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Jul 082010

  55 Responses to “Ben Elliott & Jessica Bongiorno Love Alex Lambert”

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  1. Omigosh! How adorable are Ben and Alex together?? I love their bromance. And Alex just cracks me up all the time, he’s so entertaining. And Jessica B. is just freakin awesome! Where would we be without her tireless efforts and her being our fearless leader after Alex was wrongfully given the boot on AI? It was so amazing to be a part of the “Bring Alex Back” campaign lol! God Bless that woman! :heart:

  2. On that note, Katherine, of Alex’s brilliance, I was just over at MJ’s looking/listening to some of Kris Allen’s St. Louis gig from last night. He invited Justin on stage for Come Together. I was figuring he would be right up there on mike with Kris. Nooooo, he was not on-camera much, playing tambourine, and there are a fair number of pretty bad comments about him. Basically one person, Girlygirl, stuck up for him a little bit. I may copy/post a sampling on a DU thread, mainly because of the theory people seem to have about why Justin was there in the first place. I guess it’s also what I had running through my mind. One of the descriptive words used was “dull”. I like Justin – a sweet young man, but “dull” is how I would also describe his singing. :pouty:

  3. I agree areyouin, Justin is a nice guy and can carry a tune, but boy does he put me to sleep! Talk about zero spark, sorry but that’s how I feel about Justin. I just don’t feel anything when he sings. I dunno, but leaving the Dream house for a couple of tour dates doesn’t really seem like success to me. I could be wrong, but I think 19 was a little disappointed with his progress and maybe gave up on him a little? Idk, but it seems to me that Alex is a lot closer to a record deal than Justin, with two songs being produced and a music video and ClearChannel loving his song. That’s pretty big, can’t say the same for Justin. Hate to compare the two but it is what it is! I like Justin but Alex is just a natural-born star!

  4. hello everybody.

    I was just wondering,
    I am a big Alex fan, I went to tenerife for three weeks and missed three episodes of if i can dream. I was just watching them now and I am kind of shocked about alexs’ behaviour with Veronica. I remember first when Veronica came to the house that Alex said that nothing could ever happen between him and veronica becaouse he’s got a girlfriend… .now what?

    Are alex and Ray no longer together. And if they are broken up, is it really right of alex to jump into a “relationship” with Veronica the minute he’s single!… Ray has been so supportive, he should not treat her that way. I remember first when he moved in the house how he behaved with Giglianne, at that time I didnt know he had a girlfriend and I was kind of shocked when I found out. I felt really bad for Raylee. I think he doesn’t relise that there are many people watching the show, including Raylee and he is making him self look like some player..

    One minute he has a girlfriend, the next one he doesn’t. It’s just like he breaks up with ray whenever he feels like it. and then just gets her back again. And if he is lonely in New york, why call Veronica? why doesn’t he call his girlfriend?
    plus he has already said that he would be happy if Ben and Veronica fall in love.
    I also feel kind of bad for Ben , he really likes veronica. He and Alex are supposed to be friends an now they are dating the same girl.

    ( I don’t have anything against Veronica, she is pretty and talented, I am just talking about alex’s behaviour )

    • Sarah, Alex and R officially broke up when he went back to Texas a few weeks ago. Apparently it was mutual, and Alex has said that it was because he is in LA and she is going to college in Texas, and it’s not fair to keep her from having fun (as explained to Ben).

      After her Dream Break weekend, and after Alex had broken up with R, Veronica came back to the house as a “guest” for just a short time. She has concert and work obligations the rest of the summer (starting tomorrow) so she couldn’t stay longer and left this past Tuesday. If I Can Dream isn’t saying, but she may very well be invited back once she’s done (or so we hope). Alex seems heartbroken about it — he moped around all day yesterday while Gig and Kara tried to comfort him, then talked to Veronica on Skype for over three hours last night (the first time we saw him really happy all day).

      Alex saying that nothing could ever happen between him and Veronica and saying he’d be happy if Ben and Veronica fell in love was a case of “methinks the lady doth protest too much” — he was clearly completely smitten with her from the very start, and was trying his best to deny it because she seemed to have something going on with Ben. But even so he didn’t go out of his way to make it happen — as he tweeted afterwards, he just couldn’t help himself.

