major hub with many flights to LA…but we’ll work out the logistics when we have more info.

  27. FELICIA WHERE YOU AT GIRL??? Hope you got a pic! You gotta tell us something! :w00t:

  28. Janet, that would be awesome! PART ON THE PLANE. btw, I’m coming from Delaware…small wonder.

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