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Jun 292010

Better late than never I suppose, IICD JUST put this up even though it’s now Tuesday!!

Alright fans – Alex posted he’s headed to Harlem – start your engines!

Haha in his tweet Alex said he wanted to run into the Globetrotters…and they responded!!!

RT:@Globies – @TrueAlexLambert how is Harlem treating you? We were founded in Chicago – but we love Harlem!

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  1. haha, I saw was watching live stream while they were doing this. I hope Alex really does to some Vlogs from New York, that would be awesome. I hope he’s having fun! :biggrin:

  2. Lol!!! Alex is so funny! He forgot that he can still do his vlogs. And woah… his hair is really growing up. :wub: I’m SURE he’s having so much fun in New York!

  3. Oops, I meant his hair is growing OUT, not up! Hahahaha!!! I’m too happy watching Alex happy, that I’m not even thinking straight. Lol.

  4. Before he left Monday morning the camera girl asked him if he was gonna bring his flip and he said he didn’t even know where it was…..I hope he found it!! Vlogs from NY would be cool!!! :cheerful:

  5. With vlogs – don’t you think they review them first before posting them? I remember a few days ago I was watching live-stream and there was a pop-up saying to watch Gig’s vlog from – I tried to do just that and found it never downloaded/opened. I searched for it a few times and never found it. Interestingly, it was from the morning after Justin’s “last supper” when Gig was in her snit about Alex. And, I don’t think it’s ever been posted – or did I miss it?

  6. Oops – I tried to insert “whatever date” after “. . watch Gig’s vlog from. .” but it inserted a hyphen. I didn’t remember the date.

  7. He probably lost his flip after he did the hand stand vlog because there weren’t any after that until Veronica used hers to film him Sunday night. Maybe they gave him one from the garage, but I doubt there is just a spare hanging around. Too Bad.
    @areyouin have you checked out the hulu website yet for the Gig vlog?
    I can’t wait to hear some of the songs that he will be writing in the next week. He is receiving inspiration from all different directions. Definitely looking forward to the lyrics :wink:

  8. Yeah lauren – I just looked. There is one from Saturday – maybe that was the one, but I thought it was from Friday morning. That would have been the morning after Justin’s departure. Gig’s Saturday vlog was pretty innocuous. I was looking for (hoping??) for something a little bitc*ier. :silly:

  9. Yes @areyouin. Justin left on a Thursday night, right? She did not post a vlog for Friday.


  11. This VLog is so cute, “I Didn’T Know”, I love the emphasis on his T’s, so funny. Hope he’s having an awesome time! I really like Veronica and I love Ben, he’s such a nice guy! :wub:

  12. OK, this is THE cutest Vlog to date. Alex is absolutely beaming, and he’s giving great dimple action. (I think Veronica filming helps bring them out, if you know what I mean :whistle: ). I’ve watched the video several, (OK, more than several-lol), times and I smile every time.

    I still can’t believe that the director’s name hasn’t surfaced yet. You guys are letting me down! lol I hope it is someone that knows NYC inside and out, to give an authentic feel to the video.

    Will check back in tonight. Peace out. Hee!

  13. Hi guys. I know that we are trying to avoid reading the comments on HULU. Actually, most of them are very encouraging this week. That being said, I am current in the middle of an argument with Icron_C. I know, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I’m trying to keep it civilized. I sure could use a little support if anyone is up to it.

    Oh, and I also love, love, love this V-log. I agree with you, Diane, about Veronica bringing out the dimples.

  14. Alex said he wanted to run into the globetrotters in Harlem, and they tweeted him back. That’s amusing. Who even thinks of the globetrotters — Alex apparently.

    So Veronica filmed that vlog. He’s blowing us his little kisses — some of Alex’s teen fans loves when he does that like he’s kissing them. Too bad he doesn’t have his flip thing to vlog from New York as he does his video. Alex needs to find his flip, and remember to vlog at least 3 times a week, since he’s hardly around lately.

