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Jul 292010

I think we’ve already seen this in the episode, but still cool.

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  1. So I read a tweet from someone that said she’s headed to Alex’s band audition? Go Alex!!! See guys, when he’s not at home he’s still taking care of business! :cool:

    “Heading 2 @truealexlambert ‘s band auditions to cheer Jay on (YAY)”

  2. Interesting. There was some twitter drama going on a few days ago because people thought they were holding auditions for ADAM Lambert to replace his drummer. But it looks like it’s for Alex.

  3. That’s so cool, Molly! Actual auditions, well now!

  4. Cool news Molly!! One of many great things about Alex, when it’s time to get down to business, the boy gets down to business! :wink:
    It would be cool if we would be able to see some of his rehearsals when he starts rehearsing for his performance at the end of August.

  5. hello i have a mp3 of “Untouchable” that i recorded from live feed that is much better. can i submit it to the site? i clicked “contact us” on the bottom of page but it doesnt do anything.

  6. Yeah sure just upload it to a website (i.e. mediafire) and post the link as a comment!! :biggrin:

  7. Alex is auditioning for a band??? Woo-hoo. This is very, very good news.

  8. You know I meant that I understand that Alex is auditioning others for HIS band, right? WTH is wrong with me? My head gets ahead of my fingers and sometimes my sentences don’t come out right. Sorry. :pinch:

  9. I get it Janet!! I almost always type teh instead of the!

    But. . . I think he’d get the spot, dont’ you!?! :wink:

  10. Did you guys hear that Ellen is leaving Idol.

  11. I just read that literally 10 seconds before you posted your comment!!! That’s sad I loved her!! :sad:

  12. Perez Hilton wants to replace her. I actually think that’d be a good idea. He’s a trash talker online, but in person i’ve never seen him do or say anything close to the shit he says online.

  13. Hey everyone I added a comment editor thinger mabob so you can fix your typos. I know someone requested that feature so there ya go! Lemme know if it works. :cool:

  14. Thanks for the info about Ellen leaving the show–that’s sad…although I’m not sure it’s final yet–hope not. Anyway, she has a two year contract–so that’s kinda weird–what’s happening to AI? And Kara Dioguardi’s contract hasn’t been renewed yet either. Oh boy.

  15. It’s final, Ellen has officially announced it on her website and there is also already an official statement from 19.

  16. Well that’s too bad. Hope Kara Dioguardi and Randy stay.

  17. I always get a kick out of Ellen, so that’s too bad. I wonder why. However, Randy has to go too. He’s been there too long and it was like he was phoning it in this past season. Same old comments, no really helpful critiques, dawg, legit, blah, blah, blah…And, Kara, with her forced earnestness (is that a word?)talks too much, but does have good insights. I say go back to three judges and try to get Gene Simmons, as Alex suggested, as the third judge. He’ll keep it real. I like Bret Michaels, whose name keeps coming up, but he’s too nice. But, perhaps Bret, Kara, and Gene? Oh, what do I know or care? This last season pissed me off so bad, I don’t trust the whole concept anymore. Funny that they can make sure you only vote once from each computer on all these IICD polls, but on AI, they totally screw up the phone-in system. That’s the first thing they need to change.

  18. Oh, Bless you Molly, I need that thinga-ma-bob probably more than anyone!!! My fingers always go faster than my brain and then its too late!!!

  19. I saw on the news Ellen is leaving. Kind of expected it cause they likely wanna go back to 3 judges, and only fill Simon’s position, and keep the other two to maintain some familiarity. At first she was a bit out of place on the panel, but she got more comfortable later on in her reviews of the contestants. I think when she made that banana comparison to Alex after “wonderful world” it brought out her funny side and people found it amusing and warmed up to her a bit (atleast I did cause she liked Alex.) It helped Alex get a bit of attention too on the idol board, cause that’s when most first saw him and they remembered the banana joke. I used to like to call him “adorable ripe banana with a great voice.” Anyway, Ellen will be fine. She has her TV show, and she’s very good at hosting award shows.

  20. @GollyMolly–thanks for the edit function!! That was me that requested it; can’t wait to try it out.

    So glad that band auditions are happening. I kind of don’t think Alex is directly involved–that tweet was from around 4pm today–seems like he would have still been in his songwriting session. It could be label people for all we know, which would mean great things are coming down the pike for the A-Man!!

    Perfect description of Kara D., Janet: “forced earnestness”. Blech! She drove me crazy last year, I would always mute the TV when she opened her mouth. Lots going on in the Idol world; bringing back Nigel, now two new judges. Not sure they can save it. Just like this show–hanging by a thread. :ermm:

  21. here is a new mp3 of Untouchable. Alex played this on the guest room pc and the melons arent there to interrupt but Gig comes in at the end.

