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Jul 042010

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

If you happen to be home, Alex and the other dreamers are having a pool party!!!

Hopefully there’s actually people there this time. :cool:

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  1. Happy Fourth of July everyone. Be safe, Have fun, and Don’t forget the men and women who allow us to have a day like this ?

  2. Yeah, all the credit to them. But i bet you would have your freedom anyways : )

  3. That just has to be THE CUTEST video I’ve ever seen!! :)

  4. LOL! I’m pretty sure Alex has better sense than to tell people to use “anywhere outside” as their toilet. I’m the first to admit that Alex isn’t always careful with the words he chooses, but that has nothing to do with his ability to be a gracious host. In fact, I think he’s the friendliest and most hospitable of them all, so…Happy Pool Party! I only see Alex, Veronica and Kara there, but I guess it’s still early in CA. Heading out myself now. Have a safe and wonderful 4th angels!

  5. Yeah, I remember the little girl singing “Trouble” along with Alex in another video. Now she’s singing National anthem like him. Its too cute. I really like how Alex sang the ‘trouble and the anthem, and apparently she does too. :smile:

  6. Alright so I’m at home with nothing to do until 9 tonight so I stopped in to check up on Alex and when I was watching the first time him and Veronica were laying by the pool just singing and chatting. He was in the pool at one point and he was teasing V about “the spot” :tongue: Now him, V, and Kara are in the kitchen talking. I caught the tail end of the conversation about the Alex and V kiss. All I heard Kara say was “Way to keep a sister in the loop” haha. and then she was saying that everyone was sending her pictures of it.. which I find REDICULOUS! :getlost:
    Also Kara said that she feels like Alex won’t be in the house very much longer because of everything he has been doing lately and the music video. Alex said he is hoping and praying that is the truth and he wants to be signed by Warner :cool:

    Also I’m not quite sure whattt happened last night but I heard him saying something about getting punched in the face :shocked: and he said when he sang “lets get it on” everyone gave him the funniest look. lol.
    Anyways figured most of you, if not all, were out enjoying the holidays so I would fill you in with what I have seen :happy:

  7. This was on DU “Alex is in the kitchen and told Kara how he got punched in the face last night. After the performance last night a group of drunken guys were making comments toward Veronica. Alex got defensive and ended up getting hit. The inside of his lip is cut.” Awe the gallant Ninja. :ninja: Actually I think it’s better if Alex moves out the house and wants to continue to see Veronica or anyone for that matter, than he can have his privacy. I imagine Alex would stay in LA even if he does move out. If Veronica moves into the house permanently then she would also be in LA. Of course I would miss seeing the little Ninja in the house.

  8. Thank you Joy and Trish for clearing that up, like I said I just missed the tail end of it but I knew it had something to do with Veronica because I heard him say something about his girl and then changed it and said well not your girl but you know. haha :) Anyways glad he is okay and it didn’t escelate to something it didn’t have to be and glad he was the gentlemen to stand up for her. Anyways, I’m off to get ready for the night. Hope yall are having a great day.

  9. @Megan – I caught a little of that conversation, too in the kitchen. Kara was telling a story about her sister and brother-in-law in the grocery store, and how a bunch of guys were checking her sister out. Her sister’s husband kept looking over, and said stuff like, Do we have a problem? and kept trying to get them to back off. The guys kept it up, and kept looking at her, and there was talk about them having to take this outside. The husband was really angry, but eventually the guys backed off. I think Kara was telling the story because I guess something similar happened to Alex and Veronica. I didn’t catch all of it, but I think Alex was saying how it’s all about respect, and that he couldn’t just stand there and say nothing when some guy comes by and says “Damn, girl” or “Hey, baby” to Veronica. I guess that’s what happened, and Alex said something back. Veronica said something like, “Thanks Alex” when he was talking about saying stuff and I guess punching guys to defend her. And I think that’s when he said he’s been punched in the face many times before (perhaps cuz of karate?) Kara was making a point by saying that her sister’s so beautiful and it’s gonna happen a lot, so her husband shouldn’t get so angry like that every time and start a fight. She said she understood both sides.

