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Jan 192011

So let’s give it!!!

140 characters is not enough to show how much we LOVE Alex Lambert, so use this post to let him know directly how much we appreciate his efforts and dedication and let him know that we’re always here, NO MATTER WHAT! Share your thoughts and accolades then spread the word. Let’s show Alex how much we truly care!

Use this post for direct messages to Alex ONLY!!

No other chatter please! :smile:

  35 Responses to “All You Need Is Love…”

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  1. Oh Alex.. where do I even start? :)) Sooo I remember falling in love with this one kid on American Idol last year.. I don’t remember his name though? But let me tell u somethin.. that guy has changed my life so much. He’s so amazing and so talented.. I don’t even know how to explain it. His voice is golden, and listening to him can cheer me up any day. Ohhh and he is the most adorable thang I’ve ever seen! Do you know who I’m talkin bout now? Cause there’s only one person that I could possibly be describing.. and it’s YOU! I just want you to know that I WILL be here forever. Forreal Alex.. NOTHING can change that. I’ll be here supporting you FOREVER & ALWAYS! Know that I love you and I would NEVER judge you for anything. I got ur back till the end. & I know that everything that’s goin on is so overwhelming and you do deserve a break to spend time with ur family and friends. you love makin music, and that’s when ur the happiest & I can’t wait till the world can see & hear it!!! When you’re happy, I’m happy! When u smile, I smile. I’ll be patient even though I can’t wait for ur album!! Love you so so so much, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!!! GRRRREAT BIG THINGS! And I’m sooooo glad that I’m able to be a part of it all… I mean, to know that I’ve been a fan since day 1 is kinda amazing. Everything I do for you.. I’d ONLY do for YOU! Thank you so much for everything, Alex.. you truly mean the world to me. I love you so much.. <3 Cecily

  2. Dear Alex,

    From the very first time I heard your voice I knew you were something special! No matter what happens I will always be your fan, but more so I will always be your friend. Big things are gonna happen and I can’t wait to see you rise to the top. For the past year I’ve had a $20 bill tucked away in my dresser so that the minute your album comes out I’d be able to buy it. No matter how long it takes or what it takes to get there I will always be behind you. Don’t ever forget that we are all here rooting for you and if you ever need some love just drop on by! You are an amazing person and amazing things are coming your way I gaurantee it!! :cool: Supporting you always and forever…

    ~ Molly

  3. “Put on your glasses, now go chase your dreams
    I know you’re closer to them than it seems
    We’ve got your back, so you could never fall
    Don’t ever doubt it when I say you’ve got it all”

    It’s a little something from the song I wrote yesterday when we were all a big, worried mess… :wub:

  4. Dear Alex,

    I just want to thank you for sharing your music with us; your voice, talent, and songwriting ability is truly unique, inspirational, fun, and beautiful, among other things. To me, your “story” and life represents the current American Dream. You have so much talent and you are more than willing to work hard for your dreams to make your goals come to fruition. I really respect that, and I believe in you. I truly believe in you and your talent with all my heart and soul. I know I am not the only one who feels this way! Thank you again for touching something tender in my heart and waking it up.

    I got your back Alex, and will be here supporting you and your music through thick and thin! Anything to hear that voice! You make all of your snaf so proud. You EVER need anything Alex, and we will be there for you. :happy:


  5. This morning I woke up to terriable news. Within the 1st hour I wake up I see on the news that my hero, my idol, than dude I have looked up to for over about a year now, is homeless. I was in shock. but without jumping to any conclusions, i checked out “” to see what was up. i went on, and realized it was all a hoax. Thank God. But than I hear all over the news that “Former idol contestant is homeless” and I realize these people have all jumped to conclusions and havn’t looked at the evidence. All I can say alex is that your awesome. I love your voice and I wish you the best of luck!!!
    Good Luck,
    Tyler/Derek/Lenny :wink:

  6. Awww Matilda, You are very talented….love the lyrics :heart:

    Ok my turn…wow where do I start. Alex you put a total spell on me, I cant really explain it, this has never ever happened before…I have enjoyed many many artist in my time, but none as much as you, and your so new, that says have a magical voice, the word unique has be used over and over because its so true. You are so talented in so many ways, a singer and songwriter, even did a little acting, which, by the way rocked. Your songs really make sense, you take such pride in your songwriting and in turn transcends into beautiful lyrics. Its been a wild ride so far from AI to IICD to the present, and its aint over yet!!! I absolutely love your personality, Alex you are honest, fun, witty, entertaining, and so enjoyable to watch.

