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Apr 062012

So it seems like Alex’s family is a very creative bunch. Alex’s cousin Hailey Henderson snapped this great shot while the family was hiking somewhere around LA. Its obvious that Hailey is a talented photographer. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have such a photogenic model. :heart: Check out more of Hailey’s work on Facebook at Hailstar Photography. If you’re in the Fort Worth area, you might think about hiring her the next time you need a photographer. :smile:

A great, big THANKS to Hailey for letting us use her photo. We really appreciate it!  :biggrin:


  13 Responses to “Another Great Pro Pic of Alex Lambert”

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  1. Well, he’s officially too HAWT for this planet :w00t:

  2. Well, that picture got me out of lurker mode! Awesome shot, Hailey! I’m renaming it, “Pensive Alex”.

    P.S. So I look up the definition of pensive, just to make sure I’m using the word properly, and it says: “dreamily or wistfully thoughtful”…Yep!!! :lol:

  3. A huge thank you to Hailey for sharing it! For me this shot has a definite James Dean feel to it…. so iconic.

    Also Alex is on Instagram now, make sure you follow him @truealexlambert as he expresses his creative side through photography. Yesterday he was in the LA neighborhood of the Deekay studio. He posted a picture of the building. Maybe he went to visit the guys?? He tweeted that he ran into Raphael Saadiq yesterday. Gosh.. remember when Alex had the writing session with the Deekay guys and Raphael back in the IICD days? His tweet brought back some good memories for him and the snaf.

  4. I love that pic…Alex has awesome bone structure!!! Thanks for posting!! Hey, those hills look like they could be in my neck of the woods!!! Awww Alex, miss ya to pieces.

  5. This is just such a great pic! Really good job Hailey. I shared this photo with some of my 13 year old friends and now they’re all in lurve with Alex. I’ve got a bunch of CDs to burn now cuz they ALL want one. :biggrin:

  6. Not model he’s looking supermodel :)! A nice photography depends not only on the photographer also the object (model) and it’s charm. So all credits doesn’t go to Hailey ;)! Keep it up Hailey.

  7. Kudos to Hailey and our star, Alex. I love this pic. Smooooootch. Just want to kiss his face off — in a friendly way! He’s so damn adorable. And, Alex, if you read this, I’m not gonna get off your case until you come back to the East Coast for a gig (preferably NYC), but we’ll travel, right snaf?

  8. Anyone know what he’s up to? He doesn’t offer many hints.

    • Sorry Ray… We have no idea what he is up too. His twitter feed is all we have to go by and there are rarely any concrete details. Thanks for your continued support. :smile:
      Just thought I’d add that Alex tweeted this… “Ambitions as a writer #thatsme”
      He did tweet that after “Ambitions as a rider #Tupak” (Tupak’s Ambitionz Az A Ridah). Sounds like songwriting to me, but he could just be having fun with a play on words. Ambiguity again.

      • Although I’m fully supportive of Alex’s ambitions as a songwriter ’cause he writes great songs, it’s just a shame that the people he writes for don’t have the VOICE he has. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

        • Amen Janet… Hope he’ll produce some songs with his voice on them cause it really is that special.

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