      Also, Veronica has said the dates with Ben were faked for the cameras, and that she and Ben are just friends. Ben is totally cool with what happened. He says he could see right away that Alex had a thing for her. Even so, Alex did try and apologize in a way to Ben, and Ben made it clear there was nothing to apologize for (there is a video of this up on

      Whether it is right of alex to jump into a relationship with Veronica the minute he’s single is really none of our business, I think. But anyway, for what it’s worth, my opinion is that that is so often the way things work out, isn’t it? You can’t PLAN on when you’re going to meet that special someone. And he’s a 19-year-old male who’s been in a relationship (on and off – and yes it was off when he was flirting with Gig) for almost three years – he’s “missed out” on a lot of the serial dating that kids that age do. It’s not like he and R are at the age where serious committed relationships are the norm — these are the years people are “supposed” to date lots of people and experience life and have fun. No doubt being able to watch this unfold on live stream is hard for R, but that’s the fault of the weird reality show situation he’s in.

      I hope that’s answered some of your questions! You can check out and read the daily updates and discussion topics for details on what else you missed. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Ya know Areyouin, I agree with you about Justin. I think its unfortunate for Justin that Alex came into the house. Alex’s personality and talent just made Justin appear even more “dull”. I do not dislike Justin (well, we can be honest here, right. Maybe I do dislike him a bit.), but I do wish him well. I just think he never really gave Alex much respect. I’m glad he’s gone from the show. I do believe that they fabricated this whole “tour with Kris Allen” just to make Justin appear successful. Anyway, the good news is that Justin is proof that 19E really does stick with its artist through thick and thin. That gives me more confidence that Alex will be successful. I don’t think he will need as much time as Justin has used so far.

    I think the roommates all get along so much better now. Alex really is part of the family. Everyone seems to love him now (Even Kara has come around). With Justin gone there are no more “babysitting” comments. By the way, what’s with all the Gig time lately? Why is Alex hanging with Gig so much since V left?

    On the subject of Veronica. I was trying to be logical last night and here’s what I came up with. Veronica applied for the show knowing that she had performances scheduled. So she must believe that she can work around them. She is obviously good for the show, so the producers must certainly want her back. There has been no mention of bringing anyone else in (unless I missed something). I could not think of one logical reason why she would not come back. So, I’m convinced that she will be back. I think they are just playing for drama again!

  6. Also, I have not been watching them live in few weeks. I have only been watching the shows and I don’t really understand the thing about Veronica. She said she was going to move in to the dream house but she is never there, did she quit or something. Why can’t you see her on the live stream? Is she a part of the show or not hehe :)

  7. You know what you guys, that’s kinda what I’m thinking about too regarding Justin. I just did not wanna say it on DU because theres a big fan there that seems to be a nice lady and I dont wanna break her heart :( I do believe that having Justin kinda go on tour was just a nice way to get rid of him because to be completely honest I dont think he will ever sell much records even in the indie scene. His music has nothing contemporary about it. He seems like a nice person but soo boring. He isnt a great singer either, but there are lots of mediocre singers who does acoustic stuff but still manage to break into the mainstream (ex. Jack Johnson, John Mayer) But Justin wants to be the modern James taylor or something… err, that ship has sailed decades ago. I love James Taylor and acoustic, lo-fi stuff and I really should be leaning towards Justin’s stuff instead of Alex coz that’s more my sound but heck I just dont hear anything special about his music. Sorry, not a Justin rant and I wish him well Im just saying maybe if he wasnt as good looking and if he didnt have the Miley connection he really wouldnt even make it on music alone.

    Not to compare but I will do it anyway, Alex got on the show because of his voice first and foremost and that’s what the show should be about, talent. Especially after the last episode everyone can tell that ALEX is the epitome of the If I Can Dream project. Wasnt chosen coz he’s hot, didnt have much experience at all but what he has going for him is potential. After taking lessons and working with pros and a TON of determination and TALENT he’s really moving forward and it completely validates the goal of the show. When I say that ALEX is the STAR of If I Can Dream, I dont think I’m being biased at all.

    Anyhow, I feel they are doing the same thing with Gig, she’s completely plateauing and now they’re pushing her to Rocco to I dunno, maybe gently get rid of her. If I were Gig, I’d focus on hosting too and not just modeling. You can only be a model for so long and she’s 21 already, some of them start at 15.

    So I was watching a bit of Veronica skyping with Alex last night and I feel bad for him. He’s such a lovesick puppy. I hope Veronica really likes him back and not just thinking of him as her key to the dream house. Hey, the girl knows how to be a female. At this point I’m not really into her music but whatever makes Alex more motivated and inspired I’m all for it.

