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Track List


Below are the currently known songs that Alex Lambert has written, demoed, or fully produced. Please note that the information below has been compiled to the best of our ability and does not guarantee inclusion on the album.

  • Barbara Maria

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Cisco Adler

  • Butterflies

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Kevin Griffin, DeeKay

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, DeeKay

Writer(s)/Producers(s): Alex Lambert, Tommy Lee James

  • Everybody Stop What You’re Doin’

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, David Glass

  • Feelings Don’t Grow On Trees

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert

  • Fix It ‘Til It’s Broken

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, DeeKay

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Rick Seibold, Mandi Perkins, Dillon Pace Rodriguez

  • I Been Workin’

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Adam Messinger, Nasri Atweh

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, DeeKay

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Angel Aponte, Laurent Cohen

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Jason Reeves, Jordan Lawhead

  • Miracle

Writer(s)/Producers(s): Alex Lambert, Rick Seibold

  • Never Waking Up

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, David Glass, Jordan Lawhead

  • New World

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Jarvis Jfly Henderson

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Jens Gad

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Shridhar Solanki, Andrew Bolooki

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Tommy Lee James

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Jason Reeves, Jordan Lawhead

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Dillion Pace Rodriguez, Rick Seibold

  • Running In Place

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, David Hodges, Emanuel Kiriakou

  • She’s Gone

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Avila Brothers

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Jens Gad

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Chris DeStefano, Tommy Lee James

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Busbee, Jason Bonilla

  • Untouchable

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, David Kopatz

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Toby Gad, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen

Writer(s)/Producer(s): Alex Lambert, Chris DeStefano

Other “mystery” collaborations (unconfirmed song title)

  • Ray Ruffin
  • Jon Ingoldsby
  • Raphael Saadiq
  • Rune Westberg

For more info on the songwriters/producers, see the Alex Lambert Collaborator Catalogue.

~ Written and compiled by Lauren Erramuzpe, Kassandra P., and Molly Clark


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  1. i was looking for this info! thanks, you guys are awesome(:

  2. You are the reason is with Chris DeStefano!

  3. Gracias Alex…if you see anything else that needs changing or you want to add more information just let me know! :wink: Keep up the good work!

  4. wow i wish the songs were on itunes :/

  5. Niiice about the writing session…I wonder what the song is like? If only the cameras worked in the house last night. We should add a widget to count the hours the cameras are still broken. Maybe it’ll light a fire under their butts to fix ‘em. :wink:

  6. Yes Molly, don’t you just love it when he writes. Can’t wait to hear what results from the Tommy Lee James/Chris DeStefano session. In addition to the official track list above it has come to our attention that he has had additional writing sessions with DeeKay/Jess Cates, Cisco Adler, Harvey Mason, Jr., Pam Sheyne/Johnny, and Tommy Lee James (from May), and Carl Falk (from April). Any others?

  7. That’s a great track list-impressive.Alex had writing and recording Mon-Sat. that Avila Bros’. week.And there was one regular poster,here,that said he may have had a different partner on one of those days.So if ,at least 5 days were occupied by Avila Bros.,its a safe bet that they at least wrote 1,or 2 of the agreed upon amt.,in addition to -She’s Gone.I’m hoping that they recorded the unnamed track(s),but if not they hopefully will in the near future…


    i :heart: lambert :wub:

  9. Okay sooooo…..
    When is the album coming out???
    I’ve been waiting since the first audition on American Idol!!

  10. Seriously………….when is his album being released? Let’s get going!!!!!!! We want it NOW!!!!!

  11. :heart: cant waite till the album to hit :biggrin:

  12. I am so happy today!!! I will finally be able to finish downloading the mP3’s. Thank you Kass & Molly!!

  13. :smile: :cheerful: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :silly: :heart:

  14. Alex had a big day yesterday at Toby Gad’s where I imagine he had a writing and recording session. While there he met The Veronicas, who often collaborate with Gad. He tweeted that it was a sick song.. :biggrin:
    Thanks Snuffles for finding this on ASCAP yesterday. The song that Alex and Toby previously worked on (I would imagine at the end of last year) is called “What Makes You So Beautiful”. … Search for the title or Work ID#882770858

    Fingers crossed that we will hear it soon.. :whistle:

  15. How did you figure out that all of these songs have been written and such I’d like to read the lyrics or hear some of them if that’s even possible.

  16. Hey Christian – Some of these songs were written by Alex before he was even on American Idol. Some of them were written while Alex was on If I Can Dream and we were lucky enough to watch the writing sessions. Some of them were written after If I Can Dream ended. In most cases, we just asked Alex the names of the songs and the producer that he had worked with that day.