    I will ALWAYS be a fan here to support, encourage and love you, and will be kicking and scratching to the front of the line when your music does come out. Just know, Alex you have a great group of supporters here that will always have your back…never doubt that for one second…Like I have quoted before, Alex…and it SO applies to you…”the world steps aside, for a man who knows where he is going”. And you know where your going…straight to the top baby!! Take your time, sweetheart, get your affairs in order, regroup and come back kickin ass!!

    And Know this…. I will Love you Always and Forever ~~K?


  7. It’s OK, Boo. Just handle your business and come back strong. We’ve got your back. Living in LA with a dream myself, I know first hand how tough it is. You’ll figure it out. (((HUGS)))

  8. Mr. Alex Lambert,
    If you have a chance to open a world map, please find 8 39’S 115 13’E. That’s the place where I’m writing this now. Very very far. Your songs will spread all over the world and you will give the light to many people on earth. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever known.

  9. Sending love and support to a very talented singer/songwriter – you! Wishing you all of the best. All good things come to those who wait. And you are super-deserving. Hang in there!

  10. Alex,
    I heard your Everybody Knows on AI on TV last year while I was surfing the internet on my laptop. I looked up from my lap top because your voice made me turn my head away from what I was doing, stop and really listen. From that day on, I knew I would follow you and wait get to your album cause I knew you would have one some day. I signed THE petition. Your personality was exciting to learn while we watched you on IICD. That’s when we knew you were the whole package. Your voice is precious and has changed music for me. I want to hear you sing everything and anything. I am happy to be your fan during the process. Thank you for working so hard and for us to bring the future of music to us. The words on the first page of the birthday message sum it up for me. You have a BIG purpose on this planet. Love ya.

  11. Wow Alex, It’s hard to express how and why I became so completely captivated by you. I fell in love with your amazing voice the first time I heard it, but that alone would not have turned me into such a loyal fan. Over the months it has been your vulnerability, your honest emotion, your perseverance, your drive and determination that’s turned me into a lifelong fan. It has been absolutely mesmerizing watching you evolve from a talented kid into the strong, confident person that you are. I have enjoyed every minute.

    Know this…I think you are larger than life. You were meant for stardom. You ARE strong and mature beyond your years and I have confidence that you will achieve whatever dream you choose to pursue. Do what you love, and it will all fall into place. I’ll be here to support you every step of the way. Take your time. Do it right. It will all work out in the end.

    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. Mahalo.

  12. Dear Alex,
    You are amazing! Your fans always got your back, no matter what happens! I loved watching you on American Idol and If I Can Dream! You have progressed so much since american idol! I have never seen someone have so many fans that have been there since the first time they heard your voice!!! :biggrin: your songs are soooo inspiring and your voice is soooo AMAZING!!! You have definetly brought back good music!! Don’t forget that we always got yo back!hehe gangsta! Your personality is hilarious! you are always smiling and having fun and thats what i love about you! your CRAZY!!! but of course in a good way! hahaha How you love where you came from and the love of Texas is awesome! It shows that you are true and real!! you aren’t just another fake person your cool and awesome! You deserved every thing you got…from AI to IICD to your music video! you deserved all of it!!! and i can’t wait for your album!! i know it’s going to be amazing! your hilarious and fun and crazy! but your crazy in a good way of course! It definetly shows through you music!! I love that your sooo cool and real! Your proud of where you came from and thats what makes you real and just you!!!Me and many others ALWAYS got your back!!!!
    :tongue: peace out!! :heart: :D
    ~Jhawks c:

  13. Hey Alex! It’s me Aaron, Krannnnn, Krandel, whatever it is these days ;). I know you know that you have the best fanbase in the world, and man, you really do! Look at everyone supporting you, it’s astonishing and you are very lucky for that. However, when I heard that you were homeless, something inside of my stomach dropped. I didn’t know what to feel… At first thought, I had a feeling that you were crazy!!!! It is totally clear how much you care about your music, and dude, that is such an admirable trait! You have helped me so much with your support, your music and you just being you. I want to thank you, and tell you to never give up, because honestly you are a true inspiration. I could never imagine being in the position that you’re in. No one deserves that, especially someone as dedicated, considerate and awesome as you haha, no but seriously. Please let me or ANYONE else know if there is anything that any of us can do for you, it is the least we can do!!! We love you man!! Stay strong and go with it. Don’t risk your health and safety. Keep it real Alex. Keep doing you!

