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Aug 202010


Short post today. Alex has band practice tonight and that’s all I know. :tongue:

Alex got home last night from his mysterious Dream Studio visit and put on a little concert in the kitchen…playing it up for the cameras. He didn’t belt out though so maybe he’s saving his voice or his voice is tired from Thursday’s demo session. He told Ben on his way to bed about a new song, which he said sounded like Jason Mraz. He also bought some new clothes. T-shirts, jeans, and some nice button downs.

That’s all for now…check back throughout the day for updates!

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  1. Gig seems in an awfully good mood lately,by Gig standards,-I think she’s likely secured a spot on the IICD TV show…Poor Kara,though,but no way could she handle the TV spotlight,so prolly for the best.Alex is tough as nails,and he’ll thrive in it.Ben I think will be gone…

  2. Awww Guys I am missing so much good stuff with Alex today!!! I cant watch the live stream on this dumb computer…today seems pretty eventful according to DU. Oh well San Diego is soooo beautiful, cannot believe i moved away from here :(….What in the heck is going on with Kara????? I really hope she doesnt leave, I really like her. Alex is gonna kill it for his show on the 28th!! That audition video was great…those twins have some real nice locks going on lol!! Anyway, I will check in again soon :biggrin:

  3. Tracy: He was dancing? He tend to just lift one leg up after the other and stop and then laugh like he’s kidding around when I see him try and dance (like in the video of idol when they first introduce top 24) I tuned in late to IICD and only caught the end of him singing to the girls in the patio. At first I was wondering why they were all in the dark and who he was singing to. I saw him say he didnt know some songs a girl requested. But heard him sing ‘lets get it on” and his voice sounded good and less raspy. I keep missing him singing new songs he just wrote like “she’s gone” and he sang “new world” when his mom visited and I missed that, but I liked snippet I heard before of that one.

    Alex has that new guitar he keeps playing and he told Ben and Sam how much he loves it and how great it is. I don’t know much about guitars but it sounds good and more pleasant and melodic than other guitars I’ve seen him played. I like Spanish guitar most though cause it sounds beautiful. He has like 4 guitars now he said – they must all be different to need 4. Fans sent him 2 though.

    Oh God Ben was playing Alex’s new guitar this afternoon, and he was singing badly and loudly after Alex left the room – I quickly tried to get out of there and look for Alex and he was already in the pool. Ben is so awful at singing with that odd voice of his, and he knows it too.

  4. WTH!!!,I checked the IICD Myspace and they have nearly 1.2 million friends-it can’t be that hard to get at least some of them to follow Alex on Twitter,Facebook,etc…His numbers could go way up- geez,it can’t be that hard…

  5. Alleycatfan: TV reality show is another different breed from IICD on internet. If they move to TV I worry about Alex saying something wrong, and it will be all over the TV, and more people watch and bash him and he cant live it down, and it will affect his mood. I think he may not be there long if they move to TV cause he’d have finished his CD and promoting it by febuary. (is that when it goes on TV or they dont know?) So they may just show him behind the scenes at studio recording and not interacting with new cast much. I kind of worry about editing not making him look good on TV. That’s why I was hoping that if Alex leaves IICD I hope he doesnt go and do another reality show, cause I dont want him to get bad image out of it. I hope they make it like a talent show – I like talent shows like American Idol that focuses on talent, and don’t like reality show like “big brother” that’s about personality and back stabbing. I like that IICD still want to keep him though, and it will be big exposure – I just hope IICD producers will do something decent that wont make him look negative if he’s on the TV one. He’s trying to have a music career and doesn’t need negative image that will make him lose fans – I hope he gets serious media training before they get on TV too – he’s not the most tactful person, although he’s improved and more savvy about showbiz.

  6. Shadow, yes Alex was in the guest bedroom, standing infront of the mirror watching himself while dancing.

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