  22. Thanks weaksauce!!! :biggrin:

  23. I honestly think Ellen quit because what went on behind the scenes was far different than she expected;she’s not completely naive,but it was very very different than what she anticipated.Ellen went in with pure intentions,and was very supportive of the kids,but the reality of it all was more than she could handle.Lee said, in a tv interview shorty after idol, that there were a lot of things with the producers behind the scenes that he couldn’t talk about,and then he kind of backtracked,and said,I just really don’t understand all that stuff.It was too much for Ellen,I think…

  24. But back to Alex-Alex is a God!-nuff said.I peeked over at a USA TODAY blog,on Archuleta’s New single,and its lack of success,and there were a couple of Archies that were jealous of Alex’s Awesome Vid!-they wished David could get a vid of that caliber… :tongue:

  25. Excellent new about the band auditions. I’m glad they are moving forward on that. I hope we get to see some of the band practices. I’m also hoping we get to see a big chunk of the live performance at the music festival.

    Weaksauce, thanks very much for the Untouchable.mp3

    TMZ reported this morning, Ellen and Kara D. are out, J.Lo and Steven Tyler are in.

  26. Molly, I already had an opportunity to use your edit thing and it worked great. Thanks.

  27. J Lo and Steven Tyler wow…..that ought to bring in some viewers.

    I take it back that Kara doesn’t stay out all night cuz she just did, I really hope she really isn’t with stinky Brandt like they say. Its beyond me why she would kiss him in the first place, I don’t understand the attraction, he is hideous and she is a intelligent, beautiful girl (who needs some glasses, apparently) I know looks aren’t everything, when you have all the other stuff, but he doesn’t even seem to have that. Kara , Kara, what are we gonna do with you.

  28. Weaksauce, thanks soooo much for sharing! :wub: I’m grooving to the mp3 right now. Of all his songs, I think this is the one most fit for autotune. And I was thinking… when our baby sings this live, he’s going to blow the audience away because it sounds even more awesome acoustic. So I’m officially ok with the (over)production. :happy:

  29. Hi Everyone. I’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with all the happenings in Alex’s world through your great posts over the last week. I feel like I have been gone for a month. At least I am staying in a hotel room tonight with wifi. I don’t even know what to think about IICD right now. I can only hope that things will improve for the show. It’s encouraging that Alex’s music career keeps progressing and he is putting together a band and performing at the end of August, yeah. It’s all very exciting. I am glad to see that he continues to write regularly. Does anyone know with whom? Thanks @weaksauce for the mp3 of “Untouchable”. I still can’t get over how much a song can change by the way it is produced. Remember when he practiced it acoustically and it sounded so sexy. That’s what I was hoping for. For me personally what’s so special about Alex has now been lost; though, I still am happy to have the mp3 for my collection. I know, I know it’s just a demo!! He thought that Veronica’s song “Fascinated” was overproduced, but I suppose hearing her demo should have been a good indicator. I got tickled when he said at the end of “Untouchable” that it had 8 choruses.
    Will y’all listen up for for his demo of “One Kiss” and record it please if he plays it? I don’t think that he has gotten it back yet. He recorded it just before “Untouchable”, so it should be soon. I have a feeling that we will all like that one; although, he mentioned that he wasn’t pleased with his vocals (the perfectionist that he is). It will be great. Wow there are lots of changes for Idol. I am sure that Ellen was disillusioned by what had happened last season and realized that it wasn’t for her, no matter what she was being paid. Good for her! See you guys later!!!!

  30. Alright… “I Didn’t Know” mp3 downloads…
    Remember, these are just demos! Meaning when the final version is released, you’d better go buy it, or I will hunt you down and kick your butt!!

    “I Didn’t Know” music video version (stripped down): Lambert – I Didn’t Know (Stripped Down).mp3

    “I Didn’t Know” demo version (with drums): Lambert – I Didn’t Know.mp3

  31. Thanks weak sauce! I’ve been looping “untouchable” at work and grooving to it, LOL, helps me to stay awake. Overproduction aside it’s a damn catchy song and Alex sounds amazing (in moments when he doesnt sound like a robot :) )
    Its incredibly radio friendly but hopefully when they use actual instruments to it on the final production it’ll sound less computery.

    I wish we’d have a nice quality version of “Never Waking Up” Seems like its not too overproduced from what I’ve heard and Its dead on Alexs range so Im hoping its rather good.