    BTW, Im loving me some Kara and Alex interaction… warms my heart when they “I love you” each other.

  8. I agree with every comment so far. Char, you summed it all up very well. You expressed everything that I’ve been thinking. I really didn’t want to voice my feelings about Veronica too much because I know how much Alex loves her and she was a good mix for the show. But, you know what? I really don’t like her music that much. There. I said it. She’s okay, but that’s it — just okay. Every song sounds the same and she’s really nothing special musically. That’s why I got a little uppity about the Alex/Veronica duo idea. Uh — no way. He’s just way too powerful for her musically. And, no, I don’t think their voices blend well together — at all! But, as long as they enjoy working together, she could always do backup vocals for him. She’s good enough for that. Anyway, as Char said, I hope the feelings Alex has for her are returned and that’s she’s as real as she seems to be. He doesn’t need a broken heart right now. As sweet as she seems to be, she’s also driven. Of course she knows that the guys thinks she’s hot and why wouldn’t she use it to her advantage? Just saying…

    I’m going to step off the Alex train for today and check back in tonight when his family arrives. :w00t: :w00t: THAT should be fun!

  9. Did any of you go over to DU and read the comments from MJ’s that I posted? I really just meant to post it as informative. I will say that I don’t think the comments on MJ’s are vicious – they are pretty matter-of-fact.

    @cathy – I agree with your take on Veronica. I think it’s a win-win situation to bring her back. The thing that bothers me right now is how tricky it is going to be to keep the house “full” with only four of them. I was still thinking that Sam Larson may be back for a “limited engagement” ;) That would give the 4 dreamers some breathing room imo.

    Love, love the full vid of Ben and Alex in the Fiesta. So adorable!! :heart: And soooo grateful to Jessica B. for her efforts. :heart:

  10. @Janet – I don’t think Veronica is musically amazing, but I like her better than Suzi. Also, it doesn’t seem the producers have liked anybody else enough to bring them on.

    Do you think Alex family will be there when the actress/model is there?? For dinner?? That would be fun – Caitlin could do a buffet meal, like when all the idols were there. I think I’ll actually be able to tune in tonight.

    @cathy – I forgot to ask how your son’s skating birthday party was??

  11. Veronica’s voice isn’t nearly as strong as Alex’s, it’s true, but time and time again we’ve seen that having a good voice is no prerequisite for making it. I like Veronica cause she seems like a sweet girl and of course cause she makes Alex happy.

    OK so maybe there IS a cynical little voice inside my head suggesting that maybe she was so ready to engage with him to increase her chances of getting back on the show, just cause it seems so convenient, but so far I haven’t seen anything from her to suggest that, and I don’t really want to even think it–if her intentions are “pure” it’s totally unfair to her.

  12. Char, for me, the key word in your post is “potential”. To me Alex has such incredible potential. I think that was the problem with AI this season. If the judges had selected the top 12, Alex would have been selected because they saw his potential. Because “America” voted, they did not recognize the potential that Alex had. Had he made the top 12, we would have seen incredible improvement from one week to the next. That would have been so exciting and the show’s ratings would have been much better. To me what always made AI a great show was not just that they had good singers. I can see good singers almost anywhere. What always made AI great was finding a diamond in the rough. Watching that diamond become a star is the excitement. Alex was their diamond this year and they missed out.

    At the moment in time when Alex was kicked off Idol, maybe some of the contestant were technically better singers than Alex simply because they were more experienced and had training. But in my opinion, none of them had the pure, raw talent that Alex has. Had he stayed, he would have eventually out shown every single one of them. One thing I said about AI this season was that most of the contestants were already semi-professional. Several had already published music or performed with their own bands. Those people didn’t have as much room to improve, so the show just seemed kinda boring week after week.

    That being said, AI’s loss is our gain (and Alex’s as well). I do believe that he is better off on IICD. Yes it was a struggle in the beginning. All the negative comments were horrible to endure, but he did make it through that negative time. And he came away with a thicker skin. He has learned some skills he needs in this business. Alex’s star is rising while American Idol’s is falling. I truly believe Alex will be the biggest star to come out of this season of American Idol. I can’t wait until I can say “I told you so” to all the naysayers in my life.

  13. Kasandra you explained the the Veronica, Alex and Raylee situation very well to Sarah. Not much else to add. Raylee will meet another cute guy of her own and need to focus on her college. They are all still young. Ben and Veronica thing wasnt real like hers and Alex’s feelings.