  14. Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Alex Lambert

    1) Because he has a tone that can be imitated but never duplicated.
    2) Because he has a wit that’s so swift, he’s often misunderstood.
    3) Because he’s got the most adorable set of dimples and the warmest eyes I’ve ever seen.
    4) Because he’s a sensitive creature who can express what we feel for us when we can’t find the words ourselves.
    5) Because he’s so open and honest that he’s layed himself open to wounds that may sting, but can never kill that spirit.
    6) Because he’s a force of nature, a gift from God, given to us mere mortals to bring light and inspiration into what can be a dark and depressing world.
    7) Because he’s determined and focused and although he’s young, he’s an old soul; so even if he falters, he will never fail.
    8) Because I listen to his music everyday and never get tired of it. My singing has actually improved just by listening and I’ve been singing since before he was born!
    9) Because he makes me laugh. The world needs more laughter.
    10) Because he’s the most loyal and trustworthy person a friend could ever hope to have. Just ask his friends.

    I’ve got lots more…but most of all, I want to say, I love you Alex Lambert. You came along at a time when I needed a reason to get up in the morning. You’ll never know how you’ve given me hope, energy, and eagerness to live again. Now, stay true to yourself. You don’t have to rush anything. Your chart was already written by you and your guides long before you were born. The path you’ve chosen is a tough one, but you will prevail even beyond what you’re expecting. Only the strongest spirits choose the hardest roads to cross in life. You WILL have it all. BUT, you must make time for yourself and chill. There’s no hurry. The world will wait.


  15. Dear Alex:
    Always remember this, no matter where you are, you have made hundreds of fans truly happy! We will always support you, no matter what, in gratitude for what you have given us, that beautiful voice and that wonderful, wacky personality! THIS will always be your home, you’ll always have us, Mahalo.

  16. Alex,
    I have been a fan since the first time I heard your voice. It is truly special. I have enjoyed “getting to know you” on IICD. You are talented, determined, driven, kind, funny,and entertaining. I could go on all day.
    Just know that you have very loyal snaf that love you. We will support you in any way we can. We are here for the long haul. Take your time. Do it right. Let your family and Texas rejuvenate you. We will be here no matter how long it takes. We had your back in the beginning and will continue to do so til the end.
    If there is ANYTHING we can do for you no matter how big or small, please let us know.

  17. Alex,
    I just wanted to THANK YOU and show you LOTS of LOVE for just being who you are; for sharing your beautiful gift of song and music; for sharing part of your life with us; for being such an inspiration to all of us; for changing lives; for brightening up our day & lifting our spirits just with sound of your voice; and for bringing all us SNAF together! Thanks to you we have all made many great new friends around the country & the world! I know you wanted to change the world with your music and you’ve already started to do that, and your career hasn’t even taken off yet. Impressive! :wink:

    For so many people to see something so incredibly special and unique in one person is truly amazing. I can’t even explain how strongly I felt the second I first heard you sing, that you were born to sing for the world to hear. Sounds really cheesy but it’s true, lol. My first thought when I heard you sing was WOW, I’ve never heard anyone like him on Idol before and I was hooked! In all of my years of watching AI, I never voted for anyone until you! And of course, the first time I found someone worth voting for, you were out way too early, figures! I just want you to know we all believe in you and your talent so much and KNOW you will succeed. Please take all the time you need. It’s not our intention to rush you or overwhelm you, we just get a little excited sometimes, ok A LOT excited sometimes, haha. We admire your honesty, openness, rawness, kindness, passion, drive, and determination to do what you love. You have everything you need to be successful. Take your time & take care of yourself first. We’ll be here waiting for you whenever you’re ready. You have our endless support now and always, no matter what anyone says! And just remember, we got yo’ back kid! (a little NY slang for you, haha) We love you! :heart:

  18. Alex, the very first time I saw you on Idol was when they introduced the top 24 with that little “dance” when they said your names. haha Your little dance caught my eye. I thought whose he? I never got to see your audition. I saw you during Hollywood week,(What little air time you got)and thought Wow! I was glad you made it through, and decided to root for you. I loved your performances and was devastated when you were voted off idol. I followed you then, I followed you through IICD and am still following you. Like Janet said, You captured my heart with a song and a smile. You have the most genuine smile and gentle eyes I have ever seen on a person. Your voice touches my heart. I love your voice. I have never been a “fan” of an artist before.
    I don’t know what it is but you draw people to you, like a magnet (well, I do know what it is). I love your spunky personality just as much. I will always be your fan and one of your biggest supporters. I will always have your back, no question about it. You have it all so take it and run with it. I am so glad I am getting to see your journey to becoming a hugh star.
    Ok, enough of the mush… Enjoy your rest and then get back to TCB. Your snaf love you very much.

    @Janet!! That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. :heart: It all is so true. You really got the gift of words. I loved it. I’m also a little jealous. haha :lol:

    @Katherine, I really like your comment and I feel the same way too. Alex has brought us all together and we all became friends. The best part is he makes us feel like he is our friend too.

  19. Good to hear you are not homeless Alex. LOL.
    Even tho it is beyond my comprehension that you can’t secure a record deal yet, it also may be the sign of the times. After all, it’s not like you would make any money from one anyways. Right?

    I didn’t discover you until I fell upon the If I can dream house. Not much of an idol fan (sorry.) But when I heard you sing and watched you work out your songs, I knew I found a something. Props to the team of that show. Even tho it was a money pit, it at least gave you guys a platform.

    Now that it is over, I hope you do not got back to Texas for long. You have too many connections out here to just walk away.

    ; )


    this may not be the place to suggest, but you should look into touring with Jack Johnson or

  20. Alex,

    I’ve been a fan since I first saw you on idol and I’ll be a fan of yours know matter what you say or do. You have such an amazing talent, to be able to write songs and sing them the way that you do. :) You touch so many lives in so many different ways, even mine. <3 I listen to your songs everyday on the way to work. Listening to you sing always puts me in a good mood. I love that you care about your family, friends, and even your snaf. You're a genuine person and that's one of the things I love most about you. Stay true to who you are and to heck with anyone else that doesn't like it! I'll have your back no matter what! Thank you for being you! And making GREAT music! <3 Sending lots and lots of love your way…

  21. Dear Alex.
    You know why my nick name is Baqinardo(Dicaprio)?
    Yep, bcoz i’m a very BIG, HUGE fans of Leo Dicaprio. (My real name is Baqi). He’s my hero, my fave person of all time.
    Everyone (my family, my friends, and everyone knows me) knows that.
    For more than 15 years (I’m 24), he’s always #1 in my life.
    But lately, i admit it, you kinda took his place.
    Everytime i listen to the music, all i can hear and think is you.
    I listen to music alot lately compared to watch movies.
    You are my hero now. So, please dont give up. Never give up.

    Dont get too hard to yourself. You can do it. We snaf know you can do it. love ya, dude!

  22. I ditto everything that everybody has already said here but I want to add something else that nobody has mentioned. I am talking about when you first found out you were going to make a video in New York. You seemed truly excited as expected, but what really got my attention was when you were in the Dream House kitchen, talking with Ben about it and you explained, “Statue of Liberty!” What 19 year old kid would have that be so important about going to New York for the first time? A special 19 year old kid. Then when you sang the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium, after you finished and looked out at the crowd, the expression on your face was priceless. In my mind I was thinking, this kid is in awe of singing his countrys’ National Anthem on a large stage. Not so much thinking hey, I’m Alex Lambert, I sing well, but, hey I just sang the National Anthem, I am an American and proud of it.
    Please hang in there, keep your nose clean, and good things will come.

