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Jun 252012

We are very pleased to announce that it’s June 26th. The time has arrived to hit up iTunes for the newest, hottest single release, “Trouble” by Mr. Chris Rene. It’s a happy summer jam with a reggae vibe that is sure to be enjoyed by many.


iTunes Trouble link

While you’re at it check out this very cool lyrics video. ENJOY!!!   :biggrin: :heart:

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  1. In light of the upcoming release of Trouble next week, I thought it was time to dust off my “radio play handbook” and share some more stuff with you all. haha

    1) You may have seen on twitter that Trouble got its 1st add from an Augusta, GA Pop radio station this week. Awesome to have early adopters. Even better that it’s a station in Lauren’s radio market, so that she can pester, errr…request the song there legitimately. :lol: This means it will be added to the station’s playlist, which is the basis for all radio airplay. IMPORTANT: If a song isn’t on a station’s playlist, it won’t get spun on a regular basis (exceptions might be a contest or a request hour where they play listener’s requests.) This will be critical when us SNAF try to request Trouble at our local stations. If Trouble hasn’t been formally added, it will be very frustrating to those who might be requesting it at a station, to no avail.

    I’m not yelling, but trying to make a point here: :biggrin:

    Trouble actually got a 2nd add (added automatically due to 8 spins) from a station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’m guessing that it was part of a radio promotion that played two new songs in contention, and let radio listeners vote for the better of two songs. I’m hoping Trouble won. LOL

    2) Regarding radio adds to their playlist: they are reported on Monday’s for Hot Adult Contemporary (HAC) radio stations, and Monday thru Tuesday for Contemporary Hit Radio (or CHR–sometimes referred to as Top40). I’m pretty thrilled that Epic is sending Trouble to HotAC stations as well, because I think it could do well there, and also, that means they are behind this song with a good promotional push. When a song does well on more than one radio format, that’s a good sign of success. In the biz, they call this “crossing over” or “multi-format” when describing the song’s chart success.

    Here’s the deal about radio adds, tho. Just because they are reported on Monday and Tuesday, doesn’t mean they are going to start playing the song instantly. Often they wait until the end of the week to start playing it…so don’t get over-anxious or frustrated if it’s not played right away. As Lauren reported on Twitter, the Augusta PD will start “testing” Trouble during the overnight hours this week. Overnight spins are just the norm for new songs, especially from new artists. They do this overnight to gauge reaction from listeners, but really, not that many people are listening at 3:00 in the morning. :blink: Radio stations are most concerned that their listener will change the channel, so there’s less listeners being impacted if the song doesn’t do well.

    3) I hope Trouble gets a lot of adds next week, because it will give the song an instant pop up the radio charts. But it could take several weeks for stations to get on board. That’s pretty common, and nothing to get frustrated about. It’s a great summer-type song, but really, it won’t be impacting the radio chart until August-September. Most singles are released about 2-3 months prior to an album release–in this case, a 2nd single–so I don’t expect Chris’ record to be released prior to September/October now.
    The song has been “Hot Picked” by two very influential radio types, one at Clear Channel and the other at a consulting firm–so this is a very good start.

    4) You might start hearing about “call-out” and “blowing up at phones” and “testing”; this is just radio industry marketing jargon. The Epic A&R guys (think of them like radio salesmen) will start getting feedback on Trouble, either through their own marketing research, or through the radio stations feedback–and hopefully it will be very positive–which helps them “sell” the song to more radio stations as the weeks go by. You might have heard about JB’s Boyfriend getting really horrible call-out scores initially, and radio stations started abandoning it in droves. Well, the A&R guys at his label really believed (heh) in the song, so they just dug in and pitched this song SO HARD that the A&R guys changed all the radio Program Director’s minds. Ended up as a Top 10 hit. This has quickly become radio industry legend, it’s been reported everywhere!!

    OK, I’m done for now. That barely scratches the surface, LOL, but it’s good info to digest while we wait and see how the rest of this week shapes up and how much promotion the label will give Trouble in anticipation of next Tuesday.

  2. As always, thank you Diane. You da best! You sure you’re not secretly an A&R? :lol: Count on me to pester the Augusta station like.. right now! Cathy and I are working on a post for #TroubleJune26 and I’ll definitely move your comment over next week. We appreciate you and your knowledge. :wink:

    • Thanks for your kind words, Lauren–and Linda, too, from earlier this month. Some additional thoughts about Trouble and its impact on radio–it seems that even more important than radio requesting is BUYING the song on iTunes!! These days the sure way to get a song played on radio is to have a single in the Top 20 of iTunes. All the research in the world isn’t going to help get airplay if the song can’t chart well on iTunes. Really, iTunes purchases are a truer gauge of widespread popularity, since reality TV show fans have perfected the art of radio requesting. lol

      Anyway, I hope Chris’ Street Team has something in the works to do a coordinated iTunes buying strategy to get the song to charge up the charts. Also, I would think there would be a plan to formally “trend” Trouble on Twitter (you know, like “at 4:00pm Eastern time on June 26th, everybody put #ChrisReneTrouble in every tweet they send out to get it to trend”, type thing.

      I’m not volunteering for either of these things, just so you know. I’ve seen it done and participated before, but I’ve never been involved in “organizing” it!! :tongue:

      P.S. I am SOOOOO not in A&R, Lauren! I wish I was, cuz then maybe I would get paid for this!!! It’s sort of a (very time-consuming) hobby :blush:

  3. i LOVE this song!! was extra excited when found out about Alex he was my favorite on Idol that season & I’ve been wondering when I’d hear from him again now I know!! :) can’t wait til tomorrow! Trouble :)

  4. Oh well, I think my long-winded post ended up in moderation or something, maybe due to the chart I copied. Here’s a shortened version of the stations that added Trouble today.