    There are lyrics for some of the songs under the lyrics tab. Many of the songs listed here have been kept a closely guarded secret and sadly we haven’t even heard them. There are YouTube videos of all the originals that are available publicly. Most of the available videos can be found at Laurener1. You might want to check out Alex’s most recent original “Nothing”. He performed “Nothing” for the first time during his show in NYC. The YouTube video is up at Laurener1. You can also watch some of Alex’s song writing sessions from IICD at DreamHouseVids. Have fun!

    Oh and, of course, there are lots of mp3’s that you can download.

    • Also, can I add that a lot of these songs have been registered on ASCAP and BMI Publishing – song licensing and royalties organizations. A search of their sites brings them up, though sometimes he’s listed as Lambert Alex and other times as Alex Lambert… and sometimes as an artist and sometimes as a songwriter… it takes some digging, so thanks to the people who’ve found them!

  17. Just going to post a fun exchange of tweets from Alex and Angel Onhel Aponte after their writing session. I believe Alex has indirectly given us the song title of this one. :wink:

    “Is It Too Soon”

    @TrueAlexLambert – Just had some good eatin, Then finishing vocals. #Isittoosoon ??;?;

    Onhel quoted and replied to Alex’s tweet about the session.

    @Onhel – we wrote a CRAZY one!!! “@TrueAlexLambert: Headed to the studio to write with my bro @Onhel”

    Shortly after that he quoted and replied to Katherine.

    @Onhel – I think you might!!! “@Katherine2383: @Onhel @TrueAlexLambert Sweet! I would love to hear it on the radio some day!! ;););)”

    • HEYYYYYY! You were right, Lauren:) It took almost a year to confirm it, but Is It Too Soon is finally registered with BMI. (Shouldn’t that have a question mark? lol) I hope Onhel (Angel) was right and we’ll be hearing it on the radio soon…maybe not with Alex singing, but at least it’ll be another track that gets on SOMEONE’s record! Picked as a single would be even sweeter!

      The other new song that just made an appearance in the BMI database is Slow Heart, a song he wrote with Jens Gad. Good work tracking down these new cuts, Lauren! :ninja: :lol:

      • Awwww thanks Diane.. They’ve probably been over at BMI for a year. I indirectly found them. Strange how some of the Alex’s songs over there are listed to the GEMA Alex Lambert (I think he’s the German Alex Lambert, lol)

  18. man these songs need to go on an album like soon, that girl is trouble is so good but the version on youtube is bad quality

  19. I’m waiting for the day when there is an Alex Lambert option on Pandora…I wonder what sorts of songs Pandora would classify as similar to Alex’s songs? I wonder because he does such a wide variety of styles and uses so many different instruments. He can play the guitar and piano and ukelele (sp?) and who knows what else…he does R & B, rap, “contemporary”, funk, blues…you name it, he can do it!

    So that Pandora channel will be interesting to see, I think.

  20. The video Efy-jay by Shannon McArthur says it was co-written with Alex Lambert. It’s country, and it’s good!!

    • I tried to get confirmation from Alex on twitter if he co-wrote this song. I tweeted the link to him, but he didn’t reply to it. Who knows?? Shannon lives in LA, so it’s a possibility it could have been our Alex. To me it is folkier more than country, but I know what you mean. Here it is.

      Update:::: Rick Seibold’s Soundcloud page contains a song with Shannon McArthur, so yes it would most probably be our Alex.

  21. I don’t think this guy will ever get his songs out. Wtf is he doing, no singles or nothing.

  22. AWESOME!!! Just checked over at BMI and Alex has 2 more songs with legal titles that we didn’t know about! One is with Onhel and the other with Gens Jad. :biggrin:

    I have no idea how long they have been there. ????

    Also the other co-write/collab on “Is It Too Soon” with Alex and Onhel is Laurent Cohen. and
    Hmmmm…Curious what they came up with.

  23. Just checking in to let y’all know that I have NOT given up snafdom or my love of everything Alex Lambert. I miss the days we spent chatting away all day, but A) there’s not as much to talk about, although, things seem to be heating up again for Alex :cool: and B) life gets in the way. So much to do, so little time. I think I’m going to have to start making regular appearances here again though.

    Great work Lauren & Cathy — our resident supersleuths. :ninja:

    Alex is really churning out the songs. What a talent. I can’t wait til his album release, but if he’s paying the bills with his songwriting, he’s already a success. Sure beats working at Sonic, right?