    Has Alex ever sang anything from that eman song I believe its called “running in place”. Sounds like they were pretty impressed with it so I’m super curious.

    regarding his band auditions, can we assume it’s not Alex who’s putting it together since He shouldve tweeted about it or talked about it at least. Well he’s not been home much so theres no convo to squeeze info out of. Maybe his guitar teacher or even 19 is taking care of it which makes me feel good coz he needs to sound incredibly tight. His Mint performance was good but not tight. Hes playing in a festival so he has to sound pro. i hope Alex stays home only so that he can play some of his new songs and give info about what the heck is going on. VLOGS Alex, VLOGS! I’m amazed how no one seems to be running the show anymore. I almost miss Kristen’s voice and her constant nagging. Is it really that bad?

    If they drop the show I wish theyd take care of ALex still since I just cant bear the thought of him going back to TX and back to square 1 OR living in LA on his own and having to find work and a place to live… oh the thought of that! SOrry for the loom and doom :cwy:

    I sincerely think though that Michael herwick, Iain Pirie(?) and Simon Fuller believes in Alex star potential so I’m thinking he’s gonna well taken care of

  32. Thanks weaksauce! I needed that for my collection!

    I have to think (hope) that regardless of what happens with IICD, that Alex will still have a lot of support. He’s impressed so many bigwigs already. Simon Fuller loves him and believes in him, so I’m not TOO worried about it. Iain Prairie loves him. Michael loves him. Every writer and artist he’s worked with loves him. His fans are totally in love with him. So, I think we can feel pretty confident that Alex will come out on top. Of course, I’m never without worry, so… :wassat:

    I had already heard about J.Lo, but Steven Tyler! That’s tight. I like it. I like it alot. Hmm. This might shape up to be a good year for AI after all.

    I believe you’re all 100% correct about Ellen becoming disillusioned with the reality of what goes on behind the scenes of American Idol. She doesn’t need them. She’s got a top-rated show of her own. And, Kara, who knows — or cares? hahaha.

    I read on DU that Alex did a quick vlog and left the house. The vlog isn’t up yet. It sounds like he didn’t really say much, but I’d still like to see it.

    Did you all hear Gig’s complaints about needing to pay $4,000 for the mic she lost. I gotta believe she lost it last weekend when she stayed up all night drinking. Expensive night Skiglioney. Ha!

  33. These new shake down on idol. Big news. I posted about Ellen leaving already, but was surprised Kara was released next day. I remember they had that long ass questioner at the end of the season about the whole show – and I gave them my opinion, since I’ve been a big fan of Idol from day one. Kara was ok as judge – I respect her song writing ability, but she shouldn’t have made her lust for Casey that obvious – it made her look bias. I think Ryan gets flying colors for doing a great job hosting and keeping the show together. I like Randy as a judge – he’s good at putting the right people through at the first auditions and has good music background and likes different styles. Also, It was Randy who liked Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry, while Simon was reluctant – but Paula agreed with Randy to put them through. And those are two of the most successful stars that came out of the show. It looked like Simon was hesitating about putting Alex through too in his first audition, But Randy did say he loves his tone and his voice is his favorite, and Kara seemed to agree with him on that so they liked him. Anyway, Kara will be ok too, just like Ellen. She’s well known as a songwriter with lots of hits.

    I wasn’t expecting Steven Tyler and J-Lo but I approve of both. Steven Tyler brings the Rock experience and he seems to be the young at heart type that will keep up with what’s current in music. His band Aerosmith was groundbreaking as first Rock band collaboration with Rap group Run D MC, way before it was mainstream — it rejuvinated Aerosmith’s career too. I just hope he won’t have any of those wild Rockers antics like not show up sometimes cause he partied all night that can disturb the show. I like J-lo’s music vibe. She brings knowledge of POP/R&B/Hip-Hop/Latin as well as dance background, and just all around what it takes to make an international star. I think they will pick some good choices next season that can seriously be stars again like Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Carey Underwood. The ratings will get a boost too. When its all said and done I liked idol for the contestants, the singing and helping talents I like move forward towards their goals.

    I like that Nigel is coming back as producer on idol – he’s familiar with what made idol stay at the top. And it was amusing how he’d always make announcement on elimination day that “its gonna be a shocker” who goes home. I love him on ‘so you think you can dance’ too.

    Lauren: You picked a good time to be on vacation cause Alex hasn’t been around much either, but he gave some updates earlier. You’re always on top of what he does, and knows all the songs he’s done. I know there is a song titled “one kiss” that you asked about, but I can’t remember how it goes. There is song “New world” that I liked that has a reggae vibe and he did his quasi-rap thing a bit too, I think. I wonder if there is a full version of that one or if he’s gonna record it. Also, I know you liked Veronica, and tweeted her hoping she comes around again or something like that. Anyway, incase you haven’t seen it she wrote a new song “Temporary Fix” – its a pretty good pop-country song. I like how she knows how to make good catchy choruses that enhances the melody. (some asked who its about in there) The title is catchy too and the type of song that females will relate to – and that’s good in making a song do well. She can probably make a hit out of that song when its all done. here is link.

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