    KHHM-FM Sacramento, CA
    KKPN-FM Corpus Christi, TX
    KLCA-FM Reno, NV
    KLJT-FM Tyler, TX
    KMXV-FM Kansas City, MO
    KSAS-FM Boise, ID
    KVLY-FM McCallen, TX
    KZBD-FM Spokane, WA
    WKZL-FM Greensboro, NC
    WSPK-FM Hudson Valley, NY
    WVYB-FM Daytona Beach, FL
    WYOY-FM Jackson, MS

    There!! Let’s see if I can post this. :unsure:

    • Diane, sorry to say there’s nothing from you in moderation. :( Don’t you hate when you type and type and type and then *poof* its just gone. That’s happened to me before. (not here, but other places) Thanks so much for all the info. Where would we be without you. Can you let me know when something gets added in the Philadelphia market? I’ll be all over that. I haven’t been a “normal” fan in a while.. hehe :silly:

  5. Lemme see if I can add the other part of my comment now.

    Trouble did well, all things considered. Twelve Pop radio adds, even though they are all smaller markets and none of the stations are major players in the radio world like Cumulus, CBS or Clear Channel. Pretty normal for a new artist, though. Very few of the stations have ever spun the song, so that’s good for building his radio spins. The song will need about 400 spins a week to even crack the Top 50 on the Pop chart, that’s why a song needs a bunch of adds and spins all at once to get momentum up the charts. OK, end of radio lecture :biggrin:


  6. HAHAHA “a normal fan” you are awesome Diane! thanks so much for all your info, so helpful! :biggrin:

  7. Thank you again Diane!! Snaf and Renelians gave an amazing effort to trend #ChrisReneTrouble at 4PM EST. Just couldn’t make it happen, but it sure was a good feeling to unite for this song and our favorite artists. I’ll continue to digest all the tidbits of information that you pull together for us and pass them along. Trouble peaked at #36 on the iTunes pop chart and is at #37 presently. If you have some more strategies, we are ready, willing, and able. :wink:

  8. Omg! I love this! The backing vocals at 2:10 through 2:20 sound just like Alex, are they him? (Maybe it’s just me…) I wish he’d put out some of his own songs, but I really do like this : :smile:

    • Hey Shelby!! How’s it going? No, the backing vocals aren’t Alex’s and you aren’t alone in wanting him to put out some music. It’s what we all have been patiently awaiting for 2 years. I also like Trouble and feel that it has much potential to be a summer hit. Now it’s time for some spins. Get on it RADIO! :wink:

      Update: 7/7/12 NOW I do think that some of the backing vocals are Alex’s. I was just listening today with my headphones on and there are certain parts that sound like him. Yes Shelby, especially from 2:10 to 2:20 minutes.

    • Shelby…. Just wanted to let you know that we agree…. It does sound like Alex. We’ve taken an unofficial poll on Twitter and we say, YES!!!! (But that’s just our opinion.) We should know soon enough. I would think he’ll be credited when the album comes out. I think September has been mentioned for the album release. So fingers crossed :)

      • Glad to know I’m not crazy! I was like, “There’s NO way that’s not Alex…” :biggrin:

  9. I wrote this last night, but fell asleep before posting. LOL So my comments are about *Tuesday* night:

    “After checking a website that tracks radio spins (, it appears that a good number of the radio stations that added Trouble yesterday gave the song an overnight spin last night. Additionally, the Augusta station played the song last night (1 am), and WJFX in Fort Wayne, Indiana is *crazy* about the song–they’ve been playing it constantly, (both these stations added last week.) Plus, new stations in Louisville, KY, Greenville, SC and Eugene OR gave the song a spin last night. That’s a pretty good start! ”

    OK, so for Wednesday night, most of the stations played the song again. One spin each, pretty much during the overnight hours. Additionally, a station in Shreveport, LA (KRUF) gave it a spin; and one of the holdouts that didn’t play Tuesday, KMXV in Kansas CIty, MO played it last night.

    I suspect it will continue like this for a week or so (limited play); hopefully some of these stations will start to increase their rotations and give it a few more overnight spins. Then, If they think it’s a good fit for their listeners, they’ll move it to evenings and then daytime, when most of the audience is actually, you know, *listening*. I also hope that some of these new stations that are testing it out, will add the song next week. All that really means is the radio station is somewhat committed to playing the song regularly.

  10. Thank you Diane for the crash course in radio airplay! You are just a wealth of knowledge and we thank you for sharing it with us. I was happy to see that one of my local radio stations is on your list (WSPK Hudson Valley, NY).

    Wow. What an exciting time. You know how you get a song stuck in your head? I have Trouble on continuous loop. LOL. Of course, I usually have Alex songs in my head, but this time it’s really sticking. Chris Rene does a great rendition and I love it. Now, we just have to wait for THE VOICE we all love to get another of his songs, sung by himself, on the air.

    So, iTunes…buy, buy, buy…it’s cheap and your friends will appreciate the gift. :whistle:

  11. Such a tremedous interpretation by Chris and its still in the Top 100 regular itunes chart :w00t: I think the airplay WILL take off, and we’ll see a much higher placement on itunes in the near future, and remember the BIG money from royalties comes off of Top Ten radio airplay charting, even moreso than just itunes sales :cool: $$ I’m also with Janet, Alex can take off himself with the release of two of his best tracks that we’ve discussed from time to time, “She’s Gone” & “You Are The Reason”. I think that if they do not release them under Alex’s name, poor alleycatf. will expire :cwy:

  12. Hey, Janet!! Your station, WSPK played Trouble last night at 12:47 Eastern. Prolly weren’t up that late, right?

    A few more stations gave Trouble a test spin last night. WLDI in Palm Beach, FL and WKZL in Greensboro, NC. Sorry, Cathy, nothing from the Philly area yet:( A couple of Texas stations are already giving Trouble multiple spins during the day and overnight: KVLY in McAllen and KLJT in Corpus Christi. These two stations ALWAYS are the 1st to play Idol music–so I’m not surprised they are increasing plays. But, hey, it’s nice that Texas is representin’!!

