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Dec 222011

Have an awesome Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah everyone, and a Happy New Year!!

Here’s to a great 2012!!

We think it’s time to resurrect this little gem and spread the holiday cheer :happy:

Also, as a thank you for your patience, support of Alex, and of this site, here’s a holiday card from us for you to download. We hope you enjoy it!


(Click to view full size, then right click and save.)


  10 Responses to “Happy Holidays from!”

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  1. So nice to hear that again. Hey, Alex, how about a new Christmas song?

  2. I wish Alex and all the SNAF a wonderful, happy, healthy, and blessed New Year. Mahalo! :smile:

  3. You guys will LOVE this. I am hosting a friend from Cleveland that I haven’t seen for a few yrs,and I showed her that Alex pic that Lauren posted on the AL Fansite Tumblr..where he’s at the chilrdren’s hospital, w/ the longer hair..Anyway, she said Alex looks like a BETTER looking version of Colt McCoy in the pic, and that Alex was DDG (DROP DEAD GORGEOUS). Colt is a MAJOR hearthrob in that city acc to her. He is the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and, as well models on the side a line of his clothing for several dept. stores…So>>> VERY pleased :w00t:

    • Awww that’s nice to read. Thanks for spreading the word about Alex…. word and pics in this case. I’d have to say that his current twitter avi is receiving some similar comments. Girls are tweeting him about his gorgeous bone structure and how hot he has gotten since AI. I’m sure Alex laughs when he reads them, but he is a handsome young man so he might as well embrace it. It never hurts. Now I need to check out Colt McCoy as I have never seen him before. :sideways:

      • There’s so many ways to introduce Alex He has some great pro pics, his Idol pro pic(s) were amazing, too..But once we get em’ in the door, then everyone can show em’ some GREAT mp3’s, OR you can introduce his brilliant voice first, then when they SEE him, they’re hooked twice :devil: Now, for guy friends, just bring them to his records, and they will be addicted :biggrin:

  4. 46 guests at 1:06 A.M. on a Wed. morning :cool:

  5. I feel like I’ve been lost the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d check in to see what’s new. I’m still here, still supporting, still loving Alex’s music, and smiling at all the attention his looks are getting. That is one awesome package, isn’t it? I have it on my to-do list to see Alex perform live again soon. As the saying goes, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…I’m up for setting something up. Don’t want to step on any toes though if anyone else is working on something. I’ll check back later.

  6. Just checking my updated login — hehehe

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