    Char: I think Veronica really is smitten with Alex and its not just a way to get in the house. (her talent is enough to get her in) She wants to wear the ring he got her forever and all. Alex obviously likes her back but I’m not worried about her feeling towards him unless he doesnt treat her right. I think Veronica is a talented girl and good for Alex — he better treat her well. Actually some would say she can do better than Alex. I like that she’s not stuck up like others like Kara who were shocked she would even kiss Alex.

    Cathy: Yeah, Gig and Alex are hanging out like before. One day she’s mad at him and other times she isnt. I like for them all to get along in the house though. I think Gig just like to be able to have Alex tag along with her to hang out any time she wants. When Raylee or Veronica comes around she can’t do that and seems relieved when they leave.

  14. @cathy – Alex had the most potential out of everyone on Idol. HE will have the most contemporary album coz as good as crystal is, shes just not mainstream. Lee’s voice is generic raspy rock vocal. As much as Alex praises him up and down, seriously Alex sings better. Its really fun to watch his old videos like on hollywood week when he was with that awful group and he sang 2 lines and it was just a “whoa” moment for me. TWO LINES and I was taken aback. I wish they can hear Alex now and how much better he is. I know he’s better on IICD just because I dont think he woulda gotten that one on one training or songwriting hookups he’s getting on Idol. Although it woulda been great to hear what the famous guest judges would say if they hear Alex sing. It makes me happy when he gets praised by the big shots. Mark Renk his vocal coach said “I think you have a better tone than Usher… there I said it on camera” :w00t:

    • OK so I’m on comment overload today… sorry I’ll stop soon I promise!! But Cathy reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to say for ages, and it’s this: I’m still convinced Alex got voted off American Idol BY MISTAKE, due to problems with the voting system.

      Here are the facts:

      Have you guys heard of DialIdol? It’s this website that measures the percentage of busy signals each contestant gets during the voting period to predict who’s gonna win. The idea is that the higher the busy signal percentage, the more people were trying to get through to cast a vote, thus (usually) the more votes that person got. They’ve correctly predicted almost every single Idol winner in this way.

      WELL, the night Alex got voted off, guess who had the highest busy percentage??? HIM of course — and not just out of the guys, out of EVERYONE, and by a landslide!! – he had a 5.2% busy signal, while the next guy behind him was Michael Lynch, with 2.8%. Check it out here. (DialIdol for some reason had him ranked second, after Lynch, according to their scoring system, and said it was too close to call — I don’t know what they factor in to come up with their score — but STILL, that’s a pretty big margin!!)

      Here is the second fact: A university study (on mathematics) was recently presented that suggests that who ends up getting the most votes has a lot to do with geography. It claims that contestants from populous states in the Eastern and Central time zones (and isn’t Texas the second most populous state?) do WORSE than contestants from smaller states in the less populous eastern and mountain time zones. Why? Because fans voting in a populous area will get a busy signal more often, since the phone lines are being overburdened, so fewer of their votes will count. As an example, they say that a Florida fan voting 1,000 times for his chosen favorite will get a busy signal at least 50 per cent of the time, meaning only 500 of those votes will count toward the final result, whereas a fan voting in a less populous state in the Mountain time zone is only likely to get a busy signal five per cent of the time, which means 950 of that fan’s votes will count.
      Read an article on the study here.

      On top of this, there were, what, 3 or 4 contestants from Texas this season?? Which means the Texas vote was a lot more split than it would have been otherwise, and that a lot more people were on the phone lines, jamming them up.

      So putting these facts together, I’m pretty convinced that Alex actually had the most ATTEMPTED votes that night, but that due to problems with the system, few of those votes actually got through. I also think this is the real reason 19 “gave him another chance” (in combination with Jessica’s petition, of course!)… the guys at this company couldn’t see talent and promise (or what makes a hit single, for that matter) if it hit them in the face — that’s why they have America choose for them!!

      Conspiracy theoriessss!!!

  15. @ Cathy and Char, totally agree with you guys! I can’t wait to say “told ya so” either, haha!

  16. Areyouin – The skating parting was lots of fun. Thanks for asking.

    On Veronica, her voice is definitely not anywhere near as strong as Alex’s. He drowns her out every time they sing together. His personality drowns her out as well. However, what she does bring is a mastery of the social networking scene. Alex could definitely use her help there. Also, I think she brings the best out in Alex. I have never seen him sing more or better than during those last 4 days. I found myself staying up to 2 or 3 in the morning just listening. Maybe it was just having someone to jam with. But I think he is a very emotional guy and “falling in love” made his music even better. How ironic is it that he said the same thing about her in last week’s episode.

