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Dec 102011

From everyone here at
and the entire Snaf Crew, may your 21st birthday be as
amazing as you are, and your 21st year a great one.


Thanks to all the Snaf for sending in videos!! And an extra special thanks to Cecily for putting it all together!!

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  19 Responses to “Happy 21st Birthday Alex Lambert!!!”

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  1. Cec did an amazing job! It’s so awesome :cheerful:

    • Happy birthday from Marcus,Winston,Ben,and Ted. (Winston:mate, you dont happen to know where i put my banjo do you?….) :cheerful:

  2. Cecily – fabulous video!! You did a great job.

    Alex – Happy, Happy Birthday. It’s gonna be a great year!! Enjoy :biggrin: #SNAFcrew4life

  3. Fantastic, SNAF-a-listic job on the video, Cecily!!

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy aLeX!! :heart: :heart:

  4. Cecily, I love the video!!! You did a fantastic job putting it together. :heart: :biggrin:

    HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY ALEX !!!!! :heart: :heart: :biggrin: Your SNAF love you very much.

  5. Cecily GREAT job on the video! Love it! All the snaf are so cute! And…

    HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!! WE :heart: YOU!! #snafcrew4life :biggrin:

  6. Alex,
    Just loved the video. Cecily & girls great job! I used to think I loved you the most but now I’m not so sure. What an amazing fan base! LOVE LOVE LOVE
    You deserve it.

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  7. Hip Hip Hooray! Alex I bet you can’t believe that you have finally arrived at the ripe ole’ age of 21. Have a great day ahead and remember that the snaf crew is always there supporting you every step of the way! :biggrin:

    A million thanks Cecily Gonzalez… el Presidente extraordinaire!! Job well done gurl! :angel:

  8. Happy Birthday Alex :heart: I hope you had a great day. And we hope you see this video!
    Thank you Cecily for your good good job and all the SNAF, I hope I will see you all someday :smile:

  9. 1st want to thank Cecily for putting the vid together! Best Fan Club Prez evah!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex! May this year be everything you wish and hope it to be. We will all be here supporting you whenever you need us . Cant wait for the next Snaf fest, I will definately be there. :heart: ya!!!! and thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute to the vid! We are pretty awesome, if i do say so myself :wub:

  10. uber Fantastico :) SO happy to be part of something so awesome!!!!!

  11. What a hoot! You guys cracked me up. Especially the mustaches!! Y’all are crazy! Hi Snafs! Sorry I missed Boston. Thank you all so so much!

  12. Hi Gwen! We missed you in Boston, but thanks so much for stopping by here! I’m so glad you liked the video. We are a very dedicated bunch! Haha. Alex’s performance was AMAZING in Boston, as usual. I feel so, so lucky to have been able to meet Alex and watch him perform twice in one year! He is truly a very special and super-talented person and I’m proud to be a fan of his. We’ll be supporting him and his music always. He is the best! :heart:

  13. The video was awesome! I hope Alex’s birthday was just as awesome. I can’t wait to see other SNAF at the next performance, wherever it may be. And I also can’t wait to see Alex perform again too! :biggrin: SNAFCREW SNAFLOVE

  14. :w00t: X a zillion Just saw Alex’s pic on the front page of the AL Fansite TUMBLIR, and He puts any matinee idol in the shade..Honestly looks like the subject of a Michelangelo painting..Hope Alex sees it, would be awesome as an avi…

    • Gee thanks! :whistle:
      It is a great shot, but you know it’s not G enough for his avi. Plus it’s dated. :ermm:

      • I guess I haven’t seen too many G’s w/ shirts or hair that style :lol: .but hopefully, he can find a headshot like that, with his style for one of his avis -gets butts in the seats :wink:

  15. I need to finish a lot of homework tonight but took time to say hi. I hope the effort counts ..
    Happy Birthday Alex!!!!

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