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Jun 182010

Alright, so here’s the task for today and continuing throughout the weekend. Introduce your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and general passersby to Alex Lambert. Make them listen to his songs, make them stare at those cute dimples, and MAKE THEM LOVE ALEX!!! Don’t worry it won’t be that hard, just one note and they’ll be hooked!

Also, we need to get Alex more fans online! Sooo, if you haven’t signed up for Twitter, DO IT!! It’s totally easy, but if you need help just ask. Once you sign up, follow @TrueAlexLambert. Then once you’ve done that email or IM all your friends and have them follow Alex too. Then once you’re done with that, go to Alex’s Facebook and become a fan! Then once your done with that, get all your friends to do it. PEER PRESSURE!!!!! 8) Tell them they won’t be one of the cool kids unless they know Alex Lambert. And once you’re done with that, I guess you can go outside…BUT NOT UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TASKS!! Alright everyone have a nice weekend!

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  1. Hey Molly, you always know how to make us busy :D. Actually Twitter is not commonly used in my country (to my knowledge, or IS but i don’t know, heehee) so maybe it’ll take a while to ask people to sign up. Facebook is more popular so I’ll try on that. My brother likes Everybody knows and finds it fun to listen to his antics at the house but hasn’t been won over when I played DWMEO and Didn’t know. One of my friends, on being asked to listen to Everybody knows, just said ‘Uhhmmm, so that’s it’. So this task is gonna be tough and I’m sure gonna get some ‘What the hell is going on with you’ look. Shy. Maybe I should try with some of my students :oops: Anyway, I will do my best to popularize Alex Sweetie Lambert.
    P/s: Happy birthday Kristi! Wish you all the best! And nice weekend to every Alex Angel. Cheers!

  2. You know I gotta keep you guys busy until Alex comes back…cause when he does come back I’ll be lucky to keep your attention for more than 2 seconds. We’re all gonna be glued to our computer screens to see what he’s been up to! ;)

    Happy Birthday Kristi!!!

  3. Molly, I already follow on Twitter. (Alex_Fan123) The one I don’t know much about is Facebook. I found his facebook page (the one with the Pepsi Refresh Ideas). I can see the Wall with all the fan comments, etc. Do I have to do anything to “become a fan”. Is there somewhere that I have to ask to be a “friend”?

    Thanks Molly, for everything you do to keep up positive. I have had my fingers crossed for 4 days and they are starting to get stiff.

  4. Hey, Did anyone see the clip posted on DU. It was posted yesterday on the “Why is Alex Packing…” thread by Elemenalate. It is a clip of justin and ben talking. Towards the end they are talking about Alex. Ben said he thought Alex was due back yesterday. Justin asks was he supposed to be back yesterday. Ben said, “I think he said Wednesday”. What’s with this?

  5. Every time they post video from IICD or Alex”s IICD face book I always hit share and post it to my face book page also, so all my face book friends can see it. :)

  6. I hope Alex come back to the dream house soon! I don’t even watch the house when he’s not there! He has been gone for a week, he needs to come back!!

  7. Tasks completed. Actually, my Facebook page is starting to resemble an Alex Lambert fansite already, so I’ve been on the job. LOL! Sadly, some of my friends just aren’t inclined to do anything to support Alex even if they like his music. To be honest, I never joined a fan club or did anything like this for anyone I admired before Alex, so…it’s a tough task. We’ll keep slugging away at it. At present, it’s a little difficult because they can’t even watch him on IICD. I hope this mess clears up soon. He certainly has added a lot of drama to our lives, hasn’t he?

  8. It’s kinda funny coz I was just going to report to y’all that I got my dad to watch Alex singing SSB (actually tricked him to it) and he said he’s very talented…. SCORE!!!! Now I doubt he will buy his CD but his little confirmation made me smile. I’ll post his clips singing coz it’s undeniable that he’s a fantastic singer… fan girl aside, this boy has a wicked voice! I’ll let the singing speak for itself. Oh and yeah, it’s funny since I feel like I’m a teeny bopper and yes I’ve never joined a fanpage and I’m a fan of a lot of musicians but Alex is the only one I feel very emotionally attached to…its all worth it!

  9. I thought this site was gone!! So glad to see it back….

    I apologize if this has already been talked about on other threads but….

    Does anyone have a clue when Alex is coming back??

    Like are we talking days, weeks….. months??


  10. Ooh, hey. Does anyone know when Alex will be back from Texas?

  11. Nope everyone’s lips are sealed tight. :p

  12. Hey, thanks Molly!! I do as much Alex pimping as possible.. but until he gets some music out – it’s harder than it seems lol. Once he starts coming out with more recorded tunes it’ll be cake to get anyone to love it.. cause really, how can you not? right!

  13. Kristi what about “DWMEO” and “I Didn’t Know” and his AI Youtube clips of “Everybody Knows” and “Trouble” and “Wonderful World” and all his Mint performances and the “SSB” and “Lean On Me/Use Somebody” with Lee and Andrew?

    There’s plenty more out there!! Get to working or no soup for you! ;)

  14. Molly, the soup Nazi. How funny is that! I will have you know I actually joined facebook. I found some old friends (which is very cool in itself), and I sent a couple of SSB links to those friends. Have to wait and see how it comes out. Also, I now have Alex as one of my friends. OMG.

