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Jul 232010

Today’s all about the singing!!

First, Alex has his regularly scheduled voice lesson with Mark Renk at 3PM (PST)
Then at 4PM (PST) something new and exciting! A very special tweet session with Mark Renk himself! I love this guy and he’s so awesome with Alex and really has his best interest at heart. So be sure to tweet him, ask him questions, thank him for everything. Should be pretty cool! :cool:

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  1. I’ll definitely tune in and tweet in for Mark! Hmmm. . . maybe ask him to talk about Alex’s SSB performance. Have we ever heard his reaction or thoughts on it??


    Interesting tid bit…Did you guys ever notice that James Morrison has a little scar under his same eye as Alex, I just noticed that…..
    **If the picture doesnt load right, you can see it on his you give me something video. :biggrin:

  3. Linda – Daniel Merriweather (who Alex only listened to quite a while ago) has a facial scar on the same side too. It’s lower-more on the cheek, but quite noticeable. Are they all tough guys? Punks? :happy:

  4. Doubt this will work. Not a close-up but I think you can see it in this one.

  5. Screw it – didn’t work out! Oh well – you can go to page 11, top row, bright pink background – after typing in his name. I think it may be touched-up in some photos, cuz it doesn’t seem to be there at all in some of them!?

  6. Ha inst that crazy? Yeah, you have to have that tough guy persona, eh? I heard Alex’s is from a friend hitting him last year, I wonder how the others got theirs??

    I am off for the weekend again, I hope I dont miss anything good, My hubby did go out and buy me a mini dell laptop, but I have NO friggin idea how a laptop is set up….Im such a doof. :tongue:

  7. Oh, and if Kara misses Alex too much while she is in Cleveland, we can always send her this nice picture of his wrists….hee hee.

  8. Wrist porn! Somebody should tweet her that pic, without telling her whose the wrists are! I’m sure she can guess in double quick time! :whistle:

  9. Ha Ha Ha wrist porn!!! :w00t: ….thats the funnies thing I heard all day….

  10. OMG! Wrist porn! Good one Reyne!! :w00t:

  11. Okay – I tweeted it to her. Hope she doesn’t take it the wrong way! I just said – a little somethin’ 4 u !!

  12. Ha ha ha, I think she will think it is funny… :lol:

  13. Hey have you guys seen the calendar for Monday? A fashion designer is making over the cast’s closets…. maybe some of you will finally get your wish re. Alex’s wardrobe :tongue:

  14. what is the wrist thing all about? haha i hear everyone talking about it, is it some inside thing betweetn Kara and Alex?
    and I got this from an interview about James’ scar.
    “When he starts showing off his war wounds – a deep scar under his eye from falling against a radiator.”

    Read more:

  15. Kass – kewl!

    Shelby – Kara has a, um, wrist fettish?! Well. . . she likes nice wrists, AND we know she thinks Alex’s are nice! :wink:

  16. Wrist Porn!!!!! Yes, I love it! You guys are so crazy. And, yeah, I think Kara will get it and laugh her head off.

    And, Kass, I’m hoping that the fashion designer helps Alex. I want him to keep his image, but just kick it up a notch. We’ll see…Kara could use a little help too. Love her, but her style cries for help.

  17. Wrist porn….lol you guys make me laugh.

  18. Haha, that is really funny. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it. Wrist porn. :lol:

  19. I did catch Mark Renk session with Alex today. It was funny when he saw Ben’s brother shirtless and he said he is thinking about coming there shirtless too. Then he told Alex and the camera guy didnt they get the memo its shirtless day. LOL. I think Mark is cool. I like guys who have that cool vibe way of talking and sense of humor like him and Michael the producer. Before Alex came to do is voice lesson he had slept for like ten hrs. Then he told Mark that he told him to be getting good sleep and Mark said “oh now you using your teacher as an excuse. That Alex boy can sleep. He slept 10hrs and then took a nap later on in Gig & Kara’s room for over an hr. I think he was catching up on sleep from all the working all day song writing, and hanging out late at night in past few days, cause those girls who are friends from Texas keep bugging him to go out, not understanding he has a show and job to do. (btw, I think he was probably talking to Veronica in Gig’s room before he napped. He was explaining that those 2 girls are friends from Texas. Music was loud in Gig’s room of course and a bit hard to hear him.)