    We still need some stations in bigger markets (larger populations) to get on board next week, which will help increase the Audience Impressions (AI)–which in turn means more ears hearing the song. Which hopefully translates into more iTunes sales. Alleycat, good to hear from you! I agree that the ultimate goal is in Top 10 (or even Top 15) radio play, but initially, it is great to get some consistent iTunes sales to show that the song is connecting with an audience. I feel that the poor radio chart performance for both Kris Allen’s and Adam Lambert’s new singles were due in part to very poor iTunes sales (not even in Top 200 or even 300) on iTunes. Program Directors look at this stuff nowadays, and value it equally with whatever research the radio sales guys try to impress them with…plus, it’s free!!

    OK, that’s my update for now. :tongue:

    • Thanks Diane, your updates are always appreciated. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for those bigger markets.

  13. Really, guys, no need to thank me. I’m having fun!! While I didn’t watch X-Factor and have no real vested interest in Chris, per se, he is (yet another!) local boy from Santa Cruz, CA, so I really want to see him succeed too!

    I could only check back to around 3:00 am this morning, but I did spot a couple new stations giving test spins last night:

    KKMG Colorado Springs, CO
    WQEN Birmingham, AL
    KZON Phoenix, AZ (This might be Rhythmic format)

    Also, our local Rhythmic station (KDON) gave Trouble a couple of spins yesterday. They’ve been a huge supporter of Young Homie, which they still play regularly, but I was happy to see them starting to play Trouble, too. Rhythmic is a different radio format with its own chart, so it doesn’t help Top 40 play, but it still gets new ears hearing the song.

    • Diane,
      I am a huge Chris Rene fan and that brought me to Alex’s website when Trouble came out. I’m glad because i remember Alex and I like him and his music. I think your information on radio play is excellent and major league informative. How do find out what radio stations are playing Trouble? I would like to help by making request, etc. Would that be helpful? I’ve already done i-Tunes.

  14. Hi Kim!

    Do you want to find out if Trouble is playing on a radio station near you, or do you just want to know what stations across the country are playing Trouble?? I would advise against requesting radio play out of your area, unless it is a syndicated radio show that is request-driven, like Open House Party.

    As an aside, I saw tweets this weekend requesting OHP to play Trouble, but I believe they only respond to phone calls {an 800 number that is ALWAYS busy!} or text messages. Open House Party is a great vehicle for a burst of spins, and I see Phillip Phillips was a guest on the show this past weekend, and his fans turned out in DROVES to request his song Home. His label isn’t stupid–they know that Idol fans will get fanatical about voting, so they encourage it. I hope Epic might have Chris on their show one of these weekends, as well. It is a syndicated show on both Saturday and Sunday nights, in a bunch of smaller radio markets.

    Anyway, there are a couple ways to check radio play for Trouble. For real-time monitoring, the easiest way to check what stations are currently playing Trouble is to log on to I say this cautiously, because this particular website can be temperamental and unreliable. It’s a cool site to watch, though, as you can see the radio spins of Trouble as they are occurring. Every time the song is spun, the channel updates with the station call letters, artist and song title indicated, along with the time and the date. Here’s Chris’ “channel”, which is live, and may or may not be working properly at the time you happen to click on the link. haha But here it is:

    One of the main ways to check radio play USED to be Mediabase, (the BIble to the radio world)–Everything you needed to know about radio play was at this site. Unfortunately, just in the past few weeks they have shutdown free access to their information, now available only by subscription–which is too expensive for most folks. It saddens me, cuz I loved that site. :cwy:

    If you really want to get into this radio stuff, you can sign up for free at ALL ACCESS, which provides great, radio-centric information. Here’s the link to the website:

    I made a screen grab (which took me forever, btw, PHEW!–I’m technically challenged) of the major spinners of Trouble right now. I hope this works!
    Welp, it didn’t work, so I’ll try Copy and Paste. Grrrrr….

    lw: Jun 18 – Jun 24 TW: Jun 25 – Jul 1
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KLJT-FM Tyler, TX Top 40 38 0 38 7 7 9 7 8 0.054
    KVLY-FM McAllen Top 40 18 0 18 6 3 4 2 3 0.089
    KLCA-FM Reno, NV Top 40 10 0 10 4 0 0 0 6 0.002
    WFBC-FM Grnvle, SC Top 40 9 0 9 8 0 0 1 0 0.013
    WHHD-FM Augsta, GA Top 40 9 4 5 9 0 0 0 0 0.002
    WJFX-FM Ft Wayne, IN Top 40 8 11 -3 0 0 0 2 6 0.024
    KDUK-FM Eugene, OR Top 40 8 0 8 2 1 1 2 2 0.021
    WVYB-FM Dtna Beach Top 40 8 0 8 6 0 0 1 1 0.004
    KSAS-FM Boise, ID Top 40 6 0 6 6 0 0 0 0 0.002
    WLDI-FM West Palm Top 40 6 0 6 0 0 3 2 1 0.053
    KMVQ-FM San Fran Top 40 4 0 4 3 0 0 0 1 0.018
    WSPK-FM HudValy, NY Top 40 4 0 4 4 0 0 0 0 0.008
    KHHM-FM Sacramento Top 40 4 0 4 3 1 0 0 0 0.006
    KZBD-FM Spokane Top 40 4 0 4 4 0 0 0 0 0.001
    WKZL-FM Greensboro Top 40 3 0 3 2 1 0 0 0 0.007
    WQEN-FM Birmingham Top 40 2 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 0.011
    WDJX-FM Louisville Top 40 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0.002

    OK, just quickly here. The tags at the top are: This Week(TW) Last Week(LW); Move (increase or decrease in Spins); Time of day (overnight, am pm & evening); Audience (numbers of audience listening, depending on radio market size and time of day)–for instance, Tyler TX 0.054 is 54,000 listeners for the week.

