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Jun 252010

Okay I’m sure we all got this message – today there’s a no hold barred grill session of executive producer Michael Herwick and “superfans” can supposedly get preference. What questions should we grill Michael about? Post them here. It takes place at 5:30 Central Standard time – 330 pacific / 630 eastern.

Let me know!

Update: Alex is finished with the full production of “Dream With My Eyes Open” and just revealed he’ll be shooting a music video for “I Didn’t Know.” Things are moving!!

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  1. I don’t know if anyone has uploaded this before, but here’s an mp3 of Alex singing The Star Spangled Banner :)

  2. Cathy – I can’t remember. . .are you the mom who has a son starting hockey? If so, is it his party at the ice rink?? That will be fun! What state are you in?

  3. @lauren – great post! I thought I saw/heard most of the vocal lesson yesterday, but must have missed the “oops” moment or else it went right over my head. You sure seem to have a little insider info! I’m not gonna lie – I’m a little jealous.

    How is Alex supposed to try to set up something on his own to meet Jessica?? That’s kind of lame. They bring two youtubers over to the house yesterday, never even officially introduce them – they are still unknown to me (I haven’t bothered to search for them on youtube). So why can’t they invite someone like Jessica, who seems to work in some type of entertainment field? What’s the diff?? :ermm:

  4. Uhhmmm his GF tweeted “nice talking to you” , is it a that’s were over or glad wer talking again?! Haha ok I won’t specul8 on this kids dating life :)

    so I’m pretty excited about him in NY and IICD should make him do a short set for his eastcoast fans and invite Jess along so they can meet. It’s great TV and it’s endearing insted of stupid petty bickering they always seem to include. I’ll tweet Alex to request it too. Maybe they’re asking for Alex to initiate and they’ll set it
    up. I think if jell be gone for a week there’d be other things in store not just a music vid coz I think that normally just last for 2-3 days. Maybe hrs signing with a new York record deal or recording full production in a NY studio??? I’m glad he was out with V last, she’s chill and she’s more experienced with music and could probably teach him a thing or two. He’s ettter to hang with her than gig who causes drama.
    Also any of u noticed if Alex is avoiding her? Just read that when she wentto the pool he left and went to the pilates machine? I also notice that he seems more mindful of what he says and how it might get edited on the episode. This little stupid dramas are so annoying and takes away from what’s more important, his music! He’s gonna be huge and I won’t he surprised if he comes out the most successful this season.

  5. @Char I agree! Do you live in NY? I was going to do the same thing and tweet to IICD if they could do something for the NY/ East Coast fans to see him perform or meet him at least. That would be so great, I’m gonna get busy on twitter! :wink:

  6. With Alex gone for a week I will be getting alot done in my house again. I suppose it is good for us to wean ourselves off of IICD. I’ll still tune in some for Veronica and Ben. So many good things are happening for Alex that it is just a matter of time, but he still has so much more to accomplish in regards to performance experience, so time will tell if and when he moves out. I will not divulge anything top secret about the music video for “I Didn’t Know”, but I will tell you that(I think) will be shot outside in various locations around the city. It should be cool. Alex had an oops moment on camera yesterday with Mark, so if anyone heard it don’t tell. He was so cute when he realized that he probably wasn’t suppose to say anything.
    I read some people were concerned with the amount of time that Alex and Veronica were gone yesterday (not just you @areyouin). From what I gathered they had alot on the adgenda. I had heard Alex and Mark talking about getting together last night at Mark’s studio, if his partner was not using it. The whole voice session was completely disrupted by the Youtube people showing up at the same time. It would have been normal for Veronica to tag along. That with Alex showing her his “inspirational” spot, dinner, and going to the beach (which she said she had not seen yet) would definitely have consumed the hours. Anyhow I hope that they had fun away from the cameras.
    I did want to include this tidbit from yesterday. Alex had joined Veronica by the pool. He is working on his tan for the video and said he really couldn’t relax by the pool anymore. She asked why and he told her the whole story about Gig pouring all rotten mixture on him. He told her about taking a shower in their bathroom because his shower was broken and being so mad he peed in all the bottles. He told her that the episode did not include what Gig had done to him, but that “his fans” knew the truth. I love that he knows that we are there and have his back. I must say that Veronica is a good person for Alex to talk to. She has a comfortable vibe. I feel that she has been approached to come live in the house full time. She’ll be leaving to fulfill some prior committments, but I think she may be coming back.

    Lastly, does anyone know if IICD is setting up a meeting between Jessica Bongiorno and Alex. She lives in the area. That really must happen. Also during Michael’s tweet session I remember a question pertaining to this. Didn’t he say that she was pretty much responsible for him being on the show, but it was up to Alex to get with her?? What exactly did he say?? Back to Jessica and Alex, if nothing has been done for these two to meet we should be relentless in tweeting @iicdhouse and #iicdhouse to have this happen. We need to make this a reality!!! What do y’all think?