    Peace and Love

  23. Alex,
    I don’t know how to express it better than all that was already written here. We, your snaf, love you deeply. You are special for so many reasons, not only for your “magnetic” voice which makes us turn our heads towards it, but also for the nice and honest person you are.
    American Idol used to be on my TV while I was doing other things around the house without drawing ANY of my attention, but one day, I had to reach for my remote and, thanks to the TiVo, look for the source of that Voice!! Then, obviously and for the first time in my life, grabbed the phone and voted for that young men with the face and the voice of an angel. The rest of the story is the same as all your other fans here: cried a river with your elimination from AI, signed the petition, followed you on IICD, became a member of this “family” here at the site, opened a Twitter account just to see your tweets, etc, etc. I had never been a fan of nobody before in my life, though I had preferred artists.
    Now, as you can see in my avatar, I am all ears just for your voice and your songs. :heart:

    God gave you that gift…may the greed of the music industry not prevent us from enjoying it! :sad:

  24. Alex, I just want to start by saying that I am a true Alex Lambert fan. Been following quietly from the beginning. Everyone has been saying such wonderful supportive things, and I want to be supportive, too. Sometimes the most loving and supportive thing to say is the truth. I think a dose of reality is REALLY what’s needed here…

    I read your tweets and I feel for you. In fact, it breaks my heart. You sounded so desperate and alone. It makes me wonder why? You have family to turn to and friends in LA. In your tweets, you said you wanted to be able to do it on your own and that you were a “grown ass man”. Well I’ve been around a few years and I really am a grown ass man. It is my opinion, that you are definitely not a man…yet. You may really want to be. You may even think that you are. But age does not determine when a boy becomes a man.

    A man would recognize the incredible opportunity that he has been given….and not throw it away. A man would use his limited cash wisely to create a stable home for himself. A man would accept help. No one can get through life without a little help. I will add, that I am glad you have refused cash from your fans. That does show strength of character. Your momma raised you right. Grow up son, you are facing an incredibly difficult challenge, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Really BE a grown ass man and let the people who love you share your load.

    Alex, you have so much potential. You are strong, you are incredibly talented and you are LOVED. ~ Learn from this experience. Use it to take another step toward being a grown ass man. You don’t have to do it on your own. Now, get out from under the covers and start taking care of business.

  25. Alright I’m not too good at being mushy, and I’m probably just gonna be repeating what everyone else said, but here goes… Alex, I hope you know that we love you for who you are – not ’cause of some American Idol construct of you, and not just cause of your voice (though we do looove that too). We love you especially cause of how real you are… IICD let us see a bit of that, but also I think your fans connect with you cause they relate to something in you… maybe we’ve all got a bit of hooligan inside us ;) . We love you cause underneath that tough front you put up, we can see your sensitive and kind soul shining through. We love the spontaneity and emotion and passion that you put into life and into your music, and how freely you share it with everyone. We love the mischievous sparkle in your eye, and your contagious smile. We love that you know and love such great music, and that you actually care about making your music the best it can be. And we love how outspoken and honest you are, even though it gets you in trouble sometimes!

    We tweet you about when your album will come out cause we’re excited for you and can’t imagine that someone hasn’t snapped you up already! But please don’t feel pressure from us!! We’re just excitable fools who like to make a fuss, with the intention of getting more people interested in you… we don’t have any expectations from you that you’re not naturally capable of meeting, just by being you :)

    I look at some of the artificial celebrities being rolled out these days – people groomed from birth to be famous – and compared to them you are so raw and vulnerable, and I can just imagine how overwhelming all this must be. I know you really just want to make your music and share it with the world, cause that’s what you love, and never mind the ridiculous media circus that goes along with it. But I have this vision of the future, where I have kids and grandkids and they discover your music and get all excited about it like it’s the latest thing, just like I got excited when I discovered all the greats when I was a teenager, so please please put up with this craziness a bit longer, and pretty soon playing the media will be child’s play for you – with your charm and wit, you could have them falling all over you if you wanted.

    OK I don’t know how to end this and it’s getting way too long. The short version: I :heart: Alex Lambert. There.

  26. Dear Alex,

    Never been the fan girl type but man you got me hooked! I know you have a great voice but I’m drawn to more than that… it’s also your personality and your amazing journey! I really want your dreams to come true because you have the talent and the heart to really rise to the top.