  15. Oh Cathy, I have gone back and forth with that dummy :blink: , I think he has mental problems or something, But I have already typed something in response to your post a little while ago, I always say I wont, but its soo hard not to. Something else, I really hope Veronica and Alex stay just friends, I love her to death, but she was awfully giddy last night when she talked to him for-EVER! I was watching and finally went to bed because it was talking to long and I really couldn’t make out what she was saying except for all the giggling. It would nice if they could be that way with each other, but not get involved. Whatcha think??

  16. She’s under his spell. And who can blame her?

  17. I know…….I cant blame her. Hes got something that’s for sure, and people who dont see it have rocks in their head.

  18. Haha yeah…I know I’m supposed to be an administrator so I should be professional and objective…but HOLY SHIT ALEX IS HOT!!!! :wub:

    If you think any less of me…I don’t care. :tongue:

  19. About those dimples in his vlog I saw them popping out during the Scrabble game earlier in the night before she filmed him. In addition to the dimples there was an occasional “shut uppp” from Alex when she would make a comment his way. It reminded me of the night Siobhan came to dinner. I can’t say I blame her either. He’s just got “it”. She was probably already under his spell when she came to the house for that Dream weekend, after their duet of “Don’t Say”. It was funny last night when she was talking to Alex on the phone and Ben had her ask Alex why he doesn’t call him from New York. Hope Alex is having a blast making his legit music video!!
    My mom and I were driving down the road today blaring “I Didn’t Know” on the stereo. I told her the whole story and about the piano concept, which she saw featured on a news program, very cool she said. She prefers this song as well to DWMEO and said it featured his voice much better. She also loved the hook…singing na na na na nanananana oh I didn’t know.. you get the picture. :wink: GO ALEX :w00t:

  20. Well Molly, I only wish I was your age so I could say that, but I’m not so I wont :whistle:

  21. lmao Molly I totally agree with ya!! :blush: :lol:

  22. LOL @ Molly! Because I’m a little bit farther away from 19, I’ll stick with cute and adorable, love those dimples! :wub:

  23. Have you guys seen? they put up the video of Alex and Veronica singing “I Didn’t Know” on the IICD website. It’s so cute and Alex sounds soooo good as usual with his guitar, just amazing! Love his voice so much, can’t wait for his video and the song to be released!


    Quick put it up so we can get our Alex fix for the day. I’ll probably watch this ten more times tonight.:wub:

  25. @gollymolly yes he is!!! :heart:
    Veronica, on the live stream, said Alex is coming home tomorrow!! yay!! can’t wait to hear about his trip to NY! :biggrin:

  26. Yay cant wait to see his face! That video was precious….. :heart:

  27. A package and a letter has been delivered and is on his bed. The package is a large gray envelope type. I thought that he was staying 5 nights, but I rather him come home earlier so I can hear his voice singing in that house again.

  28. Oh Molly you crack me up! I know I’m a bit older so mostly I just really wanna pinch his cheeks coz he’s so fweaking adowable but yes sometimes i do say “whoa”… then feel guilty about it, haha. Really im just 26 is that bad??? LOL jk, He’s a sweet:heart:

  29. Im glad im only 21 and can still “oogle” him :wink: -2 years my junior, i can live with that haha well hope his video is “legit”!! can’t wait to see how it came out!! :wub:

  30. @cathy and Lindaw – that Icron dude on HULU is a bafoon. He admits it himself that he’s an opinionated jerk and he’s older too which I was surprised about. I thought he was some loser kid with nothing to do but the fact that he’s actually an older guy berating a 19 yr old he hates week after week after week is just pathetic.

  31. Char, if he says who he says he is, he is doing himself a huge disservice. It will hit him in the head like a ton of bricks one day. He he, “He” is probably really a 16 year old who sits and stares at the secret, dreamy place his computer takes him…..somewhere exciting, a place more real than his own life, a land he could conquer, not a drab teenager’s room in his parents’ house.” (ha ha, got that outta of a book, I read)…..or maybe…..its Beebee!! bah ha ha. I”m just kidding. He is a dweeb in every sense of the word. :tongue:

  32. “Maybe it’s…Beebee!” :lol: :lol: :lol: LMAO @ LindaW, that Beebee is such a weirdo! :lol:

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