    I’m shot. :blink: I hope this helps, Kim, and anyone else reading.

    • YOU ARE AMAZING DIANE!!! We :heart: you! Any adds for today??

    • Diane- You are truly amazing! I can’t believe you don’t work for Epic or another record company in their promo dept. How did you learn all this? The information is very helpful and very interesting. I’m going to track it now myself. I’m in shock with how knowledgeable you are since you said it was just a hobby. Thank you very much.

      • KIM: You obviously don’t hang out with American Idol fans, because you would not believe the amount of work that some of them do tracking this radio play stuff!! Charts, graphs, Excel spreadsheets, etc., etc. But thank you for the compliment. I’ve really just picked all this up through osmosis really…and of course, following an Idol’s career for 4 years now. :whistle:

    • Thanks!! Diane…I always wondered how to get this info..your incredible once again! :w00t:

  15. Hi everyone,
    I know I’ve been MIA for pretty much the past year so I just thought I’d stop by and say hello. Thank you to whoever was responsible for gifting me this song, I really appreciate it :) I’ll always support Alex, even if I’m quieter about it than I used to be.

  16. Thought I’d drop off the radio add report for the week. Kinda slow for anyone not named Carly Rae Jepsen. Her new duet with Owl City racked up another 49 adds!! Unbelievable. Anyway, Chris got 4 adds for Trouble on Top40 radio this week. Not great, but better than nothing!

    KRUF Shreveport, LA
    WFBC Greenville, SC
    WXYK Biloxi, MS
    WXXX Burlington, VT

    I hope radio adds pick up next week–lots of stations didn’t submit any adds this week due to the 4th of July short week. Radio spins are increasing, so the song is steadily moving up the chart, but still way short of cracking the top 50 songs.

    Even though Chris is sick with bronchitis, (poor guy), he is still doing radio shows and out there on the road hustling. That’s just the name of the game for a new artist, or really anyone with new music to promote. He just needs to stay healthy for this long, tiresome grind that is radio promotion.

  17. With Trouble now sitting at #156 on the iTunes top 200 pop chart and now in it’s second week of release it basically has a shot in the dark’s chance to climb back into the top 100 let alone the top 50. Young Homie reached the top 20 on iTunes in its first two weeks of release, peaking at #15 at one point before resting comfortably in the top 40 for many weeks that followed.

    So what’s with the huge disparity in support with this second release? I believe the major reason thus far has to do with his label’s lack of mass promotion of the song. Chris has promoted Trouble during his radio tour but I have yet to see one strategic ad placement for Trouble’s lyrical video on any music videos on Youtube. It could be that EPIC is counting on the actual music video to bring the song success but at this point it very much looks like it will take nothing short of a miracle in sales and heavy radio spins for it to be considered a successful release.

    To be honest I’m more of a huge Josh Krajick fan and to a lesser degree a Chris Rene fan but when I first heard Trouble I had a feeling it wasn’t really his words coming out. He does a wonderful job singing it but I feel that his own songwriting is his greatest strength and where he shines bright and what most of his fans respond to the most. I was never a fan of American Idol so I knew nothing of Alex Lambert when I found out he was one of the writers. Heard some of his singing and while he’s talented he’s just not my cup of tea, that’s just me though.

    If the official music video doesn’t help the song climb back into the top 100 with EPIC doing heavy promotions for it then the reality is that it is pretty much dead in the water. Chris is an extremely gifted musician and songwriter and while I applaud his effort in showing his flexibility as a singer I believe L.A. Reid should just let him do his own music from here on out.

    • Hello Davis….

      Thank you for your post. It was very well written, researched and informative. And if the stats are correct, then lets hope that the music video will give this song the push that it needs. Its a great song, and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard Alex sing it in the iicd snippit. Alex has an extremely intelligent mind and is a gifted musician and song writer in his own right. And to be honest, I would have liked to have seen Alex release this song, altho Alex and Chris have similar voices, I feel Alex’s voice is more suited to this particular song, but Chris did an amazing job.

      You sound pretty informed when it comes to the music biz, so I think you know as well as i do, now that Chris is under a label, the chances of him doing soley his own stuff is about a snowballs chance in hell. Thats the unfortunate sad truth.

      To be honest Davis, this is a Alex Lambert Fan site, we have all been here for the last 2.5 years to promote and support him and his music. While your post is statistically informative, it lacks in any support for Alex Lambert, making me wonder why you chose to post it here? Everyone has their own flavor of tea, nothing wrong with that.

      That being said, I will still try to help promote the itunes sales and will pray that the music video will breath some new life to the relase of this song. I personally have discovered many wonderful songs solely through a music video, so I have high hopes. :smile:

    • I’ve been following radio play for Idols for a few years now, and the fact is (sadly), that the 2nd single rarely gets the promotional push of the 1st. Just a law of diminishing returns for the label. It is SOOOO expensive to push a song on radio these days!! I, too, was hoping to see some sort of promotion from Epic, such as an iTunes banner, or at minimum, some ads in the online trades like All Access or HDD. Too early to write it off–it still could happen. I suppose Epic was hoping the song would explode on iTunes, like Carly Rae’s new song, Good Times, has–but that was always a long shot, IMO. Labels, I think, are getting more and more like movie studios…if the movie isn’t a blockbuster the first week out of the gate, they practically give up on it and move on to the next one. I hope Epic is committed to Chris, and will support this second song fully. The timing was bad–being released on the same day as Good Time (which I think was an 11th hour change–it threw Epic for a loop). Now, it just needs more radio play, and some bigger radio markets picking up the song in the next few weeks.