    I would also be happy with Sam Larson coming on board. He would also be a good jam partner with Alex. I’m just surprised that we have not heard anything about someone new moving in. That’s what makes me think that they are not really looking.

    On a side note: Did anyone else notice that there appears to be a lot of new sponsors. That tells me that the show is doing well. Thanks, of course, to Alex. I doubt that they would jeopardize this new success by leaving only 4 people in the house for very long. They need to keep the energy up. Although Alex and Ben are good for energy, Kara and Gig not so much.

  17. Ya know, and dont hate me for saying this, but I DO like veronica, I really really do, she’s pretty, and talented and I wish her all the success in the world, but, I think having her there is going to be a huge distraction to Alex, I would hate for her to move back in, they get really involved and have a falling out or something and there ya go. I know he thinks shes cool and loves jamming with her and I am sure she is nice to kiss, but I cant help to think that Alex is a young teen-ish kid and he seems to fall really easily, mainly in my opinion, because he is sooo sensitive and sweet and that’s where all those beautiful love songs come from. Not to say, that the next pretty, cool, hot girl that comes along, Alex is going to forget all about Veronica, I’m not saying that :whistle: But even he has said himself, that he has fallen in love sooo many times and thought that the girl he fell for was the ONE….thats alot for a 19 year old. I would have preferred they have stayed awesome friends and I think for me, I would prefer to have someone else move in like a comedian or someone studying film/producing, just something different…cuz you know Justin will be back and 3 musicians is too much I think. If they do bring her back I will be supportive and happy only because Alex is happy. And I think the bulk of people want veronica back, do, because she makes Alex happy………I have been thinking it, but not saying it, because so many of you guys want her back in the house, but i needed to get it off my chest…….ha ha. Ahhhh,I feel so much better now. Love you Alex!! :heart:

  18. @char that was a “whoa” moment for me too! When I heard him sing those two lines, I was hooked! That was the moment I started to fall in love with that voice, lol :wub:

  19. Linda – I get your point and you could be right. I disagree with the part about Justin coming back. I think he might check in every now and again, but I don’t think he’ll move back in. First, I think they were lucky to get rid of him. He was so dull in the house. Also, I think he was glad to leave. He never really seem happy there. He was never home much. So I do think Alex needs someone to jam with. Maybe Ben can help out. He’s not bad on the guitar.

  20. Cathy: yeah I kinda agree, to be honest I really dont know that their plans are for Justin, like you said, he will pop in and out…..I dont have anything against him, but honestly,I didnt pay that much attention to him when he was there. Maybe that would be a good idea for them to schedule Jam sessions at the house with different people, everyone (except Gig) would be able to partake in that. They need to schedule more things at the house besides an occasional guitar/singing lesson and visitor. Like yesterday, aside from being a little sad, Alex was bored sh**less, what else is there to do besides sleep sometimes. But that was one thing about Justin, when he was home and bored he would sometimes exercise by the pool, I am sure that made his oogley-eyed fans happy. :w00t:

  21. Kass – Since we’re talking about conspiracy theories. I was mystified as to why they didn’t add him as a 13th finalist. After all they had done it for Anoop. Here’s my theory. They were looking for a musician for IICD. (We now know that Justin was a last minute fill in.) They were probably looking at all of the contestants that were voted off. Once the petition came along it was obvious who they needed to get for IICD. I think they watched to whole petition process. They saw how devoted his fans were. They knew he was the one for this show. There was no way that they were going to add him back to AI at that point. They wanted him here. But its all history now. I think we all agree he’s better off here.

  22. Kass – Don’t know if you noticed. Alex’s skype session is reschedule for today at 2:00 pm PST. Weren’t you on the list? Yeah! I can watch. I was working for the last one.

  23. Thank you so much for explaining the situation to me. I have missed out so much because I haven’t been watching them live for weeks hehe :) Now that I know they have been broken up for so long I can understand the situation with Veronica better.

    But I just have one question, did she never move to the dream house?.. because I was just watching the episode where she is telling everybody that she is going to be moving in.

