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Jul 022010

First and foremost Happy Friday!! It’s the weekend and it’s almost Independence Day!! :cool:
Since I’m sure you all will be out the 3rd and the 4th for festivities how about you all comment and share your plans for the holiday? :sideways:

As for Friday in the “If I Can Dream House,” it’s going to be a rip-roaring good time!
First Alex has a guitar lesson with Allen Hinds at 11AM PST. But, the best part of the day has to be that actor and funnyman Ken Davitian will be visiting.

Some of you may be wondering who he is? If you don’t know him…and you’re over the age of 17, I suggest you go rent Borat! Funniest movie ever! Here’s a picture of the guy to get you more aquainted.

So just think of it, comedic actor + Alex Lambert = high-larious!!! :w00t: :silly: :biggrin:

Definitely tune in for that and check back later in the day just in case we get some NY vlogs!! But, in all honesty, we probably have a better chance seeing an :alien: .

Haha, sorry I just wanted to use that emoticon and it doesn’t make sense in day to day conversation. Have an Alex Lambert day everyone!!

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  1. My July 2nd plans: Watch Alex, swoon, crack up! :wub:

    My July 4th plans: Eat food, get drunk, pass out! :biggrin:

  2. Hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend. Have fun and be careful! :)
    My little sister’s granddaddy passed away this morning so tonight I have a viewing to go to and then the funeral is Saturday morning. Kind of puts a damper on such a festive weekend but everything should be okay :) Sunday Im not really sure what I am up to yet. Might head out to my stepmom’s dads for a little while or might go see my momma. Either way Im sure it will be fun.

    and btw, right now Alex is in the guest room with Veronica… rubbing her feet and lower legs :wassat: haha. You can tell he is really attracted to that girl from the way he spends time with her to the way he talks about her and acts around her. :happy: Atleast its her and not Gig :sick:

  3. ahhh, i also forgot to say that your alien sentence made me laugh hysterically. :tongue:

  4. Luv that guy!!!! Alex will go bananas with him… Hopefully no butt naked man to man wrestling though!

    Jul 2: work from home = creep on Alex while getting paid!
    Jul 3: symphony then early fireworks
    Jul 4: hang out at waterfront start drinkng at noon then more fireworks

    what are the 4th of July plans at the house?
    BTW, our lil Alex is smitten with V, I think she is too with him. Who wouldn’t be? he sings to her all day! Sorry Ben, ur hot but I’ll trade your fabulous abs to have alex sing to me :)

    have a wonderful weekend y’all!

  5. Will be outta own today and tomorrow….Tunica, Ms
    July fourth off to Pickwick Landing on the Tenessee River for fireworks, still cant get used to the South, I miss he festivities in San Diego!!! Oh if anyone gets any footage of house guest comedian/Alex please post, since I again will miss anything going on during the weekend :cwy:

  6. Hey everyone. I, too will be away this whole weekend :cwy: . I’m going camping in way upstate NY, near Canada actually. Driving up late tonight and coming back home Monday. Maybe I’ll run into BigMouthKrandel, haha! Hope Alex keeps busy and I don’t miss too much! I’ll be sure to check back here as soon as I get home to see what I missed, I’m sure I won’t be able to get internet or good reception in the middle of the woods. And yes, the :alien: comment was very funny and true, lol. I’ll tune in later tonight for a bit to see this comedian guy. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!

  7. My family is headed to Fripp Island, SC to spend the 4th at the beach. It should be alot of fun chillin’ with our feet in the sand while drinking ice cold beer. Fireworks, friends, and fun.. We have had this place for 8 years with no internet service. Had it installed last month…couldn’t live without IICD. I’m addicted. Thanks to you Alex I have another monthly bill to pay. :w00t: It would have happened sooner or later though.

    I have to say that Alex and Veronica are adorable. Infatuation makes the heart go pitter patter. Keep an eye out… they will be writing a song together before she leaves. Hopefully, this will happen today or tomorrow, not the 4th please. If anyone is watching and they are together with a laptop, just tweet “V” at @veronicabal and she could easily set up an impromptu twitter session. She keeps her phone by her side at all times and is very responsive. It would be nice because it has been such a long time since his last one.
    Take care everyone. Have a great holiday and be safe!

  8. I stayed up waaaaayyyy past my bedtime last night watching the luvbirds when they were sitting in V’s room looking at Youtube videos of Alex. Let me tell ya, I could feel the heat all the way through the laptop! :kissing:

    Our little :ninja: has struck again! Stolen a heart–and so effortlessly. He’s one smooth Casanova, that young man. Ben who?? lol

    I’m doing nuttin’ this 4th…actually getting on a plane on the 6th for a quick mid-week trip to the Rockies–figures I’ll miss Alex’s skype session. Boo! But I’ll have a mini laptop with me which I’ll plug in each night…gotta get my Alex fix! Everyone heading out today, have a great holiday!