    STAY STRONG! The music biz is more than just a good voice so take advantage of every opportunity. Know that you have a lot of love and support from your incredibly loyal fans. Never stop making music… thats what you’re born to do. Much :heart:

  27. Dear Alex
    I just want to say you will always have my unwavering love & support. I want to share with everyone my experience meeting you for the first time. At your first Mint concert, we were lining up to get inside & you appeared outside walking towards all of us in line. Smiling & talking to us as if we were not just fans…but friends. You were so accommodating to all of us, taking the time to take pics & sign autographs. I was so impressed with your interactions with us and the show took my breath away!!
    I was lucky enough to see your second show & again, you came over to us smiling & greeting all of us while we waited. I was so blown away when you walked directly over to me & gave me a huge hug and said “hello- thank you for coming”. You had recognized me from your first show. The reason I am sharing this story is because it is a testament to how you treat your fans—with love, appreciation & acknowledgement!! To quote you “ I don’t care if we’ve ever met or if you’re my biggest fan or my smallest fan or not one at all! I Love you ;) And Mahalo for everything you guys do for me”. You genuinely care for all of us snaf!
    This is truly what music is about for you…your true motive…..making people happy with your music!!! My life is so much richer since you & your music became a part of it. Thank you for everything, Alex!
    I will be waiting in that line at your next concert…of that you can be sure.
    Love & friendship from one of your original “snaf”—Felicia

  28. So…shortly after idol, I got my own guitar. I have a good musical background so it was easy for me to teach myself how to play. Of course, the first full song I learned was you version of Everybody Knows. And actually in one of my senior pictures that’s the song I’m playing…and you can tell! :) You definitely motivated me to start guitar instead of just piano and band instruments…that’s how amazing you are lol. anyways I just wanted to tell you that you mean a lot to me and all your snaf. I hope one day I get to meet you. If the packers win maybe it will be when I come to Dallas for the superbowl haha. Just remember everything happens for a reason and soon you’ll find that reason and things will go great for you. And there’s a lot of people supporting you!!!! And for everything else, MAHALO!! :heart:

  29. Alex – Your fans who have commented above me here have said so many loving and wonderful things, and given you great advice. You truly do have an amazing group of fans!

    As for me – – I am so proud of you for the strides you’ve taken since you were a shy, nervous, but amazingly gifted singer on American Idol. You have emerged, in such a short time, as an amazingly gifted entertainer! Your opportunity on IICD was incredible, and though I know it was not always easy, you took those opportunities and worked your butt off. You did all this while endearing yourself to your fans with your charisma, your sweetness, your fun spirit, your work ethic, and, of course, that voice! I used to tune in to the Dream House at various times of the day, and all I hoped for was to hear your voice booming through the house – calling for Gig-saw, or Ben, or Kara, saying “Heeeeyyyy!” or “Daddy’s home!”. Of course, I loved to hear you sing, but also just enjoyed your “company” around the house. You are so multi-talented that you even blew the other house mates out of the water during interviews and even up-staged the actor’s when the improv group visited! I really believe you are a born entertainer.

    You and your songs have given me such joy! Please be assured your fans will stick by you and wait until you are ready, on your terms, to bring us your fabulous music. In the meanwhile I’ll be perfectly happy listening to all that you have already given us. I will just never tire of listening to your soulful tone and that incredible, natural ‘flutter’ at the end of your notes. It’s a little bit of heaven on earth to me! Love ya Alex :heart:

  30. Alex,The purpose of these posts are to make you feel better during a very tough time in your life. I hope I can do that.
    I am probably one of your oldest fans. I have always listened to country music until I heard you sing “Trouble” on AI last season. From that night on I could not get the sound of you and that song out of my mind. I still have to listen to it as often as I can. After watching you on IICD it feels like I know you and you are my friend even though I have never met you. I don’t know how that happens except I can tell from reading the other posts here that a lot of your other fans have been affected the same way. It is amazing how you have been such an inspiration to all of us. The positive things have that you brought to us through your music, your continuous positive attitude, your great smile, and a personality that any of us would kill for are endless.
    Alex, you have hit a little bump in the road on the way to fulfilling your dream, but that happens to all of us, just don’t ever give up. You are an amazing young man and I would love to meet you some day.