  15. haha.. oh trust me. Anything that I DO have (including the audio file I made of the acoustic DWMEO from that video clip) are sent to anybody that was unfortunate enough to know me ;) I am an avid fan of promoting music (hence my work with Capitol Records) and definitely like to get the word out.
    You are right in your most recent post about them giving us at least SOMETHING to go on. It’s so hard to get people to like someone when you don’t know if/when they are going to be getting more soon, ya know? I finally started getting people to go to, here (and Bens site of course) and presto.. he’s gone! It’s hard to promote a ghost *unless that ghost happens to be Patrick Swayze* (no pun intended).
    I wish they’d get on the ball already. You know they want him back or they would have cut ties already. But gross… Tim Urban in his bed? WTF is even the point of that? I mean, seriously.. WTF is honestly the best statement for that! If they move him in, I’m out. America has already proven he is only good for looks and some occasional playing of the guitar (as long as he keeps his mouth shut – this includes talking). Smile and look pretty Ken doll, that’s all your good for. They are just hoping he brings the people back to watching. Blech, no thanks. I’d rather not watch at all then watch The American Idot, sorry Idol reject.

  16. Hmm, I wonder if Kristi is a Tim Urban fan? ;) Is he coming this weekend? I read on his Twitter he canceled, but apparently there’s a popup that said he’s coming still…IICD really is bad at this whole scheduling/production thing.

    Edit: Just read his Twitter again and he IS staying this weekend. He’s just as confused as everyone else. It definitely won’t be as entertaining without Alex there. :(

  17. :p I know. I did happen to catch almost the entire season of AI and he is definitely the blech for the season.. he is this years Sanjiya. Hopefully he goes away just as quick!
    i hate their scheduling on the site. it’s never correct.. except for the things that are staples every week. no guests every show up on time, if at all. ugh. This show started out so great. What happened?? I mean, even without Alex – they are just making changes in all the wrong places!

  18. Alright I’ve had a tough day, the most work I’ve done in 2 months. You know I’ve been a slacker since Alex came into the house. The message above has given a sense “that everything is gonna be alright”. Thank you!!! Now I can have a peaceful sleep and I will definitely do my part in getting some more fans for Alex this weekend.

  19. :lol: Lauren, I’ve done more things this week, than I’ve done in 2 months. :lol: And now I am going to go catch up on sleep.

  20. Also, for those of you that were concerned earlier, Tim will be sleeping in the guest room NOT Alex’s room. Don’t know why they would make him sleep in Alex’s room…but he won’t be so don’t worry, lol. :mrgreen:

  21. GollyMolly, you are so freakin funny – I love the “no soup for you” comment. You always come up with the best lines. And, I forgot to mention how much I love the new banner. Really adorable pic of Alex. Who couldn’t love this guy?

    Kristi, yep, now they have Tim back on the schedule. Poor guy. Probably didn’t know where he was sleeping this weekend. haha! They’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for guests aren’t they? Doing a twitter session w/CariDee right now — America’s Next Top Model I guess? Snooze fest.

  22. Awww you are so sweet! I love you guys!!! :oops:

  23. Thanks for the picture of Alex. It is nice to see he is enjoying his time off.
    I got a kick out of that too, “no soup for you” comment.

  24. Well, I think Tim is there to try to get more butts in the seats for the Idols Live tour.

    They’ve had two $20 promotion days, yet this season’s tour just doesn’t have enough folks interested in going for some reason(s). Maybe the last minute walk-up traffic will save them in some markets… but… I dunno.

  25. lol I figured that might be the reason too Connie…but he’s not doing too well, he’s kind of putting me to sleep. He should take his shirt off maybe. It worked for him on Idol.

  26. Hi everybody – I missed y’all! My computer seemed to have caught a virus and it was a mess this morning! Had to wait until my son got home from a meeting around 2pm. He worked on it until about 1am!! So I thought I would have a lot to catch up on – but it seems that I haven’t missed too much?! How was the Caridee visit? I remember her from ANTM. I can see how the Tim visit is going – it’s making me sleepy :)

  27. Eh, Alex always seems to bring out the guests personality. Without him there, everyone seems bored. I’m bored too.

  28. Of course, beebee had to chime in on du and say that she hasn’t been bored at all. She’s really enjoyed watching everybody since Alex left. And all Alex had been doing the last few weeks was sleeping or being out of the house. Grrrrrrr. . . . :x

  29. Oh Kara…When she told Tim that only a COUPLE HUNDRED TUNED INTO LIVE FEED AT ANY GIVEN TIME,she should have mentioned that nearly 1.6 million tuned in,at its peak, to the live feed when Alex moved into the House,acc. to Digital Spy.And when you consider that some share a screen,that might really be 3 million,or more.OH YES THAT IS AN UNPRECEDENTED NUMBER FOR A WEB SHOW,IN ITS LIVE FORMAT.There’s is no question that Alex draws in more people than any ex-idol could ever draw…I like Tim,but I’m thinking he might have drawn 20,000 if he had been in Alex’s shoes that night.No Brag,just fact.

  30. P.P.S -Nobody can outbox Alex…shear intensity,and lightening quick,but Tim did pretty good on the bag.

  31. I’m Baaaaaack!! Well looks like things might be ok. Grrrr Beebee….I wanted to say something to her sooo bad, but I got in trouble the last time, condescending old battle ax. Looking forward to Alex coming back, but I hope bigger and better thing s are coming his way other than IICD. :) Yay!

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