      And I have to disagree with your comparison to Young Homie. I don’t think you can predict Trouble’s future on radio or iTunes based on Young Homie’s past performance. There was pent up demand for that song…from all the X-Factor viewers who watched Chris perform it THREE times throughout the season. Additionally, it had the emotional connection for the fans to Chris’s journey to sobriety. It is inspirational, whereas Trouble is just a fun, feel-good summer song, without a message. Alex wrote this song when he was 19, I think, so girls were on his mind just a bit (understatement! lol.) I agree, I think Chris is in a head-space where he wants to preach his message, (pretty typical of a recovering alcoholic), so Trouble is a bit of a curveball for him to sing. Epic had confidence enough in this song to pick it as his 2nd single, so Trouble obviously has its merits.

      The fact that Chris got his solo-penned song as his first release is something of an anomaly amongst singing reality show finalists. Almost all the Idols have had to contend with their designated singles being songs penned by well-regarded songwriters and past hit makers. This seems to be a sore spot for the artists AND the fans. The label is usually going to err on the side of safety rather than risk, and no angst among fans is going to change that. Since it seemed that LA Reid was already a big fan of Young Homie, and it was pretty well ready to record, they decided to give it a chance and strike while the iron was hot. YH did well, but probably not up to the label’s expectations, so when they looked around for the second single, they decided to play it safe with one of their proven stable of writers.

      Busbee has written with/for a ton of Idols and some UKX-Factor finalists, so any song with his name on it is going to get considered. Alex had the incredible opportunity to write with a TON of A-list writers, such as Toby Gad, The Messingers, Chris DeStefano, Tommy Lee James, Jason Reeves, and of course, Busbee. Those of us here posting at Alex’s fan site, have been absolutely delighted that one of his co-writes was picked to be Rene’s next single. The odds of that happening were probably worse than winning the lottery, so we are not the most objective bunch. :lol: Is it his strongest song, lyrically? No. But again, he was all of 19 when he wrote this, and was basically a novice writer.

      I think we all have the same goal here. We are hoping Trouble performs well as a single to help give Alex some “cred” in the music industry and help get him a publishing and/or record label deal. Plus, we hope this song can give him a financial boost which will keep him from returning to Texas and working at Sonic for the rest of his life, ya know?? Obviously, fans of Chris want him to have a successful album launch and a long career with Epic. I just hope Trouble is the ticket!!

    • Hey Davis, welcome to the site. Thanks for your interesting and somewhat controversial comment. This is, afterall, the Alex Lambert fan site. lol. No harm tho, I love a little controversy. Here’s my opinion. I’ll warn you its likely to be completely politically incorrect and totally off base considering the fact that I’ve done absolutely NO research on the subject. I’m speaking totally off the cuff. Everything I say is completely my own opinion. I’m sure someone will jump in and correct all my errors. That being said… goes.

      First, let me say that I think it’s a bit premature to call Trouble “dead in the water.” With the video about to come out, Epic may very well have a big push planned. My friends here at the site know that I am probably the least informed about all this music biz stuff… For me its just about what I like and what I don’t like. I have no idea what Epic has done or not done, but here’s my PERCEPTION of what I’ve seen in reference to Chris’ album in general and this song in particular. I am not a particularly big Chris Rene fan. I did watch X-factor and I thought he was okay. I didn’t buy Young Homie and I doubt I ever will. From what I’ve seen, Chris has some very loyal fans in the Renelians. (Much respect to the Renelians :smile: ) Despite the Renelians’ best effort, Young Homie didn’t break the top 10. (I’ve been told that the top ten is the goal.) So Epic, in their infinite wisdom, decided that Chris needed to lure some Beleiber type fans into his fan base. Guess what kind of songs those little girls like. You guessed it, Trouble is a perfect fit for that demographic. It’s not a deep song. It’s a fun song. Everyone likes fun, right?

      However, as the plan unfolded, the wheels seemed to fall off… I’ve watched quite a few fan videos of Chris singing Trouble and I’ve listened to a few of Chris’ interviews. In my humble, uninformed opinion, Chris never really made much of an effort to sell that song. As a result, the Renelians just don’t like it. They can tell he didn’t write it and that he doesn’t feel it. (Despite one performance where he actually claimed that he did write it. :blink: But I digress.) Don’t know if you ever look at Chris’ FB page, but just a few days ago he posted a question to his fans. He asked them which was a better song, Trouble or Same Blood. Although I do appreciate Chris’ unfiltered honesty, posting a question like that a week after its release certainly makes it seem like he’s not wholeheartedly behind Trouble. Tsk. Tsk. Maybe he’s trying to convince EPIC to stick with his originals from now on. Hope he hasn’t shot himself in the foot.

      Anyhow, back to the point. Is Trouble in trouble? Honestly, I wish I knew. I’m hoping for the best when the video comes out. I think that Epic has had a plan all along. I think that despite all of our well-meaning advice, Epic has decided to do it their own way. Epic knew what they were doing when they decided to go with Trouble and I think they know what they’re doing now. Maybe Chris isn’t happy about it. Oh well, Chris, Epic owns you. Either way, it won’t be good for Chris, his album release, or Epic if this song fails, so I’m hoping that Epic has a plan to promote the hell outta the video. I hope Chris decides to get on board.

