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Jun 242010

Have we seen this? If so, I forgot. Pretty good!

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  1. That was amazing! End was great too!

  2. That was really sweet!! Nice job. Bet he wishes he had “the rasp” :happy:

  3. His male fans might not be as vocal but it’s cool that guys of all ages are covering his songs, that means a lot! I love alex’s everybody knows, he should definitely cover that if he can. It’s better than the original.

  4. Char – that is cool! Just to defend John Legend, whom Alex admires so much – Alex’s cover is really very different. He changed it up on idol which is what Randy Jackson’s comments were saying. I LIKE Alex’s version better (and you, obviously, do too), but it’s hard to say that an original song by an artist such as John Legend was not as good. Just my opinion. :cheerful:

  5. “Everybody Knows” that Alex is an inspiration to so many young artists. And, he’s only 19!! This kid was pretty cute. Haha — love the ending!

  6. Thought I would post that Alex will be out of the house today recording a demo of one of his songs, not sure which one. He gave his vocal lesson to Veronica. The song he wrote yesterday is called “Untouchable”. He played some of it for her last night. I like this one also, but like I’ve said before anything he puts his voice on sounds good to me. It appears as though alot of the songs lately have him hitting his falsetto. Veronica made a nice comment to him last night in the kitchen. She told him that everyone of his songs get stuck in her head. He told her thanks. That’s a big compliment.

  7. Re Veronica – She & Alex are a nice “working” duo. Alex compliments her all the time too – especially Don’t Say! Since Veronica doesn’t seem to be “lame” at all imo – Alex probably won’t tease her like he does with you-know-know :wink: So – – hopefully there won’t be any drama with them. :cheerful:

  8. Thanks for the updates Lauren and everyone else! I haven’t been able to watch much the past couple of days. The end of the school year is very busy, almost done though! I’m always glad I can come here and find out what’s going on. And it’s so true that Alex has many male fans which is really cool, I see a lot of guys comment on his videos on youtube and tweet him too. Again, it really speaks to his talent that it’s not just teeny-boppers and girls fawning all over him because of his adorable face. His music appeals to so many different kinds of people because he’s just that good! Oh and I really like John Legend, but I could listen to Alex’s version of Everybody Knows over and over and over again! That was my favorite performance of his on Idol, it blew me away! His voice on it was just amazing :wub:

  9. He did a good job.

    It is great to see someone is singing Alex’s song.

  10. @T,F, I think you mean it’s great to see someone singing John Legend’s song? Alex covered it on Idol, its not his.

  11. He’s pretty good!

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