  24. I am only posting these items from EW because I think that you will all appreciate how far Alex has come since March 11th. Tears of sadness have turned into tears of joy. Again we have to believe that things happened for a reason. It was one of the most bizarre and unjust eliminations in the history of Idol. Until Idol changes the voting policy, I will never watch again. Judges must have more input from this point on. There are just too many texting tweeners in this country who don’t vote for the right reasons. @Kass I remember looking at Dial Idol that morning and was relieved and then so confused when he was voted off.
    As I have stated before what a blessing that Alex is in the Dream House and not on that bombing Idol tour. He WILL be the most successful contestants from season 9.

    Attached below is the beginning of an article from an EW correspondent who reported what happened behind the scenes on the live show the night of March 11th. The possibility of Alex’s elimination even got to Simon. He also knew Alex’s potential.

    “You know things are bad indeed when Simon Cowell buries his head in his hands. The moment Ryan asked Andrew Garcia and Alex Lambert to step up into the American Idol semi-finals center ring of doom, Simon’s face just disappeared into his palms, and he stayed that way until Ryan asked him if Andrew had peaked too soon. It was maybe the most outwardly emotional I’ve ever seen Simon since I’ve covered this show, on what was definitely the most emotional Idol I’ve ever witnessed first hand.”

    If you haven’t already watched the Idolatry episode from that week, here it is. It gives some more insight into the incomprehensible eliminations. It is also entertaining!!

    Kate Ward…Alex-“someone who could have had a great post Idol career”.
    Thanks to Jessica he has already started having a great post Idol career. Yeah!!!
    Can’t wait until tonight when his family arrives. Skype session at 2:00.

  25. @ lauren – OMG that was just 4 months ago! March 11 when he got voted off and I think I will tweet him about it this sunday. Wow just 4 months ago… now he has several demos, produced songs and a music video… I still get goosebumps when I watch his idol performances. Im like who’s that shy kid? haha

  26. And we all still feel so strongly today, 4 months later. I’ve got goosebumps right now after watching that Idolotry. Thanks for posting it Lauren.

  27. Hey, what’s the deal with the house being empty for like 45 minutes? Did Gig even come home last night?

  28. Oh goodness, Now I see it………Veronica is gone, and I mean gone in love!!!! In the skype she looked like shes was gonna get sick….well I dont blame her. wow….

    • OK either we’re really lame for knowing too much about Alex, or these people are really lame for knowing nothing about him!!

      Haha I think Alex almost said he’s not gonna be there for a year… does he know something we don’t know?

      I think none of us have a chance of ever getting a Skype session… only young fans allowed!! They probably know we’ll take the opportunity to ask all the difficult questions LOL!

      OK I take it back… they got a 29 year old…

  29. love the skype session! haha, he sounds great singing and I love the mom and daugther skyping! I love it! adorable…

  30. I’m getting pissed off. These people are not asking anything relevant to what he is doing right now. No demo information..Idol is over…let’s move on. I wasn’t watching the just watch mode, so I missed Veronica’s face, darn it. He said,”I miss you” and she responded, “I miss you more.” So sweet!!!!

  31. Kass….she just looks like she was gonna cry because she misses him so much. God IDK, If they are that far gone into each other then I am really against her moving in. I am all for their relationship, dont get me wrong, but I think It would be better for it not to be played out on the national web….I just dont want anything to jeopardize Alex’s chances. I feel so bad for feeling this way….Ugh! Am I wrong???? :sad:

  32. I know Lauren, I hate it when people start tweeting and facebbooking him saying “I cant believe you got voted off Idol”!! Like it just happened or something….sheesh! So many wonderful things have happened since then.

  33. @lindaw they did skype for 3 hours yesterday. So they’ll still keep in touch and at least get some privacy.

  34. I realize Veronica was also ready to leave for band practice, but she did look very pretty – like really special for Alex. Anybody else think that? I know Alex was kidding, but he should have said her little Bella was cute, not ugly. LOL!! Veronica did look heartsick imo. :sad:

  35. haha Alex just tweeted “I miss you V ;)” awwwwwwwwww :wub:

  36. A follow up to my Justin comments earlier – – the Justin fan(s) that were mentioned earlier, that we didn’t want to upset, one of them posted that Justin’s tweets have been so positive. Well. . . wouldn’t you expect that tweets would be positive? Just sayin’

