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Jul 162010

Wow, Alex sure had a lot to do this week!! Writing sessions every day, appearing on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.” Alex said he did okay on the show, got $5000 dollars for his charity Feed America, and said his fans are gonna love it cause he joked around a lot. :tongue: In honor of his appearance, we’ve added a lyrics section to the site. Check it out!! :heart:

Tomorrow the work doesn’t stop. Alex will be up bright and early to record the song he wrote yesterday with David Hodges and Eman called “Running In Place.” Alex said it’s a good song and he’s planning on wowing them in the studio. He commented that during his writing sessions he holds back so that when he records with people they’re blown away. :sideways:

Alex dear, you blow us away with anything you do. Hope everyone has a good weekend!! :biggrin:

Hey guys, check out the BubbleTweet from Eman
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  1. Did you see this tweet?

    ificandream Dream w/ Diddy! @iamdiddy has an interview w/ @1027KIISFM streamed LIVE from the Dream Studio Mon. 3PM PT! Watch it here:
    17 minutes ago via HootSuite

    Does this mean the Dreamers will get to meet him? Alex needs to get with that!

  2. Back to what I said earlier about liking IP, but not the demo… Kass, I realize everyone seems to like the song. I was just commenting on the fact that the demo is growing on some people, but I still don’t like it. Alex’s voice always sounds great, no matter what song he sings, but I do not like the production of the song, if I’m taking his voice out of the equation. If he was 16 I’d say, yeah, maybe, but he’s 19. He’s too old to be marketed JUST to the tweenies. As we’ve talked about before, not all pop, if they’re determined he go that route, has to be bubblegum. Maybe I just haven’t been paying enough attention to the Top 40s scene anymore, but there’s got to be a way to go about it with more sophistication. Can you tell I don’t like the whistling? lol. I realize it’s just a demo, but DWMEO didn’t change much from demo to full production.

  3. I disagree wth DWMEO.THE FULL PRODUCTION PART i HEARD WAS STUNNING IN THE ARRANGEMENT,AND i get the sense of how they changed the bits and pieces for the full song.I think clear channel made the right call to introduce Alex with IDK SINGLE,AND THE VIDEO CONCEPT WAS GENIUS,BUT,when they eventually release DWMEO SINGLE I THINK WE’RE IN FOR a :w00t: SURPRISE!

  4. WTH,THEY PUT AN AD UP ON IICD for the Hollywire cast intreview to watch now,and it goes into a random clip of Alex and Justin. :angry:

  5. I know, Alleycatfan,they got me with that one, too.

  6. OMG,Kara turned down an important part tonight in a major Film,due to one bit with nudity.Well, she did have that heart to heart with Alex the other night,and he advised it would be a bad move to accept the part -Alex is a SMART COOKIE.But, Neil Bagg said the casting director was blown away by Kara’s reading,and presence,so it won’t be long now before Kara hits the big time.I think I would bawl my head off,if Kara leaves and Alex is stuck with Gig as the only girl in the house. :sad:

  7. Char, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. I second that Janet! I totally agree with Char. Sorry, IP has grown on me a little, but still too bubblegum for Alex, I think. I really think Alex is so much better than the production that Deekay does. Maybe cuz it’s for his first album and unknown, but hopefully after will get to work with better producers. And Congrats to Kara!

  9. Just reviewing the posts of the day before hitting the sheets – it’s apparent that we all know exactly where Alex fits musically. Why don’t they just listen to us and let us run with it? hahahaahahahahahah. I just have to say one thing, Alex should NOT take what he feels is his best song to date and give it to Lee Dewyze. Yes, it would be very generous and all of that. And, yes, he would gain some cred as a songwriter. But, in the end, he could do a much better job with it than Lee. Why give it away? Save the best for yourself Alex. Unfortunately, 19E can force his hand if they really want to and, since the Idol tour is bombing big time, they may really want/need a Lee hit single.

    Now, let’s get Alex hooked up with a real band and we’re good to go.

    Night angels.

  10. Snuffles: Diddy most likely wont come in the house to talk to the them cause he’s too big a star. I don’t think they will meet him unless they go to the dream studio where he’s doing the interview. Alex would want to meet Diddy though, since he’s following him on twitter. It looks like they are really trying to get the word out about this show having the likes of Diddy do interviews.(they need to promote the show and put 2 people in) Diddy is into reality/talent shows too, and it wont surprise me if he does a similar show on the internet.

    btw, I turned on the IICD show earlier and it was showing that Alex came back and was in his room even though he wasn’t. He came in and went out but his icon didnt reflect it. They probably did that cause they know people like me will switch off if he’s out. He tweeted he’s having a good night out there. Alex is meeting enough people now in LA to go hang out with — I’m glad he wont have to rely on mainly hanging with Gig. You know what, most of the time I’d choose to watch Alex on his bed looking at his laptop or sleeping than watch the others. Veronica was more interesting even by herself than the others to me. After Alex and Veronica I have more interest in Micheal the producer to be honest. Ben is ok when he’s talking to Alex. Justin was inaudible and his singing voice is mediocre. Kara is boring but has acting talent. Gig is moody and bitchy now. They obviously picked these people on looks and didnt think of entertaining part. Alex and Veronica have interesting personality along with talent.