  9. OMG,that song -Sugar,Let’s Get It On-that Alex is singing with Allen Hinds accoMpanying-Alex is every bit as good a vocalist as Roberta Flack-that Allen used to work alot with-and that is saying SOMETHING!!! SHE IS ONE OF THE BEST VOCALISTS IN THE LAST 35 YEARS!


    Not 100% sure but I think that Alex will be writing with these guys or one when he goes back to NYC in two weeks. He was telling a person in the garage that he will be writing with someone who wrote “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. Besides Pat Monahan these are the other co-writers and they are based in New York. Legit, right!!!!

  11. SO I watched the guitar lessons and I love Allen! Totally making fun of Alex and how he doesnt listen. (its kinda true, it is hard to keep his attn) Alex started jamming “Let’s get it on” and playing with the camera. I remembered in AI when he said he didnt know how to sing and act for the camera oh well, now he does, that lil luvahboy!

  12. @Char I would love for IICD to post the video of him singing “Let’s get it On.” Can we request that they post it on the IICD site for a featured video or is it better at Dream Updates. It is classic. The lyrics are pouring out of him today, i.e. “you give me chills throughout my body”. He is off to the Dream Studios to do his Hulu interview and told Ben that it should be very interesting.

  13. Well, I didn’t want to post the spoiler about the writing team, but since Lauren let the cat out of the bag… :lol: yes, Espionage is about as big as they get. Worked with many of the Idol winners– winners, mind you, not semi-finalists. Co-wrote Hey, Soul Sister, one of the biggest hits of the friggin’ year. Have also written with/for Beyonce, Chris Brown, to name a few.

    Oh man, big things, big THINGS…(tmAlexLambert)

  14. @Diane, Did Alex want to keep it secret? If so, my bad! Didn’t hear him say that. I am still not sure, are you? Just deducting from the garage convo. Did you hear more??? Espionage is huge. “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce and I found it interesting to read that “Hey Soul Sister” was written on the ukulele. I feel like since he went to New York he is a completely different person, skyrocketing to the top. :smile:

  15. Diane, I have to agree. He has definitely stolen the heart of not only Veronica but all of us here. He is so easily lovable. :)

  16. Wow!! Exciting stuff guys! I so agree that it seems that things are moving along really, really well for Alex. I’m so glad TPTB really believe in his talent and potential, (as much as we do) to set him up with such established songwriters and professionals. Yay for Alex! And I totally agree Lauren, since he returned from NY he’s got some crazy, excited energy! I think he was really inspired by his experience there. I saw him tell Ben this morning that it was incredible and he really wants to go back. Hmmm, he must know lots of stuff we don’t know yet, idk, just sayin’…

  17. Definitely Diane.And when you think that they’ve also gotten one of Bieb’s main writers,AND,additionally,another writer who’s a prominent Britney Spears writer(that Alex mentioned in his long interview with Michael several weeks ago),and Jason Reeves himself-awesome song too,and several others,we know they are aiming far higher than the Lee level of performer.The most prominent writer they’ve given Lee, MJS BIG BLOG IS Kara Dioguardi-Ughhh!

  18. My July 4th plans aren’t that exciting. Barbecue & beer at my brother’s house tomorrow. It’ll be fun — although very hot. Then, I’ve got to get ready for a jewelry show on the 6th. Actually, I’ve already been working on it, but I need more pieces. There just aren’t enough hours in the ding-dong day.

    Aha! So, it sounds like Alex really does have a thing for Veronica! I haven’t seen them together since he’s been back. Been busy all day. She, of course, cannot resist him as we all know. Uh-oh, sorry Ben. Really like ya, but Alex steals all the ladies hearts without even trying.

    Hey, soul sister … now THAT song is stuck in my head!

  19. Its ironic that Alex hung with Sean Penn the other day in NYC-Alex may be at the level of Sean’s first ex-in the not too distant future :biggrin:

  20. Whoa just researched on Espionage and I actually know one of the guys Espen Lind!!!! Alex will be huge, they know it and theyre really grooming him i feel like. Damn I hope this really goes through coz seriously Alex has one of the best voices ive heard in a while for someone so young and relatively inexperienced.

    BTW, here’s Espen Lind (on the guitar) with a bunch of guys + world Idol winner Kurt Nilsen (amazing vocals too) singing the most amazing rendition of Hallelujah I’ve ever heard, Sorry Tim Urban.

  21. I was like who is that? That’s some huge-ass pic. I don’t know who Ken Davitan man is cause I’ve never seen that Borat movie. Its not my type of movie. I’m not into comedic movies really – I prefer Sci-fi/adventure and drama, but like most teenage boys Alex would probably like movies like Borat, and enjoy seeing that man on IICD.