    • I forgot to add…. I love Trouble. It’s a really upbeat, fun, entertaining song. I think Alex did a fabulous job with it. I’m proud as hell of you, Alex. :biggrin: Although I do think Chris sings it well, I’d rather hear Alex sing it. But hey that’s just me. We’re all entitled to like who and what we like. I like Alex. :tongue:

    • Davis there’s not much more I can add to what Linda, Diane, and Cathy have already written. Yes, I too would have liked more promotion of Trouble on Epic’s part. I do think that the official music video will help. Production just wrapped in New Orleans last week, so I hope the editing department works quickly. I actually think they’re going to have a great finished product that’s as catchy as the song. Wonder if there will be any promotion associated with the upcoming season of X- Factor. I’ll be interested how X Factor handles it as American Idol has always supported the previous year’s top finalists in having them perform on the show. Unfortunately it would probably be too late at that point anyway.

      I agree with you about Chris doing an excellent job with the song, but I’ll always prefer Alex’s voice. That should come as no surprise. I think that Epic found a song that’s the right fit for Chris’ vocals. The reggae vibe suits him well and it is the perfect summertime song. Maybe they thought it would be best to make Trouble his second single in order to appeal to a younger female fan base. If Young Homie wasn’t a commercial success, then why go back with a similar type of song??
      The following words are from an interview Chris had in April as he expressed the realities of being signed to a major recording label:

      “If you’re with a record label and you’re an artist, you do as much as you can, but it’s collective. It’s not like you’re picking what you want to go on there because these people in the record business have been doing it so long. They’re like… we like this, we think this has potential, we’re going to go with this, how do you feel about this, sorry we think this is better…. so basically you just go with it and you have to believe.”

      I am aware that it must be difficult for Chris to sing someone else’s song since his previous album contained all of his own originals. To a songwriter if you don’t write the song, you don’t feel it when you sing it or talk about it, but he HAS to make it part of his job to sell Trouble, especially now. I, like Cathy, was disappointed when Chris went to Facebook a couple of days ago and asked his fans which song was the better song, Trouble or The Same Blood. I wonder if you saw that too Davis. Of course his loyal Renelians would prefer a song he penned to one he didn’t and maybe he needed his ego stroked at that moment. He then tweeted that he couldn’t wait to record The Same Blood and put it on iTunes. What happened to Trouble? If the artist isn’t 100% behind the song, who will be? In any case I suppose Epic saw what was going on because Chris did tweet shortly thereafter a message of appreciation to all the Renelians supporting Trouble and he has mentioned it in many of his following tweets.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for things to turn around, but it will depend on how much Epic wants to invest in Chris. I’m sure they’re determining their ROI so we will wait and see.

      • Watch Chris in interviews and shows and see how he respects the song. He always gives 110% on it. My guess is that he wants to put Same Blood on his album and wants to show Epic that there is demand for it. It is healthy and insightful for artists to get feedback from their fans- I’d do it. I’m glad that we can all agree that we have love & respect f the real artists.
        By the way, I came to this site via Chris’s FB & twitter- it doesn’t seem like there is that much info on what Alex is doing now. What is he doing/releasing??

        • Don’t worry I watch every interview and performance Chris has done recently and by all means every artist should request continuous feedback from his/her main supporters! He probably had an off day especially with the stress he’s been under and I am aware he’s still a novice in the business. Why didn’t he just ask his fans if they would like Same Blood on his album?? It couldn’t have been any easier than that! Instead he wrote and I quote “What’s a better Song? Trouble or The Same Blood? Lemme know what you think”. Kim, you can’t see that he’s asking his fans to pick one song over the other? There’s no need to over analyze this. Quite frankly it doesn’t really matter, but since you commented I thought I owed you a reply
          Do you really want to know what Alex is doing??

        • What’s da matter, Kim, we’re not supporting Chris enough over here at the ALEX FANSITE? You need to remember where you’ve come for your statistics. This is and will always be Alex’s fansite. As far as Alex’s career is concerned, I’m not worried. He’s working at a pace that fits his life. Taking whatever time he needs to properly develop the talent that God gave him. I respect him for that. Chris is much older and farther along. If I’m not mistaken, it has taken Chris years and a stint or two in rehab to get where he is. But hey, that’s cool he’s workin it now. That’s what counts.

          As far as Chris’ respect for the song goes, bottom line…..In my opinion, it was disrespectful of him to compare Trouble to Same Blood on his FB page. Period. He could have just asked his fans how they felt about Same Blood. In a head-to-head comparison, Renelians are always going to choose a Chris Rene original and Chris knows that. By comparing the two, he very much disrespected Trouble. I’ll admit I’ve only every heard him talk about Trouble once in an interview and he was very vague. When asked if Trouble was about anyone specific he could have and should have had a story ready to share about his life and how he’d met a few girls that were trouble. That would have connected him to the song but he didn’t. His lack of connection to the song was clear to silly ol’ me so I’m sure the Renelians could see it clear as day.

          As for giving the song 110%, I’ll have to disagree with you there too…. I will say he sings it well, but he sings it EXACTLY the way Alex sang it in his demo. Exactly, word for word, note for note. I would have liked to see Chris add a little bit of his signature rap to the song or change it up to fit his style a little better. I’m thinking, wasn’t that the criticism that he got on X-Factor. He’s good with his own songs, but he’s unable to take someone else’s song and ‘make it his own.’ Let’s make the distinction here between a singer and a songwriter. Chris is a very talented songwriter. I give him huge props for that. But if you’re gonna call yourself a singer, than I need you to be able to sing the phone book and make me feel it. That’s just me, tho. I never really felt it when Chris sang Trouble and I think a lot of Renelians would agree based on some of the comments I’ve read right her on this very fansite. {{Gasp}} and, oh my, a Renelian, too. Hmmmm.

          Lastly, yes we do have a tremendous amount of respect around here for true artists and I very much believe that Chris is a true artist. Never said he wasn’t. But I do take offense at your lack of respect for Alex at his own fansite. Alex’s fans have rallied around Chris and this song. We have promoted this song as much if not more than some of the Renelians. Yes, we did it for Alex but Chris has definitely reaped the benefit of our hard work. I would personally appreciate it if you didn’t come over here and disrespect Alex and/or his fans again.