  11. Shasow, Alex did come home briefly, long enough get a shower and for Kara tell him about deciding not to take the role. Its funny how they are all so comfortable with each other, she was doing a vlog in the laundry room and he came out in his underwear to get something out of the dryer and she just started telling him her story, and he says let me get some clothes on, but you can talk from there….they are so cute. Anyway, after Kara left, he went out the patio door and they didn’t change the avatar for a long time. Kara is pretty entertaining when she is alone, at least she trys really hard, so does Ben for that matter. I didnt watch alot of veronica alone, but when I did, I didn’t she much going on, shes a sweetie though.

  12. LindaW: I figured he must have not been long in the house and just came to change to go out again. He came out in his underwear? Boxers or briefs? :wink: (We see enough of his underwear sticking out of his jeans and it usually colored briefs.) I’ve seen him in his swim trunks and towel, but I didnt think he’d walk around in underwear, since he said he even wear swim shorts in the shower. He must have been in a rush to go hang out. Veronica was pretty interactive and usually having conversations with other housemates and even talked directly to camera/fans, showing us the ring Alex got her. When home she’s doing her music with tutors and songwriters, or just playing alone to entertain viewers, or having tweets with fans alone in her room that we can hear. She’s not shy or reserved that’s why even Ben said he’d like her in the house cause she talks more than Gig and Kara. She’d be more interesting even when not with Alex. Kara usually just talks on phone or play boring piano and music that puts me to sleep. And she annoyed me the other day when Alex was trying to tell her what happend at tapeing of ‘dont forget the lyrics” and she wasn’t attentive and started playing bad piano as he talked and he had to pause and stop. But right after she couldnt wait to tell him a long story about her audition, and he listened and gave feedback. I think they are all a bit envious of Alex cause he has more to do, and 19E seems to believe more in him. But she is making more effort to act like she gets along with Alex though.

  13. Kass: I saw Gavin DeGraw in a small club in Houston about 2 years ago. Very cool guy, and Alex would do well to see him in concert. Gavin does sling an occasional off-key note here and there, but no one cares. He’s just not the great vocalist that Alex is. But his vibe… and his band… and the way he presents himself on stage… awesome.

  14. Shadow: (sorry i spelled your name wrong last time, I was being rushed by hubby….ha.) Anyway, yes he was in his underwear, the same kind my boys wear, just boxers, but I dont think he expected someone to be standing there while he popped out real fast to get something out of the dryer and Kara was standing there doing a vlog, but neither of them seemed at all fazed. I like Kara, because she really seems to care for Alex….Oh wow, Gig is officially a Bitch now to me!!! Alex just tried to apologize to Gig and she slammed the door in his face. All he could say is i tried…

  15. I should have put this post here and not in the IP thread…

    I pride myself on being a rather patient, empathetic person, but think I’ve just hit a wall with Gig. I didn’t see it, but apparently Alex tried to apologize to her and she slammed the door in his face. She’s just lost yet another person that was trying her hardest (and yes, it was very, very hard at times) to root for her.

  16. Gig is getting on my last nerve lately. I just read dreamupdates that she slammed the door on Alex when he was trying to apologize and mend things. (she should be apologizing first for not taking him and insulting him, but she’s immature and unreasonable) And then she tried to convince Ben to take automatic to where they are going even though she already told Alex he could have it to go to his vocal coach’s function tonight. And she went on to tell Ben she doesnt think Alex should be allowed to go out cause 2 people should be home and she is always left alone. That bitch is always out all night clubbing and not come home till next day. I cant believe she’s pointing fingers at Alex and trying to keep him from going out. I usually dont like to get negative, but I feel like joining twitter, so I can send her some messages and blast her ass. She deserves every negative comments she’s gotten on hulu from current episode. If Veronica is in the house Alex won’t have to deal with her much and she will wallow in her jealousy. Alex needs Veronica to be there before they start making him less happy in the house.

  17. You nailed it shadow_ia and summed it up perfectly. :angry: I can’t wait ’til she’s gone, gone, gone.

  18. I agree with you Shadow. I keep trying to give Gig the benefit of the doubt, but she is down right nasty and spiteful. :angry: Sadly, I think she has it out for Alex now and will do anything to make him miserable. :sad: Poor Alex.
    I also agree it is time for Gig to go.

  19. I remember Alex had some disagreements with Gig around the time he got frustrated and packed all his things and went back to Texas. And she was acting like she didnt care he left, and she was posting on twitter how much she loves her life and living in dream house – kind of rubbing in on Alex. That’s when I knew how bitchy she can be. I just don’t want her to get him frustrated again to the point they have a fight or something — I think she would like Alex to look bad or get him in trouble. Gig has bad attitude and holds grudges too much. She acted mad at Ben forever too when he did something to her — now she’s trying to get Ben to tag along with her – and most likely talking shit about Alex. But Ben already know how she is, and he didnt care for her before either. Gig really showed she’s a vindictive person the way she tried to make Ben take the automatic tonight and keep Alex from using it. Gig is an envious person. It wont shock me if she’s happy if Alex leaves the show. The thing is it seems Alex isn’t against her being there. Anyway, he should remain cool and be civil and not get into it with her – he doesnt want to give his haters ammunition – Gig would like that. I didnt mind Gig before but now I don’t like her.

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