  37. @Linda I guess that I am pro Veronica. I love how we can express our views as if he is our son, lol. I love seeing Alex happy. He told Ben that she motivates him to be a better person. He works on his music more, whether it be writing or practicing on his guitar. He can jam with her and just enjoy spending time together. Everyone else is over 21 and is able to go to bars. I saw the beginnings of this sweet romance coming the night that they did the duet of “Don’t Say”. I don’t think that she is that much of a distraction. With her there I see many hours of singing and song writing in the house. The best part is that she is grounded, has good values, and works hard to achieve her goals. I see her as nothing but positive.
    “Imperfectly Perfect”- I have reevaluated my first response to the song. I have now listened to it about 20 timeson my Ipod so here goes:
    Positive- Alex’s vocals, good feel to the song..up tempo (you end up moving your body to the rhythm), easy to listen to, the lyrics-many people will love this song because of the message it sends to young embrace their uniqueness and individuality.
    Negative- Whistling (sorry I had to say it)
    @janet -still love the electric guitar..maybe they could replace the whistling with more guitar. JK :biggrin:

  38. Wow! I missed a lot today. This entire thread is like a recap of everything that’s gone on for the past four months! Terrific actually. Kass, your depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me.

    I don’t know what to think about Veronica moving back to the house at this point. Everything Lauren stated is true. That’s all positive. The negative is this: Right now, they are head-over-heels in love. They wouldn’t want to hear this, but the chances of this romance lasting at their young ages and with all of the people they’ll be meeting are practically nil. I hate to be a naysayer, but I think I’m old enough to have a little bit of wisdom on the subject. So, if Veronica was living there and the romance went sour, then what? Awkward doesn’t begin to describe it. Oy. All I want is for Alex to be happy and productive. So, if Veronica does that for him, I’ll vote to keep her in. Actually, I do like her a lot. I really don’t believe that she has ulterior motives in romancing Alex. It looks pretty real to me. She seems like an honest and sincere person. And, even though I don’t think she’s as talented musically as Alex, it doesn’t matter. Guess what song I’ve been singing all day — “Don’t Say.” So, go figure. Sometimes, you want a mac-n-cheese and sometimes you want prime rib. :lol:

    Pissed I missed the skype session. I didn’t think anything would be happening until tonight when Alex’s family arrives.

  39. Lauren, I absolutely LOVE veronica, but what Janet said is exactly what I am worried about. If I knew for a fact that everything was gonna stay honkey-dorrey, I would be all for her moving in. But do we really think that they are gonna be together forever, I dont think so. They are SO young and in their line of business have so much ahead of them. Like i said, I feel like a butt head for thinking like this, but if they want to be together,I would rather them be together off camera. Alex, with his looks and swagger, (hee hee) is going to be beating them off with a stick, thats hard on the girlfriend. On the other hand veronica is adorable, shes gonna be beating then off with a stick too. Alex keeps saying how is so lonely, and he needs that companionship…….I’m torn. IDK, I just dont think its a good idea. :unsure:

  40. I thought that was adorable too when she skyped him and she’s Mrs Alex Lambert… they are so adorable together. I’m just usually cynical thats why I said what I said… always speculating u know. I’m not emotionally invested in her and I dont care either way if she moves in or not, my main concern is always whether or not its’ gonna affect Alex in a positive way. If they stay in love then its great but once it goes sour and they are roommates then it will be a huge distraction for him. I say not move her in to avoid conflict with Alex but then again breaks my :heart: to see him so sad. He’s such an adorable lil sap.

    Skype was awesome btw, a bunch of dudes and some hyperventilating girls and a mom and daughter convo. HE sang a bit and sounds awesome of course. Glad some guys skyped in and a girl in her late 20s… see his fan base is diverse he not in justin bieber territory.

  41. Does anyone know what time Alex’s family is coming to the house? Will it coincide with the actress/guest’s visit??

  42. I didnt even know the skype session was reschedule for today. I just happened to tune in to the show for the first time and saw Alex waiting to start. He handled it well, considering it can be awkward asking people you don’t know questions that’s not already prepared. He’s getting better with the media/PR stuff. I like that they included Alex’s gay fans, and his teen girl fans who like tweeting him. Was the first girl with her mother Alex’s number one fan “MichelleLvsAlex that tweets him constantly? Alex was talking as if he’s familiar with them. I got distracted by something else after the 3 teen girls talked to him though. I noticed one of them had dimples. Now I think dimples are so cute because of Alex. The combination of Alex’s sweet smile and cute dimples is too adorable that its unexpected from someone with the punk-ass attitude he has sometimes.