      • No disrespect intended- just the opposite. I asked what Alex is doing because I am curious and I really like Alex’s music and i wanted to know what i could look forward too and where I could find it. A perfectly innocent question- have no idea why it was taken in such a weird way.
        I am artist and do critiques and comparisons like that all the time with fellow artists- I didn’t see any disrespect in Chris’s request on FB- but that’s my take as an artist, you have your opinion- that fine. Most artists do that- ask which work out of a group of works people like the best, it’s just part of the process. Everybody can have different opinions, but i think the response to what I wrote was possibly an overreaction and Cathy, as you can see by my other posts, that I have been nothing but respectful and appreciative of your information and effort.

        • No problem. Misunderstandings happen. It’s all good.

        • Sorry about the misunderstanding. I assumed you were offended by my comment about Chris/Trouble and that you had already looked at some of the previous posts/pages for info on Alex. I didn’t understand why you would be asking. We do our best to update the site with news about him and his music whenever it is available. We’re just his fan site so we don’t have any insider information.
          I do know that Alex has no music available for purchase. He is involved in song writing and music production; he continues to develop his vocals and keyboard/guitar skills. He has no performances scheduled presently. I can also tell you that Alex is a perfectionist when it comes to his music, so he’ll release when the time is right. When that happens, they’ll be some ecstatic folks around here!!
          Thanks again for asking. :smile:

  18. To Davis – I have NO idea why YH did not perform better – reach the Hot 100 of BB – it is BAFFLING to me – it is a brilliant song, actually. As far as Alex, I can see you don’t know his persona at all, as it actually fits into the X-Factor contemporary, edgy style FAR better than the AI old fashioned goody-goody one, so Idol not being your thing is a complete misrepresentation of the factual Alex personality Food for thought :whistle:

  19. Hello all ;) First I’d like to say thank you for your thoughtful and mature responses to an outsider who just happened to be passing by to share his opinion while doing a keyword search for Chris Rene Trouble and Young Homie units/downloads sold. You guys are far classier than the Melanie Amaro fans who literally vowed to hunt me down for giving my opinion on why Josh Krajick and Chris Rene had far more talent musically, needless to say I was banished forever…lol. My initial post here wasn’t ill intended or meant to be controversial, I just saw and read some interesting posts on Chris latest single and decided to chime in with my two cents.

    Diane I do agree with your statement that Young Homie did to a certain degree have a built in fan base and established connection to his audience with the X Factor but in the end those are variables that aren’t calculated by music providers into the actual sales & to me numbers are more representative, unless of course they are manipulated from the inside. That is why I was hoping to find an official sales/downloads chart for U.S. iTunes music from the months of March-April to compare with sales of Trouble for June-July but since nothing turned up online I have to go off what I tracked and observed then to what I’m currently seeing now. What I’m seeing now is Trouble falling further down the charts each day making it that much more extremely difficult for the music video to try to swoop in and save the day. [I have more to say here but it’s late so I will address as to why we will more than likely agree to disagree at another time].

    Does EPIC have a grand slam plan & resources to pull it off? I sure as hell hope so because I want to see Chris succeed as much as I’d like to see Josh succeed as well.
    Cathy I’ve seen the complete opposite in the interviews and performances I’ve seen so far when he sings Trouble, he seems to come across as genuinely liking the song because I hear and see the same passion that he has in his voice & body language when he sings Young Homie or his other song Rockin with You. Whether he believes in this song 100% we’ll never know unless he outright says it. Lauren as far as his post on Facebook of which song was better I have no clue as to what his motivation was for that, maybe he did need an ego stroke or perhaps he wants to get the song added to his album and wanted to show the label that his fans love the song. Personally, I think it’s an incredibly powerful song that can only benefit the album. It’s all speculation on our part so only Chris knows why he says what he says.

    I’m sure Chris like any original musician/songwriter would love nothing more than to succeed on the merits of his own work and not have to give credit to anyone but if it doesn’t happen with Trouble I hope he can make it happen with one of his own. I honestly believe that if some of the major radio markets like B96 and Z100 would have not held out on adding YH to their rotation while it was in the top 20 then it would have reached many more ears that perhaps would have increased download sales to push it into the top 10. I know music is subjective but I will never understand why much of our society continues to allow themselves to be dumbed down by the some of the worst artists music has ever seen (Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Justin B., etc) while musicians like Chris, Josh, Alex, Andy Grammer, even Jason Mraz struggle to get heard and get equal radio airplay. It’s a damn travesty. Thank you for your time ;)

    • “I know music is subjective but I will never understand why much of our society continues to allow themselves to be dumbed down by the some of the worst artists music has ever seen (Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Justin B., etc) while musicians like Chris, Josh, Alex, Andy Grammer, even Jason Mraz struggle to get heard and get equal radio airplay. It’s a damn travesty. ” AMEN!!!! Truer words were never spoken.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, even tho we disagreed at times, it’s obvious you know your stuff and are a true fan of music. We can use as much of that as we can get. Fingers crossed that the true musicians will eventually break through. :wink:

    • Davis, love your last sentence!! I think we can ALL agree that we enjoy real music performed by TRUE ARTISTS. Someone who doesn’t need a circus show to get noticed or dress up like a barbie doll on a 5 day crack binge. Thats what I like about Alex, hes just Alex, singer, songwriter, musician…and a damn good one at that. :wink:

    • Thanks for stopping back by Davis. I’ll agree with you about our society continuing to allow themselves to be dumbed down by some of the worst artists. Lately there seems to be more of a divide between musical artist and performance artist. The first list of names you mentioned (in addition to JLo, lol) would fit into the performance artist category. The other list I would consider musical artists. The funny thing is the reason that I never connected with X-Factor is because the over production on most of the performances. It distracted me from the singers and their voices. I just couldn’t embrace it. (btw Josh’s “Wild Horses” was one of my favorite performances… dramatic lighting, a piano, and a strong vocals!)
      The music business is a business first and foremost. It’s about posting a profit for the company. If an artist is on the roster who is not contributing to that objective, then it’s a matter of time before he/she will be replaced or basically they’ll sit idle with no music being released. It’s such a sad reality, but at least we lovers of singer/ songwriters can rejoice in the fact that there are so many avenues now in which our favorites can independently release their music. What used to be so unimaginable is easily attainable through social media!
      I must admit that I do envy the British though. Why is it that they can actually celebrate artists who have amazing, distinguishable voices with no auto tune required? WHY? :sad:

      Oh and by the way… I can’t even stomach the radio anymore, so I rarely listen.

  20. Great posts, all!! Thought I would just drop off some info about Trouble’s performance on radio. It’s sitting at #62 on the Top40 radio charts, still climbing upward, albeit, at a slower pace than last week. The song’s total audience impression (AI) sits at less than .50, so that’s about 500,000 listeners. Compare that to a song like Call Me Maybe, which has an AI of **106 million**, and you can partly see why the song is not at the top of the iTunes chart! I also read on Hits Daily Double that 4th of July is one of the slowest holidays for music sales. I think next week will be key for Trouble, IMO.

    I did catch a few new spinners since my last report. They are:
    WXSS Milwaukee
    WPIA Peoria, IL
    WDOD Chattanooga

    A couple I expect to add next week would be KMVQ in San Francisco, and WLDI in West Palm Beach–and possibly WQEN in Birmingham, AL.

    Also, another milestone–Trouble got its 1st spin on a Hot AC format station, WWMX in Baltimore!! (Getting closer to you, Cathy :biggrin: ) It’s official adds date for HotAC isn’t until July 16th, so that’s pretty cool!

  21. Diane- you should start a bog with all this info- Renelians would eat this up

  22. Diane- you should start a blog with all this info- Renelians would eat this up

  23. Here’s this week’s Mediabase radio adds report for Trouble:

    Top40 Format (6 stations)

    KDLW Albuquerque
    KDUK Eugene, OR
    KHRH Las Vegas, NV
    KMVQ San Francisco, CA
    KRCK Palm Springs, CA
    WAYV Atlantic City, NJ

    Better than last week, but these are all small market, indie company stations (except San Francisco, which is a CBS station) The song really needs some of the bigger markets to pick up the song if it has any chance of making a dent on radio. The singer, Pink, had *80* stations add her song Blow Me (One Last Kiss) today, so that song might have been selected over Trouble, but we don’t really know.

    I was happy to see three Hot AC stations add Trouble a week ahead of its “impact date” (radio-speak): (For comparison, Pink got *55* adds on this format :blink: that’s massive!!)

    KBFF Portland, OR
    KLLY Bakersfield, CA
    KWYE Fresno, CA

    The two California stations are often early adopters of Idol songs, so I’m not surprised they added Chris to their playlist. I think KBFF is also “Idol friendly” and has added Idols in the past. I think the song should do well on Hot AC. I don’t think Epic even sent Young Homie to the Hot AC stations, so this is defacto his first single for this radio format.

    Unfortunately, the site where I check radio spins seems to have crashed today, so I can’t tell you how the song is doing, or if any of these Hot AC stations have started to play it or not. That’s all I’ve got for now. If any of these stations are in your area, REQUEST, REQUEST, REQUEST!!!

  24. I haven’t posted any radio info for a while, so thought this 1st day of August might be a good time! All this information can also be accessed at this Google Spreadsheet that was created to track Trouble and help with requesting details.

    Top40 Format

    July 18
    WFLY Albany, NY
    WKSE Buffalo, NY
    WXKB Ft Myers, FL
    WYKS Gainesville, FL

    July 24
    KKXX Bakersfield, CA
    WERO Greenville, NC
    KSXY Santa Rosa, CA
    X003 Sirius XM

    July 31
    KHTT Tulsa, OK
    KSPW Springfield, MO
    WAKS Cleveland, OH ALL THE ONLINE VOTING PAID OFF!! (Another CC stn)

    Also, very quietly, Trouble is getting spins and radio adds on Hot Adult Contemporary radio. This format is similar to Pop, except they play older songs (called “recurrents”) in addition to the latest hits. These stations often call themselves The Mix. I’ve stated from the get-go that I thought Trouble could do well on this format, if given a chance. Here’s what I’ve tracked lately:

    Hot AC

    July 23
    KCIX Boise, ID
    WDCA Lexington, KY

    July 30
    KPEK Albuquerque, NM CLEAR CHANNEL!!
    WMEE Ft Wayne, IN

    • Diane… Thanks so much for the info. Great to see some Clear Channel stations picking it up and WOW!! the big station in Pittsburgh. I’ve been surrounded,..Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City….. c’mon Philly, get in the game. lol. It’s not moving fast, but it’s moving. Hopefully we’re seeing some nice steady growth that will be punctuated by the video release.

      We gotta keep up the requesting cuz that does seem to have helped. Thanks so much for you contribution to that fabulous spreadsheet. It sure does make requesting easier. :biggrin: A little organization goes a long way… :wink:

  25. I really like the new song Trouble. The beat is catchy and very well sung by Chris. I really admire him and really think he should have won X Factor. The other contestants sang well but none can match Chris for charisma, and his personality is just tops. He will be very famous for writing his songs and writing for other singers. I am not a teenager but a mature Latina adult and Chris really impressed me in his audition. I feel that LAReid and Rihanna were just as impressed with the whole personna that is Chris Rene. LOVE LIFE!

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