    Anyway, that’s what I caught … not too many plans tonight! Staying away from the rowdy crowds at the “free concert at the park” event. Made that mistake twice in a row!

    I miss everyone here – thanks for all the exciting updates! I’ve been so busy with school, and the next couple weeks are gonna be crazy, so I have to rely on you guys for all the details. Happy Fourth, all!!

  10. I read updates that Alex was in a little fight with some obnoxious drunk guys who were pestering Veronica. I don’t want Alex getting into fights and getting scars, but its understandable he’d be protective. I don’t know why guys hanging in a pack think saying ‘hey babe” and “damn girl” will get a girl interested. Its really just annoying to the girl. And of course men can’t stand it when their girl is being hit on.

    Megan: Alex said he sang “Lets get it on” at the show his vocal coach Mark Renk invited him and Veronica to yesterday and people gave him the funniest look? Mark did say Alex will do a performance with him, but I didn’t think he’d go sing “Lets get it on.” Oh Alex. That Marvin Gaye song has been stuck in his head for a couple days now cause he wants to get it on with Veronica obviously. He should have picked a more current song and one that’s appropriate for the audience.

    I dont think Alex should move out of the house until he has released a full CD at least. The IICD house help keep him visible and keep fans attention and interest in him and his music career. It keeps him in the media too. And he’s getting better at coping with the show, and gaining showbiz experience. He said Simon Fuller told he’s not leaving the show until he has a hit song on radio and a CD and becomes a star. Also, being in the house is about his career first, and he can still have privacy and date Veronica or whoever, cause half the time the cast go out and we dont know what they are up to. Gig is out all night. And Ben isn’t always going to the gym when he says he is. He tweeted Alex that he’s out “pimpin.” And like “Chipp” wrote above – He gets paid to live in the IICD house.. Its not gonna be cheap to keep an apartment on his own in LA. He can’t just go back and live in Texas. He needs to release a CD and make some good income. Plus I like watching Alex work on his career on IICD. And he seems happier now being on the show, since he took that break.

  11. I feel bad that Alex got punched in the face. That sucks. Obviously, he’s got respect for women and felt he needed to protect Veronica. But, let’s pray that doesn’t happen too often. He’s a ninja, but he doesn’t need to be getting in fights to protect Veronica’s virtue.

    Veronica & Alex just recorded “On My Tongue” and were putting it up on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s up yet, but we’ll have to check.

    When I say I’ll be glad when Alex is out of the house, I don’t mean that I’m in a hurry for him to go before he’s ready. I want him to be fully signed, albums recorded, big star…the whole enchilada. But, I do want him to have some semblance of a normal life eventually and not be picked apart and analyzed like a lab rat. That, actually, goes for all of the housemates. So, as much as I enjoy watching him working on his career, I’ll be happy for him when he’s in a place where he can support himself and have a little privacy. Shadow_ia, once again, I agree with you. We never really know where they are anyway. LOL!

    And, what’s with “Let’s Get It On?” He was singing it again tonight. I hate that song. I never liked it and I don’t like it now. :sick: And, it’s a really weird choice for Alex. I hope it’s just a joke. When I tuned in, he was singing it, but I don’t know what was going on before that.

    G’nite Angels.

  12. I think LGIO is his way of expressing his, erm, frustrations… Lol. I never knew anybody could hate that song, by the way. I love it! And I’m definitely not old. :blink:

  13. Shadow,
    I am not sure what exactly he did with the song when he was out with V and Mark but I just heard him telling Kara about it and how he got some weird looks. Veronica just laughed at him. haha :)
    I am sure that they won’t let Alex go without him being ready but he is doing soem great things and I bet before long he will have some great news. I read a comment earlier somewhere saying why would they fly him out to New York record the demo and shoot a video if he wasn’t going somewhere soon and its the truth. That boy better be picked up by somebody soon and whoever snags him better know what they are getting theirselves into because he is going to be the next big thing ;)

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