    So Alex is working with Espionage who co-wrote “Hey Soul sister” for Train, and they’ve worked with Beyonce too? That should be a good fit cause that Train’s song does fit Alex, and I remember during Idol, fans were posting on his board that he should sing “hey soul sister.” I kind of see Alex’s music vibe on his CD to have the pop/soul vibe of that song. His CD is starting to take shape.

    Alex was hanging with Sean Penn — he seems like the type of person Alex would like. Sean Penn had that thespian bad boy image when he was younger – and Alex is an adorable punk-ass kid.

    That Alex boy. Yeah, he’s got game, and he’s already charming Veronica. They have music in common too. He can learn from her about being focused on music career.

  22. Speaking of him meeting Sean Penn in NYC, if you didn’t see it on live stream he was in the kitchen talking to Ben, Kara, and Veronica. He told them that he met Sean Penn, but walked away without telling him how much he liked him in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Kara gave him one of those looks like ‘are you for real’…I love that Alex knows Sean Penn, Oscar award winner, best as that dude Spicoli. :silly:

  23. So just an FYI…the PETA shots are out and circulating the internet. And, don’t know how to say this, but they look cheap and pornographic. The 3 that posed are getting torn up by the comments. So thank God Alex decided not to do it! That kid has a good head on his shoulders!! Go Alex!!!

  24. Lauren: I didnt see it live, I just read here he was hanging with Sean Penn. Yeah, I can see Alex liking Sean in a movie like “fast times at ridgemont high.’ When I saw Alex with his big sunglass during idol Hollywood week, I thought it made him look like the comedic guys in 80’s teen high school movies. (I prefer he wears sleeker current sunglass) I saw quite a bit of Alex and Veronica live stream last night hanging out though. I saw her writing a song today, but Alex was at dream studio. I wanted to see him. Maybe he’s back now.

    Gollymolly: Thank God Alex wasnt in that Peta shoot. My jaw dropped when I saw them like that in those pics. Its like porno, and Gig is right in the middle of a threesome. Embarrassing — but they are models and used to nudity.

  25. Cathy the mini guitar is AWESOME!!!! He wanted one like that so good call!!

  26. Cathy, he just walked in with your guitar! Awesome! Sounds great. :-) You can tell he is thrilled with it.

  27. Cathy, just out of curiosity, do you remember what model the guitar is? I wonder if it’s the exact same one I had planned on sending.

  28. Thanks Jill, you said that you had done so much research, I was so worried that I might not have picked the right one. I am glad he likes it. Did you hear him sing my name?

  29. Jill, Martin LX1

  30. Oh and I think we should give Jill credit for having the same idea. I just beat her to it.

  31. I did hear him sing your name! Too cute!

    I did do a lot of research, but short of asking someone in the house it would have been impossible to figure out exactly which one Justin had anyway since most of the ones in that line look the same. They’re just structurally different. I just picked out the one I liked the most based on the specs. No right or wrong there!

  32. You guys are both awesome. Alex is rockin’ some blues on it right now. He keeps saying, “ooh.” “ooooh.” lol

  33. Hahaha….yep that’s the exact same one I had picked out! Well done, since I think I have great taste. LOL!

    I actually thought about seeing if anyone wanted to go in with me on it, but I didn’t know how appropriate that would be so I didn’t. Anyway, I don’t care who got it. I just wanted him to have it. :smile:

  34. I’m glad. I think you know a lot more about guitars than I do (since I know nothin’). I feel good knowing it’s the same one you would have sent. Thanks.

  35. I only know a lot about Martins, because I’m looking to buy one for myself soon. I don’t have a clue how to play yet, but I’ve done so much research on Martins in the last couple of months that I feel like a walking guitar manual…lol! I’ve been wanting to learn how to play for years, but Alex has inspired me to finally get off my butt and get moving on it!

  36. Alex and Veronica have so much chemistry between them. Veronica and Ben… not so much. Poor Alex just wants to go out for a little while and they won’t let him. I figured they would want to promote a relationship between Alex and Veronica. How old is she?

    I usually work weekends, but this weekend I’m off! No big plans. Going to see Eclipse Saturday. Sunday is my birthday, so we are having a cookout with family. Then to the park for music and fireworks. Not exciting, but I enjoy it.

  37. Hey everyone before I lose reception, just had to tell u guys the name of the place I’m camping at is Alex Bay! Just can’t get away from that lil ninja, not that I want to, lol! Ha! How funny is that? Just had to share, ok gotta go!

  38. Have fun camping Katherine :) Love the name of teh campsite.
    Happy early birthday Shar and I am pretty sure Veronica is 19. :)

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