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Dec 042011

Well judging from the Twitter chatter, Alex Lambert’s show last night at the Middle East Upstairs in Boston was AMAZING!

But we knew it would be! :happy:

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank @Nick_Distaso once again for organizing the show – and we’re looking forward to your amazing photos Nick!

While waiting for the lucky Snaf who attended to recover and provide us with more details, stories from the night, photos and HD video of the whole set, peeps following us on Twitter (@TheAlexFansite) can find links to (lower quality) videos of a few songs – including a BRAND NEW UNRELEASED ORIGINAL called “Learning From You”, co-written with Jason Reeves and Jordan Lawhead!!! (The rest of you… be patient! Or go follow us now :tongue: )

To pass the time till then, why don’t you take a moment to show your appreciation to Alex by recording him a “Happy Birthday” video message, as described here??

OK, here are just a few pictures to tide you over ’till the media explosion to come:

A quick snapshot from Nick during soundcheck…

One by Cecily during the show…

And one by Alex himself! Aww, he always shows his Snaf so much love!! :wub:

In addition to “Learning From You”, the set included (thanks Katherine!):

  • “My Girl” by the Temptations
  • “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” by Chris Brown
  • “Boss D.J.” by Sublime
  • “True” by Ryan Cabrera
  • “Daughters” by John Mayer
  • “On My Tongue”
  • “Everybody Knows”
  • “The Little Things” by Colbie Caillat
  • “Trust Issues” by Drake
  • “Let it Be”
  • “Trouble” (by request)

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  1. The show was even better than I had anticipated! Alex’s voice was even better in person, if you can believe that, and he was even cuter too. Even my husband thought so! ;) I’m so glad I got to meet some other SNAF and even get a picture, an autograph, and a hug from Alex. The songs were incredible and beautiful and moving, and he has a wonderful, chill, and fun stage presence.
    Alex, you’re the best. We SNAF love you 4 EVA!! haha lol :tongue:

  2. So many songs we’ve never heard him play before, along with so many faves!! Yay!! Can’t wait to hear them all!! (Especially Daughters… I think we’ve only got one short clip of him doing Daughters, from before Idol, and I adore that one so yeah… can’t wait lol.)

    • Oh, Kass, wait ’til you hear it. The whole set was amazing. His voice is smoother than butter now. He still has that unmistakable tone, and it’s hard to believe he could improve upon it, but he has. I LOVED Daughters. My only regret — it was over too soon! Alex was sooooo good to us too. He’s so generous with his time and took more photos and signed more autographs than I’d want to do in an entire lifetime. LOL!

  3. Sounds like another successful show! So happy that everyone had a great time. Cant wait for the vids! :heart:

    • Lauren stayed up ALL NIGHT at the hotel uploading vids! But, the wifi was really slow and she just couldn’t get the job done there. I’m sure she’ll have them all up soon. She’s like the energizer bunny! Love that girl.

      Oh, and when Alex was autographing something for you that Cathy gave him, he said: Oh, LINDA, LINDA, LINDA! Wanted to know why you weren’t there. I THINK (fingers crossed) we may have convinced him that Atlanta next would be good. I’m hoping….we’ll finally get to meet! The rest of the snafcrew are too much fun in person. Love ‘em all!

      • Well S***…LOL :blink: I think I shall cry now… :cwy: I promise I will be at the next one!!! Even if I have to blow off another family function Grrrrr. But he is so lucky to have had all you there. Sounds like I missed another amazing time… :wub:

  4. It’s so awesome you guys all had such a great time!! I was sooo sad to have missed it. Stinkin’ Christmas anyway!
    I’m so excited to see all the videos and ESPECIALLY the new one. I was busy doing homework all weekend for my final project due tomorrow, so I only allowed myself to listen to the first few that were posted on Twitter. I’m being a good girl so it’ll be like Christmas when Lauren gets them all uploaded.
    Next time ladies (and gentleman) I WILL BE THERE AGAIN! hahaha

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