  7. @Char I also noticed that tweet and couldn’t figure it out. She’s never gone to twitter before? Not my business, but she did it in a very public way.
    I did notice yesterday that when Gig and her friend went out to the pool that Alex immediately went inside and did not speak to her. My initial thought was the friendship is over. Her going to twitter with gripes about him was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Alex is just not going to take the BS anymore. Let’s just say he will probably be very guarded towards her now. I too think that Veronica is a good person for Alex to be around. She has a quiet confidence and interacts well with her fans. He might learn a few pointers from her. I also like when he is singing a song and stops that she tells him to finish it. It is as if she is telling him for me.
    I’ll start my twitter campaign.

  8. Forgot to say @Char you’re right Alex will be the best selling artist from AI9. Initially the top finalists will have more momentum when their albums will be released. It’s only normal, but then it will pass and Alex having produced the more superior album will succeed in the end. We all know he will have a hit in no time, could be “I Didn’t Know”? I just decided to look to see if MJ of Mjsbigblog picked up anything on Alex being in NYC. Nothing is there, but when I googled her site and the listing came up, Alex Lambert was one of the featured AI names under the website address. It was above Adam Lambert’s name. I would say that it is really good, wouldn’t you?

  9. @Lauren, thanks for the update! You always have the best recaps, besides Kassandra who’s been pretty busy lately, lol. I’m so excited he’s coming to NYC! I wish IICD could set something up for him to perform somewhere while he’s here or meet fans or something, that would be awesome! And about Alex meeting Jess, I totally agree with you! I think it would be a great tv moment, IICD should set that up. Thanks to Molly cuz I asked them if they could tweet that question about Alex and Jess meeting, in to Michael because I wasn’t home at the time. I think they said that Michael said that it would be great, but he didn’t know for sure if/when it would happen. I agree, I will relentlessly tweet IICD with you to make it happen, lol! I think they should definitely meet and we should be able to see it go down, it would be a sweet moment!

  10. I personally would love to flood IICD with tweets about a Jessica/Alex meeting. Molly and Kass how do we handle this? Should we decide on a specific time later today and tweet away? At least our voices will be heard!!!!! :biggrin:

  11. I’m glad Alex feels comfortable enough around Veronica that he could lay out the whole “pee” incident to her. She seems very non-judgmental, which is what he needs right now. I agree, I think Gig burned her last bridge with Alex. He doesn’t take any shit, as we all know, so I think “she’s dead to him” now. :lol:

    I don’t have any scoop on this upcoming week in NYC, but I’ve been mulling the whole thing over in my brain since he announced it the other day. First of all, I’m intrigued, because they easily could have shot the video in LA–it’s not like there is any shortage of directors around there, ya know?

    I’ve got to think he’s got some additional writing sessions lined up in NYC with the normal stable of Jive/RCA writers, like Claude Kelley (Idols Kelley Clarkson’s My Life would Suck W/O You; Fantasia; David Archuleta; David Cook,etc.) and other NYC writers who’ve written for Jordin Sparks, etc. If this turns out to be true, then that tells me that Alex has really hit the big time and will definitely get signed by one of the Sony label brands.

    Or, as others have said, they are doing full production on some songs in NYC recording facilities (which are top-notch). Or post-production. Either way, it is all very exciting. I hope we get some V-Logs out of him, or at minimum, they’ll take a cameraman along with them for an upcoming episode.

    Also, I think Raylee is a very sweet girl, and a good influence on Alex–BUT, she’s got to cut him some slack. He’s told her he loves her; I wish she could just relax and go with the flow. He just doesn’t need the drama in his personal life right now. I would think she would want what’s best for him, and right now that means he has to focus on getting his career off the ground. Her behavior is just going to drive him away.

  12. @Admin, well the petition started the same night he got eliminated, no? and kept growing & growing the next day and the days after. So maybe 19 saw it then and saw that it was getting lots of signatures by the hour and then decided to get Alex on IICD. I think it was because of the petition that IICD wanted him for the project, otherwise why would they choose him randomly if he wasn’t getting any buzz? There were other surprise eliminations that night, like Lily and Katelyn, they could’ve asked them, don’t ya think? That’s what I think, idk..

  13. @Diane, that’s a good point about him doing other things in NY. He totally could’ve done the video in LA. There’s gotta be other good stuff going on and he should be getting signed soon, I mean videos cost a lot of money to make :whistle:, just sayin…

  14. I didn’t know Alex would be gone to New York for a week. It means they want to spend enough time on video and make things turn out well.

    Its good Alex got to spend time with Veronica yesterday and get to know her more before he leaves for NY. Veronica has more experience with music and recording than Alex and he can learn something from her. I like how she is a young girl who is focused and really has her music career together. I saw her MySpace and she had a long schedule of events she will be doing. She keeps busy, but being on IICD till July 7 atleast she may have canceled some. She may leave July for an event or come back and leave again in August based on what we’ve heard.