  31. Alex-I have so been thinking of you, odd considering we’ve never met. Going home to Texas will do you good. Maybe you can take time for just your music, and not try to fix family or worry about fans and career all by yourself. Your very young. Hell, not even out of high school yet and you jumped into a crazy business. Young has nothing to do with being a man. You proved that by giving opinions and defending others on IICD. That was brave and honest, the others never did. So don’t rush! With your voice and lyrics like “Imperfectly Perfect” your going to be around for a long time. How old were you when you wrote that? 18? I have a great hubby, but I can assure you he does not have those thoughts. You are in a league of you own. So if it’s a few or many months my ipod WILL be blasting Alex Lambert. True fans will wait.

  32. Alex: Everybody else said what i wanted too. You are loved and cared for. Music is your passion…but for me, I liked you. Just the way you are. your fan friend, Darren

  33. To, My friend, my dude, my brother, and my idol…ALEX LAMBERT
    I don’t really know if YOU know how much support you have, the outreach after your tweets recenly was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, to be honest, it kind of amazed me. I know that there are crazy fans out there that support other artists, but I don’t believe that there is another group closer than your fans and my friends that I talk to on a regular basis on here and twitter! I remember first seeing you on T.V. a little less than a year ago, and instantly my cousin and I started texting about who we liked and the night u got voted off my text to her reads “I’m (explicit) pissed, Lambert going home ruins the season for me! I’m Pissed! I could cry! This sucks, i wanted him to make the top 12 so i could c him in concert!” needless to say I was fired up, and Season 9 of AI was definitely ruined for me, but in retrospect, look at where it’s landed you! You didn’t even make the top 12 of Idol and you have as many twitter followers as some who made it into the top 10. You landed on a reality show that led you to PUTTING OUT A MUSIC VIDEO BEFORE THE WINNER OF AI, which is SICK, you got to live in LA, chill with people like Diddy, write with sick writers, and meet ppl like The Melons, the twins, Alex T., V, Jordynn, and the other dreamers. You got to perform at the Roxy and go to Graceland Tenn. to perform in honor of one of your biggest idols of all time ELVIS PRESSLEY, you put out CRAZY good demo’s that in my opinion were strong enough to be singles, and now the chance to just keep growing, regardless of what gets put in front of you. I admire you more than you know for all of the shit you’ve dealt with growing up, and I give u mad props for growing up to be such a awesome human being. I want to thank you for introducing me to the GREATEST bunch of people in the world AKA your fans. You wouldn’t believe some of the friendships I’ve made on twitter thanks to you, Queen Cecily and I talk daily, and I consider her a good ass friend along with the rest of your regular crew, THEY ARE TRULY AMAZING INDIVIDUALS that i have had the greatest pleasure of meeting on twitter and talking to on a regular basis. I just want you to know that NO MATTER WHAT, your fans and I WILL b here through the good times and the bad, the happy and the sad, because ur worth it dude. Thank you for everything you’ve done up to this point, and I hope you’re ready for the ride cuz you’re about to TAKE OFF and i know I’m ready along with a pretty sweet ass fan base. LETS GO DUDE!!! MAHALO ;)

  34. Hey Big Al

    I’ve been mesmerized since the first moment you opened your chops on AI and my support of you hasn’t wavered for even a single second since then.
    You have a simply amazing, genuine talent that is hard to come by. You have the midas touch by turning everything you come in contact with into gold. You have the ability to make the haters the biggest fans and draw a crowd by simply being you!
    I’m so proud to call myself a fan of yours and I can’t wait until you get every single thing coming your way after all the work.
    It’s a long, hard run uphill – but after all the work and sweat – it’s going to pay off, because you’re going to be on the top.
    Keep on keeping on Al and never forget where you came from, because it’s made you the star you are.
    <3 KJ

  35. Alex,
    I am a seventeen year old girl and live in Iceland! … yes Alex you have fans in Iceland too! hehe :)
    I have loved your voice and your music since I first saw you on American Idol. After you were eliminated from Idol I started to watch If i can dream. And it was only because I could hear you sing again and hear your new songs. It was so obvious who was the most talented person in the show…YOU!

    Alex, you are a great guy in every way. Never stop believing in yourself. You have the most beautiful voice in the world, I’m serious! Every time I hear your voice I get goosebumps.

    You have everything that a star needs: the voice, the looks, personality and humor.

    Keep up the good work Alex! .. I will ALWAYS be your fan! :D

    <3 love

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