    It was funny and cute when Veronica pop up on screen and Alex was surprised just like us, because the control room guys didnt tell him she’d be on too. She used Mrs Alex Lambert. Awww. Yeah, she’s falling in love. We know what its like to feel that way at that age. Its nice to see.

    LindaW; I like Veronica with Alex. I don’t think she will be a distraction for him if she moves in. I actually think she will improve his focus and dedication and he will want to be there, and not act like he’s frustrated and ready to go back to Texas like he did couple weeks ago. Both have music in common and Veronica will likely make sure he has his eyes on the ball. Veronica is very dedicated to her music and has been sending out demos since when she was 13, and has done more performances than Alex. Alex can learn something from her about the biz and interacting with fans too. He will have 30% more fans if he’s as good as Veronica at dealing with fans – and that will translate to more sales of his CD. Also, they always have them scheduled for something they need to do — they will both do what they are required to do with the show or career – she is professional about that, but knows how to have fun too. And when not busy he’ll have her to hang with – and they can go out to have privacy if needed. He will be happier too, cause he didn’t really have someone to hang with much, since the idols went on tour – he usually hung out with Gig but they were starting to bicker a lot (but they are ok again for now) I think Veronica will be good for Alex – and he should behave himself. She deserves the opportunity and exposure the show will bring her too.

  43. What’s all this phone convo with Kristin about charity work? Wycleff and the “Haiti thing”? What’s going on!??

  44. Simon Cowell was very emotionally attached to Alex;in addition to the above example,his hands were shaking visibly the first elimination week between Alex,and Tyler.IF YOU RE-WATCH THAT ELIMINATION SHOW,AND SIMON C,would have signed Alex to his SONY/COWELL RECORD LABEL FASTER THAN YOU CAN SAY JACK,but he knew Simon F,had his cleetches in Alex.Now, Simon F.who is Alex’s personal manager(which he rarely does btw) will be making big bucks off Alex for years in music,TV,and maybe movies eventually.

  45. Don’t worry Janet-they’ll do an hour or so extended clip on iicd and hulu just like they did for Ben and Kara’s skype,and also Michael’s. :biggrin:

  46. I have to agree with Linda and Shadow. I don’t think Veronica will be a distraction for Alex because she motivates him to sing. When she was there I’d stay up hours and hours into the night watching the two of them singing and playing together. It seems that since she has left (and I know it’s only been a couple days) he hasn’t really been singing AS much. The one thing that I didn’t like was that all of his stuff kept getting cancelled and rescheduled while she was there but I think it was also because she wasn’t staying there for long. I think if she moved in not only would she help Alex write and play more, and keep his fans updated more, but I also think that things would go back to normal and he would start getting all of his lessons and meetings back because she was there for good. I like the idea of V coming back because like I said it helps him and he seems happier and he plays and sings more because he actually has someone to play and sing with. I understand the “if” things went back thing but also I honestly don’t think it’ll be much longer before Alex gets signed and goes big. By the time something does go sour between them he won’t even be in the house. And he seems like the type of person that if things went sour they’d be able to overlook everything and still be friends. I also really enjoy her music. I don’t think her voice is as strong as Alex’s but I think that is also another reason to put her back in the house. I don’t think it is right to hold someone back just because they don’t want the possibility of drama.
    Also I really hope they do have a video up of the skype session because I too missed it :/ I would have loved to see Alex’s face when he saw V :wub:

  47. Had to mention about Kass’ conspiracy theory remark-You wouldn’t believe some of the wild ones I’ve read over time about Alex.The most recent -my crazy AUNT LISTENS TO ONE OF THOSE New World Order conspiracy radio shows,and she says ALEX AND LADY Gaga ARE THE TOP 2 ILLUMINATI OPERATIVES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BIZ,ACC. TO THE TALK HOST.and i saw the same comment on Hulu reviews several weeks back,reguarding Alex,not Gaga.And a myriad of conspiracy theories reguarding Alex,and Simon Fuller on various blogs,a few ones calling Simon and Alex the equivalent of The Emperor and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars.Oh well ,guess everyones entitled to opinions…

  48. @alleycat – A new world order radio show host KNOWS about Alex Lambert?? That kinda blows my mind!!

  49. Congrats to Jessica for meeting Alex. I remember being hurt when I saw him got eliminated on Idol. As soon I saw Jessica’s petition, I have signed the petition. She had me a positive impact in Alex’s life. Thank u Jessica!

    The 1st video was hilarious. I really like that song.

  50. why did veronica leave!?!?

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