    I think Alex is still annoyed with Gig writing crap about him on twitter (they will probably make up later) I read updates she was asking Alex to go out with her when he came back from Texas and things was fine then. That same time Alex told her to stop saying around he’s trying to seduce her cause he doesnt even like her.(probably was kidding about disliking her) And Gig said “whaat” or something. Maybe that’s what got her to start this trash talk of Alex on twitter, cause her ego was hurt cause she wants Alex to be lusting after her. She used to tweet before that Alex has a crush on her, and now she is writing crap. Also, she was saying to her friend at the pool yesterday that Justin Beiber looks like a baby lesbian, and then went on to add that Alex kind of look like Justin Bieber. This is the same Gig who said few weeks ago that she gets along most with Alex cause he’s “super cute” – now she’s saying nonsense. Gig has issues.

    By the way, someone posted a link here or somewhere to check out Alex’s cute pic – even though it didnt show up, but in that link I saw pic of that nude shot of Gig, Ben, and Justin together and she in the middle. I cant believe Gig did it – its embarrassing. Here is the link. Look to the right for the nude PETA pic. Don’t click on it if you underage or dont wanna see.

  15. I really am not sure either. My mother always thought it was planned that way, but she is even more of a conspiracy theorist than I am. I remember when Alex said that after about 3 or 4 days he was asked to come on to IICD and someone tweeted Jessica about it. She said that what he said was more of a generalization, like it felt like it was 3 or 4 days. I think that Jessica is truly a genuine person. During the petition days, I e-mailed her and she responded back to me immediately answering all my questions. She worked tirelessly, and (I think) selflessly through this whole process. I remember when she received so much criticism for not being able to get him back onto Idol. 19 was only offering IICD. She took alot of hits through this whole process.
    I also think that IICD had just started up about one month before Alex was added. The show wasn’t established by any means and obviously by adding Alex they would be able to increase viewership. To me, I see it as a win/win. That guest room was never intended to be an official room of a cast member.
    I did read that someone tweeted her about Alex coming to NY to do the video and she tweeted back that that was news to her. Was that you @areyouin?
    I still think that they should meet regardless. Hey it’s good tv, isn’t it?

  16. About the video it has to be shot in New York because this event is not taking place in LA. Sorry I can’t say. I’ve got to keep Alex’s secret that he mistaken revealed yesterday. It could take a few days to shoot. There could be several locations where they will need to film. Of course this is all speculation on my part from the huge clue that he gave away yesterday. I swear if you could have seen his reaction when he slipped up. He’s such a cutie!
    I dislike Gig :devil: and her annoying scanky friend. :angry:
    I heard that Alessandra say that Justin Beiber looks like a lesbian baby. What the hell is wrong with her? Is she on drugs all of the time? Y’all are probably tired of reading my comments.

  17. Lauren, we will never grow tired of reading your comments!! You’ve always got the scoop and good insights. Right now, however, this secret that you’re sitting on is killing me!!!!! How can you hold it in? I think you should tell us. Come on. Okay. Just kidding. I admire your ability to respect someone’s confidence. I gotta think though, if you heard it, someone else probably did too. I hope someone cracks! LOL.

    I’m not even going to comment on Gig. I hope Alex just stays the hell away from her.

  18. LOL @ Lauren! We’re not tired of reading your comments! You always go the scoop, haha! I agree about Gig, she is just so strange, “lesbian baby” who says that? what does that even mean? :getlost:

  19. Haha@ Janet, great minds think alike! I didn’t even see ur post until after my comment came up, LOL.

  20. Oh Gig, I actually liked her for a while, but this past week changed everything. I don’t get why she’s acting this way? And why the sudden hating on Alex? Funny story, she used to always reply me on Twitter and she actually started talking to me a few times, but all of this seem to have stopped when she realized that I was a fan of Alex? Seriously, girlfriend needs to shape up! Does she not think about her image AT ALL?

  21. Katherine; I saw Justin Beiber or some Tv personality say on a talk show sometime ago that there was a site where lesbians who think they look like Justin Bieber with same haircut were all posting their pics. I think that’s the connection Gig and her friend were making that he looks like a “baby lesbian” – I guess like a teen lesbian and a guy cute like a girl.

  22. @ Shadow – you beat me to it! I was just going to mention that my son said there’s a site with photos of lesbians that look like Justin Bieber! :lol:

    @lauren — you’re such a tease :silly: How come nobody else heard this big tidbit?! I swear I was watching the whole thing – I hate when that happens! :angry:

    I’ve been gone several hours and skimmed all the lovely comments quickly, so I’m not sure who mentioned they think Alex is watching what he says lately (about Gig or to Gig), but yesterday in the kitchen with Ben and Veronica he said that he thinks of Gig like the “outsider” of the house. My immediate thought was – uh-oh Alex – you know that will be in the episode! :blink:

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