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Jul 302010

Fretful for the future of If I Can Dream… lots of strange rumors and murmurings floating around these days.

The good news is that none of this seems to be affecting Alex. “I Didn’t Know” is getting a TON of positive media attention (yay!) and he’s been out at writing sessions every day this week. Which, though we may miss seeing him around, is a good thing. Because with every writing session he comes closer to having enough good songs for his album. Which means he’s a step closer to being able to leave the Dream House. Which, these days (with phrases like “sinking ship” being bandied about), can’t come soon enough.

What do you all think? Has ‘If I Can Dream’ entered a downward spiral? Will they be able to pull things back together? Or are they just experiencing a summer lull? And most importantly, will this affect Alex, or has he gone beyond the stage where it matters how the show does?

One bit of good news for those of you impatiently waiting: Alex recorded a vlog this morning! Keep an eye out, we’ll post it here the minute it comes out (or we’ll do our darndest to lol).

Also, Merlin Castell (the kooky fashion designer whose visit was cancelled last week) will be making over the cast’s closet today, Friday, at 2 pm. No word on whether Alex will be back for that (though somehow I doubt it given he left the house for a session just after at 11 am).

UPDATE: Alex indeed didn’t return in time for Castell’s visit – probably a good thing as Castell flipped out about Alex’s clothes being on the floor.

Also based on a tweet from Eddie R Sanchez, his session today is with the TJ Scarlett Band (, Eddie and Marcus Sanchez (, and the Avila brothers ( (Thanks to Katherine for sniffing it out!)

VLOG!!!! (Thanks Cathy!)

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  1. Victory is Ours!!! I just found out the second chart is THE TOP MUSIC VIDEOS IN POPULARITY RIGHT NOW IN THE WORLD,AND ALEX AT NUMBER 2 IS AHEAD OF Usher,Eminem,Bieber,BOB,and many more- SO AWESOME!!!!!

  2. This ranking is overall. I clicked on unsigned (assuming he would be #1 in unsigned.) Interesting, he wasn’t listed in unsisgned. He was listed in MAJOR as #1.

  3. Yes indeed-@Cathy,I just checked and Alex charts at Number One on THE MUSIC VIDEO CHART UNDER MAJOR ARTISTS.The previous chart I cited,where he was number 2 was not current. :biggrin:And,this is for ALL GENRES OF MUSIC-THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!

  4. THANKS ALLEYCATFAN!!! I just made a new post about it!!

  5. I went to the American Idols tour yesterday in Lexington, KY. It was better than I thought it would be. The commercial for IICD came on the big screen twice. I got to hear and see Alex sing the theme song. It made my night. They also have an ad in the program. The commercial said “6 aspiring artists…” It showed Justin with Ricky Minor. I wonder who the 6th artist is. I didn’t see Amanda or Veronica in the ad. I may have just missed them.

    After the concert, we met most of the Idols behind the arena. I asked Andrew Garcia if he still talked to Alex. He said “all the time”. I told him I loved Alex. I was hoping he mentioned to Alex that he has fans even at the Idol concerts!

  6. Sharbear77; Thanks for posting and giving us the details of how Alex was featured on idol tour. Someone wrote on tweeter that he was featured, and I wanted to know if anyone saw exactly what was shown. I think a lot of people who liked Alex on idol who know or didnt know about IICD would have enjoyed seeing him singing the theme song like you did. And it’s cool Alex was still part of idol tour somehow (since a lotof people wanted him to make the tour.) Its good IICD got some promo too. I have a feeling Andrew Garcia will tell Alex he saw his fans at the tour.

  7. sharbear, that’s so cool! About the ad, and about Andrew Garcia saying that he talks to our baby all the time! Alex really looks up to him. :wub:

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