    I checked the calender after Kass mentioned above they have a designer coming to help the cast with wardrobe on monday. Finally! Good idea! I’ve been wanting them to have a stylist give Alex some advice on upgrading his clothes a bit when he goes to functions. Hope they get him some dressy T-shirts like the one with shiny decorative design that he wore when Veronica came through the door announcing she’s moving in and he hugged her. It looks like same T-shirt with shiny decorative design in some of his IICD promo photos — get him something similar, and some nice shirts too – a few of those so he can wear them to special things and red carpets. And a square toe slip-on shoes is a good idea when dressy.

    He had Ben playing sax today when he was playing “I didnt know” I think he said before he wanted Ben to play on “I didn’t know” when he does that music festival thing in August. Is that right? Well I don’t think it works right now. The only way it can work is if Ben only play sax very softly at the beginning and at the end only, and not interrupt the lovely melodic singing and piano that’s crucial to the song. He’s there to showcase himself and needs to come across well – especially on “I didnt know” which is a likely hit Even Ben told him it doesn’t think it works incorporating it to the song yet. May be Alex should just do “I didn’t know” himself if Ben cant come up with something better – and he can have Ben on another song that fits his sax. (a flute may work)

    Oh Ben was telling Alex he looked like Rob Thomas in “I didnt know” video. And Alex said who is Rob Thomas. May be he was confused. How can he not know Rob Thomas. He’s a big star with all the hit songs and always on the radio. He’s got to know his huge Pop hit “lonely no more” – he does Pop and alternative, and soul influence too. He’s a major talent who writes for himself and others. And I’ve said before here that his hairstyle reminds me of early Rob Thomas in matchbox 20 and he should learn to dress right like Rob. And others have said he reminds them of Rob before. (Rob is a big influence on Chris Daughtry btw)

  20. Nice post, Shadow! I think Alex does look a bit like a younger Rob Thomas. And I noticed last night, when Ben and bro Alex were in the Fiesta, that Alex E. reminds me a little of Billy Baldwin (Baldwin acting brothers). Funny, as much as Ben & Alex look alike I never really thought that of Ben. Maybe it’s because Alex’s nose is a little sharper than Ben’s. Cutie pies – both of them though!! :)

  21. @ Shelby Thanks for the article on James Morrison! Very interesting! And funny how many similarities between he and Alex. I really like James Morrison’s voice and his music. He is a great singer, such a shame that he was not promoted well here in the US! I didn’t even know he toured here and not a lot of people here know who he is. His management really dropped the ball there. I heard a couple of his songs before and liked them, but had no idea who sang them until Alex did on Idol. It’s really thanks to Alex that I discovered James Morrison.

  22. I know I went to see if James Morrison had a cd out and they had nothing, I love his voice too!

  23. Linda, I never found his CD in stores either! So disappointing! I ended up buying it and downloading it off of iTunes and two of his music videos too, which again I never saw played here in the US. His video for “You Give Me Something” is pretty cool. It’s in NYC too, with him playing the guitar on a sidewalk and people stop and watch him.

  24. yeah I had no idea who he was until Alex sang Wonderful World! He introduced me to a great artist. :heart:

  25. I dunno if you guys have ever seen the “You Give Me Something” video but you can find it on youtube, I would post the link but I’m a total spaz on the computer and I dunno how, sorry! It’s a really cool video. That’s my favorite song of his too!

  26. Yep. Have to agree. Alex turned me on to James Morrison too. I hope they jam together some day. THAT would be a show I wouldn’t want to miss!

  27. Katherine: Maybe this will work….I am right there with ya, I am computerly challenged lol!

  28. Yeah, well see it didnt, there ya go ha ha ha, guess I didnt copy the embedded code right, wheres Shelby when you need her??? :smile:

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