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Oct 282010

They always say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Well, this guy must be pretty sincere cause his cover of “Butterflies” is awesome! He adds his own subtle spin to the song and the results are L-E-G-I-T. Take a listen! :cool:

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  1. How do all these men know Alex and this song? Did they seriously watch IICD? I guess there are more male fans out there than we know about. Just never really thought that guys in their 20s will be drawn to an internet show but heck its way cool that dudes are covering his songs. This is good version too, way legit! Can you imagine when ALex actually drops his album? people will be berserk!

  2. Alex is pretty “Universal” (pun intended)…you can’t deny that. :tongue:

    Anywho, Alex just tweeted from the studio during a session with Ray Ruffin. He hasn’t even been back in LA for a whole week yet and he’s already found a place to live, had meetings at 19, and has been to the studio multiple days in a row. You can’t deny that there’s something BIG happening over there. Now if only someone would spill the beans!!!

    Just a friendly reminder, the contact form is in the upper right corner! :whistle:

  3. Recent tweet from joshskinner from (who did the excellent interview with Alex)
    Last week you chose your top 3 fan albums & this week you’re choosing your fav Idol radio single. CRUSH is in the lead

    Could we work together on a campaign for “I Didn’t Know”? It officially has a music video. We can tweet or e-mail him. What do you think everyone? The more recognition the better, even if it was never released to the radio or on I-tunes.

  4. Hey Lauren, you know we’ll do anything, but let me see if I get this. It’s not officially in the voting, but we should all tweet or email josh? Can you give us his twitter name and email please?

    This guy covering Butterflies is way legit. I loved his version. His guitar skills are first class and I actually like what he did vocally. I love that Alex has so many male fans. I just wish they would speak up more! I guess they can’t be as gushingly adoring as we are. :wub:

  5. @Lauren – Im not much of a leader, but I’m a great follower. Coordinate an effort and I’m in.

  6. Josh Skinner- twitter- @joshskinner
    I’ll e-mail him and get some details.
    Wouldn’t hurt to get started-
    Favorite AI single is obviously “I Didn’t Know”.

  7. I am totally in too….what do we do??

  8. Alex’s tweet that he’s in the studio with Ray Ruffin reminds me of the early times on IICD when the first couple people he knew and used to hang with was Sam Larsen and Ray Ruffin. And he was singing to himself in his room that he’s going to hang out with his main man Ray Ruffin. He’s a producer/song writer who worked with Alex when they still used to show us the song writing process. He works with American and European artists and his dad was in one of those Motown groups from the 60’s. Its good Alex is still working on his songs and his CD.

    That’s a good cover of Alex’s ‘Butterflies.’ I really like that guy’s voice – he’s singing live but sounds like a recording – he would sound great on a CD. I’m gonna listen to some of his other stuff on youtube. There are some good singers who put their covers songs on youtube.

    Here is one cover by Sam Larsen of Shwayze’s “Buzzin’ on youtube. I actually prefer Sam’s version cause its more melodic and delivery a bit faster. Sam has his nephew Erin doing the rap part on it. And the guy is actually a pretty good rapper with good interesting voice. When I was listening to his voice I was wondering what he’d sound like if he raps on a song with Alex. But what I like about the uniqueness of Alex voice is what I like about his too, and that may come off too similar. And maybe for Rap its better if Alex do that with someone whose voice is deeper and contrast with his. But it’d still be interesting to hear him and Alex together. Here is Sam and his nephew Erin covering ‘Buzzin’ by Shwayze. I like how Sam sang it with a cool delivery – and I like the rap part and Erin’s interesting voice. Sam’s older brother sings with him on some songs too and he has a good voice too and sounds similar to Sam.

    Also, I know some have suggested here maybe Alex should have a guest rapper on his CD. I think if he’s gonna put a rap on any of his song it’d be cool if he does the rap part himself too if it flows well with song, cause I like his quasi rap style. He will have same delivery like Justin Timberlake quasi-rap on his song “Chop me up.” And his style will be similar to how Chris Brown did his rap on his new song “Yeah 3x” – quasi-rap part is what I like most on the song (I prefer Chris’s previous song “Deuces” though – that’s a great song with cool beat. Its same beats Rihanna used on her song “Te Amo” – which is a great song too)

    • Hey guys – Josh idea sounds excellent. Gonna leave organization etc. to you ’cause my immune system decided to FINALLY give in and get sick (after fighting it off for two weeks! Grrr). Once you find out the details – namely how many times can we vote using e-mail and/or twitter, what’s the deadline, what other singles is he up against – we’ll make a post about it so everyone sees it.

  9. Something tells me that Alex bought himself a car today. Sounds like he’s cruisin’ through LA this afternoon. Whaddaya think??

    ETA: Oh, and sorry Alex, but GO GIANTS!! (Born in San Fran, what can I say??)

  10. From Josh Skinner… he did reply to my e-mail today at 11:30. I had no internet all day until now:(

    “Hi! Absolutely Alex single counts! I’m a big fan of his and hope he has great success. You can vote by leaving a comment on withjosh on the top 3 album page and also tweet me a vote. Each vote is valid. So each person can vote on Twitter and the website once each.”
    So nice to hear from you.

    If you read this immediately, please tweet him @joshskinner and leave a comment on the site Sorry guys! If you can do it tonight before you go to bed, please do so. The voting is over tonight. I didn’t find out in time. Happy Halloween to all! :devil: :angel:

  11. Too Bad @Diane-I’m orig.from L.A.-so a Dodgers fan.But I tell you those Frisco fans are wayyy better than most-I’ve visited a couple ballparks where the fans throw batteries and such at the other team.
    I was re-watching the Iain /Alex 5 part talk from April the other day,and its very long,but I really noticed Iain get very excited when he talked about Alex doing records with beats,and he also got very exited when Alex talked about inserting a rap into 2,or 3 tracks,when appropriate.He said he really wanted Alex to do not just Pop/R&B,but also crossover into even more heavily Urban charts,if possible.Which really makes the best sense,for commercial viability.Alex can really sound gr8 on many genres,but Iain said you really have to define yourself strongly with one,or else the public will get confused,and move onto someone else…

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