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Jun 202010

We all applaud you for raising such a fine young man like Alex Don Lambert. Of course all your kids are wonderful…Spencer, Alex, Trenton and Trevor and of course, baby Mason! Here’s how Alex spent his Father’s Day with his dad. From left to Right – Trevor, Trenton, Spencer, Harold, and Alex (MORE PICS after the jump):

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(Above: ) From left to right Trevor, Alex, Trenton and Spencer

Above: The whole gang – Step mom Monica, Baby brother Mason, (3 unknown), Alex, Raylee, (unknown), Spencer, Trevor and Kellivee, Harold and Trenton

And we gotta get Baby Mason in here! This is Trevor, Trenton, Spencer (holding Mason), and Alex.


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  1. Awww. I love that picture. I’m so happy Alex, his brothers, and father all got to spend the day together. Awesome! You’ve got to treasure these moments because they’re fleeting. I hope all of the dreamers get to go home for awhile actually. I was thinking about it, and in reality they’ve been working 24/7 since the show started. I didn’t do the math, but it’s obvious that they’ve earned some time off. It isn’t normal to live your life with cameras watching every little thing you do. And, imagine how it is for the girls? The guys can run around in a pair of shorts and no shirt. If you could see me now, well…I wouldn’t let you. Just woke up from a nap, never put on makeup today because it’s too hot, wearing baggy ass shorts and a tank w/no bra. If I was being filmed, I’d have to be sure that I was at least presentable looking. I showered, don’t get me wrong, but did no primping at all. I’m working today and keeping cool and comfortable. The dreamers don’t get a chance to do that. I wouldn’t have the energy for it. LOL! Of course, I’m not 20 either, but just saying…they ALL deserve a break.

  2. Great photos! Great to see Alex having so much happy family time!! Raylee looks like an angel – she’s so pretty!

  3. awwww what a beautiful family right there. Mason is going to turn out to be such a handsome boy. nice to see Alex spend time with his fam, he deserved a break! thanks for posting these photos! (:

  4. Those are really nice pictures. I hope everyone enjoyed their day today.
    Janet, you kill me…. you have air conditioning? Lucky. hahaha I have fans, lots of fans. lol
    I try to wait as long as I can to put the air conditioner in, usually around the end of July, beginning of August.
    Anyway, Happy Father’s Day Mr. Lambert.

  5. Awww precious, just want to pinch all their cheeks! Happy Father’s Day Harold!!

  6. This is Joe’s Crab Shack, correct? I’m trying to figure out which one has fencing like that. LOL Did they go to Dad, or did Dad go to them?

    Geez… I hope folks didn’t bother Alex for autographs while he was with his family. That is a good-looking bunch. I am so happy to see Alex smiling. And look at Mr. Trevor with a “Hollywood” T-shirt on!

  7. I do think Justin’s not all sweet Christian boy. He’s just good with media and when he’s on camera he can play it up. When he’s not he’s his mr Hollywood self hangin out with his fancy friends and all. I dunno but he strikes me as having the “I’m too cool for this” attitude. I dunno jmo.

    Alex seems to be just as real as you can get and is really humbled by all the attention… ..And they all call him cocky… Such bullcrap! Anyhow fan tweeted a pic with him at the airport saying he’s so sweet which seems to be the general opinion of people who’ve actually met him. Guess he’s flying in as we speak and I can happily anticipate him snoozing away in his bed when I tune I’m tomorrow. Gnyt y’all!

  8. Wow… I’ve never realised how blond the Lambert boys are!!! :blink: Lol.

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